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Campus Records

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Campus Records

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C:0/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s33

C:0/3/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/1, Series 21, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/3, full inventory; c-rg0-s46
C:0/3/4, Series 19, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/3/5, full inventory; c-rg0-s2
C:0/3/7, full inventory; c-rg0-s3
C:0/3/8, full inventory; c-rg0-s23
C:0/3/9, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/10, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/11, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/3/13, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/3/14, Series 20, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/3/15, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/16, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/17, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/18, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/19, Series 8, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/20, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/21, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s15
C:0/3/22, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/23, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/24, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/25, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/26, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/27, Series 8, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/28, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/29, Series 45, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/3/30, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/31, Series 23, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/3/32, Series 11, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/33, Series 12, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/34, Series 13, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/35, Series 14, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/36, Series 15, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/37, Series 16, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/38, Series 17, summary; c-rg0-s18
C:0/3/NP (A97-42), Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/3/NP (A98-72, A00-31), Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s18

C:0/4/1, Series 8, summary; c-rg0-s9

C:0/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s38

C:0/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s7
C:0/7/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s7
C:0/7/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s7
C:0/7/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s7
C:0/7/5, full inventory; c-rg0-s27

C:0/15/1 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "Chancellor's Residence"
C:0/15/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s8
C:0/15/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s8
C:0/15/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s8
C:0/15/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s8

C:0/16/1 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "Traditions and Legends"

C:0/17/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s9

C:0/18/1, full inventory; c-rg0-s4
C:0/18/2, full inventory; c-rg0-s39
C:0/18/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s30

C:0/19/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/7, Series 13, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/8, Series 14, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/9, Series 15, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:0/19/NP (A98-80), Series 12, summary; c-rg0-s10

C:0/22/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s36
C:0/22/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s36
C:0/22/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s36

C:0/26/1, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s7

C:0/29/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s10

C:0/30/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s22
C:0/30/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s22
C:0/30/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s22

C:0/43/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s11
C:0/43/2, full inventory; c-rg0-s45
C:0/43/3 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "Honorary Degree Recipients"

C:0/45/1, full inventory; c-rg0-s1
C:0/45/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s49
C:0/45/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s50
C:0/45/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s49
C:0/45/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s50
C:0/45/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s50
C:0/45/7, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s49
C:0/45/8, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s50
C:0/45/9, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s49
C:0/45/10, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s50
C:0/45/11, full inventory; c-rg0-s54

C:0/46/1, full inventory; c-rg0-s34
C:0/46/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/3, full inventory; c-rg0-s48
C:0/46/3a, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/6, full inventory; c-rg0-s53
C:0/46/7, full inventory; c-rg0-s29
C:0/46/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/9, summary; c-rg0-s14
C:0/46/10, Series 17, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/11, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/12, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s7
C:0/46/13, Series 18, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/14, full inventory; c-rg0-s25
C:0/46/15, full inventory; c-rg0-s47
C:0/46/16, Series 11, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/17, Series 23, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/18, full inventory; c-rg0-s17
C:0/46/19, Series 12, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/20, Series 13, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/21, Series 14, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/22, Series 19, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/23, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/24, Series 8, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/25, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/26, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/27, full inventory; c-rg0-s21
C:0/46/28, Series 21, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/29, Series 22, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/30, Series 24, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/31, Series 25, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/32, Series 26, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/33, Series 27, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/34, full inventory; c-rg0-s31
C:0/46/35, Series 28, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/36, Series 29, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/37, Series 11, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/38, Series 30, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/39, Series 31, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/40, full inventory; c-rg0-s42
C:0/46/41, Series 12, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/42, Series 32, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/43, Series 33, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/44, Series 34, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/45, Series 35, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/46, Series 14, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/47, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s22
C:0/46/48, Series 15, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/49, Series 16, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/50, Series 36, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/51, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/52, full inventory; c-rg0-s52
C:0/46/53, Series 37, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/54, Series 38, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/55, Series 39, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/56, Series 17, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/57, Series 40, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/58, Series 41, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/59, Series 42, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/60, Series 19, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/61, Series 43, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/62, Series 44, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/63, Series 46, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/64, Series 18, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/65, Series 20, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/66, Series 47, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/67, Series 48, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/68, Series 21, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/69, Series 22, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/70, Series 49, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/71, Series 50, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/72, Series 51, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/73, Series 52, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/74, Series 53, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/75, Series 54, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/76, Series 55, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/77, Series 23, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/78, Series 24, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/79, Series 56, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/80, Series 57, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/81, Series 58, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/82, Series 59, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/83, Series 60, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/84, Series 61, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/85, Series 25, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/86, Series 64, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/87, Series 66, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/88, Series 67, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/89, Series 68, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/90, Series 27, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/46/91, Series 70, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/92, Series 71, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/46/93, Series 72, summary; c-rg0-s12

C:0/47/1, full inventory; c-rg0-s41
C:0/47/2, full inventory; c-rg0-s20
C:0/47/3, full inventory; c-rg0-s28
C:0/47/4, full inventory; c-rg0-s44
C:0/47/5, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/6, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/7, Series 11, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/8, full inventory; c-rg0-s24
C:0/47/10, full inventory; c-rg0-s40
C:0/47/11 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "First Graduating Class"
C:0/47/12, full inventory; c-rg0-s37
C:0/47/13, Series 15, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/47/14, full inventory; c-rg0-s32
C:0/47/15, Series 16, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/16, full inventory, c-rg0-s26
C:0/47/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/18, Series 13, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/47/19, Series 20, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/20, Series 22, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/21, Series 24, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/22, Series 25, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/23, Series 62, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/47/24, Series 63, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/47/25, Series 65, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/47/26, Series 26, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/47/27, Series 26, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/28, Series 27, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/29, Series 28, summary; c-rg0-s6
C:0/47/30, Series 69, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:0/47/31, Series 73, summary; c-rg0-s12

C:0/48/1, summary; c-rg0-s16
C:0/48/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s9

C:0/49/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s5
C:0/49/2, full inventory; c-rg0-s51
C:0/49/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/49/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg0-s19
C:0/49/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg0-s19
C:0/49/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg0-s19
C:0/49/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s13
C:0/49/10, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s19
C:0/49/11, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s19
C:0/49/12, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s19

C:0/50/1, full inventory, c-rg0-s35

C:0/51/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/1a, Series 5, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/4, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/5, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/6, Series 11, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/7, Series 12, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/8, Series 13, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/9, Series 14, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/10, Series 15, summary; c-rg0-s9
C:0/51/11, Series 16, summary; c-rg0-s9

C:0/52/1, full inventory, c-rg0-s43

C:0/53/2, Series 9, summary; c-rg0-s7

C:1/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s21
C:1/00/2 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - various individual files of early MU Presidents
C:1/00/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s21
C:1/00/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/00/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s21

C:1/3/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s1

C:1/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s22

C:1/8/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s22
C:1/8/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s22
C:1/8/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s21
C:1/8/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s22
C:1/8/5, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s22

C:1/9/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s22

C:1/11/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s8

C:1/12/1 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "President Walter Williams"
C:1/12/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s5

C:1/13/1 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "President Frederick A. Middlebush"
C:1/13/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s22
C:1/13/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s22
C:1/13/4, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s22
C:1/13/5, full inventory; c-rg1-s63

C:1/15/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s99
C:1/15/3, full inventory; c-rg1-s12
C:1/15/4, Series 30, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/16/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s11
C:1/16/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/16/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/16/4, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/17/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s101
C:1/17/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s9
C:1/17/3, full inventory; c-rg1-s3

C:1/18/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/18/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/18/3, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/18/NP (A90-100), Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/18/NP (A95-48, A97-23, A98-15), Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/18/NP (A99-21), Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/19/1, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/21/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s52
C:1/21/2, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/21/3, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/21/4, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/21/5, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/22/1, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/22/2, Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/22/3, Series 21, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/22/4, Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/23/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s85
C:1/23/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s106
C:1/23/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s106
C:1/23/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s104
C:1/23/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s111
C:1/23/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s112
C:1/23/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s106
C:1/23/7, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s106
C:1/23/8, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s113
C:1/23/9, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s106
C:1/23/10, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s106

C:1/23a/1, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/23a/2, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/23a/3, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/23a/4, Series 29, summary; c-rg1-s23
C:1/23a/5, Series 31, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/23b/1, Series 25, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/23c/1, Series 26, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/23d/1, Series 27, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/23e/1, Series 28, summary; c-rg1-s23

C:1/25/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s18
C:1/25/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/5, full inventory; c-rg1-s19
C:1/25/6, full inventory; c-rg1-s6
C:1/25/7, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/8, full inventory; c-rg1-s20
C:1/25/9, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/10, full inventory; c-rg1-s48
C:1/25/11, full inventory; c-rg1-s53
C:1/25/12, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/13, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/14, Series 25, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/15, Series 26, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/16, full inventory; c-rg1-s74
C:1/25/17, Series 27, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/18, Series 28, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/19, Series 29, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/20, Series 30, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/21, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/22, Series 31, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/23, Series 32, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/24, Series 33, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/25, Series 34, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/26, Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/27, Series 36, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/28, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s108
C:1/25/29, Series 37, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/30, Series 38, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/31, Series 39, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/32, Series 40, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/33, Series 41, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/34, Series 42, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/35, Series 43, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/36, Series 44, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/37, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A91-32; A01-54), Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A93-28), Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A93-31), Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A94-93), Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A95-49), Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A96-31), Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A97-50), Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A98-26), Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A99-84), Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s24
C:1/25/NP (A01-55; A01-56), Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s24

C:1/26/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/3, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/4, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/5, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/6, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/7, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/8, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/9, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/10, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/NP (A91-11), Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/NP (A92-45, A92-75, A93-39, A97-49), Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/NP (A95-137), Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/NP (A96-32), Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/NP (A98-33), Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s25
C:1/26/NP (A00-60; A01-24), Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s25

