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Record Group: 22 C
Record Sub-Group: 7
Records Title: UMC; Student Life and Activities; Printed and Duplicated Materials
Dates: 1888-2015
Volume: 35 and 1/6 cubic feet, 43.96 linear feet; 10 Env; 59 MFR; 7 OSF; 2 Pkg; 1 Vol

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains printed and duplicated materials produced by various organizations, societies, and groups from the student body of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Included in this Sub-Group are yearbooks, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, posters, broadsides, handbills, and booklets. Examples of titles included are: The Asterisk, A.S.U. Tiger, M Book, Guide to On-Campus and Off-Campus Housing, Council Handicapped Students Newsletter, Fraternity-Sorority Directory, and Extra: The Official.

Note to Researcher: Special Collections in Ellis Library has many of the publications in this Record Sub-Group, including additional issues, as well as publications that University Archives does not have. Please check these holdings in the MU Libraries online catalog.

Series Descriptions:

Series 1 - C:22/00/1 (A76-70)
This Series contains The University Argus, a magazine produced by students belonging to the "Athenean" and "Union" Literary Societies of the University of Missouri (ca. 1888-1896). Editions of The University Argus contain editorials, campus news, local news, and a "ladies department," all written from the student point of view.
(1/2 c.f., 122, 4)

Series 2 - C:22/00/2 (A76-70)
This Series contains two issues of The Asterisk, a booklet published by the "Asterisks Literary Society" of the University of Missouri. One issue is dated 12/1904, and the second is dated 02/1939. The 1904 issue contains an editorial explaining the organization and purpose of the Asterisks Literary Society and selections of student prose and poetry. The 1939 issue includes an editorial concerning the "Mahan Essay Contest." Also included in the latter issue are examples of student generated short stories, poems, articles, and book reviews.
(1 Pkg., 122, 4)

Series 3. - C:22/00/3 (A76-70)
This Series contains one issue of the A.S.U. Tiger, a newsletter printed by the University of Missouri chapter of the American Student Union. The A.S.U. was in sympathy with organized labor's efforts to secure higher wages and other benefits for American workers. This issue of the A.S.U. Tiger is dated 05/17/1938 and has articles pertaining to a union strike against the Columbia Missourian and "Nazi exchange students."
(1/6 c.f., UMLD1)

Series 4 - C:22/1/1; C:22/1/1a; C:22/1/2

Note to Researcher: In 2002 a project to digitize the Savitar began. Volumes published from 1891 (Index) until 2000 (Volume 106) may be found here.

Series 5 - C:22/1/4 (A95-121)
This Series contains one booklet entitled Views of the University of Missouri (ca. 1923). Included in the booklet are color prints depicting buildings on the UMC campus. These prints were also used as illustrations in the 1923 Savitar.
(1 Env., B3A, C1, 5)

Former Series #6 C:22/1/5 (A96-90)
UMC; Student Life and Activities; Yearbooks, Savitar; Photographs, Negatives, and Slides
This summary description has been enlarged to a full inventory.
Please follow this link to reach the inventory. This former Series contains black-and-white and color photographs, photographic negatives, and slides produced by the UMC Savitar staff, (1989-1986).

Series 7 - C:22/3/1 (A98-76)
This Series contains microfilm copies of the University of Missouri Missouri Student, a campus newspaper (ca. 1926-1955). Featuring news, cartoons, and editorials written by MU students on topics of interest and concern to the student body.
(7 MFR, 703, MFC)
Note to Researcher: The Missouri Student was the predecessor of the current MU student newspaper, the Maneater.

Series 8 - C:22/3/4 (A91-6)
This Series contains microfilm of the Campus Digest, which was later renamed Campustown Journal (1974-1984). This newspaper concerned campus events and ran under the name Campus Digest from the summer of 1974 to 01/14/1983. It was then reissued under the name Campustown Journal from 01/19/1983 until its last issue on 06/20/1984. The complete publication run is included in this Series.
(14 MFR, 703, MFC)

Former Series #9 C:22/3/5 (A83-34)
UMC; Student Life and Activities; Newspapers, the MSU Independent
This summary description has been enlarged to a full inventory.
Please follow this link to reach the inventory. This former Series contains issues of the University of Missouri student newspaper known as the MSU Independent (1897-1909).

