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Box 1 - UMLD1
OSB 1 - Ellis
OSB 2 - Ellis
PKG 1 - Ellis
OSF 1 - Ellis
OSF 2 - Ellis

Record Group: 22 C
Record Sub-Group: 16
Records Title: UMC; Student Life and Activities; Memorabilia; General Small Collections
Dates: 1897-2010
Volume: 2 1/6 cubic feet, 2.75 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Sub-Group brings together a number of smaller collections of memorabilia-type items that have been donated by alumni or family members of alumni, relating to student days at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Some of the items included in the collections or series of this Sub-Group are diplomas, photographs, news clippings, publications, posters, Acacia fraternity materials, songbooks, and programs. Some of the individual collections or series have separate inventories indicating the items contained within.

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group is divided into a number of separate record series or collections. The order of the series is entirely arbitrary. Many of the items are housed together in the same containers.

General Inventory

Collection 1 (A81-3) - ROGERS, Rachel Lucy (Hammitt) materials. Born May 11, 1880. Died June 2, 1971.
(OSB 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 2 (A81-68) - COLVIN, George Henry materials. Includes photos mainly of Missouri Cadet Regiment of the National Guard, circa 1900-1909.
(OSB 2; OSF 2) (Inventory available)

Collection 3 (A81-46) - MONAGAN, Rogers Thomas materials. Includes Acacia Fraternity photos and publications, 1918, 1926-1955.
(Box 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 4 (A81-36) - GUNDLACH, George C. and George C., Jr. materials, 1906-1935. Diplomas and M Certificate.
(PKG 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 5 (A82-14) - WATERS, Albert R. materials. Waters was a 1912 Engineering graduate who worked on building the Panama Canal in 1913-1914. Contains a news article from the Kansas City Star, November 24, 1977, concerning his work on the canal and a copy of a photo of him that was used in the article; also related correspondence.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 6 (A83-105) - KENSINGER, Lewis materials. Class of 1929. Warning posters from sophomores to freshmen - class of 1927 and 1929; booklet "Information and Regulations for Students of the ROTC", 1928; program, season 1927-1928, University of Missouri Glee Club.
(OSB 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 7 - TARR, Cora materials. 1907 English essays booklet and handwritten song "Sweet Marie".
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 8 - Photographs used in 1905, 1906, 1910 and 1923 Savitars - unlabelled.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 9 (A84-28) - BROWNLEE, Richard S. Programs and news clippings, 1900-1907, received from the State Historical Society.
(OSB 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 10 (A86-113) - HAMILTON, Henry W. materials. Class of 1922. The College Farmer, 2/1922, photos and a songbook.
(1 FF, Box 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 11 - READING, Saga K. item, alumnus, donated an uncashed University of Missouri check payable to H. Eugene Reading dated June 10, 1920 for the amount of $.75.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 12 - TAYLOR, Clyde O. materials. 1930 Engineering Graduate; 3 1/2 X 2 1/2 black and white photo and post card of Jesse Hall, circa 1930; UMC Varsity Song Book, 1929; printed images of Jesse and Journalism walkway, circa 1930.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 13 (A98-83) - O'SULLIVAN, Ted materials. Class of 1927. Student memorabilia, photos, certificates.
(1 FF, Box 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 14 (A99-14) - JOHNSON, Edward M. family materials. Four diplomas from three generations of MU and Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy Alumni: Edward M. Johnson, 1891 and 1892 MSMM; James Love Johnson, 1921 MSC; Edward McKay Johnson, 1951 UMC B.J.
(OSF 1)

Collection 15 (A92-57) - LAUPHEIMER, Henry L.'s Military Training Certificate from the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, June 8, 1927.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 16 (A99-29) - GOAD, Anne Fuqua materials, Alumna and Editor of the 1938 Savitar, donated 12 4" x 6" white on black sketches created by Steve Miller for use in the 1938 Savitar. The donation was facilitated by Joyce Lake of Alumni Relations.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 17 (A99-34) - BUCKMAN, Richard, Jr. materials. B.A. 1961, M.A. 1965. Two copies of original photographs. 8 X 10 of residents of Graham Residence Hall holding goal post from 1957 football homecoming game; 11 X 17 of 1961 MU football offensive line.
(OSB 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 18 (A99-35) - WEATHERLY, James E. materials. Class of 1897. Two photographs of 1897 University of Missouri vs. Iowa Wesleyan football game.
(1 FF, Box 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 19 (A00-38) - SCHAUERTE, C. M. "Bud" materials. Eighteen black-and-white, 8x10 photographs (ca. 1949-51). Includes shots featuring football action, the Tiger Claws, and campus buildings including the Sigma Alpha Epsilon House, Ellis Library, the dome of Jesse Hall, Francis Quadrangle, the Columns, and Stewart Hall. Also includes an interior of the KOMU-TV studio and Gene Krupa with his Orchestra.
(Box 1) (Inventory available)