C:1/27/00 Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s79
C:1/27/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s15
C:1/27/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s13
C:1/27/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s26
C:1/27/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s26
C:1/27/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s79
C:1/27/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s79
C:1/27/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s26
C:1/27/NP (A90-44), Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s26
C:1/27/NP (A01-72), Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s26

C:1/28/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s73
C:1/28/NP (A86-96), Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s27
C:1/28/NP (A87-37, A90-33, A93-30), Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s27

C:1/29/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s17
C:1/29/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s14
C:1/29/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s28
C:1/29/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s28
C:1/29/NP (A91-91), Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s28

C:1/30/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/3, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/4, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s105
C:1/30/6, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/7, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/8, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/NP (A86-73, A86-97), Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/NP (A87-85), Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/NP (A90-16), Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/NP (A90-74, A92-26, A93-46), Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/NP (A90-37; A91-53; A95-47; A01-41), Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s29
C:1/30/NP (A93-47), Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s29

C:1/31/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/31/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/31/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/31/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/31/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/31/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s30

C:1/32/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/3, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/3a, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/4, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/5, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/6, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/7, Series 21, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/8, Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/9, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/10, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/11, Series 25, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/12, Series 26, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/13, Series 27, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/14, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s88
C:1/32/15, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s98
C:1/32/16, full inventory; c-rg1-s100
C:1/32/17, Series 28, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/18, Series 29, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/19, Series 30, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/20, Series 31, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/21, Series 32, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/22, Series 33, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/23, Series 34, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/24, Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/25, Series 36, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/26, Series 37, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/27, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s88
C:1/32/28, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s88
C:1/32/29, Series 38, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/30, Series 39, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/31, Series 40, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/32, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s88
C:1/32/33, Series 41, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/34, Series 42, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/35, Series 43, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A93-77), Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A88-23, A88-82, A90-90), Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A91-92), Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A95-64), Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A96-10), Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A94-88), Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A95-138; A02-83), Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s30
C:1/32/NP (A92-77), Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s30

C:1/33/00 Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s77
C:1/33/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s55
C:1/33/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s55
C:1/33/NP (A96-65; A97-48; A98-39), Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s55

C:1/34/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s82
C:1/34/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/9, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s103
C:1/34/10, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/11, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/12, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/13, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s65
C:1/34/14, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s103
C:1/34/15, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s65

C:1/35/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s66
C:1/35/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s66
C:1/35/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s66

C:1/36/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s68
C:1/36/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s68
C:1/36/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s68
C:1/36/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s68

C:1/37/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s80
C:1/37/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s96
C:1/37/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s96

C:1/38/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s81
C:1/38/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s87

C:1/39/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s31
C:1/39/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s31
C:1/39/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s31
C:1/39/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s31
C:1/39/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s31

C:1/40/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s60
C:1/40/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s109

C:1/42/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s83

C:1/51/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s33
C:1/51/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s33
C:1/51/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s33
C:1/51/4, full inventory; c-rg1-s90

C:1/62/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s54
C:1/62/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s54

C:1/65/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s34
C:1/65/NP (A95-82), Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s34

C:1/70/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s107

C:1/71/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s35

C:1/80/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/8, full inventory; c-rg1-s102
C:1/80/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/11, full inventory; c-rg1-s75
C:1/80/12, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/13, full inventory; c-rg1-s84
C:1/80/14, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/15, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/16, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/18, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/19, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/20, Series 21, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/21, Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/22, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/23, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/24, Series 25, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/25, Series 26, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/26, Series 27, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/27, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/28, Series 28, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/29, Series 29, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/30, Series 30, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/NP (A86-156, A90-97), Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/NP (A89-54), Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s36
C:1/80/NP (A95-37), Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s36

C:1/81/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s61
C:1/81/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s37
C:1/81/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s37

C:1/82/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s38
C:1/82/NP (A91-56), Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s38

C:1/83/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s78
C:1/83/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/2, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/8, full inventory; c-rg1-s16
C:1/83/9, full inventory; c-rg1-s50
C:1/83/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/11, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/12, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/13, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/14, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/15, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/16, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/17, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/18, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/19, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/20, Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s39
C:1/83/21, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s39

C:1/84/1, summary; c-rg1-s40

C:1/85/1, summary; c-rg1-s41

C:1/91/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s42
C:1/91/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s42
C:1/91/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s42

C:1/101/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s69
C:1/101/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/1a, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/2, Series 26, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/11, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/12, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/13, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/14, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/15, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/16, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/18, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/19, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/20, Series 21, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/21, Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/22, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/23, Series 25, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/24, Series 27, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/25, Series 28, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/26, Series 29, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/27, Series 30, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/28, Series 31, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/30, Series 32, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/31, Series 33, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/32, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/33, Series 36, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/34, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/35, Series 37, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/36, Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/37, Series 38, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/38, Series 39, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/39, full inventory; c-rg1-s94
C:1/101/39a, full inventory; c-rg1-s94
C:1/101/40, Series 40, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/41, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/42, full inventory; c-rg1-s10
C:1/101/43, Series 41, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/44, Series 42, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/45, Series 43, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/46, Series 44, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/NP (A85-132, A95-149), Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/NP (A88-63, A98-97), Series 40, summary; c-rg1-s43

C:1/102/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s67
C:1/102/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s93
C:1/102/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s93
C:1/102/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s93
C:1/102/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s93
C:1/102/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s93

C:1/103/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s71
C:1/103/1, Series 45, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/103/2, Series 46, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/103/3, Series 47, summary; c-rg1-s43

C:1/104/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s70

C:1/111/1, summary; c-rg1-s44

C:1/121/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/121/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/121/3, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/121/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/121/5, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/121/6, Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/121/7, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s45

C:1/131/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s59
C:1/131/3, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/5, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/6, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/7, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/8, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/9, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/131/NP (A92-39, A93-41), Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s45

C:1/139/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/1, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/139/2, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s45
C:1/139/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s72
C:1/139/9, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s72

C:1/141/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s2
C:1/141/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s91
C:1/141/3, full inventory; c-rg1-s49
C:1/141/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/6, full inventory; c-rg1-s57
C:1/141/7, full inventory; c-rg1-s86
C:1/141/8, full inventory; c-rg1-s56
C:1/141/9, full inventory; c-rg1-s62
C:1/141/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/11, full inventory; c-rg1-s4
C:1/141/12, Series 25, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/13, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/14, full inventory; c-rg1-s97
C:1/141/15, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/16, full inventory; c-rg1-s7
C:1/141/17, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/18, full inventory; c-rg1-s32
C:1/141/19, Series 26, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/20, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/21, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/22, Series 21 (A01-15), summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/23, full inventory; c-rg1-s64
C:1/141/24, full inventory; c-rg1-s51
C:1/141/25, Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/26, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/27, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/28, full inventory; c-rg1-s89
C:1/141/29, full inventory; c-rg1-s92
C:1/141/30, Series 27, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/31, Series 28, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/32, Series 29, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/33, Series 31, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/34, Series 33, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/35, Series 34, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/36, Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/37, Series 36, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/38, Series 37, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/39, Series 38, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/141/40, Series 39, summary; c-rg1-s46

C:1/142/1, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/142/2, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/142/3, Series 30, summary; c-rg1-s46
C:1/142/4, Series 32, summary; c-rg1-s46

C:1/143/1, full inventory; c-rg1-s95
C:1/143/2, full inventory; c-rg1-s110

C:1/144/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s76
C:1/144/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s47
C:1/144/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s47
C:1/144/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s47
C:1/144/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s47
C:1/144/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s47
C:1/144/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s47
C:1/144/NP (A96-8, A97-36), Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s47

C:1/145/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg1-s58
C:1/145/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg1-s58
C:1/145/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg1-s58
C:1/145/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s58
C:1/145/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s58
C:1/145/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s58
C:1/145/NP (A99-41), Series 1, summary; c-rg1-s58

C:2/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg2-s8

C:2/1/1, summary; c-rg2-s2

C:2/3/1, summary; c-rg2-s3

C:2/4/1, full inventory; c-rg2-s9

C:2/5/1, summary; c-rg2-s5

C:2/6/1 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "Faculty A-Z," "Faculty Significant - All Campuses," and "Faculty Significant - Medical School"

C:2/8/1, Series 10, summary; c-rg0-s10
C:2/8/2, Series 11, summary; c-rg0-s10

C:2/9/1, full inventory; c-rg2-s1
C:2/9/2, full inventory; c-rg2-s7
C:2/9/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg2-s6
C:2/9/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg2-s6
C:2/9/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg2-s6
C:2/9/NP (04/2001), Series 3, summary; c-rg2-s6

C:3/00/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/00/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/00/3, Series 16, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/00/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/00/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/00/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/00/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/00/8, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s30

C:3/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/3, Series 17, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/4, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/5, full inventory; c-rg3-s17
C:3/1/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/8, Series 12, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/9, Series 24, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/11, Series 25, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/12, Series 26, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/13, Series 17, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/1/14, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/15, Series 27, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/16, Series 28, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/17, Series 29, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/18, Series 30, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/19, Series 31, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/20, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/21, Series 32, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/22, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s47
C:3/1/22a, Series 16, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/23, Series 33, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/24, Series 34, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/25, Series 13, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/26, full inventory; c-rg3-s29
C:3/1/27, Series 18, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/28, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/1/29, Series 35, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/30, Series 14, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/31, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/1/32, Series 36, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/33, Series 15, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/34, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/35, full inventory; c-rg3-s16
C:3/1/36, full inventory; c-rg3-s5
C:3/1/37, Series 37, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/38, Series 38, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/39, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/1/40, full inventory; c-rg3-s1
C:3/1/41, full inventory; c-rg3-s68
C:3/1/42, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s47
C:3/1/43, full inventory; c-rg3-s57
C:3/1/44, Series 22, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/45, Series 21, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/46, full inventory; c-rg3-s58
C:3/1/47, Series 23, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/48, Series 39, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/49, Series 40, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/50, Series 41, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/51, Series 42, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/52, full inventory; c-rg3-s69
C:3/1/53, Series 44, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/54, Series 45, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/55, Series 46, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/56, Series 47, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/57, Series 48, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/58, Series 49, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/59, Series 50, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/60, Series 51, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/61, Series 52, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/62, Series 53, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/63, Series 54, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/64, Series 55, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/65, Series 56, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/66, Series 57, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/67, Series 58, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/68, Series 59, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/69, Series 60, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/70, Series 61, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/71, Series 62, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/72, Series 63, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/73, Series 64, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/74, Series 65, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/75, Series 66, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/76, Series 67, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/77, Series 68, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/NP (A89-58), Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/NP (A00-52; A01-22), Series 19, summary; c-rg3-s26
C:3/1/NP (A01-92), Series 20, summary; c-rg3-s26