Former Series #10 C:22/3/6
UMC; Student Life and Activities; Underground Newspapers
This series description has been enlarged to a full inventory. Please follow this link to reach the inventory. The former Series contains original copies of student newspapers not directly sponsored by the University of Missouri, known as "underground" publications (1915-1995).

Series 11 - C:22/3/7 (A83-85)
This Series contains issues of an independent student newspaper named The Research (ca. 1915-1916). In its initial number, this publication proposed to deal with "the fraternity problem, the sorority problem, the churches of Columbia, and the Military Regime." In 1916, the newspaper's editor claimed to have been the victim of an assault by several apparently displeased "fraternity men."
(1 OSF, 703, MC)

Series 12 - C:22/3/8
This Series contains issues of a University of Missouri-Columbia College Republican Club produced newspaper, the Campus Courier (ca. 1971).
(1 Env., B3A, C1, 5)

Series 13 - C:22/3/2
This Series contains an example of what may be the only issue published of The Clincher (03/10/1955). The Clincher was a short-lived student newspaper featuring articles and editorials written by UMC students. Topics include student parking space, Student Government Association elections, off-campus housing, and the MU Student Council.
(1 Env., B3A, C1, 5)

Former Series #14 C:22/10/1
UMC; Student Life and Activities; Periodicals; Missouri Oven
This summary description has been enlarged to a full inventory.
Please follow this link to reach the inventory. This former Series contains the Missouri Oven student publication, (1906-1907).

Series 15 - C:22/16/1 (A97-99)
This Series contains copies of calendars, posters, and bulletins relating to student life and activities on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus (ca. 1947-1981, 2001, 2006). Included are calendars and bulletins produced by the Missouri Students Association (MSA), containing brief descriptions of student organizations, photographs of officers, and organizational telephone numbers. Also included are "Central Scheduling" calendars, noting activities' and meetings' dates, locations, times, and sponsors. Some of the calendars were sold in support of the Sarah Gentry Elston Scholarship Fund. The titles of publications included are Merry-Go-Round-Molly Mizzou, The Active Student, Something for Everyone among others. Also included in this Series are posters promoting MSA sponsored activities such as, political rallies, art exhibitions, live concerts, film exhibitions and film series, the International Bazaar, and international student events and cultural celebrations (1991-1993, 1999, 2006).
(1 OSF, 703, MC)
Note to Researcher: All materials not placed in 1 OSF, 703 have been moved to a different series located on this same page.

Series 16 - C:22/16/2
This Series consists of programs and bulletins produced to provide information about special events on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus (ca. 1953-2011). Included in the Series are items relating to Homecoming, University Day, Parents Day, Education Day, and Tap Day.
(1/6 c.f., 114, 2)

Series 17 - C:22/16/3
This Series contains schedules, programs, and announcements of cultural events and art exhibits on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia (ca. 1956-1982). The items in this Series pertain to the MU Museum of Art and Archaeology's activities, concerts, theatrical offerings by visiting artists, Cultural Events, and activities of the Student Speakers Bureau. The Student Speakers Bureau was first sponsored by Forensics Activities and the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art and later by the Athenaean Society
(1 Env., B3A, C2, 1)

Former Series #18 C:22/19/1
UMC; Student Life and Activities; Minority Student Publications
This summary description has been enlarged to a full inventory.
Please follow this link to reach the inventory. This former Series contains minority student publications, specifically, many periodicals written or sponsored by the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC), the Black Alumni Organization, the Black Culture Center, and the Kuumba Literary Society, (1970-1998).

