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Record Group: 1 C
Record Sub-Group: 9
Records Title: UMC; Administration; Chancellor Barbara S. Uehling (1978-1986); Barbara S. Uehling and Herbert W. Schooling (1970-1978); Administrative Records
Dates: 1971-1984
Volume: 6 and 1/6 cubic feet, 7.7 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains correspondence and other records relating to the University of Missouri-Columbia Chancellor's Office during the tenures of Herbert W. Schooling and Barbara S. Uehling. Topics addressed include Alumni Association activities, Black Alumni Organization, lectures and cultural events, capital improvements, the Weldon Spring fund, faculty and emeritus professor's opinions concerning UMC, University Laboratory School, Journalism Week, Inter-Collegiate Athletics, Associated Students of the University of Missouri (A.S.U.M.), Association for Women Students, Career Planning and Placement Center, Center for Student Life, Women's Center, fraternities and sororities, parking availability and regulations, personnel matters, University Police, affirmative action, questionnaires and surveys, resumes from applicants, minority student programs, emeritus titles, and honorary degree recipients.

Biographical Notes:

Herbert W. Schooling received his BA degree from Southwest Missouri State University in 1936 and his MA from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1940. He served as Superintendent of Schools for Hayti, Missouri, from 1940 to 1944 and as High School Principal and then Superintendent for the North Kansas City School District from 1944 to 1955. In 1954, Chancellor Schooling received a Ph.D. from the University of Missouri Columbia. His professional career next took him to the University of Chicago, where he was an Associate Professor and Director of Pre-Collegiate Education between 1955 and 1957. From 1957 to 1963, Chancellor Schooling worked as superintendent of Schools in Webster Groves, Missouri.

Schooling was appointed Dean of the School of Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1963 and served in that capacity until becoming Dean of Faculties in 1966. Another promotion, in 1969, elevated him to the office of UMC Provost, which position he held until called upon to act as interim Chancellor the following year. Schooling was confirmed as full Chancellor in 1972 and he continued to hold that office until retiring, in 1978. Even after his retirement, Schooling remained an important asset to the University as a fund-raiser and as a member of numerous committees and boards. In recognition of his many years of service to the University of Missouri-Columbia, Chancellor Schooling was awarded the title of Chancellor Emeritus.

Barbara S. Uehling earned her BA degree from Wichita State University in 1954, and her MA and Ph.D. degrees at Northwestern University, in 1956 and 1958. Between 1959 and 1964, she worked as a faculty member at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. Uehling was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Physiological Psychology at Emory University from 1964 to 1966 and then served as a faculty member at that same institution until 1969. She was next appointed Academic Dean of Roger Williams College, a position she held until 1974 when Illinois State University acquired her services as Dean of Arts and Sciences.

After remaining at Illinois State for two years, Uehling accepted the position of Provost for the University of Oklahoma, where she served from 1976 until her appointment as Chancellor and Professor of Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, in 1978. Her tenure as UMC Chancellor continued until 1986. Uehling was also an active member of many professional organizations. She has served as President and member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Higher Education, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems, and Presidential appointee to the National Council for Educational Research.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is not divided into separate record series. The documents within this Sub-Group are arranged alphabetically by topic heading.


Box 1

FF 1 - (See "Oversize Items" at the end of this inventory)

FF 2 - Academic Affairs: Student Affairs Staff Group - Minutes of the Student Affairs Staff Group; abstract titled "Academic Persistence and Environmental Perceptions"; reports from the Student Affairs Task Force for Human Relations and the Student Affairs Conflict Resolution Task Force Group, 1977-1979

FF 3 - Academic Affairs: University of Missouri Central Administration Research; University of Missouri Office of Science and Technology - grant data forms with research proposals and correspondence, 1979-1981

FF 4 - Administrative Services: Student Information System, 1976-1981

FF 5 - Admissions: General Correspondence, 1981-1982

FF 6 - Alumni and Development: Alumni Activities, 1979-1983; list of officers with a calendar, 1983; issue of The Arts and Science Magazine, 1983; calendar of events, 1982; comparative data on "Big 8" alumni programs; Chancellor's visits to alumni districts, 1978-1979; alumni membership by counties; miscellaneous correspondence

FF 7 - Alumni and Development: Alumni Alliance, 1980-1983

FF 8 - Alumni and Development: Alumni Association, 1979-1983; Chancellor Uehling's University of Mississippi Honors Convocation speech, 04/07/1983; UMC Alumni Association Board of Directors mailing lists, 1978-1979 and 1982-1983; attendance list for the Jefferson Club - Development Fund - Alumni Association Weekend, 05/02-03/1980; Executive Committee Alumni Activities Report, 1978; correspondence regarding funding and other activities

FF 9 - Alumni and Development: Alumni Awards Committee, 1979-1980

FF 10 - Alumni and Development: Alumni Center; construction and use of Alumni Center; floor plan, 1977-1983

FF 11 - Alumni and Development: Alumni Communications Committee; agenda and reports of the committee; development fund brochures, "Business Journalism at Mizzou: Training reporters for the Marketplace" and "Merit Scholars and Mizzou: A Good Mix"; miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1982