C:3/2/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s26

C:3/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/11, Series 12, summary; c-rg3-s27
C:3/3/NP (A88-91), Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s27

C:3/4/1, summary; c-rg3-s28

C:3/5/1, full inventory; c-rg3-s56

C:3/8/1, summary; c-rg3-s61

C:3/9/1, summary; c-rg3-s65

C:3/10/1, summary; c-rg3-s62

C:3/11/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s59

C:3/15/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s44
C:3/15/2, full inventory; c-rg3-s74
C:3/15/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s44
C:3/15/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s44
C:3/15/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s44

C:3/16/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/16/2, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/16/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/16/7, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/8, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/9, full inventory; c-rg3-s4
C:3/16/10, full inventory; c-rg3-s53
C:3/16/11, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/12, Series 21, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/16/13, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/14, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/15, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s45
C:3/16/16, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/16/NP (A97-114), Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s45

C:3/17/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/17/2, Series 23, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/18/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/18/2, Series 14, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/18/3, Series 12, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/18/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/7, Series 24, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/18/8, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/9, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/10, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/11, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/12, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/18/NP (A96-70), Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/19/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/8, Series 37, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/9, full inventory; c-rg3-s70
C:3/19/10, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/11, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/12, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/13, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/14, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/15, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s33
C:3/19/16, Series 12, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/18, Series 22, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/19/19, full inventory; c-rg3-s77
C:3/19/20, Series 32, summary; c-rg3-s32
C:3/19/21, Series 33, summary; c-rg3-s32

C:3/20/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/3, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/20/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/7, full inventory; c-rg3-s71
C:3/20/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/9, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/10, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s34
C:3/20/11, Series 34, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/20/NP (A93-116), Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/20/NP (A94-114), Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s34

C:3/22/00, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/1, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/2, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/7, full inventory; c-rg3-s73
C:3/22/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/9, full inventory; c-rg3-s12
C:3/22/10, full inventory; c-rg3-s20
C:3/22/11, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/12, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/13, Series 26, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/22/14, Series 29, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/22/15, Series 20, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/22/16, Series 12, summary; c-rg3-s35
C:3/22/17, Series 35, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/23/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s64
C:3/23/2, Series 27, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/23/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s64
C:3/23/4, Series 36, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/24/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s36
C:3/24/2, full inventory; c-rg3-s13
C:3/24/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s36
C:3/24/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s30
C:3/24/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s36
C:3/24/6, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s36
C:3/24/7, full inventory; c-rg3-s6
C:3/24/8, full inventory; c-rg3-s14
C:3/24/9, Series 13, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/24/10, Series 25, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/24/11, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s36
C:3/24/NP (A98-24), Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s36

C:3/25/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/2, full inventory; c-rg3-s52
C:3/25/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/7, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/9, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/10, Series 17, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/11, full inventory; c-rg3-s25
C:3/25/12, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/13, Series 12, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/14, full inventory; c-rg3-s55
C:3/25/15, Series 14, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/16, Series 15, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/17, Series 16, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/18, Series 19, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/19, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/20, Series 18, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/21, full inventory; c-rg3-s23
C:3/25/22, Series 13, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/23, full inventory; c-rg3-s15
C:3/25/24, full inventory; c-rg3-s18
C:3/25/25, full inventory; c-rg3-s2
C:3/25/26, Series 20, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/27, Series 21, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/28, Series 22, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/29, Series 23, summary; c-rg3-s37
C:3/25/NP (A97-3), summary; c-rg3-s46

C:3/26/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/3, full inventory; c-rg3-s76
C:3/26/4, full inventory; c-rg3-s3
C:3/26/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/NP (A96-9), Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s38
C:3/26/NP (A93-45, A94-49, A96-37, A97-66, A98-34, A99-54), Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s38

C:3/27/1, summary; c-rg3-s39
C:3/27/2, summary; c-rg3-s39

C:3/28/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s40
C:3/28/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s40
C:3/28/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s40
C:3/28/4, full inventory; c-rg3-s10
C:3/28/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s40
C:3/28/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s40
C:3/28/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s40
C:3/28/NP (A93-53), Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s40

C:3/29/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s41
C:3/29/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s41

C:3/30/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s42
C:3/30/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s42
C:3/30/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s42
C:3/30/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s42
C:3/30/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s42

C:3/31/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/4, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/31/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/6, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/7, full inventory; c-rg3-s7
C:3/31/8, full inventory; c-rg3-s8
C:3/31/9, full inventory; c-rg3-s9
C:3/31/10, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/11, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/12, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/13, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/14, Series 38, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/31/15, Series 39, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/31/16, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s43
C:3/31/NP (A00-41), Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/31/NP (A00-76), Series 19, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/32/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s47

C:3/33/1, summary; c-rg3-s49

C:3/34/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s48
C:3/34/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s48

C:3/35/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s47
C:3/35/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/35/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s47
C:3/35/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s47
C:3/35/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s47
C:3/35/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s47

C:3/36/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/36/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/36/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/36/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/36/5, full inventory; c-rg3-s22
C:3/36/6, Series 13, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/36/7, Series 14, summary; c-rg3-s29
C:3/36/8, Series 15, summary; c-rg3-s29

C:3/37/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/2, full inventory; c-rg3-s21
C:3/37/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/6, full inventory; c-rg3-s19
C:3/37/7, full inventory; c-rg3-s11
C:3/37/8, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/9, Series 8, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/10, Series 9, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/11, Series 10, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/12, Series 11, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/NP (A99-86), Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s51
C:3/37/NP (A01-94), Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s51

C:3/38/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s30

C:3/39/1, full inventory; c-rg3-s24
C:3/39/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s50
C:3/39/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg3-s50
C:3/39/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg3-s50
C:3/39/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg3-s50
C:3/39/NP (A90-105), Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s50
C:3/39/NP (A00-103), Series 3, summary; c-rg3-s50

C:3/42/NP (A95-19), Series 7, summary; c-rg3-s45

C:3/43/1, Series 28, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/43/2, Series 30, summary; c-rg3-s31
C:3/43/3, Series 31, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/44/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s54
C:3/44/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s72
C:3/44/NP (A98-88), Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s54

C:3/45/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s60

C:3/46/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s63
C:3/46/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s63
C:3/46/3, Series 40, summary; c-rg3-s31

C:3/47/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s66

C:3/48/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s67

C:3/49/00, Series 2, summary; c-rg3-s78
C:3/49/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg3-s78

C:4/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg4-s2
C:4/00/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg4-s2

C:4/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg4-s3
C:4/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg4-s3
C:4/1/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg4-s4
C:4/1/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg4-s3
C:4/1/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg4-s3
C:4/1/6, Series 1, summary; c-rg4-s6
C:4/1/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg4-s3

C:4/9/1, full inventory; c-rg4-s1

C:4/11/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg4-s2

C:4/14/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg4-s2

C:4/15/1, full inventory; c-rg4-s7

C:4/16/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg4-s5
C:4/16/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg4-s5

C:4/17/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg4-s8

C:5/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s2
C:5/00/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s2
C:5/00/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg5-s2
C:5/00/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg5-s2
C:5/00/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg5-s2

C:5/1/1, Series 8, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/2, full inventory; c-rg5-s15
C:5/1/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s4
C:5/1/4, full inventory; c-rg5-s14
C:5/1/5, full inventory; c-rg5-s5
C:5/1/6, Series 10, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/7, Series 11, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/8, full inventory; c-rg5-s12
C:5/1/9, full inventory; c-rg5-s13
C:5/1/10, Series 15, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/11, Series 16, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/12, Series 17, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/13, Series 18, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/14, Series 19, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/15, Series 20, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/16, Series 14, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/17, Series 12, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/18, Series 21, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/19, Series 22, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/20, Series 23, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/21, Series 24, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/22, Series 25, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/23, Series 26, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/24, Series 27, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/25, Series 28, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/26, Series 29, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/27, Series 30, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/28, Series 31, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A98-36), Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A96-134), Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A96-62), Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A94-85, A01-123), Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A95-152), Series 5, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A95-166), Series 6, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A97-69), Series 7, summary; c-rg5-s3
C:5/1/NP (A00-37), Series 13, summary; c-rg5-s3

C:5/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s10
C:5/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s10
C:5/3/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s10
C:5/3/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s10
C:5/3/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg5-s10

C:5/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s6
C:5/4/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s7
C:5/4/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s18
C:5/4/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s18
C:5/4/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s18
C:5/4/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s18

C:5/5/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s7
C:5/5/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg5-s7

C:5/6/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s8
C:5/6/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s8
C:5/6/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg5-s7
C:5/6/NP (A98-63, A00-85), Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s8
C:5/6/NP (A98-124), Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s8

C:5/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s7
C:5/7/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/NP (A91-16), Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/NP (A93-102), Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s9
C:5/7/NP (A98-94), Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s9

C:5/8/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s2
C:5/8/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s19
C:5/8/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s19

C:5/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s17

C:5/11/1, Series 6, summary; c-rg5-s7
C:5/11/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s7
C:5/11/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg5-s7

C:5/12/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s2

C:5/13/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg5-s16
C:5/13/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg5-s16