Series 19 - C:22/17/1
This Series contains pamphlets and informational booklets especially intended for use by new and prospective students at the University of Missouri-Columbia, (ca. 1941-1978). Included in these publications is information concerning entrance requirements, costs, fees, housing, financial aid, registration, student services, medical tests, tours of the campus, Freshman Transition program, Junior College Transition program, and degree program offerings.
(1/3 c.f., UMLD1)

Series 20 - C:22/10/2 (A86-54; A92-82; A99-76; A01-138; A03-66; A06-08; A09-05; A13-07; A13-08; A18-40)
This Series contains Missouri Showme, a humor magazine published by students of the University of Missouri (ca. 1929-1963). Issues included are (with gaps): 1929-1930, 1934-1939, 1941-1957, and 1960-1963. Also included in this series is an article from the Missouri Alumnus which explains that Missouri Showme first appeared in 1920, was irregularly published until 1957, and was revived, briefly, between 1960 and 1964.The Series also contains issues of The Outlaw/The Missouri Outlaw (1926, 1929), a precursor to Showme, and three issues (1-3/1959) of Harlequin, a magazine created as a replacement when Showme was banned by administrators.
(1 1/3 c.f., 135, 4, back)
Note to Researcher: This Series contains only an incomplete publication run of this magazine. Special Collections, in Ellis Library, has copies of most issues. The Missouri Showme magazine is available online at the following URL:

Series 21 - C:22/10/3 (A93-35)
This Series contains a copy of what is probably the only issue produced of Mizzou "Whiz Bang", an early MU student humor magazine (ca. 1920-1921). Included is a campus gossip column, a warning to freshmen, a "Capt. Billy Says . . ." column, and advertisements of local businesses that catered to students.
(1 Env., B3A, C2, 1)

Series 22 - C:22/11/1 (A91-93; A06-84)
This Series contains sheet music, songbooks, concert programs, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs pertaining to student Glee Clubs of the University of Missouri-Columbia (ca. 1906-1980). The MU groups represented include the 1906 Glee Club, the 1909 Glee and Mandolin Clubs, the Men's Glee Club of 1914 (the "Smallpox Glee Club"), the Women's Glee Club (ca. 1924-1939), and Marching Mizzou (ca. 1970-1980). Also included in this Series are The Missouri Book, a pamphlet of yells and cheers, (ca. 1917-1918), Songs of Old Missouri, copies of the Alumni Association's University of Missouri Songs (1924 and 1929 editions), and a pamphlet of Official Yells, (1908).
(1/3 c.f., 100, 2)

Series 23 - C:22/12/1
This Series contains University of Missouri student handbooks, specifically the M Book (ca. 1894-- [with gaps]). These publications include information on MU rules and regulations, semester schedules, and organizational directories. Also included are student handbooks produced by YMCA/YWCA (1901, 1905, 1906, 1917), the Handbook for Parents (1963/1964-1968/1969), and the Graduate/Professional Student Handbook, (1996-1997).
(1 c.f., 723, B2, 5; 1/3 c.f., 723 B2, 6)
Note to Researcher: The 1990/1991 M Book is for the Kansas City campus only. Also, beginning in 2000, The M Book was published online. By 2017, the M Book had been replaced with a collection of university policies maintained by the Office of Student Accountability & Support (formerly the Office of Student Conduct). Some copies are held by University Archives in electronic format. Please contact a staff member for additional information.
Note to Archivist: There is a thorough paper inventory in 723.

Series 24 - C:22/10/4
This Series contains the first, and perhaps only, issue of The Knocker (05/1901). This independent MU student humor magazine was produced by "The Society of Knockers" and featured articles relating to contemporary campus, national, and international topics and personalities.
(1 Env., B3A, C2, 1)

Series 25 - C:22/3/9
This Series contains microfilm (35mm) of MU Student News (1997-2006), and includes the first issue of the paper. MU Student News is a weekly, independent MU student newspaper featuring articles relating to contemporary campus events, sports, and entertainment.
(4 MFR, 703, MFC)

Series 26 - C:22/3/10 (A95-158)
This Series contains records of a student newspaper entitled the Missouri Student (1920-1922 and 1926-1928). The records consist of ledger books showing the advertising and circulation income as well as the name of the individual or business placing an advertisement. A distinction is made between display and classification advertisements and some entries also list the total inches of individual advertisements.
(1 Pkg, 121, 2)

