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Box 1-UMLD1
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Dr. Lambert in the KOMU-TV Studio, ca. 1955
Dr. Lambert (right) in the KOMU-TV Studio, ca. 1955
(University Archives, C:11/6/2 Box 2 FF 5)

Record Group: 11 C
Record Sub-Group: 26
Records Title: UMC; School of Journalism; KOMU-TV; Edward C. Lambert Professional Papers
Dates: 1945-1978
Volume: 2 cubic feet, 2.5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains UMC School of Journalism Broadcasting Department faculty member Professor Edward C. Lambert's professional papers, administrative correspondence, photographs, notes, and other materials related to various topics pertaining to Dr. Lambert's career. The materials are arranged alphabetically by topic.

Biographical Note:

Edward C. Lambert was born January 29, 1910 in What Cheer, Iowa. After marrying Ella Cole in 1936, Dr. Lambert served as a lieutenant commander in both the European and Pacific fronts of World War II and finally returned to Iowa to earn a master's degree. He came to the radio faculty of the University of Missouri- Columbia's School of Journalism in 1946 and completed his work on a doctorate in educational television. He was soon appointed assistant to the president in charge of television. He created KOMU-TV, which made its first broadcast on December 21, 1953, served as the first general manager, and used it to teach his students broadcast news production. He served for more than 20 years as moderator for Missouri Forum, a public affairs talk show broadcast on KOMU as well as several radio stations around the state. In 1989 Dr. Lambert received the Gold Medal Award from the UMC School of Journalism. He died July 25, 1999 at the age of 89.

Note to Researcher: Record Sub-Group 26 contains some records which may be confidential and restricted. See the restriction note at the end of this finding aid.


Box 1

FF 1 - "Audio-Facsimile: A Study in the Difference Between the Visual and the Audio-visual Techniques in the Learning Process with Suggestions for Commercial Uses," ca. 1950

FF 2 - Awards, 2/17/1964-2/24/1978

FF 3 - Broadcast News Seminar, 11/4/1961-11/5/1961

FF 4 - Broadcast Workshops, 9/15/1966-6/3/1971

FF 5 - Broadcasting Journalism Tenure-Promotion Committee, 1970-1979 [RESTRICTED]

FF 6 - Broadcasting Journalism Tenure-Promotion Committee, 1970-1979 (cont'd) [RESTRICTED]

FF 7 - Community Antenna Television (CATV), 2/14/1964-3/6/1972

FF 8 - Committees, 10/27/1954-7/7/1955

FF 9 - Committee on Planning Coordinated Use of Media, 1963-1964

FF 10 - Committee to Study National Defense Education Act/Communications for Educational Purposes, 4/29/1952-1/29/1959

FF 11 - Construction of Television Station Building, 1953 (plans for building flattened and moved to Roll 619. See Plans and Blueprints Records Table.)

FF 12 - Broadcast Department, 4/19/1971-12/18/1973

FF 13 - Correspondence with Dean of Journalism, 12/9/1964-2/15/1979

FF 14 - Correspondence with Lester Cox Regarding the Purchase of a Kinescope, 3/12/1954-2/2/1955

FF 15 - Correspondence, General, 1953-1956

FF 16 - Correspondence, General, 3/17/1953-10/19/1961

FF 17 - Correspondence, General, 1973-1978

FF 18 - Correspondence with ABC, 5/10/1968-3/30/1972

FF 19 - Correspondence with President's Office, 7/18/1969-7/11/1974

FF 20 - Digest of Midwest Farmers Association TV, ca. 1952

FF 21 - Dougherty Hearing Exhibits 1-13, 12/15/1970

FF 22 - Educational TV Committee (MU), 5/22/1952-5/8/1963

FF 23 - Educational TV Committee (Non-MU), ca. 1956-1957

FF 24 - Educational TV Proposal, 4/18/1962-11/22/1967

FF 25 - Educational/Instructional TV Programming, 8/11/1952-9/25/1963

Box 2

FF 1 - FCC Hearing on Study of Radio and TV Broadcasting, 3/1958

FF 2 - Graduate Studies Committee, 7/28/1968-5/23/1979

FF 3 - Journalism School 50th Anniversary (contains a photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt), 1958

FF 4 - Journalism School Alumni Newsletters, 1946-1950

FF 5 - KOMU, Phil Berk Materials, 5/11/1953-3/28/1955

FF 6 - KOMU, Contract Correspondence, 3/18/1953-2/3/1954

FF 7 - KOMU, Early History, n.d.

FF 8 - KOMU, Howard S. Frazier Materials, 4/9/1953-7/19/1954

FF 9 - KOMU, General Correspondence, 1/18/1966-11/11/1969

FF 10 - KOMU, General Correspondence, 1/9/1970-2/28/1979

FF 11 - KOMU, Kirchofer Report on Advertising Income, 12/5/1956-11/17/1957

FF 12 - KOMU, Plant and Equipment Board Recommendations, 5/11/1954-1/7/1955

FF 13 - KOMU, Proposed Sale, 1968

FF 14 - KOMU, Service Area, 8/11/1953-1/22/1954

FF 15 - KOMU, Suggested Organization, 7/25/1952

FF 16 - KOMU Tax Status, 1953

FF 17 - Missouri Broadcaster's Association (MBA), 9/22/1964-10/18/1978

FF 18 - Missouri Broadcaster's Association Sales Seminar,6/4/1960-9/30/1960

FF 19 - National Agricultural TV Clinic, 9/2/1955-9/4/1955

FF 20 - National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), 12/4/1963-10/2/1978

FF 21 - National Association of Broadcasters Research and Training Center Proposal Pamphlet Materials, 11/3/1961-1/26/1970

FF 22 - News Clippings, 1949-1958

FF 23 - News Clippings, 1949-1958 (cont'd)

FF 24 - Personal Data, n.d.

FF 25 - "Profession of Broadcasting" Outline and Proposals for Book, 1962

FF 26 - Radio Station Proposal to Dean Moffitt, 1947

FF 27 - Radio/TV Curricula Planning, 5/2/1955-2/6/1974

FF 28 - Radio/TV Memos, 2/3/1968-5/22/1969

FF 29 - Report and Summary of Discussion at Radio Meeting in Columbia, Missouri, 3/31/1945

FF 30 - Student Testing, 1946-1952

FF 31 - Study of Nationwide TV Classroom Practices, 1950

FF 32 - Television Station Data Prior to Going on the Air, 1953

FF 33 - Testimony on Educational TV, 1961

FF 34 - Testimony on the Role of Networks, n.d.

FF 35 - The Improvement of Teaching by Television National Conference, 1964

FF 36 - "The Quill" with Feature Article on Missouri Forum, 4/1963

FF 37 - U.H.F., 1964-1965

FF 38 - Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, 1966

OSF 1 - National Association of Broadcasters Research and Training Center Proposal Pamphlet, 1961

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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