C:5/14/1, summary; c-rg5-s11
C:5/14/2, full inventory; c-rg5-s1

C:6/00/1 full inventory; c-rg6-s40
C:6/00/2, Series 12, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/00/3, Series 13, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/00/4, Series 16, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/00/5, Series 17, summary; c-rg6-s12

C:6/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/2, full inventory; c-rg6-s4
C:6/1/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/1/4, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/5, full inventory; c-rg6-s6
C:6/1/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/9, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/10, Series 12, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/11, Series 13, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/12, Series 14, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/13, Series 15, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/14, Series 16, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/15, Series 17, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/16, Series 18, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/NP (A96-21, A97-7, A97-28), Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/NP (A98-6), Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/NP (A98-44; A01-60), Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s10
C:6/1/NP (A99-67), Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s10

C:6/2/1, summary; c-rg6-s13

C:6/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s11
C:6/3/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s11
C:6/3/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s11
C:6/3/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s11
C:6/3/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s11
C:6/3/NP (A01-61), summary; c-rg6-s11

C:6/8/1, full inventory; c-rg6-s16

C:6/9/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s14

C:6/13/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/13/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s63

C:6/14/1, full inventory; c-rg6-s1
C:6/14/1a, full inventory; c-rg6-s1
C:6/14/1b, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/14/2, full inventory; c-rg6-s46
C:6/14/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/14/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/14/5, Series 34, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/14/6, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/14/7, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/14/NP (A97-117), Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s17

C:6/15/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s55
C:6/15/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s65
C:6/15/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s65
C:6/15/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s55
C:6/15/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s65

C:6/16/1, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/16/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s30
C:6/16/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s30

C:6/17/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s18
C:6/17/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s18
C:6/17/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/17/4, full inventory; c-rg6-s39
C:6/17/5, full inventory; c-rg6-s42
C:6/17/6, Series 33, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/17/7, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s18

C:6/18/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s66
C:6/18/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s66
C:6/18/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s66

C:6/19/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s19
C:6/19/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/19/3, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s19
C:6/19/4, Series 14, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/19/5, Series 40, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/19/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s19
C:6/19/NP (A93-24), Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s19
C:6/19/NP (A95-117), Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s19
C:6/19/NP (A98-16; A01-38), Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s19
C:6/19/NP (A99-79, A99-82), Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s19

C:6/20/1, full inventory; c-rg6-s8
C:6/20/1a, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/2, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/20/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/20/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/6, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/20/7, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/8, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/20/9, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/20/10, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/20/11, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/12, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/13, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/13a, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/14, full inventory; c-rg6-s5
C:6/20/15, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/16, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s20
C:6/20/17, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s20

C:6/21/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s45
C:6/21/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s48
C:6/21/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s45
C:6/21/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s45
C:6/21/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s45

C:6/22/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s21
C:6/22/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s21
C:6/22/3, full inventory; c-rg6-s53
C:6/22/4, Series 13, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/22/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s54
C:6/22/6, Series 36, summary; c-rg6-s14

C:6/23/1, Series 15, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/23/2, Series 14, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/23/3, Series 15, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/23/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s22
C:6/23/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s22
C:6/23/6, Series 38, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/23/7, Series 39, summary; c-rg6-s14

C:6/24/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/9, full inventory; c-rg6-s3
C:6/24/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/11, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/12, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/13, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/14, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s23
C:6/24/15, Series 12, summary; c-rg6-s23

C:6/26/1, summary; c-rg6-s15
C:6/26/2, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/26/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s15

C:6/28/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/3, Series 19, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/28/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s24
C:6/28/NP (A00-138; A01-49), Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s24

C:6/30/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/2, full inventory; c-rg6-s41
C:6/30/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/9, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/12, Series 12, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/30/13, Series 13, summary; c-rg6-s25

C:6/31/1, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/31/2, Series 35, summary; c-rg6-s14

C:6/32/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s26
C:6/32/2, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/32/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s26
C:6/32/4, full inventory; c-rg6-s47
C:6/32/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s26
C:6/32/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s26
C:6/32/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s26

C:6/33/1, Series 20, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/33/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s27
C:6/33/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s27
C:6/33/4, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/33/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s27
C:6/33/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s27
C:6/33/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s27
C:6/33/8, Series 43, summary; c-rg6-s27

C:6/34/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s28
C:6/34/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s28
C:6/34/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s28
C:6/34/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s28
C:6/34/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s28
C:6/34/7, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s28
C:6/34/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s28

C:6/35/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s29
C:6/35/2, Series 22, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/35/3, full inventory; c-rg6-s52
C:6/35/4, Series 21, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/35/5, Series 24, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/35/6, Series 32, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/35/7, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s29
C:6/35/8, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s29
C:6/35/9, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s29
C:6/35/10, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s29
C:6/35/11, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s29
C:6/35/12, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s29

C:6/36/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/36/2, Series 37, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/36/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s59
C:6/36/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s62
C:6/36/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s62
C:6/36/6, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s64
C:6/36/7, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s64
C:6/36/8, Series 41, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/36/9, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s64
C:6/36/10, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s62
C:6/36/11, Series 42, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/36/12, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s64
C:6/36/13, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s64
C:6/36/NP (A93-66) has been re-classified as C:6/16/NP (see above).

C:6/37/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s31
C:6/37/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s31
C:6/37/3, Series 25, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/37/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s31
C:6/37/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s31
C:6/37/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s31
C:6/37/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s31
C:6/37/NP, (A96-128), Series 31, summary; c-rg6-s14

C:6/38/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/2, Series 27, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/38/4, Series 28, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/38/5, full inventory; c-rg6-s50
C:6/38/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/7, full inventory; c-rg6-s44
C:6/38/7a, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/9, Series 29, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/38/11, Series 7, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/12, full inventory; c-rg6-s38
C:6/38/13, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/14, Series 10, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/15, full inventory; c-rg6-s7
C:6/38/16, full inventory; c-rg6-s9
C:6/38/17, full inventory; c-rg6-s37
C:6/38/18, Series 14, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/38/19, full inventory; c-rg6-s49
C:6/38/20, full inventory; c-rg6-s51
C:6/38/21, Series 15, summary; c-rg6-s32

C:6/39/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s58

C:6/40/1, Series 30, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:6/40/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s33

C:6/42/1, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s12
C:6/42/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s34
C:6/42/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s34

C:6/43/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s35
C:6/43/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s35

C:6/44/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s12

C:6/45/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s61
C:6/45/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s61

C:6/46/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/46/2, full inventory; c-rg6-s2
C:6/46/3, full inventory; c-rg6-s36
C:6/46/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/46/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s57
C:6/46/6, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s56
C:6/46/7, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s57
C:6/46/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/46/9, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s56
C:6/46/10, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s57
C:6/46/11, Series 3, summary; c-rg6-s56
C:6/46/12, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s57
C:6/46/13, Series 5, summary; c-rg6-s57
C:6/46/14, Series 8, summary; c-rg6-s17
C:6/46/15, Series 9, summary; c-rg6-s25
C:6/46/16, Series 4, summary; c-rg6-s56
C:6/46/NP (A94-94), Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s32
C:6/46/NP (A00-160), Series 6, summary; c-rg6-s17

C:6/47/00, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s60
C:6/47/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg6-s60

C:6/48/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg6-s67

C:7/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s7
C:7/00/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg7-s7

C:7/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s3
C:7/1/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/8, full inventory; c-rg7-s1
C:7/1/9, Series 14, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/10, Series 15, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/11, Series 16, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/12, Series 17, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/13, Series 18, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/14, Series 19, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A90-136), Series 7, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A91-14), Series 8, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A93-13), Series 2, summary; c-rg7-s3
C:7/1/NP (A93-20), Series 9, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A94-8), Series 10, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A95-51), Series 11, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A97-13), Series 12, summary; c-rg7-s2
C:7/1/NP (A99-50), Series 13, summary; c-rg7-s2

C:7/3/1, summary; c-rg7-s4

C:7/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s6

C:7/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s5
C:7/5/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg7-s5
C:7/5/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg7-s5
C:7/5/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg7-s5
C:7/5/NP (A99-77), Series 2, summary; c-rg7-s5

C:7/6/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg7-s6
C:7/6/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg7-s6
C:7/6/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg7-s6
C:7/6/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg7-s6

C:7/7/NP (A00-180), Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s8

C:7/16/1 (A02-133), Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s10

C:7/20/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg7-s7

C:7/21/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg7-s7

C:7/22/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg7-s7
C:7/22/2, Series 5, summary; c-rg7-s7

C:7/23/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s9
C:7/23/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg7-s9
C:7/23/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg7-s9

C:7/24/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg7-s11

C:7/25/1, full inventory; c-rg7-s13

C:8/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s4
C:8/00/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s4
C:8/00/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s4
C:8/00/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg8-s12
C:8/00/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s4
C:8/00/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s4

C:8/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s7
C:8/1/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s7
C:8/1/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/6, Series 15, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/7, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/8, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/9, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/11, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s4
C:8/1/12, full inventory; c-rg8-s25
C:8/1/13, Series 10, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/14, Series 16, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/15, Series 17, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/16, Series 18, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/17, Series 19, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/18, Series 20, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/19, Series 21, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/20, Series 22, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/21, Series 23, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/22, Series 24, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/23, Series 25, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/24, Series 26, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/25, Series 27, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/26, Series 28, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/27, Series 7, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/28, Series 29, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/29, Series 8, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/30, Series 9, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/31, Series 30, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/32, Series 31, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/NP (A85-58, A99-44), Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/NP (A97-32, A95-66, A98-41), Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/NP (A95-29), Series 10, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/NP (A99-38), Series 12, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/NP (A00-143; A01-65), Series 13, summary; c-rg8-s5
C:8/1/NP (A95-161), Series 14, summary; c-rg8-s5

C:8/3/1, full inventory; c-rg8-s2
C:8/3/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s27
C:8/3/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s29
C:8/3/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s29
C:8/3/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s29
C:8/3/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s29
C:8/3/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s29