Series 27 - C:22/10/5 (A01-100)
This Series contains Volume I, Number I of a UMC student magazine entitled, Intelligentsia: A Magazine for Students Who Think and Speak (12/1938). The editors described the staff and magazine in the following way, "The Intelligentsia staff who, Greenwich Village style, gather in an attic, are trying to bring to you some of the things that are being written on your own campus. In those narratives, poems, plays, essays, and articles, there are the ideals, emotions, and flavor of a bull-session, a current opinion, a bit of philosophy, said the way students say it."
(1 Env., B3A, C2, 1)

Series 28 - C:22/3/11 (A01-101)
This Series contains Volume 1, Number 1 of a UMC student newspaper/newsletter entitled, The Octopus (10/10/1914). The goal of the paper is "To Be The Truest Paper In The World" and is "[e]dited in the best interests of the whole student body of the University of Missouri by Students."
(1 Env., B3A, C2, 1)

Series 29 - C:22/00/4 (A97-99)
This Series contains posters, broadsides, and handbills promoting campus Earth Day and Earth Week celebrations and events (1991-1993).
(1 OSF, 703, MC)

Series 30 - C:22/00/5 (A97-99)
This Series contains posters and handbills promoting UM divestiture of South African financial interests and the campus "anti-apartheid movement" (1987). Also included are several handbills promoting an end of hostilities with Iraq in the 1991 Gulf War.
(1 OSF, 703, MC)

Series 31 - C:22/00/6 (A97-99)
This Series contains a variety of posters, handbills, and broadsides created by a range of MU student groups, associations, and clubs that promote meetings, lectures, rallies, and events, (1991-1995). Among the groups sponsoring events are the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Graduate Student Association; the Triangle Coalition; the Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Resource Center; Out-Now; the Hemp Club; Active Students Advocating Peace; the Legion of Black Collegians; UMC Students for Nuclear Freeze; the UMC Peace Works; Campus Reproductive Choice; the MU Women's Center and the Rape Education Office; the Baha'i Club; the Native American Student Group; the Muslim Student Organization; the African Student Association; the Nigerian Student Union; Campus Libertarians; College Democrats; College Republicans; Campus Habitat for Humanity; Amnesty International; the MU Jewish Student Organization; the Latin American Student Association; the MU Committee Against Intervention; the Multicultural Journalism Association; MU College Christian Associations; the Granola Club; and the MU Rugby Club.
(1 OSF, 703, MC)

Series 32 - C:22/00/7 (A97-99)
This Series contains posters and handbills for talks, celebrations, discussions, meetings, exhibits and plays sponsored by MU academic departments and colleges (1991-1995, 2001). Among the sponsors of these advertised events are, the Undergraduate Art History and Archeology Organization; the Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Society; the Museum of Art and Archeology; the MU Departments of History, Political Science, Religious Studies, Geography, Communications, English and Philosophy; the School of Fine Arts, the Missouri Theater Workshop; as well as the College of Arts and Science and the Missouri Scholar's Academy.
(1 OSF, 703, MC)

Series 33 - C:22/00/8 (A01-124)
This Series contains Volume 1, Number 3 of an MU student humor magazine entitled, The Black Stocking (02/1945). The magazine was published by an independent organization and adopts a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style with many article titles in French but the texts in English.
(1 Env., B3A, C2,1)

Series 34 - C:22/10/6 (A01-139)
This Series contains 4 magazines entitled, Ogre Magazine, and 1 magazine that parodies the Ogre Magazine (ca. 1962-1963). Although staffed by University of Missouri students, Ogre was an off-campus publication, completely separate from the University. Its contents were pecifically designed for the entertainment of University students and other students in the city of Columbia. There was one issue during the 1961-1962 school year. At that time there were plans for Ogre to be printed nine times during the school year beginning in 09/1962. Ogre was published by Epsilon Alpha Epsilon. The following issues are included: ca. 05/1962 (first edition), two copies of the ca. 10/1962 issue, and a ca. 1962-1963 issue. Also included in this series is the magazine Playbouy: An Ogre Parody, ca. 1963.
(1/6 c.f., 135, 1 front)
Note to Researcher: Art Tarwater donated these materials to the Archives, 09/2001.