FF 12 - Alumni and Development; Alumni general correspondence, 1979-1983

FF 13 - Alumni and Development: Black Alumni Budget; goals and objectives; activities report, 1979-1980

FF 14 - Alumni and Development: Black Alumni Organization; activities and speakers information; list of members; related correspondence, 1979-1982

FF 15 - Alumni and Development: budget, 1977-1980

FF 16 - Alumni and Development: Council for Advancement and Support of Education reports; information concerning Council for Advancement and Support of Education awards, recipients, and funding, 1979-1983

FF 17 - Alumni and Development: Development Fund Board of Directors; agenda and minutes of Board meeting and related correspondence, 1981

FF 18 - Awards and Scholarships: Chancellor's Award for Outstanding Faculty Research; members of the selection committee, nominations, and recipients, 1978-1981

FF 19 - Awards and Scholarships: Thomas Jefferson Awards, 1978-1982

FF 20 - Budget and Impact Statements - Budgets and Impact Statements filed by UMC Deans; budget information for UMC, UMKC, UMR, UMSL, and UM Central Administration; correspondence, 1978-1981

FF 21 - Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events - Events at the UMC campus such as schedules, expenses, marketing, and brochures on the St. Louis Pops, 1977-1983

FF 22 - Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events, members, 1980-1981

FF 23 - Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events, members, 1981-1982

FF 24 - Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events, members, 1982-1983

FF 25 - Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events - Reports, correspondence, and brochures regarding films, concerts, lectures, and committee membership, 1977-1983

FF 26 - Committee on Student Fees Capital Improvements - Cost estimates and funding decisions regarding recreation, buildings, electronics equipment, art, cultural programs, transportation, handicapped access and landscape architecture; proposals for a "Save the Quad" program, handball courts, a fitness trail for the Hinkson Creek area, emergency phones, and the Woodland and floral Gardens; drawings of floor plans for Brewer Field House, ground cover for the south end of the quadrangle, proposed sidewalks for Epple Park, placement of benches in Jesse Hall, and the Stankowski Field sidewalk, 1976-1978
Note to Researcher: Site studies contained in FF 1 were originally in this folder.

FF 27 - Committee for Veterans Service: Members, 1982-1983

FF 28 - Committee for Veterans Service, 1979-1983 - Reports and background; minutes of meetings; annual report, 1979

FF 29 - Department Chairmen: Breakfast meetings, 1982

FF 30 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department; Agricultural Economics; search for Departmental Chairman [RESTRICTED]; articles by Harold F. Breimyer from Economic and Marketing Information; Extension Service publication on "Deteriorating Missouri Highways" and "International Affairs and U.S. Agriculture"; resolution in recognition of J.C. Headley, 1980-1981

FF 31 - College of Agriculture, 1977-1981 - Academic Department; Agricultural Engineering; Agricultural Engineering Advisory Council; faculty and open positions, 1976-1977

FF 32 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Agronomy - (Containing: Interview schedules for Agronomy Department Chairman candidates; Campus beautification; George E. Smith's opinions on candidates for Dean of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station [RESTRICTED]; J.M. Poehlman's report on his visit to China; organic farming; Dr. Diana Helsel's recommendation for the Summer Institute for women in Higher Education at Bryn Mawr College), 1982-1983

FF 33 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Agronomy, Advisory Committee, 1978

FF 34 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Animal Sciences - Retirement of C. V. Ross, 1983

FF 35 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Atmospheric Science - National Climate Program; Ernest C. Kunn's remarks concerning academic quality; Wayne L. Decker's application for a NATO Senior fellowship in Science Award for a research program focusing on atmospheric pollution, 1977-1979

FF 36 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Dairy Science - 1983 Younger Scientist Research Award (Allen Garverick); Dairy Herd Improvement federation Board; Funding; Position announcement; Dairy Advisory Council Meeting, 1979-1983

FF 37 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Entomology - includes information on faculty accomplishments and publications, 1978-1983

FF 38 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Food Science and Nutrition, 1978-1983

FF 39 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Horticulture - General Correspondence, 1978-1983

FF 40 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Plant Pathology - includes materials regarding Search for a Chairman for the Department of Plant Pathology, 1977-1983

FF 41 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Rural Sociology, 1979-1982

FF 42 - College of Agriculture - Academic Department, Swine (North Farm) - Program for a Workshop on Controlled Reproduction in the pig; Farrowing classes for women, 1979-1982

FF 43 - College of Agriculture - Lewis J. Stadler Symposia and Samuel Brody Lecture, 1976-1982

Box 2

FF 44 - Budget - Weldon Springs, Allocation - Weldon Springs Endowment Fund; correspondence concerning the fund; committee members; information on research projects, which were funded, 1979-1983