C:8/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s6
C:8/4/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s6
C:8/4/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s6
C:8/4/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s6
C:8/4/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s6

C:8/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s26
C:8/5/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s33

C:8/7/1, full inventory; c-rg8-s1
C:8/7/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/3, full inventory; c-rg8-s28
C:8/7/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:8/7/11, Series 12, summary; c-rg8-s8

C:8/8/1, summary; c-rg8-s9
C:8/8/NP (A94-23), summary; c-rg8-s9

C:8/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s10
C:8/10/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s10

C:8/11/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s11
C:8/11/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s11
C:8/11/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s11

C:8/12/1, summary; c-rg8-s12
C:8/12/2, summary; c-rg8-s12
C:8/12/3, summary; c-rg8-s12
C:8/12/4, summary; c-rg8-s12
C:8/12/5, summary; c-rg8-s12
C:8/12/NP (A01-77), Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s12

C:8/15/1, summary; c-rg8-s13

C:8/16/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s14
C:8/16/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s14

C:8/17/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s15
C:8/17/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s15
C:8/17/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s15
C:8/17/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s15
C:8/17/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s7
C:8/17/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s7
C:8/17/NP (A79-33, A87-89), Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s15
C:8/17/NP (A86-74), Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s15
C:8/17/NP (A97-86), Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s15

C:8/18/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s7
C:8/18/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/9, Series 8, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/10, Series 9, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:8/18/11, full inventory; c-rg8-s3

C:8/19/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s17
C:8/19/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s17
C:8/19/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s17
C:8/19/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s17

C:8/20/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s18
C:8/20/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s18
C:8/20/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s18
C:8/20/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s18
C:8/20/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg8-s18
C:8/20/NP (A90-124, A98-43), Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s18
C:8/20/NP (A90-69), Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s18

C:8/21/1, summary; c-rg8-s21
C:8/21/2, summary; c-rg8-s21
C:8/21/3, summary; c-rg8-s21

C:8/22/1, summary; c-rg8-s20
C:8/22/2, summary; c-rg8-s31

C:8/23/1, summary; c-rg8-s19

C:8/24/1, summary; c-rg8-s22
C:8/24/2, summary; c-rg8-s22
C:8/24/3, summary; c-rg8-s22

C:8/25/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s23
C:8/25/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg8-s23
C:8/25/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s34
C:8/25/NP (A91-66), Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s23
C:8/25/NP (A98-118), Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s23
C:8/25/NP (A99-1), Series 4, summary; c-rg8-s23
C:8/25/NP (A91-66), Series 5, summary; c-rg8-s23

C:8/26/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s24
C:8/26/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s24

C:8/27/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s30
C:8/27/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg8-s32
C:8/27/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s32
C:8/27/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg8-s32

C:9/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/10, Series 12, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/00/11, Series 14, summary; c-rg9-s2

C:9/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/2, full inventory; c-rg9-s18
C:9/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/8, Series 11, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/9, Series 12, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/10, Series 13, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/11, Series 14, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/12, Series 15, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/NP (A95-39, A94-102), Series 6, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/NP (A96-13), Series 7, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/NP (A00-21), Series 9, summary; c-rg9-s3
C:9/1/NP (A98-95), Series 10, summary; c-rg9-s3

C:9/4/1, full inventory; c-rg9-s1
C:9/4/NP (A98-98), Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s14
C:9/4/NP (A93-114, A99-98), Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s14

C:9/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s4
C:9/5/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s4
C:9/5/NP (A83-37, A84-5, A86-57, A96-68, A97-92), Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s4

C:9/7/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg9-s5
C:9/7/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg9-s5

C:9/8/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s6
C:9/8/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s6
C:9/8/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s6
C:9/8/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s6
C:9/8/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg9-s6

C:9/9/1, full inventory; c-rg9-s22
C:9/9/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s7
C:9/9/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s7
C:9/9/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s7
C:9/9/NP (A90-66, A90-126, A91-49, A92-42, A94-51), Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s7

C:9/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s23
C:9/10/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s25

C:9/11/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/11/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/7, full inventory; c-rg9-s13
C:9/11/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/9, Series 7, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/11, Series 9, summary; c-rg9-s8
C:9/11/12, Series 10, summary; c-rg9-s8

C:9/12/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s9
C:9/12/NP (A91-35, A93-38, A93-108, A99-91), summary; c-rg9-s9

C:9/13/1, full inventory; c-rg9-s15
C:9/13/2, full inventory; c-rg9-s16
C:9/13/3, full inventory; c-rg9-s21
C:9/13/4, full inventory; c-rg9-s19
C:9/13/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg9-s10
C:9/13/6, full inventory; c-rg9-s20
C:9/13/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg9-s10
C:9/13/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg9-s10

C:9/14/1, Series 11, summary; c-rg9-s2
C:9/14/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s4

C:9/15/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s12
C:9/15/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s12

C:9/16/1, full inventory; c-rg9-s17
C:9/16/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg9-s11
C:9/16/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg9-s11
C:9/16/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg9-s11

C:9/17/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg9-s24

C:10/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg10-s2
C:10/00/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg10-s2
C:10/00/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg10-s2
C:10/00/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg10-s2
C:10/00/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg10-s2
C:10/00/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg10-s2

C:10/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/3, Series 11, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/7, Series 10, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/8, Series 5, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/9, full inventory; c-rg10-s12
C:10/1/10, Series 12, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/11, Series 8, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/12, Series 13, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/13, Series 14, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/15, Series 16, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/16, Series 17, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/18, Series 19, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/19, Series 20, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/20, Series 21, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/NP (A95-11), Series 2, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/1/NP (A93-37; A94-13; A95-31; A00-134; A01-51), Series 7, summary; c-rg10-s3

C:10/2/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg10-s4
C:10/2/NP (A90-91, A91-55, A95-116), summary; c-rg10-s4

C:10/5/1, summary; c-rg10-s5
C:10/5/2, summary; c-rg10-s5
C:10/5/3, full inventory; c-rg10-s1

C:10/7/1, summary; c-rg10-s6

C:10/8/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/4, Series 12, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/5, Series 13, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/6, full inventory; c-rg10-s11
C:10/8/7, Series 14, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/8, Series 15, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/9, Series 16, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/10, Series 17, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/11, Series 18, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/12, Series 19, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/13, Series 20, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/14, Series 21, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/15, Series 22, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/16, Series 23, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/17, Series 24, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/18, Series 25, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/19, Series 26, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/20, Series 27, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/21, Series 28, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/22, Series 29, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/23, Series 30, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/24, Series 31, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/25, Series 32, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/26, Series 33, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/27, Series 34, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A89-60, A97-60, A98-37), Series 4, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A93-42, A96-12, A98-103, A98-104, A00-93), Series 5, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A96-27, A00-145), Series 6, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A97-8), Series 7, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A96-55, A98-50), Series 8, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A90-82, A90-54), Series 9, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A00-146), Series 10, summary; c-rg10-s7
C:10/8/NP (A00-159), Series 11, summary; c-rg10-s7

C:10/9/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg10-s2

C:10/10/NP (A74-12, et al.), Series 2, summary; c-rg10-s3
C:10/10/NP (A90-49), Series 9, summary; c-rg10-s3

C:10/11/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg10-s8
C:10/11/2, full inventory; c-rg10-s13

C:10/13/1, summary; c-rg10-s9
C:10/13/2, summary; c-rg10-s9
C:10/13/NP (A98-21), summary; c-rg10-s9

C:10/14/1, summary; c-rg10-s10

C:10/15/1, full inventory; c-rg10-s14
C:10/15/2, summary; c-rg10-s15

C:11/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s5
C11/00/2 has been incorporated into the Vertical File - "Newspapers"
C:11/00/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/8, Series 7, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/9, Series 15, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/11, Series 9, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/12, Series 10, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/13, Series 11, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/14, Series 13, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/15, Series 14, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/16, Series 16, summary; c-rg11-s5
C:11/00/17, Series 17, summary; c-rg11-s5

C:11/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/4, full inventory; c-rg11-s20
C:11/1/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/8, Series 19, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/9, full inventory; c-rg11-s25
C:11/1/10, Series 6, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/11, Series 7, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/12, Series 8, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/13, full inventory; c-rg11-s4
C:11/1/14, Series 15, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/15, Series 16, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/18, Series 20, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/19, Series 13, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/20, Series 21, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/21, Series 22, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/22, Series 23, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/23, Series 24, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/24, Series 25, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/25, Series 26, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/26, Series 27, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/27, Series 28, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/28, Series 29, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/29, Series 30, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/30, Series 17, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/NP (A95-158), Series 9, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/NP (A91-2), Series 10, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/NP (A99-97), Series 12, summary; c-rg11-s6
C:11/1/NP (A00-96, A01-33), Series 14, summary; c-rg11-s6

C:11/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s7
C:11/2/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s7
C:11/2/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s7

C:11/4/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s8
C:11/4/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s8
C:11/4/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s8
C:11/4/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s8
C:11/4/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s8

C:11/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s9
C:11/5/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s9
C:11/5/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s9
C:11/5/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s9
C:11/5/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s9
C:11/5/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg11-s9
C:11/5/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg11-s9

C:11/6/1, full inventory; c-rg11-s27
C:11/6/2, full inventory; c-rg11-s26
C:11/6/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s10
C:11/6/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s10
C:11/6/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg11-s10
C:11/6/7, full inventory; c-rg11-s3
C:11/6/8, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s10
C:11/6/9, Series 6, summary; c-rg11-s10
C:11/6/10, Series 7, summary; c-rg11-s10

C:11/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s11
C:11/7/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s11
C:11/7/3, full inventory; c-rg11-s18
C:11/7/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s11
C:11/7/NP (A96-54), Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s11

C:11/8/1, summary; c-rg11-s12
C:11/8/2, summary; c-rg11-s12

C:11/9/1, summary; c-rg11-s29

C:11/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/5, Series 8, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/11, Series 12, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/12, Series 13, summary; c-rg11-s13
C:11/10/13, Series 14, summary; c-rg11-s13

