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Box 1-UMLD1
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Record Group: 6 C
Record Sub-Group: 46
Records Title: UMC; College of Arts and Science; Department of Art; Administrative Correspondence
Dates: 1927-1962, bulk 1945-1955
Volume: 1 and 2/3 cubic feet, 2 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains correspondence created by the Department of Art during the chairmanships of Douglas R. Hansen (1938-1955), Lawrence McKinin (1955-1958) and Frederick E. Shane (1958-1967). Though the vast majority of records in this Sub-Group consists of departmental correspondence, there are also administrative records such as lists of students in the Art Department and hiring files as well as exhibition brochures, photographs and negatives, a floor plan and a blueprint. Some of Shane's correspondence is with such notable figures as Walter Arensberg, E. Maurice Bloch, Adolph Dehn, Zoltan Sepeshy and Irving Stone.

Historical Note:

The records in this Sub-Group were created during the period when the Department of Art was part of the College of Arts and Science after having been part of the College of Fine Arts from 1923 until 1936. The period of the records also corresponds roughly to the time when instruction in art history at the University formed a component of the Department of Art (1938-1960).

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group is not divided into separate record series. Arrangement follows the creating office's alphabetical file order. The original filing system was retained with the exception of a few folders that were divided into individual folders to facilitate handling and/or research.

Note to Researcher: For additional information concerning Frederick Shane and his correspondence, see the full inventory of Sub-Group 1 of Record Group 6 C. It should be noted that Shane's departmental correspondence is not limited to the specific folders titled 'Shane, Frederick - Correspondence', but is also intermingled with correspondence found in other folders of the collection inventoried below. Some of the records in this Sub-Group are restricted and cannot be made available to the public (see restrictions note at the end of this page).


Box 1

FF 1 - Art Appreciation Course (list of texts used in courses, exams, quizzes), 1942-1949

FF 2 - Art Department - Buildings and Rooms Available (correspondence regarding Ankeney House, 906 Conley Avenue, 501 Hitt Street, 1000 University Avenue, Lathrop Hall and the new Fine Arts Building, a floor plan of Department of Art rooms in Jesse Hall), 1940-1958

FF 3 - Art Department Faculty Meetings, 1947-1956

FF 4 - Art Department Inquiries - Courses and Degrees Offered, 1950-1958

FF 5 - Art Department Inquiries - General, 1946-1959

FF 6 - Art Department Supply Lists (lists of materials and supplies used for various classes, often including the course title and instructor name), 1955-1960

FF 7 - Art Teachers in Missouri and nearby states, 1927-1952

FF 8 - Blueprint - Dormitory Furniture (24x27 in. blueprint of plans for University of Missouri dormitory furniture, including a study desk, a service table, a chair, a night table and a dresser), 1939

FF 9 - Bobrowicz, Joseph R. - Instructor of Design (correspondence of Joseph Bobrowicz, regarding various topics, including book orders, contract work, recommendations [RESTRICTED], job searches -- some of the correspondence is with Zoltan Sepeshy, his instructor at Cranbrook Academy of Art), 1949-1951

FF 10 - Budget Correspondence (correspondence regarding expenditures for the Department of Art, book purchases by the library, travel expenses), 1936-1950

FF 11 - Buildings and Grounds - Correspondence (maintenance requests to the Physical Plant, charges and invoices, estimates), 1949-1958

FF 12 - Business - Departmental (correspondence regarding such matters as chairman travel plans, slide purchases, invitations to events -- including an invitation to a presentation by Thomas Hart Benton at Christian College in Columbia, Missouri), 1945-1958

FF 13 - College Art Association of America (lists of undergraduate majors and graduate students in the Department of Art requested by CAA, correspondence of Douglas Hansen who was an executive board member of CAA, financial statement of CAA for 1946), 1946-1960

FF 14 - College Art Conferences (meeting schedules, events and general correspondence with art organizations including the Midwest College Art Conference, the American Federation of Arts, Missouri College Art Conference, and University of Missouri Arts and Science Week), 1946-1960

FF 15 - Committees - University - Members and Reports (lists of department chairmen across the University, correspondence, reports and minutes relating to University Committees on which members of the Department of Art served, including Douglas Hansen's meeting minutes from the Committee of Student Affairs), 1943-1950

FF 16 - Committees - University - Members and Reports (lists of University committees and members, correspondence regarding nominations and appointments to committees and acceptance of chairmanships), 1950-1957

FF 17 - Contests and Prizes (correspondence and supplementary material regarding participation in student competitions such as the Big 8 Art Competition, unidentified 8x10 photograph of a man standing in an art gallery), 1948-1960

FF 18 - Course Fees, 1946-1958

FF 19 - Curriculum (lists of classes, course descriptions, teaching loads and salaries, correspondence regarding the addition of courses), 1945-1954

FF 20 - Curriculum (correspondence regarding topics such as the addition of courses, the separation of Art History from the Department of Art, descriptions of programs in other departments in the College of Arts and Science), 1955-1961

FF 21 - Dean of College of Arts and Science - Correspondence (correspondence with Dean Elmer Ellis and Assistant Dean W. Francis English), 1946-1954

FF 22 - Denyer, Edward - Instructor (correspondence of art instructor Edward Denyer, application materials [RESTRICTED] for his position at the University of Missouri that include color negatives of some of his paintings), 1949-1957