FF 45 - Budget - Weldon Spring Fund Applications, 1981

FF 46 - Budget - Weldon Springs, Multi-Campus Proposals, 1980-1983

FF 47 - Weldon Springs - Background - (Agriculture Contains "A Site Survey and Study of existing Conditions of the Weldon Spring Tract," 04/18/1983; agricultural research and demonstration at Weldon Spring; correspondence concerning a settlement with Elra E. Green for the approximately 2000 acres of Lost Valley; "Fiscal Notes on Weldon Spring Land Use Study," 03/15/1978; "A Proposal for the Educational Use of the Weldon Spring Tract," 03/1978; report of the Weldon Spring Land-Use Committee," 01/31/1978; Statement by Mr. Rex Williams, President of the Board of Curators, on the Status of the Weldon Spring Tract," 07/29/1977; "A Very Short Summary of the Weldon Spring Plant Complex" (illustrated) 11/20/1974; "Task I Report, Investigation and Preliminary Evaluation of Development and Marketing Potentials" HOK Associates, 11/09/1974; "Proposal for the Utilization of the Weldon Spring Area by the University of Missouri," McDonnell Douglas Corporation, 09/23/1971; "Application of the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri for the Purchase of Real Property Known as the Weldon Spring Chemical Plant, St. Charles County, MO," (illustrated) 02/19/1971; "Information on the Weldon Spring Facilities ',prepared for the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri," (illustrated) 01/12/1971; folder also contains correspondence concerning the above reports and harvesting of trees, income, leases, and hunting, 1971-1980

FF 48 - Budget - Zero-Based Review - Administrative Expenditures, 1979

FF 49 - College of Arts and Science - English, Correspondence, 1983

FF 50 - College of Arts and Science - Geography, 1978-1982

FF 51 - College of Arts and Science - Geology, Walter D. Keller - Keller's opinions on education, the reputation of the University of Missouri throughout the state, legislative funding, and campus beautification versus equipment needs; geology articles, 1976-1983

FF 52 - College of Arts and Science - Music - Materials concerning performances by University and guest musicians, 1981-1984

FF 53 - College of Arts and Science - Music, Chancellor's Festival of Music - includes brochures, posters, and correspondence pertaining to the second through sixth chancellor's festival of music, 1977-1982

FF 54 - College of Arts and Science - Music, friends of Music - Friends of Music Contribution Program for Music Scholarships some information on concerts, 1978-1983

FF 55 - College of Arts and Science - Music, "Mini Mizzou," 1976-1983

FF 56 - College of Arts and Science - Music, University Singers, 1976-1983

FF 57 - College of Arts and Science - Physics and Astronomy - Correspondence; Report of 'External Review Committee, 05/1983; Women in Physics departments; grants; information on annual departmental reviews including programs, 1977-1983

FF 58 - College of Agriculture - Agriculture Science Week Barbecue Day - Correspondence and brochures; 1983 drawing of Livestock Center, 1979-1983

FF 59 - College of Agriculture - Annual Report, 1981

FF 60 - College of Agriculture - Dean Replacement [RESTRICTED]; Correspondence through 1979

FF 61 - College of Agriculture - Dean Replacement [RESTRICTED]; Correspondence through 1980. In addition to the 1980 correspondence, a program and booklet from the 1979 Jonathan Baldwin Turner Agricultural Merit Scholarship Recognition Banquet is included, 1979-1980

FF 62 - College of Arts and Science - Annual Report, 1980-1982

FF 63 - College of Arts and Science - Anthropology - Papers and articles by faculty members; artifacts donated to the University; research; National Heritage Trust; copies of Kansas City Times article on funding and expenses of UMC archaeological excavations and the response of University faculty, 1977-1983

FF 64 - College of Arts and Science - Art History and Archaeology - Materials concerning guest lectures, archaeological excavations; faculty articles, 1977-1983

FF 65 - College of Arts and Science - Budget, 1979-1980

FF 66 - College of Arts and Science - Chemistry, 1982-1983

FF 67 - College of Arts and Science - Committees, 1977-1983

FF 68 - College of Arts and Science - English, General Correspondence - Faculty-student ratio comparisons with Big-Eight and Big-Ten Universities; "A Survey of the University of Missouri-Columbia MA English Alumni of 1967-1979"; "The Newsletter of the English Department" Winter 1981 issue; "American Writers of the Midwest" television programs; information on Women Faculty members, 1978-1981

FF 69 - College of Arts and Science - English, General Correspondence, 1981-1982

FF 70 - College of Arts and Science - Psychology, 1981-1983

FF 71 - College of Business and Public Administration - Business and Public Administration Week, 1977-1978

FF 72 - College of Business and Public Administration - Public Administration - Awards; lectures; search for a Department of Public Administration chairman; Ad-Hoc Committee for the Future of the Institute of Public Administration; transfer of the Department of Economics to the College of Arts and Science; S.R.F.S.U. funding (State and Regional Fiscal Studies Unit); national conference on Women in Public Administration, 1977-1983

Box 3

FF 73 - College of Education - Administration - Department of Educational Administration; minutes of department-meetings; "News in Brief" memorandums; brochure on graduate study; Educational Administration Advisory Committee, February 1-2, 1978, participants and related materials; proposed education legislation; 1978; Report on the Task Force on Program Course Content and Scheduling; Report of the C140-141 Task Force, 1976-1980