Series 35 - C:22/00/9 (Special Collections vertical file)
This Series contains Volume 1, Numbers 1-3 of Arena, A Forum for Ideas, a liberal arts magazine published by the Arts and Science Student Government (1973-1974). Poetry, short stories, photographs, cartoons, and artwork are examples of the types of materials found in this publication.
(1/6 c.f., 136, 4 front)
Note to Researcher: The Arts and Science Student Government had several functions including service, representation, and leadership. The publication of Arena was considered an aspect of service.

Series 36 - C:22/00/10 (A76-70; pamphlet file)
This Series contains printed and duplicated materials produced by Campus Dining Services. Included in the Series are issues of the newsletter What's Cookin, (1991-2005), other newsletters, menus, information on Campus Catering, and employee handbooks and other employee materials.
(1/3 c.f., B23, B3, 4)

Series 37 - C:22/10/7 (A02-96)
This Series contains copies of literary magazines produced by the Fine Arts Residential College (FARC), (2000-2002). The Fine Arts Residential College is housed in McDavid Hall and offers an art gallery, a pottery room, music practice room, art and theatre studios, a radio station and a literary magazine. The series includes the following issues of Purple, (2000-2002): Volume I, Issue I; Volume I, Issue II; Volume II, Issue I; Volume II, Issue 2; Volume 3 Issue 1; Volume 3, Issue 3 [sic]. The collection also includes Volume I, Issue 1 (n.d.) of Thermostat, also produced by FARC.
(1/3 c.f., 135, 1, front)
Note to Researcher: Joanna S. Carter donated the issues of Purple to University Archives, 06/2002.

Series 38 - C:22/00/11
This Series contains materials issued by the Wellness Resource Center/A.D.A.P.T. Office. Included in this Series are posters, pamphlets about services, and a publication entitled Fun Things to do in Columbia.
(1/6 c.f., B23, B3, 4)

Series 39 - C:22/00/12
This Series contains materials published by the Intramurals and Recreation Department. Included in this Series are publications, including such titles as: Activities and Services Policies and Procedures (1992-1993), Student Recreation Center and Natatorium: General Information Policy and Procedures (1989-1991), Guide to Intramurals and Recreational Activities (1979-1980), Guide to Leisure Recreation in and around Columbia (1986, 1988), Intramurals Calendar and Handbook (1949-1951, 1988-1990, 1992-1993), and one copy of the newsletter Extra: The Official (1983-1984).
(1/6 c.f., B23, B4, 2)

Series 40 - C:22/00/13
This Series contains materials published by the Rec Services and Facilities Department. Included in this Series are the publications Rec Services, (1998-2001), Rec Services and Facilities, (2001-2004), and MizzouRec Nation, (2005- ). The Series also includes printed and duplicated materials published by Recreational Services and the Student Recreation Center, including brochures, calendars and handbooks, and policy and procedure guides for the student recreation center and natatorium, (1985-1999).
(1 c.f., 121333)

Series 41 - C:22/00/14
This Series contains materials related to Fall, Summer, and Winter Welcome. Titles within this Series include Fall Welcome (1995, 2000-2001), Summer Welcome (1974-1975, 1985-1989, 1991, 1994-2001, 2008), and Winter Welcome (1989).
(1/3 c.f., B23, B3, 4)

Series 42 - C:22/00/15
This Series contains materials related to the Missouri Student Association (MSA). Included in this Series are activity calendars (1941-1983, with gaps), master calendars (1986-1989), course evaluations ("Coursebooks"), housing guides, various newsletters, study guides, and other publications.
(1 c.f., B3A, B2, 2)

Series 43 - C:22/00/16
This Series contains publications and other materials related to Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM). Titles in the Series include Update (1987-1988), Annual Prospectus (1995, 2000, 2005), Briefcase (March 22-April 8, 1976), and The Mentor (1975-1977). Also included are two ink pens with the inscription "Make Your Vote Roar!", (n.d.).
(1/3 c.f., B23, B3, 4)