FF 23 - Departmental Budget for Expenses & Equipment (estimated expenditure reports, departmental expenditure lists, University budget forms for salary, expenses and equipment), 1950-1959

FF 24 - Departmental Advisees (lists of student advisees and their advisors [RESTRICTED], 1951-1959

FF 25 - Departmental Needs (correspondence with Dean James T. Quarles regarding the teaching load of the faculty), 1929

FF 26 - Enrollment by Class (lists of enrollment numbers tabulated by course name), 1951-1956

FF 27 - Enrollment Figures (lists of enrollment numbers tabulated by academic year), 1943-1960

FF 28 - Equipment Orders and Correspondence, 1940-1959

FF 29 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material (correspondence and other materials relating to exhibitions booked or considered for engagement by the Department of Art), Fall 1948-Summer 1951

FF 30 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1951-Summer 1952

FF 31 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1952-Summer 1953

FF 32 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1953-Summer 1954

FF 33 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1954-Summer 1955

FF 34 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1955-Summer 1956

FF 35 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1956-Summer 1957

FF 36 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1957-Summer 1958

FF 37 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1958-Summer 1959

FF 38 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1959-Summer 1960

FF 39 - Exhibitions - Correspondence, Brochures and Supplemental Material, Fall 1960

FF 40 - Exhibitions - Insurance, 1941-1949

FF 41 - Exhibitions - William Sidney Mount - Correspondence, (correspondence regarding the preparations of the William Sidney Mount exhibit, lists of faculty and staff at Christian College and Stephens College), 1948-1949

Box 2

FF 1 - Faculty Appointments, 1945-1950 [RESTRICTED]

FF 2 - Faculty Appointments, 1951-1960 [RESTRICTED]

FF 3 - Gifts and Correspondence (correspondence regarding the gifts or donations including books, paintings, and slides to the Department of Art), 1950-1959

FF 4 - Graduate Curriculum - Correspondence, 1952-1959

FF 5 - Graduate School - Correspondence (correspondence with the Graduate School of the University of Missouri), 1950-1959

FF 6 - Graduate Students - Correspondence, 1950-1952

FF 7 - Graduate Students - Exam Committees - Correspondence, 1949-1953 [RESTRICTED]

FF 8 - Graduation Lists, 1940-1955

FF 9 - Graduation with Distinction (correspondence with the University Committee on Graduation with Distinction and the Committee on Education of the Superior Student regarding nominations of students in the Department of Art, list of requirements), 1951-1958

FF 10 - Grants, Fellowships and Prizes (correspondence and brochures regarding University and non-University grants and fellowships), 1950-1959

FF 11 - Honorary Degrees, (guidelines, correspondence regarding the honorary degree nomination of Dr. Fern Rusk Shapley by the Department of Art), 1953-1957

FF 12 - Improvement of Instruction Committee (correspondence and supplementary reports related to the University's Committee for the Improvement of Instruction), 1948-1954

FF 13 - Miscellaneous (secretarial correspondence not related to the Department of Art, design mock-up for Department of Art brochure), n.d.

FF 14 - Mural - Booneville Training School for Boys (correspondence regarding the mural painted by Sidney Larson for the Library of the Educational Building of the Training School for Boys in Booneville), 1949-1950

FF 15 - News Releases (press releases and newspaper clippings mainly relating to exhibitions displayed by the Department of Art), 1947-1957

Box 3

FF 1 - Other Universities - Correspondence (correspondence with other schools regarding the Department of Art program), 1946-1958

FF 2 - Photographs and Negatives (5 photographic prints of various sizes and nineteen 5x7 negatives, including images of Winterton C. Curtis and the Department of Art gallery in Jesse Hall), ca. 1943

FF 3 - Prizes and Awards (correspondence regarding departmental awards for students, mainly for the annual William B. Ittner Fine Arts Prize that was awarded alternately to a music and an art student and the Annie McEntee Norton Memorial Prize that was established by Winterton C. Curtis in 1940 in honor of his aunt), 1940-1958

FF 4 - Recommendations (letters of recommendations provided by faculty for students and instructors), 1947-1959 [RESTRICTED]

FF 5 - Regulations and Policies of the University (Bylaws of the University faculty, University policies regarding nepotism, patents, retirement and tenure), 1949-1959

FF 6 - Requests for Faculty Services (correspondence regarding requests for faculty to give talks and to jury art shows), 1946-1960

FF 7 - Shane, Frederick - Correspondence, 1948-1950

FF 8 - Shane, Frederick - Correspondence, 1951

FF 9 - Shane, Frederick - Correspondence, 1952

FF 10 - Shane, Frederick - Correspondence, 1953

FF 11 - Shane, Frederick - Correspondence, 1954

FF 12 - Shane, Frederick - Correspondence, 1955

FF 13 - State Board of Education (correspondence with the Department of Education of the State of Missouri and the Missouri Art Education Association regarding art education, lists of art educators in Missouri), 1949-1954

FF 14 - Student Grades (correspondence regarding grade appeals and exams), 1946-1962 [RESTRICTED]

FF 15 - Student Union Activities (correspondence and supplemental material including bylaws about the Art Program of the Memorial Student Union), 1952-1959

FF 16 - Wulfekammer, Verna (correspondence of Verna Wulfekammer, instructor and professor in the Department of Applied Arts and in the Department of Art), 1935-1952


Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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