FF 74 - College of Education - Annual Report, 1981-1982

FF 75 - College of Education - Dept of Educational and Counseling Psychology, 1979-1983: "Preliminary Design Program for UMC Counseling Services," July 13-August 6, 1982, Housing and Interior Design (illustrated); "Predicting Academic Success at the University of Missouri," November 1980; information on a workshop on "Training for State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency facilities Specialists"; and correspondence pertaining to faculty activities, 1979-1983

FF 76 - College of Education - Health and Physical Education Department, 1976-1979: Letters from parents praising the Perceptual-Motor Development Program; programs for 1976-1978 U.M.C. Dancers in Concert, 1976-1979

FF 77 - College of Education - Placement Office, 1976-1982: Activities and success rate of the Educational Placement Service, 1976-1982

FF 78 - College of Education - Practical Arts and Vocational Technical Education (P.A.V.T.E.), 1976-1981; Vocational Education Graduate Leadership Development Program; salaries; "The Role of Universities in Vocational Education"; vocational agriculture, 1976-1981

FF 79 - College of Education - Special Education, 1978-1980: Correspondence; "The Missouri Symposium on Doctoral Programming in Special Education: Considerations for the 1980's," 1978-1980

FF 80 - College of Education - Teacher Placement, 1977-1981: "Eleventh Annual State of Missouri Teacher Supply and Demand Survey," November 1981; Educational Placement Office; correspondence, 1977-1981

FF 81 - College of Education - University Laboratory School (closed 07/1978), 1977-1980: Topics covered include costs, impact of closing the school on university funding; success and failure of laboratory schools at other campuses; benefits to children and education majors; courses offered; enrollment), 1977-1980

FF 82 - College of Education - Urban Education, 1978

FF 83 - College of Engineering - Engineers' Week, 1978-1983

FF 84 - College of Engineering - Faculty Meetings, agendas, and minutes, 1979-1983

FF 85 - College of Engineering - Industrial Engineering, 1978-1982

FF 86 - College of Engineering - UMC-UMKC Graduate Program, 1979-1982: Correspondence and pamphlets on the joint UMC-UMKC Graduate Engineering Program; data on enrollment figures; Remarks to the UMKC faculty Senate by James Olson and Chancellor George Russell; visits of university faculty to engineering employers concerning the program, 1979-1982

FF 87 - College of Engineering - UMC-UMKC Coordinated Undergraduate Engineering Program (C.U.E.P.), 1974-1982: Correspondence pertaining to the operation of the program; "The Engineering Future" by Chancellor George A. Russell, 12/1979.

FF 88 - [missing folder]

FF 89 - College of Engineering - UMC-UMKC Coordinated Undergraduate Engineering Program, Computer Science, 1979-1981. Includes materials dealing with the BS and MS Computer Science Programs, 1979-1981

FF 90 - College of Engineering - UMR Programs, 1979-1981. Includes minutes from the UMR Engineering Center in St. Louis Planning Committee with accompanying materials and correspondence; a 1979 "Proposal for the Establishment of a Renewable Resources Research Center.

FF 91 - Extension - General Correspondence, Carl Scheneman, 1977-1978: Records pertaining to Farmer to consumer marketing, committees, extension review, and university funding are among the topics covered, 1979-1981

FF 92 - School of Journalism - Journalism Week (Missouri Medallist), 1979-1982: Journalism Week events and Missouri Medal of Honor recipients, 1979-1982

FF 93 - School of Law - Dean's Appointment- Smith, 1976-1982

FF 94 - Intercollegiate Athletics - M.A.S.A. Members, 1979-1983: Mizzou Athletic Scholarship Associates; social activities and fund raising campaigns, 1979-1983

FF 95 - Intercollegiate Athletics - A.I.A.W. Meetings, 1978-1982: Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women; "Motions Booklet for the 1982 A.I.A.W. Delegate Assembly"; Task force on Women's Athletics in the Big Eight Conference; minutes of the meeting of Women's Athletic Directors of the Big Eight Conference, 1978-1982

FF 96 - Intercollegiate Athletics - Big "8" Budget, 1976-1982: Financial statements and auditors reports; budgets for women's sports, 1976-1982

FF 97 - Intercollegiate Athletics - "Big 8" General Correspondence, 1978-1982: "1981-1982 Big Eight Conference: The Year in Review"; agenda for March 1982 meeting; 1981-1982 "Big 8" Conference Personnel Directory; 1980-1981 Calendar; 1980 football schedule; 1979 football Prospectus; 1978-1979 Personnel Directory; Orange Bowl Activities; the Women's Advisory Committee; Title IX; academic progress; regulations; distribution of conference income, 1978-1982

FF 98 - Intercollegiate Athletics - Big "8"- Minutes - CEO - Faculty Representation - Athletic Directors, 1977-1982

FF 99 - Intercollegiate Athletics - Big "8"- Minutes, Agendas, and General Correspondence - Chief Executive Officers (CEO), 1978-1982