C:11/11/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s24
C:11/11/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s24
C:11/11/NP (A99-92, A00-84), Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s24

C:11/12/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s17
C:11/12/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s17
C:11/12/3, full inventory; c-rg11-s28
C:11/12/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s17
C:11/12/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s17
C:11/12/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s17

C:11/13/1, full inventory; c-rg11-s22
C:11/13/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg11-s14
C:11/13/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg11-s14

C:11/14/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg11-s13

C:11/15/1, full inventory; c-rg11-s15
C:11/15/2, full inventory; c-rg11-s1
C:11/15/3, full inventory; c-rg11-s15
C:11/15/4, full inventory; c-rg11-s19
C:11/15/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s30

C:11/16/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg11-s16
C:11/16/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg11-s16
C:11/16/4, full inventory; c-rg11-s2
C:11/16/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg11-s16
C:11/16/6, full inventory; c-rg11-s21
C:11/16/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg11-s16

C:11/17/1, Series 12, summary; c-rg11-s5

C:12/00/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg12-s2
C:12/00/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg12-s2
C:12/00/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg12-s2
C:12/00/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg12-s2
C:12/00/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg12-s2

C:12/1/1, summary; c-rg12-s3

C:12/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg12-s4
C:12/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg12-s4
C:12/3/3, full inventory; c-rg12-s8

C:12/4/1, summary; c-rg12-s6

C:12/6/1, summary; c-rg12-s5
C:12/6/2, summary; c-rg12-s5

C:12/8/1, summary; c-rg12-s1

C:12/15/1, summary; c-rg12-s7

C:12/18/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg12-s2

C:12/19/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg12-s2

C:13/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg13-s5

C:13/1/1, full inventory; c-rg13-s3
C:13/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg13-s4
C:13/1/NP (A01-40), summary; c-rg13-s4

C:13/2/1, summary; c-rg13-s2
C:13/2/2, summary; c-rg13-s2
C:13/2/3, summary; c-rg13-s2

C:13/8/1, summary; c-rg13-s1

C:14/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s1
C:14/00/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s1
C:14/00/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s1
C:14/00/4, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s1

C:14/1/1, full inventory; c-rg14-s31
C:14/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/8, full inventory; c-rg14-s24
C:14/1/9, full inventory; c-rg14-s28
C:14/1/10, Series 17, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/11, Series 19, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/12, Series 20, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/13, Series 21, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/14, Series 22, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/15, Series 23, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/16, Series 24, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/17, Series 25, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/18, Series 26, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/19, Series 27, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A90-140), Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A93-26, A95-24, A95-60, A96-33, A97-65), Series 9, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A96-49), Series 10, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A97-105), Series 11, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A98-31), Series 12, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A95-45), Series 13, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A99-87, A00-46), Series 14, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A00-4), Series 15, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A00-22), Series 16, summary; c-rg14-s2
C:14/1/NP (A00-119), Series 18, summary; c-rg14-s2

C:14/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s44
C:14/2/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s44

C:14/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s43
C:14/5/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s43
C:14/5/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s43

C:14/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s48

C:14/12/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s1
C:14/12/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s3
C:14/12/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s3
C:14/12/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s3
C:14/12/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s3

C:14/19/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s49
C:14/19/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s49

C:14/20/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s47

C:14/24/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s29

C:14/25/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/12, Series 12, summary; c-rg14-s4
C:14/25/13, Series 13, summary; c-rg14-s4

C:14/26/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/8, Series 10, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/NP (A91-86, A94-108), Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s5
C:14/26/NP (A91-67, A98-51; A01-57), Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s5

C:14/27/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/NP (A97-27), Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s6
C:14/27/NP (A98-106), Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s6

C:14/28/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s7
C:14/28/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s7
C:14/28/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s7
C:14/28/NP (A96-135; A98-61; A01-63), Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s7
C:14/28/NP (A99-58), Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s7

C:14/29/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s8
C:14/29/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s8
C:14/29/NP (A99-49), Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s8

C:14/30/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s9
C:14/30/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s9
C:14/30/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s9
C:14/30/4, full inventory; c-rg14-s25
C:14/30/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s9
C:14/30/6, full inventory; c-rg14-s26
C:14/30/NP (A90-36), Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s9

C:14/31/1, summary; c-rg14-s10

C:14/32/1, summary; c-rg14-s11
C:14/32/2, summary; c-rg14-s46
C:14/32/3, summary; c-rg14-s46
C:14/32/4, summary; c-rg14-s50

C:14/33/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s12
C:14/33/2, full inventory; c-rg14-s27
C:14/33/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s12

C:14/34/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s13
C:14/34/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s13
C:14/34/NP (A95-62, A95-142, A01-30), Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s13
C:14/34/NP (A96-61), Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s13
C:14/34/NP (A98-125), Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s13
C:14/34/NP (A99-45), Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s13

C:14/35/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s14
C:14/35/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s14
C:14/35/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s14
C:14/35/NP (A91-20, A97-10), Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s14

C:14/36/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/12, Series 12, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/13, Series 13, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/14, Series 14, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/15, Series 15, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/16, Series 16, summary; c-rg14-s15
C:14/36/17, Series 17, summary; c-rg14-s15

C:14/37/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s16
C:14/37/NP (A97-51, A98-17, A01-39), Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s16
C:14/37/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s1
C:14/37/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s16
C:14/37/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s16

C:14/41/NP (A00-58; A01-93), summary; c-rg14-s30

C:14/44/1, summary; c-rg14-s17

C:14/45/1, summary; c-rg14-s18

C:14/46/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s13
C:14/46/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s13

C:14/47/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s1

C:14/48/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s1

C:14/52/NP (A88-101), summary; c-rg14-s19

C:14/53/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/3, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/8, Series 10, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/NP (A97-77; A01-58), Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s20
C:14/53/NP (A01-70), Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s20

C:14/54/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s21
C:14/54/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s21
C:14/54/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s21
C:14/54/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s21
C:14/54/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s21
C:14/54/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s21

C:14/55/NP (A97-67), summary; c-rg14-s22

C:14/56/1, full inventory; c-rg14-s23
C:14/56/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg14-s45
C:14/56/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg14-s45
C:14/56/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg14-s45
C:14/56/5, Series 4, summary; c-rg14-s45
C:14/56/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg14-s45
C:14/56/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg14-s45

C:15/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s9
C:15/00/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg15-s7
C:15/00/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg15-s7
C:15/00/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg15-s7

C:15/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/9, full inventory; c-rg15-s2
C:15/1/10, Series 19, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/11, Series 20, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/12, Series 21, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/13, Series 22, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/14, Series 23, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/15, Series 24, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/16, Series 25, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/17, Series 26, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/18, Series 27, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/19, Series 28, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A87-46), Series 9, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A90-46), Series 10, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A93-34), Series 11, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A94-7), Series 12, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A95-13), Series 13, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A95-32, A00-174), Series 14, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A96-18), Series 15, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A97-57), Series 16, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A98-27), Series 17, summary; c-rg15-s3
C:15/1/NP (A99-39, A00-117), Series 18, summary; c-rg15-s3

C:15/2/1, full inventory; c-rg15-s1
C:15/2/NP (A97-76, A97-78, A99-40, A00-117), Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s4

C:15/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s5
C:15/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg15-s5
C:15/3/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s11
C:15/3/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg15-s5

C:15/11/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s6
C:15/11/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg15-s6
C:15/11/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg15-s6
C:15/11/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg15-s6
C:15/11/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg15-s6
C:15/11/NP (A88-31, A90-73, A91-22, A92-38), Series 2, summary; c-rg15-s6

C:15/14/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s7

C:15/15/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg15-s7

C:15/16/1, full inventory; c-rg15-s8

C:15/17/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg15-s10
C:15/17/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg15-s10
C:15/17/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg15-s10

C:16/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg16-s3

C:16/1/1, full inventory; c-rg16-s1
C:16/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg16-s4
C:16/1/3, full inventory; c-rg16-s2

C:16/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg16-s5
C:16/4/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg16-s5

C:16/6/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg16-s6
C:16/6/2, full inventory; c-rg16-s9
C:16/6/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg16-s6
C:16/6/4, full inventory; c-rg16-s13

C:16/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg16-s7
C:16/7/2, full inventory; c-rg16-s10
C:16/7/3, summary; c-rg16-s8
C:16/7/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg16-s7
C:16/7/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg16-s7
C:16/7/NP (A95-141), Series 3, summary; c-rg16-s7

C:16/9/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg16-s3

C:16/10/1, full inventory; c-rg16-s11
C:16/10/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg16-s12
C:16/10/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg16-s12

C:17/00/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg17-s2
C:17/00/2, Series 5, summary; c-rg17-s2
C:17/00/3, Series 6, summary; c-rg17-s2
C:17/00/4, Series 7, summary; c-rg17-s2
C:17/00/5, Series 8, summary; c-rg17-s2
C:17/00/6, Series 9, summary; c-rg17-s2

C:17/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s3
C:17/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s3
C:17/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg17-s3
C:17/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg17-s3
C:17/1/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg17-s3
C:17/1/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg17-s3

C:17/6/1, summary; c-rg17-s4
C:17/6/2, summary; c-rg17-s4

C:17/7/1, summary; c-rg17-s12

C:17/8/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s5
C:17/8/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s9
C:17/8/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s9
C:17/8/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg17-s9
C:17/8/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s5

C:17/9/1, summary; c-rg17-s11
C:17/9/2, summary; c-rg17-s11

C:17/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s6
C:17/10/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s6
C:17/10/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg17-s6
C:17/10/NP (A96-92), Series 3, summary; c-rg17-s6

C:17/11/1, full inventory; c-rg17-s1
C:17/11/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s3

C:17/15/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s7
C:17/15/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s7