Series 44 - C:22/00/17
This Series contains publications and materials related to the Council of Handicapped Students. Materials in the Series include a Campus Accessibility Map and various newsletters. Titles include Barrier-Free (1982-1983), Council of Handicapped Students Newsletter (1978), Life Career Development (LCD) Newsletter (1979-1980), and The Voice (February 1977).
(1/3 c.f., B23, B4, 3)

Series 45 - C:22/00/18
This Series contains materials related to Student Life. Materials in this Series include directories of organizations, activities, and accounting procedures. Titles of procedural guides include Accounting and Financial Procedures for Student Organizations (1974, 1978), and other things (1964-1970), Do Your Own Thing (1968-1969), Fraternity-Sorority Directory (1948-1949), Something for Everyone (1970-1972, 1973-1976), Student Activities Manual (1982), and Student Organization Directories (1955, 1968-1971, 1980-1981, 1984, 1987-1989, 1992-1993, 1994-1995). Also included are books showing campus activities for the Spring 2012, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015 semesters.
(1/3 c.f., B23, B3, 4)

Series 46 - C:22/00/19
This Series contains publications related to Student Life. Titles in the Series include ASA (African Students Association) News (1993), Advisor's Forum Newsletter (July/August 1990), Faculty and Administration Newsletter Interfraternity Council (October 1997), Greek Columns, For Your Information (March 1986), Meteorology Club Calendar (1989), Mizzou Family (1990-2002), formerly Research Notes from Student Life Studies now Student Life Studies Abstracts, (1998-2001), Student's Columbia Guide (1974-1975), Thai Journal (1975), The Catalog from Communiversity (1976-1978), The Educator (Fall 1998), and Missouri Evans Scholars Alumni Newsletter (2001). Also included is the Tiger Guide, (2004-2005), a combination information guide, rule book and calendar/planner.
(1/3 c.f., B23, B3, 4)

Series 47 - C:22/00/20 (A13-24; various)
This Series contains publications related to the women's center which is under the umbrella of Student Life. Titles in the Series include Phoenix (1975), W, a news magazine advocating social change (1994-1998, with gaps), and Centering on Women (1976-1977). Also included in this collection are materials related to the Women's Studies program, including Women's Studies Newsletter (1978-1984, incomplete) and the newsletter Voices (1999-2005), brochures, posters and pamphlets, and course listings for 1977, 1991, 1993, and 1997-98.
(1/3 c.f. and 1 OSF, B23, B4, 4)

Series 48 - C:22/10/8 (A05-05)
This Series contains issues of Stir: MU's Student Magazine, (1991-1994). Stir is a MU student organization, publishing the magazine on an "irregular monthly schedule". The magazine's contents include "short fiction, poetry, comics, photography, and art."
(1/6 c.f., 102, 1; 1 Env., 102, 1)
Note to Researcher: The Series does not hold a complete run of the magazine. The first issue appeared in 1990 with irregular publication through 1998. A more complete run is available in
Special Collections, Ellis Library, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Series 49. - C:22/00/21
This Series contains printed and duplicated material produced by the Students' Religious Council at the University of Missouri, (1925-1928). The printed material consists of copies of Welcome to Old Mizzou, (1926-1928), a Council's annual report, (1925), and an informational brochure, n.d.
(1 Env., B3A, C2, 4)

Series 50. - C:22/00/22 (A08-28; A21-07; pamphlets)
This Series contains miscellaneous printed and duplicated material produced by University of Missouri students and student organizations, (1944-2010). The material consists of brochures, pamphlets, flyers, webpage printouts, event programs, newsletters, etc., many of which provide information about the specific organizations. The Series also contains pieces of correspondence between University Archives staff and members of student organizations about their organizations. In addition, the Series holds copies of publications like Ardentia, (2000), Epic, (2003-2009), Closed Mondays, (n.d.), and Towertime, (1944-1945).
(1 c.f., 017679)
Note to Archivist: The box list for this Series is available online. It can be accessed by
following this link.

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