FF 100 - Health Science Center - Alumni Activities, Medicine, 1976-1980: Activities; fund raising; Health Affairs Alumni and Development Office; January 1977- "Goals and Objectives of the Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations, Health Affairs"; Medical School Foundation; Spring and Summer 1978 Medical Center Bulletin; Howard A. Rusk Rehabilitation Center; pamphlets on cancer and heart research; Alumni Board members, 1976-1980

FF 101 - Health Sciences Center - Annual Report - Office of Continuing Education and Extension - Health Professions, 1978-1979

FF 102 - Health Sciences Center, Personnel [RESTRICTED]

FF 103 - Health Sciences Center - Search for Dean of Nursing, 1980-1981 [RESTRICTED]

FF 104 - Health Sciences Center - Medical Staff Executive Committee, 1982-1983. Committee meeting minutes, 1982-1983

Box 4

FF 105 - Health Sciences Center - Medical Staff Membership approval, 1980-1982

FF 106 - Health Sciences Center - Personnel [RESTRICTED]

FF 107 - Health Sciences Center - Personnel, Joseph M. White, 1976-1978 - (Provost for Health Affairs), 1976-1978

FF 108 - Health Sciences Center - Quality Assurance, Hospital, 1979-1983: Patient Questionnaire Results, April - June 1983; Quality Assurance Program; minutes of Quality Assurance Committee meetings; Nursing Unit Survey, 1979-1983

FF 109 - Health Sciences Center - Report, Hospital, 1979-1980: "University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics Data," 1979-1980

FF 110 - Health Sciences Center - Report, Medicine (Annual, Dean to Faculty), 1977-1982

FF 111 - American Council on Education (ACE) Report, 1982-1983: "An Assessment of College Student Housing and Physical Plant," October 1982; "Undergraduate Student Credit Hours in Science, Engineering, and the Humanities, Fall 1980," June 1982; "Sabbatical and Research Leaves in Colleges and Universities," 02/1982
Note to Researcher: The above are reports number 53-55 from the Aces Higher Education Panel.

FF 112 - C.B.H.E. - Regional Coordinating Council, 1978: Coordinating Board of Higher Education; UMC representative; off-campus instruction, 1978

FF 113 - C.B.H.E. - Staff visits to campus, 1978

FF 114 - M.D.H.E. (Missouri Department of Higher Education) - General Correspondence, 06/1978: "Report of the Task Force on Off-Campus Education," 06/1978

FF 115 - N.D.H.E. (Missouri Department of Higher Education)- Program of Development Studies, 08/1978: "Programs of Development Studies in Missouri State-Supported Institutions of Higher Education," 08/1978

FF 116 - Other Colleges and Universities - General Correspondence, 1979-1983: Conference on "Legal Concerns in Post-Secondary Education"; athletics; internal governance systems; conference on "The University and the Private Sector: A Synergy for the Future," 1979-1983

FF 117 - Other Colleges and Universities - General Correspondence and openings for jobs, 1983-1984

FF 118.- University of Missouri-Rolla, UMR General Correspondence, 1976-1984: Commencement; athletics; 1981-1982 UMR Annual Report; UMR Administrative Reorganization; UMR Faculty Handbook additions, 1976-1984

FF 119.- Student, Personnel, and Auxiliary Services (SPAS) - Alumni Association Student Board, 1979

FF 120.- SPAS - Associated Students of the University of Missouri (A.S.U.M.), 1976-1981: House Bill 172 relating to transfer of credits and grades; Equal Rights Amendment; A.S.U.M. organizational structure; Missourians for Safe Energy and the Student Chapter of the American Nuclear Society; student organizations and funding by activity fees; A.S.U.M.'s 1975-1977 budgets, 1976-1981

FF 121 - SPAS - Association for Women Students, 1976-1981

FF 122 - SPAS - Budget, 1977-1981. Among topics covered are student employment, scholarships, minority orientation, and residence hall costs, 1977-1981

FF 123 - SPAS - Career Planning and Placement Center, (C.P.P.C.), 1976-1982: brochures and correspondence dealing with CPPC programs and operations; "A Report on a Workshop for Nonacademic Employment" held at St. Louis University April 18-20, 1980; and the December 1976 C.P.P.C. Mid-Year Report, 1976-1982

FF 124 - SPAS - Center for Student Life, 1977-1979: Campus house directors workshop; Graduate Student Association; Minority Student Retention Conference; staff at the Center for Student Life; United Way; Student Affirmative Action Program; Mizzou Days Scholarships, 1977-1979

FF 125 - SPAS - Center for Student Life, Women's Center, 1980-1983

FF 126 - SPAS - Counseling Service, 1977-1978

FF 127 - SPAS - Fraternities and Sororities, 1977-1979: Pamphlets and correspondence: "Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Phi Alpha Chapter, Health Career Workshop - Symposium, October 12, 1979; "Fraternities Alive and Flourishing After Decline"; "Fraternities and Sororities at Mizzou"; grade point averages; University alcohol policy; activities, 1977-1979