C:17/18/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg17-s2

C:17/19/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg17-s2

C:17/22/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s2

C:17/23/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s8

C:17/24/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg17-s10

C:18/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/6, Series 8, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/8, Series 10, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/9, Series 11, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/10, Series 12, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/11, Series 13, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/12, Series 15, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/13, Series 14, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/14, Series 16, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/15, Series 17, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/NP (A93-32), Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/NP (A00-101; A01-35), Series 2, summary; c-rg18-s4
C:18/1/NP (A01-36), Series 3, summary; c-rg18-s4

C:18/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s5
C:18/2/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg18-s5
C:18/2/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg18-s5

C:18/3/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/2, Series 8, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/3, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/7, Series 3, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/3/NP (A93-103), Series 5, summary; c-rg18-s3

C:18/4/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg18-s5
C:18/4/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg18-s3
C:18/4/3, full inventory; c-rg18-s9
C:18/4/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg18-s3

C:18/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s10

C:18/6/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg18-s6
C:18/6/NP (A91-29), Series 2, summary; c-rg18-s6

C:18/7/1, full inventory; c-rg18-s7

C:18/8/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s8
C:18/8/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg18-s8
C:18/8/NP (A93-91), Series 2, summary; c-rg18-s8
C:18/8/NP (A90-41), Series 3, summary; c-rg18-s8

C:18/9/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg18-s1
C:18/9/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg18-s1

C:19/1/1, full inventory; c-rg19-s3
C:19/1/2, full inventory; c-rg19-s2
C:19/1/NP (A98-40; A01-44), summary; c-rg19-s5

C:19/2/1, summary; c-rg19-s4
C:19/2/2, full inventory; c-rg19-s1

C:20/00/1, full inventory; c-rg20-s1
C:20/00/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/3, full inventory; c-rg20-s2
C:20/00/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/5, full inventory; c-rg20-s3
C:20/00/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/8 Series 7 summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/9 Series 8 summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/10 Series 9 summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/00/11 Series 2 summary; c-rg20-s7
C:20/00/12 Series 11 summary; c-rg20-s4

C:20/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/2, full inventory; c-rg20-s9
C:20/1/3, full inventory; c-rg20-s8
C:20/1/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg20-s4
C:20/1/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/9, full inventory; c-rg20-s13
C:20/1/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/12, Series 12, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/13, Series 13, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/14, Series 14, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/15, Series 15, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/16, Series 16, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/17, Series 17, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/18, Series 18, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/19, Series 19, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/20, Series 20, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/21, Series 21, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/22, Series 22, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/23, Series 23, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/NP (A79-51, A82-100, A90-92), Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/NP (A93-118), Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/NP (A96-118), Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s5
C:20/1/NP (A01-102), Series 9, summary; c-rg20-s5

C:20/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s4

C:20/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s7
C:20/3/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s7

C:20/4/1, full inventory; c-rg20-s11
C:20/4/2, Series 10, summary; c-rg20-s4

C:20/5/1, summary; c-rg20-s6
C:20/5/2, summary; c-rg20-s6
C:20/5/3, summary; c-rg20-s6

C:20/6/1, full inventory; c-rg20-s10
C:20/6/2, full inventory; c-rg20-s24
C:20/6/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s12
C:20/6/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s12
C:20/6/5, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s23
C:20/6/6, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s23
C:20/6/7, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s23
C:20/6/8, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s23
C:20/6/9, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s12

C:20/8/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s15
C:20/8/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s16
C:20/8/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s15
C:20/8/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s19
C:20/8/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s19
C:20/8/6, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s16
C:20/8/7, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s20
C:20/8/8, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s20
C:20/8/9, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s20
C:20/8/10, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s20
C:20/8/11, Series 5, summary; c-rg20-s20
C:20/8/12, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s19
C:20/8/13, Series 6, summary; c-rg20-s20
C:20/8/14, Series 7, summary; c-rg20-s20

C:20/9/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s14
C:20/9/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s14
C:20/9/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s14
C:20/9/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s14
C:20/9/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg20-s14
C:20/9/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg20-s14
C:20/9/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg20-s14

C:20/10/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s17
C:20/10/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s17

C:20/11/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/12, Series 12, summary; c-rg20-s18
C:20/11/13, Series 13, summary; c-rg20-s18

C:20/12/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s21
C:20/12/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s22
C:20/12/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s22
C:20/12/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s21
C:20/12/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s21
C:20/12/6, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s22

C:20/13/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s25
C:20/13/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s26
C:20/13/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s25
C:20/13/4, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s26
C:20/13/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s26

C:20/14/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s27

C:20/15/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s28
C:20/15/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s30
C:20/15/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s30
C:20/15/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s30

C:20/16/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s29
C:20/16/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s29
C:20/16/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg20-s29
C:20/16/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg20-s29
C:20/16/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg20-s29

C:20/17/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg20-s31
C:20/17/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg20-s31

C:21/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg21-s2
C:21/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg21-s2
C:21/1/3, full inventory; c-rg21-s4
C:21/1/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg21-s3
C:21/1/5, full inventory; c-rg21-s1
C:21/1/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg21-s2
C:21/1/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg21-s2
C:21/1/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg21-s2

C:22/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/4, Series 29, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/5, Series 30, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/6, Series 31, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/7 Series 32 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/8 Series 33 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/9 Series 35 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/10 Series 36 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/11 Series 38 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/12 Series 39 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/13 Series 40 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/14 Series 41 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/15 Series 42 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/16 Series 43 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/17 Series 44 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/18 Series 45 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/19 Series 46 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/20 Series 47 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/21 Series 49 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/22 Series 50 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/23 Series 52 summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/00/24 Series 53 summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/1/1, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/1/1a, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/1/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/1/3, full inventory; c-rg22-s6
C:22/1/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/1/5, full inventory; c-rg22-s15
C:22/1/6, Series 9, summary; c-rg22-s12

C:22/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s8
C:22/2/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg22-s8
C:22/2/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s8
C:22/2/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s8
C:22/2/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s8
C:22/2/6, full inventory; c-rg22-s32

C:22/3/1, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/2, Series 13, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/3, full inventory; c-rg22-s3
C:22/3/4, Series 8, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/5, full inventory; c-rg22-s38
C:22/3/6, full inventory; c-rg22-s18
C:22/3/7, Series 11, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/8, Series 12, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/9, Series 25, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/10, Series 26, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/11, Series 28, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/12, Series 55, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/3/13, Series 56, summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s9
C:22/4/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg22-s9
C:22/4/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s9

C:22/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s9
C:22/7/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/7, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s9
C:22/7/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/9, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/11, Series 9, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/12, Series 10, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/13, Series 11, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/14, Series 12, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/15, Series 13, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/16, Series 14, summary; c-rg22-s10
C:22/7/17, Series 15, summary; c-rg22-s10

C:22/8/1, full inventory; c-rg22-s1
C:22/8/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/3, full inventory; c-rg22-s16
C:22/8/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/5, full inventory; c-rg22-s17
C:22/8/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/7, Series 6, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/8, full inventory; c-rg22-s4
C:22/8/9, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/11, full inventory; c-rg22-s37
C:22/8/12, Series 10, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/13, Series 12, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/14, full inventory; c-rg22-s26
C:22/8/15, Series 13, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/16, Series 16, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/17, Series 14, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/18, full inventory; c-rg22-s22
C:22/8/19, full inventory; c-rg22-s23
C:22/8/20, Series 15, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/21, full inventory; c-rg22-s24
C:22/8/22, full inventory; c-rg22-s27
C:22/8/23, Series 17, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/24, Series 18, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/25, Series 19, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/26, Series 20, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/27, full inventory; c-rg22-s31
C:22/8/28 (A00-68), Series 21, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/29 (A01-69), Series 22, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/30 (A01-104), Series 23, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/31, Series 24, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/32 (A01-160), Series 25, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/33, full inventory; c-rg22-s34
C:22/8/34, Series 26, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/35, Series 27, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/36, full inventory; c-rg22-s36
C:22/8/37, full inventory; c-rg22-s35
C:22/8/38, Series 29, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/39, Series 30, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/40, Series 31, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/41, Series 32, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/42, Series 8, summary; c-rg8-s8
C:22/8/43, Series 33, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/44, Series 34, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/45, Series 35, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/46, Series 36, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/47, Series 37, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/48, Series 38, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/49, Series 39, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/50, Series 11, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/51, Series 40, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/52, Series 41, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/53, Series 42, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/54, Series 43, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/55, Series 44, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/56, Series 45, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/57, Series 46, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/58, Series 47, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/59, Series 50, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/60, Series 48, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/61, Series 49, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/62, Series 51, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/63, Series 52, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/64, Series 53, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/65, Series 54, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/66, Series 55, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/67, Series 56, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/68, Series 57, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/69, Series 58, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/70, Series 59, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/71, Series 60, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/72, Series 61, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/73, Series 62, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/74, Series 63, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/75, Series 64, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/76, Series 65, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/77, Series 66, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/78, Series 67, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/79, Series 68, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/80, Series 69, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/81, Series 70, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/82, Series 71, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/83, Series 72, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/84, Series 73, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/85, Series 74, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/86, Series 75, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/87, Series 76, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/88, Series 77, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/89, Series 78, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/90, Series 79, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/91, Series 81, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/92, Series 80, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/93, Series 82, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/94, Series 83, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/95, Series 84, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/96, Series 85, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/97, Series 86, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/98, Series 87, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/99, Series 88, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/100, Series 89, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/101, Series 90, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/102, Series 91, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/103, Series 92, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/104, Series 93, summary; c-rg22-s11
C:22/8/105, Series 94, summary; c-rg22-s11

C:22/9/1, full inventory; c-rg22-s41
C:22/9/2 has been incorporated into C:0/46/13, Series 18, summary; c-rg0-s12
C:22/9/3, full inventory; c-rg22-s42
C:22/9/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s43