Collection 20 (A00-39) - SHRYCOK, Robert Gail materials. Class of 1912. Two black-and-white photographs of groups unknown, ca. 1910.
(OSB 1)

Collection 21 (A00-40) - ZWICK, Gailius Lawton materials. Class of 1899, Law. Four black-and-white photographs, ca. 1896, including the 1896 Base Ball Team, the New Era Debating Society, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and a Law School group.
(OSB 1)

Collection 22 (A00-55) - COATSWORTH, Ralph. Class of 1913, School of Engineering. Seven photographic postcards of campus events, including one of the St. Patrick's Day Kow-Tow, ca. 1914, three of football stadium crowds, 1911-1914, and one outdoor shot of a small group of graduates in cap and gown, ca. 1913. Student photographer A. M. Finley's photographs are featured on two of the postcards. Also includes one black-and-white photograph of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ca. 1915.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 23 (A00-86) - WEATHERLY, Everett Pine materials, Class of 1899. One black-and-white photograph of local chapter of Kappa Sigma social fraternity, ca. 1899.
(OSB 1)

Collection 24 (A00-171) - WILSON, Gerland and PLUMMER, William Hancock materials. One photocopy of black-and-white photograph of the MU Track Team, ca. 1905 showing Gerland Wilson and one print of Memorial Union, ca. 1930s kept by William Hancock Plummer.
(Box 1)

Collection 25 (A00-181) - ANDERSON, Gerald C. MA (1948) and Ph.D., Animal Husbandry (1952). Black-and-white studio photograph of Professor Albert Garland Hogan, College of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Chemistry, ca. 1950.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 26 (A01-91) - PIPER, Leo G. (1953). Two black-and-white photographs of Miss Mizzou, Bek Stiner, 1952 and a copy of a pencil drawing of the Columns, n.d.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 27 (A03-85) - CLARK, Charles R. A scrapbook of sympathy cards, letters and newsclippings concerning the death of University of Missouri Alumnus Charles Clark (BS Chemical Engineering, 1933; PhD, 1937) in 1960. This scrapbook was donated (via the Alumni Association) by Clark's widow Joan Clark. Clark was known for his studies in radiological warfare and the use of missiles for logistical support.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 28 (A04-83) - MCLOAD, Holman Bruce, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 1950. One Barnwarmin' Dance Card booklet, (1948).
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 29 (A04-84) - Twelve 3x3 black-and-white photographs, (ca. 1955), one 3x2 black-and-white photograph, (n.d.), and a fraternity-sorority directory for the University of Missouri for the academic year 1954-1955. The majority of the items are associated by inscription with University of Missouri student Michael Warnstaff. Also depicted in the photographs are Jesse Wrench and Don Faurot at a pep rally.
(Box 1)
Note to Archivist: This material was received from the Alumni Association.

Collection 30 (A04-89) - ROBINSON, Harry B., Bachelor of Arts, 1928, Bachelor of Science in Education, 1933, Master of Arts, 1933. Three 3x5 black-and-white photographic prints depicting Harry B. Robinson wearing his freshman 'beanie'; in R.O.T.C. uniform; and washing dishes in the University Cafeteria. Prints are inscribed on back with identification information.
(1 FF, Box 1)

Collection 31 (A04-95) - SHOOP, Joseph, Class of 1925. One page from a scrapbook containing five photographs. The photographs depict the Columns, a boarding house in Columbia, and Shoop and friends, (ca. 1924). Two photographs show Shoop in uniform.
(1 FF, Box 1)
Note to Archivist: The scrapbook page was donated by University of Missouri alumni Edward M. and Maurice Manring.

Collection 32 (A04-104) - ROBERTS, Clarence Nelson, Bachelor of Science (Education), 1935, Master of Arts (History), 1936, and Doctor of Philosophy (History), 1950. Graduation items from 1950, including Roberts's mortarboard, Commencement Program, tickets, a congratulatory telegram, and a gold-colored ribbon and card received from Henry Bent, Dean of the Graduate School. Other items include Roberts's self-produced autobiography entitled "Missouri Farm Boy, Illinois Historian: Story of a Life," a photograph depicting Roberts at his desk in the Extension Division at the University of Missouri, (ca. 1939) and a small cardboard MU Tiger with a fold-out football decoration.
(Box 1)

Collection 33 (A06-16) - HARRIS, Berney III, Bachelor of Science (Business Administration), 1960. Wooden paddle inscribed with "&Alpha&Epsilon&Pi Spring Formal 1956" on one side and "University of Missouri" and the coat-of-arms of Alpha Epsilon Pi on the other, (1956).
(Box 1)