FF 128 - SPAS - Fraternities and Sororities, 1980-1981: Question and answer session with Barbara Uehling at the Hudson-Rollins dormitory group; materials pertaining to honorary and social fraternities, 1980-1981

FF 129 - SPAS - Fraternities and Sororities, 1982: UMC Sorority membership totals; correspondence concerning activities, 1982

FF 130 - SPAS - Fraternities and Sororities, 1983: Grade Point averages; information on honorary and social fraternities, 1983

FF 131 - SPAS - General Correspondence, 1980-1981

FF 132 - SPAS - Golf Course (A.L. Gustin), 1981

FF 133 - SPAS - Orientation, Minority Students, 1979-1982

FF 134 - SPAS - Orientation Program, 1980-1982

FF 135 - SPAS - Panhellenic Council, 1982-1983

FF 136 - SPAS - Parking Operations, 1976-1982. Among topics covered are parking permits, University Police, crosswalks, maintaining open space on campus, parking garages, a parking traffic study, handicapped parking spaces, operating costs, controversy over whether a garden or a parking lot should be constructed east of Tucker Hall, drawing of the area between Tucker and the Physics Building ), graphs depicting the utilization of lot WG7.
Note to Researcher: A blueprint of the area including Tucker, and Curtis Halls and the Physics Building was moved to FF 1.

FF 137 - SPAS - Personnel, 1977-1983 [RESTRICTED]

FF 138 - SPAS - Search for Assistant Vice Chancellor and Director, Office for Student Development, 1981

FF 139 - SPAS - Tap Day, 1977-1982

FF 140 - SPAS - Financial Aid Office - Organization, 1977-1983

FF 141 - SPAS - Police Department and Crime Statistics, 04/1982

FF 142 - SPAS - Police Department, General Correspondence, 1977-1978: Visit by President James E. Carter, football games, personnel, traffic and parking regulations, university vehicles, 1977-1978

FF 143 - SPAS - Police Department, General Correspondence, 1979. Topics include Personnel, University of Missouri alcohol and drug policy, football games, operating expenses, Missouri Minimum Police Standards Act, 1979

FF 144 - SPAS - Police Department, General Correspondence, 1980. Including topics such as Football games, alcohol policy, traffic and parking, crosswalks, and crime index comparisons, 1980

FF 145 - SPAS - Police Department, General Correspondence, 1981: Football games, alcohol policy, incidents involving students are among included topics; also included is Appendix VII "Guidance for Preparation of Security Briefings" from the Department of Defense's Industrial Security Manual, 1981

FF 146 - University Press - General Correspondence, 1980-1983

FF 147 - Chancellor Uehling - Congratulations to Others, 1982

FF 148 - Chancellor Uehling - Congratulations to Others, 1983

FF 149 - Chancellor Uehling - Functions Regretted, 01-03/1983

FF 150 - Chancellor Uehling - Functions Regretted, 04-06/1983

FF 151 - Chancellor Uehling - Functions Regretted, 07-09/1983

FF 152 - Chancellor Uehling - Functions Regretted, 10-12/1983

FF 153 - Chancellor Uehling - Gifts, Thanks, 1982

FF 154 - Chancellor Uehling - Gifts, Thanks, 1983

FF 155 - Search Committee - Advertising, 1978: Membership of some search committees; position description advertisements, 1978

FF 156 - Search and Screening Committees, 1978-1979: Position descriptions, calendar and composition of search and screening committees, 1978-1979

FF 157 - Search Committee - Dean of Agriculture, 1978-1979 [RESTRICTED]

FF. 158 - Search Committee - Director of Equal Opportunity, 1978-1980 [RESTRICTED]

Box 5

FF 159 - Search Committee- Director of Equal Opportunity, 1980 [RESTRICTED]

FF 160 - Search Committee - Director of Equal Opportunity, 1978-1979 [RESTRICTED]

FF 161 - Search Committee - Graduate Dean and Vice-Provost for Research, 1978-1979 [RESTRICTED]

FF 162 - Search Committee - Provost, 1979-1980 [RESTRICTED]

FF 163 - Search Committee - Public and Community Service Dean, 1977 [RESTRICTED]

FF 164 - E.A.P. (Employee Assistance Program) - General Correspondence, 1976-1977: Progress reports; project rationale and justification; cost estimates; Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education Conference evaluation; 1976 speech by H.W. Schooling, 1976-1977

FF 165 - Employee Assistance Program - Including General Correspondence, 1978; brochures; progress report; "What is the EAP?", 1978

FF 166 - Employee Assistance Program - General Correspondence, 1979-1981

FF 167 - Employee Assistance Program - General Correspondence, 1982. Also, Budget and progress report, 1982

FF 168 - Employee Assistance Program - Occupational Alcoholism Grant, 1978: Faculty development plan; counseling responsibilities; rationale for project; materials on job satisfaction, 1978

FF 169 - Employee Assistance Program - Site Visit, 1978: Members of N.I.A.A.A. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) site visit team; status of UMC Employee Assistance Program, 1978