C:22/10/1, full inventory; c-rg22-s21
C:22/10/2, Series 20, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/3, Series 21, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/4, Series 24, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/5, Series 27, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/6, Series 34, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/7, Series 37, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/8, Series 48, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/10/9, Series 51, summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/11/1, Series 22, summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/12/1, Series 23, summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/13/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/3, full inventory; c-rg22-s2
C:22/13/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/5, full inventory; c-rg22-s25
C:22/13/6, full inventory;c-rg22-s39
C:22/13/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/9, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/11, Series 10, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/12, Series 11, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/13, Series 12, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/14, Series 13, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/15, Series 14, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/16, Series 15, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/17, Series 16, summary; c-rg22-s12
C:22/13/18, Series 17, summary; c-rg22-s12

C:22/14/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s13
C:22/14/2, full inventory; c-rg22-s20
C:22/14/2a, Series 3, summary; c-rg22-s13
C:22/14/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg22-s13
C:22/14/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s13
C:22/14/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg22-s13
C:22/14/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s13

C:22/15/1, full inventory; c-rg22-s14
C:22/15/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s40
C:22/15/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg22-s40

C:22/16/1, Series 15, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/16/2, Series 16, summary; c-rg22-s7
C:22/16/3, Series 17, summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/17/1, Series 19, summary; c-rg22-s7

C:22/18/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s9
C:22/18/1a, Series 5, summary; c-rg22-s9
C:22/18/2, full inventory; c-rg22-s5
C:22/18/3, Series 6, summary; c-rg22-s9

C:22/19/1, full inventory; c-rg22-s19

C:22/20/1, Series 6, summary; c-rg22-s8
C:22/20/2, Series 7, summary; c-rg22-s8

C:22/21/1, full inventory; c-rg22-s28

C:22/22/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg22-s33

C:23/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s2
C:23/00/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s2
C:23/00/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s2
C:23/00/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s2

C:23/1/1, full inventory; c-rg23-s1
C:23/1/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s3
C:23/1/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s3
C:23/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s3
C:23/1/NP (A95-17, A95-23, A94-46), Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s3

C:23/2/1, full inventory; c-rg23-s16
C:23/2/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/4, Series 9, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/5, Series 10, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/6, Series 11, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/7, Series 12, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/8, Series 13, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/9, Series 14, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/NP (A92-17, A92-21, A92-25), Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/NP (A93-21), Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/NP (A94-9, A95-26, A96-16), Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/NP (A98-35), Series 7, summary; c-rg23-s4
C:23/2/NP (A99-62), Series 8, summary; c-rg23-s4

C:23/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s5
C:23/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s5
C:23/3/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s5
C:23/3/NP (A94-52), Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s5
C:23/3/NP (A95-115), Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s5
C:23/3/NP (A99-47), Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s5

C:23/4/1, summary; c-rg23-s6

C:23/5/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s8
C:23/5/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s8
C:23/5/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s8
C:23/5/4, Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s8
C:23/5/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg23-s8

C:23/6/1, summary; c-rg23-s7
C:23/6/2, full inventory; c-rg23-s12

C:23/7/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s8
C:23/7/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s13
C:23/7/NP (A99-90), summary; c-rg23-s13

C:23/8/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s9
C:23/8/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s9
C:23/8/3, full inventory; c-rg23-s20

C:23/8/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s21
C:23/8/5, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s21
C:23/8/6, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s9
C:23/8/7, Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s9
C:23/8/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s9

C:23/9/1, Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/2, Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/3, Series 7, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/4, Series 8, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/NP (A90-68, A95-136, A97-44), Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/NP (A99-60), Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/NP (A99-61), Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s10
C:23/9/NP (A83-20), Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s10

C:23/11/NP (A97-31), Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s8

C:23/12/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s11
C:23/12/2, Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s11
C:23/12/3, Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s11
C:23/12/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s11
C:23/12/5, Series 7, summary; c-rg23-s11
C:23/12/NP (A99-64, A99-66), Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s11
C:23/12/NP (A00-20; A01-66), Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s11

C:23/13/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s15
C:23/13/NP (A00-132), Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s15

C:23/14/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s14
C:23/14/NP (A00-94), summary; c-rg23-s14

C:23/15/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s17
C:23/15/NP (A01-29), summary; c-rg23-s17

C:23/16/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s18
C:23/16/2, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s18
C:23/16/3, Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s18
C:23/16/NP (A01-73), Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s18
C:23/16/NP (A01-74), Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s18

C:23/17/00, Series 7, summary; c-rg23-s19
C:23/17/1, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s19
C:23/17/2, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s19
C:23/17/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s19
C:23/17/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s19
C:23/17/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg23-s19
C:23/17/NP (A01-75), Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s19

C:23/18/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s22
C:23/18/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg23-s22
C:23/18/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg23-s22
C:23/18/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg23-s22
C:23/18/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg23-s22

C:23/19/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s23

C:23/20/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s24

C:23/21/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg23-s25

C:24/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg24-s1
C:24/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg24-s1
C:24/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg24-s1
C:24/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg24-s1
C:24/1/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg24-s1
C:24/1/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg24-s1

C:24/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg24-s2
C:24/2/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg24-s2
C:24/2/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg24-s2
C:24/2/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg24-s2
C:24/2/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg24-s2
C:24/2/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg24-s2

C:24/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg24-s3

C:24/4/1, full inventory; c-rg24-s5
C:24/4/2, Series 1, summary; c-rg24-s4

C:25/00/1, full inventory; c-rg25-s10
C:25/00/2, full inventory; c-rg25-s1
C:25/00/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/4, Series 3, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/5, full inventory; c-rg25-s9
C:25/00/6, Series 5, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/7, Series 9, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/8, Series 6, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/9, Series 7, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/10, Series 8, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/11, Series 10, summary; c-rg25-s5
C:25/00/12, Series 11, summary; c-rg25-s5

C:25/1/1, full inventory; c-rg25-s4
C:25/1/2, full inventory; c-rg25-s2
C:25/1/3, full inventory; c-rg25-s3
C:25/1/4, Series 1, summary; c-rg25-s6
C:25/1/5, Series 3, summary; c-rg25-s6
C:25/1/NP (A95-104), Series 2, summary; c-rg25-s6

C:25/2/1, summary; c-rg25-s7

C:25/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg25-s8
C:25/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg25-s8

C:25/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg25-s11

C:26/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg26-s1
C:26/00/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg26-s1

C:26/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg26-s2
C:26/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg26-s2
C:26/1/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg26-s2
C:26/1/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg26-s2

C:26/2/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg26-s3

C:26/3/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg26-s4
C:26/3/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg26-s4

C:26/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg26-s5

C:28/00/1, Series 3, summary; c-rg28-s1

C:28/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg28-s1
C:28/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg28-s1
C:28/1/3, Series 4, summary; c-rg28-s1
C:28/1/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg28-s1

C:29/00/1, full inventory; c-rg29-s1
C:29/00/2, full inventory; c-rg29-s2

C:29/1/1, summary; c-rg29-s5
C:29/1/2, summary; c-rg29-s5

C:29/2/1, full inventory; c-rg29-s3

C:29/3/1, full inventory; c-rg29-s4

C:29/4/1, summary; c-rg29-s6

C:30/1 THROUGH C:30/26, summary; c-rg30-s2

C:30/1/7, full inventory; c-rg30-s1

C:30/1/15, Series 1, summary; c-rg30-s2

C:30/21/1, full inventory; c-rg30-s3

C:31/00/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/2, full inventory; c-rg31-s16

C:31/00/3, full inventory; c-rg31-s15
C:31/00/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/6, full inventory; c-rg31-s12
C:31/00/7, full inventory; c-rg31-s13
C:31/00/8, full inventory; c-rg31-s14
C:31/00/9, Series 1, summary; c-rg31-s19
C:31/00/10, Series 6, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/11, Series 7, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/12, Series 8, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/13, Series 9, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/14, Series 10, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/15, Series 11, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/16, Series 12, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/17, Series 13, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/18, Series 14, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/19, Series 15, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/20, Series 16, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/21, Series 17, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/22, Series 18, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/23, Series 19, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/24, Series 20, summary; c-rg31-s5
C:31/00/25, Series 21, summary; c-rg31-s5

C:31/1/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/3, full inventory; c-rg31-s3
C:31/1/4, full inventory; c-rg31-s8
C:31/1/5, Series 11, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/6, Series 12, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/7, Series 13, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/8, Series 14, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/9, Series 15, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/10, Series 16, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/11, Series 17, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A91-41), Series 3, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A93-29), Series 4, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A96-22), Series 5, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A92-14), Series 6, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A97-34, A98-46), Series 7, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A99-37), Series 8, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A00-99), Series 9, summary; c-rg31-s6
C:31/1/NP (A00-170), Series 10, summary; c-rg31-s6

C:31/2/1, full inventory; c-rg31-s7
C:31/2/2, full inventory; c-rg31-s20
C:31/2/3, full inventory; c-rg31-s1
C:31/2/4, full inventory; c-rg31-s4
C:31/2/5, full inventory; c-rg31-s1-1
C:31/2/6, Series 2, summary; c-rg31-s17
C:31/2/7, Series 3, summary; c-rg31-s17
C:31/2/11, full inventory; c-rg31-s2
C:31/2/12, full inventory; c-rg31-s9
C:31/2/NP (A00-71), Series 1; c-rg31-s17

C:31/3/NP (A99-28), summary; c-rg31-s10

C:31/4/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/4, Series 4, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/5, Series 5, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/6, Series 6, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/7, Series 7, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/8, Series 8, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/9, Series 9, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/10, Series 10, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/11, Series 11, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/12, Series 12, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/13, Series 13, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/14, Series 14, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/15, Series 15, summary; c-rg31-s18
C:31/4/16, Series 16, summary; c-rg31-s18

C:31/5/1, full inventory; c-rg31-s11

C:31/6/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg31-s21
C:31/6/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg31-s21

C:31/7/1, Series 1, summary; c-rg31-s22
C:31/7/2, Series 2, summary; c-rg31-s22
C:31/7/3, Series 3, summary; c-rg31-s22

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