Collection 34 (A06-29) - WHEELAND, Wilma Hazel, Bachelor of Arts, 1915. University-related memorabilia including a commencement program, (1915), a Rules and Information for the Guidance of Students pamphlet, (1911), a photograph of the Columns, (ca. 1910), and a broadside and certificate related to the Hobo Convention, (1914). Also included in Collection 34 are items related to Delta Gamma Sorority, including a photograph of the Delta Gamma House at 802 Virginia Avenue, a book plate, a dance card, (1914), a sorority schedule, (1915-1916), and a brochure for the Centennial Celebration, (1972).
Note to Archivist: This Collection was donated by Shannon Minerich, a grandniece of Hazel Wheeland.
(OSB 1)

Collection 35 (A06-52) - HARRIS, Berney, Jr., Bachelor of Science (Engineering), 1922. University-related memorabilia consisting of a University of Missouri vs. Drake football program, (1919), a 1922 Commencement program, and an invitation card or ticket to a 'Pep Supper' organized by the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, (1920). Also included in this Collection are photocopies of pages from Harris's scrapbook documenting his college days.
(Box 1)
Note to Researcher: The football program is annotated with the names of players in a number of the team photographs. Berney Harris, Jr. was a member of the 1919 team.
Note to Archivist: This Collection was donated by Berney Harris III and Nancy Wicks, children of Berney Harris, Jr.

Collection 36 (A07-97) - WAGNER, Francis Norman, Bachelor of Journalism, 1933. Set of thirty assignments for an advertising course (?) in the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. The Collection also includes Volume 1, Number 6 of Missouri Press News.
(Box 1)

Collection 37 (A07-106) - REESMAN née MCDANDEL, Phyllis, Bachelor of Arts, 1955, and Master of Social Work, 1981. Photographic print of McDandel and five friends (Shirley Kofford, Shirley Sheppard [?], Myrna Fisher, Gail Van Reen, and Joanne Hunt) standing on the roof of Johnston Hall, (1952).
(Box 1)

Collection 38 (A07-107) - PETER, Fred V., Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), 1926. University-related memorabilia consisting of small photographic prints depicting buildings of the University of Missouri campus at Columbia, (ca. 1926). The prints may have been cut from a larger sheet of MU campus scenes.
(Box 1)
Note to Archivist: This Collection was donated by Donna Gilbert, daughter of Fred Peter.

Collection 39 (A08-01) - MESSICK, Harry Franklin, Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), 1921. Memorabilia consisting of photographic prints, (ca. 1906, 1920, 1980s). The prints consist of portraits of Messick, including one with family members, (ca. 1980s), Messick and S. F. Ted Packwood in baseball uniforms, the 1920 M Men's Club, the 1920 baseball team, a stockyard inspection, and two unidentified portraits, (ca. 1906).
(OSB 1)
Note to Archivist: This Collection was received from the Office of Advancement in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.

Collection 40 (A08-45) - FOSTER, Hal B., Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), 1932. Barnwarmin' memorabilia consisting of photographic prints and negatives, (1930), which depict the Barnwarmin' decorations around Brewer Field House; programs, (1929); a ticket, (1930); invitation letters, (1930, 1931); and an "Outside Attraction Report", (11/1930), written by Foster in his role as chair of the Out-Door Attraction Committee. Also included in the memorabilia is a copy of Thomas T. Railey's Around the Columns: Original Varsity Songs.
(OSB 1)
Note to Archivist: This Collection was received from the Office of Publications and Alumni Communication where the material was sent by Foster's son, Joe, to be used in the "Mizzou Mail" feature of the Spring 2003 edition of Mizzou Magazine.

Collection 41 (A11-51) - JOHNSTONE, William C., Bachelor of Science (Business and Public Administration), 1953. Memorabilia consisting of two photographic prints. The first photograph shows Bill Johnstone, Walt Trueblood, and Dan Reichart performing a skit during the 1951 Savitar Frolics. The second photograph depicts the same three men during a reunion in 2009.
(OSB 1)
Note to Archivist: This Collection was received from the Alumni Association where the photographs were submitted in 2010 by Johnstone.

Collection 42 (A12-33) - POWERS, Ronald Dean, Bachelor of Journalism, 1963. memorabilia consist of two DVDs of a production of Power's play Sam & Laura at the Bret Harte Theatre in Angels Camp, California, directed by Brett D. Johnson, (2010).
(OSB 1)
Note to Archivist: This Collection was received from MU Libraries Development and Communications.

Collection 43 (A12-40) - HARRAH, Madge, Bachelor of Science in Education, 1953. memorabilia consist of one signed copy of Harrah's juvenile fiction book Honey Girl, Avon Books, New York, NY (1990), newspaper clippings and flyers from workshops featuring the author and her curriculum vitae (1983-2007).
(OSB 1)
Note to Archivist: This Collection was received from MU's Office of Gift Planning & Development.

Collection 44 (A20-09) - BRAUSS, Orville W., Bachelor of Science, 1948. memorabilia consist of one copy of Brauss's published memoirs Orville W. Brauss: Marine, Husband, Father, Grandfather, (ca. 2002).
(Box 1)
Note to Archivist: This collection was received from the Mizzou Alumni Association.

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