FF 170 - Employee Assistance Program - Summary Reports, 1976-1981: 1980 Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education Conference Proceedings; "Occupational Level Presenting Problem and Clients' Source of Information About the Employee Assistance Program" and " Comparison of Client Characteristics by Problem Type and Referral Source" August 1979; Annual Reports; "A Report to the Chancellor on Valued Job Behaviors for University Faculty: An Academic Department Chairperson's Perspective," December 4, 1978; E.A.P. Training Outline, 1976-1981

FF 171 - E.E.O. (Equal Employment Opportunity) - A.A. (Affirmative Action) - Inroads, 1979-1983. Including correspondence with the St. Louis Regional Office of Inroads, an organization which promotes "Career Development in Business and Technology for Talented Minorities, 1979-1983

FF 172 - N.S.F. (National Science Foundation), 1976-1983: Brochures, applications, and reports on N.S.F. grants; 1982 National Science Board statement on international science, 1976-1983

FF 173 - Graduate Dean - Vice Provost for Research - Research Incentive Fund, 1978-1982: Grant and Contract Incentive Fund, 1978-1982

FF 174 - Honorary Degrees, 1981, including recipients and related correspondence: Chester G. Starr; Paul Miller; William H. Danforth; William E. Towell; Lloyd McBride, 1981

FF 175 - Honorary Degrees - Committee - Members, 1980-1981

FF 176 - International Studies and Programs - General Correspondence, 1977-1980: Miscellaneous correspondence; cultural, business, and industry visits; President's Commission on Foreign Language and International Studies Bulletin, April 1979; "Statement of Principles for Effective Participation of Colleges and Universities in International Development Activities"; "Foundation for International Technological Cooperation, Planning Office, Status Report," 1977-1980

FF 177 - International Studies and Programs - General Correspondence, 1981: Mailgram concerning federal budget cuts in international fellowship programs; scheduled luncheon seminars on international affairs, 1980-1981; miscellaneous correspondence, 1977-1980

FF 178 - International Studies and Programs - General Correspondence, 1982

FF 179 - Learning Center - Quarterly Reports, 1977-1979

FF 180 - President's Office - Federal Relations Office, 1983 Activity reports, 1983

FF 181 - President's Office - University Cabinet, Agenda and Minutes, 1973-1974

FF 182 - President's Office - University Cabinet, Agenda and Minutes, 1975

FF 183 - President's Office - University Cabinet, Agenda and Minutes, 1976

FF 184 - President's Office - University Cabinet, Agenda and Minutes, 1977

FF 185 - President's Office - University Cabinet, Agenda and Minutes, 1978

FF 186 - President's Office - University Cabinet, Agenda and Minutes, 1979

FF 187 - Provost - Assistant Provost Search, 1981 [RESTRICTED]

FF 188 - Provost - Association Dues, 1979-1982. Contains: Correspondence and accompanying materials concerning various professional associations in which the university was a member, 1979-1982

FF 189 - Provost - Sabbatical Leave Reports, 1977-1982. Containing: Sabbatical Leave Reports from various UMC Departments, 1977-1982

FF 190 - Questionnaires and Surveys, 1982. Including: Questionnaires, summaries and accompanying-materials sent to the chancellor's office surveying the university's administrative organization, alumni, etc, 1982

FF 191 - Resumes - Alphabetical, A-M

FF 192 - Resumes - Alphabetical, N-Z
Note to Researcher: Both previous folders, FF 191 and FF 192, contain resumes sent to the chancellor's office inquiring about possible employment, 1980-1983.

Box 6

FF 193 - Chancellor's Office - Search Committee, 1977

FF 194 - School of Journalism, Personnel, 1977 [RESTRICTED]

FF 195 - Graduate Dean - Vice Provost for Research - Grant and Contract Activity: Report on Sponsored Program Activity for Fiscal Years, 1971-1981; Proposals on Awards, Federal Research Funds, Federal Research Funds by Division, Total Research funds, Total Research funds by Division, Total Grant and Contract funds, 1971-1981

FF 196 - Graduate Dean - Vice Provost for Research - Research Park and Reactor Facility, 1977-1983: Correspondence; University of Missouri Research Reactor (M.U.R.R.) Annual Report for 07/1982-06/1983 and 07/1981-06/1982

FF 197 - Council - Minority Student Programs, 1979-1980: Campus Coordinating Council for Minority Student Programs - Retention Academic Support Subcommittee Report; Program for entering freshmen; Program proposals by various academic departments; Recruitment Sub-Committee Report; tables depicting progress of black students within and without Project Start, 1979-1980

FF 198 - Council - Minority Student Programs, Divisional Program Requests, 1979: Proposals under consideration for Development Unrestricted Funds from the Coordinating Council for Minority Student Programs; materials include evaluation criteria, 1979

FF 199 - Council - Minority Student Programs, Task Force, 1977-1978: Task Force for Developing UMC for the Minority Students; minutes; news releases; statements from the task force; reports; correspondence, 1977-1978

FF 200 - Council - Minority Student Programs, Task Force, 01-02/1979: "Academic Problems as Perceived by Minority Students"; 02/06/1979, transcript of open hearings of the task force; correspondence, 01-02/1979

FF 201 - Council - Minority Student Programs, Task Force, 03-05/1979: Recommendations of the task force; financial aid; committee report; enrollment figures; counseling and tutoring, correspondence, 03-05/1979

FF 202 - Council - Minority Student Programs, Task Force, 06-11/1979: Task force for Developing UMC for the Minority Student; Campus Coordinating Council for Minority Student Programs; Student Services Sub-Committee Report; Social and Cultural Subcommittee Report; Minority Orientation Program; Academic Subcommittee Report; correspondence, 06-11/1979

FF 203 - Provost - Consulting, 1976-1983: Correspondence dealing with faculty consulting activities, 1976-1983

FF 204 - Provost - Emeritus Titles, 1978-1983. Including nominations and awarding of emeritus titles, 1978-1983

FF 205 - Provost - General Correspondence, 1973-1981

FF 206 - Provost - Sabbatical Leave Reports, 1983

FF 207 - Provost - Study Abroad Programs, 1981

FF 208 - Television and Radio - KBIA, Radio Station, 1977-1982: Missouri Broadcasters Association Awards; Radio Information Service for the Print Handicapped; correspondence, 1977-1982

FF 209 - Association of American Universities (A.A.U.) - Health Care and Education, 1979-1980: Federal budget cuts; materials from A.A.U. meetings, 1979-1980

FF 210 - National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges: N.A.S.U.L.G.C. International Letters, 03/12/1982, 06/07/1982, 12/14/1982

FF 211 - College of Engineering - Advisory Council, 1970-1982: Correspondence; functions of the council; minutes, members; "On Engineering Education in Missouri and on Role and Scope Planning"; development fund; scholarships, 1970-1982

FF 212 - College of Engineering (Bioengineering), 1977-1978. Includes documents pertaining to Faculty grants and research, 1977-1978

FF 213 - College of Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, 1978-1983: Chemical Manufactures Association Catalyst Awards; correspondence concerning the budget, includes letter from Governor Teasdale, 1978-1983

FF 214 - College of Engineering - Class Cancellations, 1979

FF 215 - College of Engineering (Energy and Material Management), 1978-1980: William R. Kimel's speech "Perspectives of U.S. Energy Problems"; budget; electric automobiles; draft of "Energy Education and Research , College of Engineering, 1978"; solar energy, 1978-1980

FF 216 - College of Engineering, Equipment - Specialized Account, 1977-1978: correspondence and budget materials on the Specialized Equipment Account, 1977-1978

FF 217 - College of Engineering (Executive Council Minutes), 1979-1980

FF 218 - College of Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace), 1978-1983: Candidates for Department Chairman; 1982 American Power Conference Planning; Air Force R.O.T.C.; Aeronautical Systems Division Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio; Annual Visitation of College Representatives, 1978-1983

FF 219 - College of Engineering (Minority Student Programs), 1977-1983: Engineering Program for Minority Students, annual reports; The National Fund for Minority Engineering Students; Placement Office; lists of Engineering minority students; Minority Engineering Scholarship Awards, 1977-1983

FF 220 - College of Engineering - Annual Report, 1981-1982

FF 221 - Extension - Executive Board of Directors, 1978: Executive Board of Directors for Extension Programs for Business and Industry, 1978

FF 222 - Extension (4-H Program), 1977-1983: National 4-H Council Annual Report; State 4-H Week; Missouri 4-H Foundation; National 4-H Congress, 1977-1983

FF 223 - Extension - General Correspondence, Dean Leonard Douglas, 1977-1983: Campus beautification; 1982 Lakes Country Extension Report; Missouri Extension Homemakers Association; information on grant proposals made to the Midwest Center for Equal Educational Opportunity; budget; July 1977 "Report on Cooperation and Coordination Between University of Missouri Extension and Other Missouri Universities and Colleges; miscellaneous correspondence with the chancellor's office, 1977-1983

FF 224 - School of Journalism, Search Committee for Dean [RESTRICTED]

FF 225 - School of Journalism - North American National Broadcasters Association: A Report on the Seminar Conducted by the International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems on Protection of Journalists, Paris, by Elmer W. Lower, 05/17-18/1979

FF 226 - School of Journalism, Personnel, 1977-1983 [RESTRICTED]

FF 227 - School of Journalism - Placement, 1977-1983

FF 228 - School of Library and Informational Science, Search Committee for Dean, 1983 [RESTRICTED]

Oversized Records

Item 1 - Landscape architecture drawings of woodland and floral Gardens, area east of Agriculture Building, 10/28/1977. Planting Design III Class, Department of Horticulture, Kevin Gerard, Mike McKinley, Arnold Waters, 10/28/1977
Note to Researcher: See FF 26

Item 2 Engineering Bay Area, 01/31/1978

Item 3 North side of Tate Hall, 01/31/1978

Item 4 Brady Commons Mall Area, 12/15/1977

Item 5 Blueprint of area between Tucker Hall, Physics Building and Curtis Hall
Note to Researcher: See FF 136

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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