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Box 1-UMLD1
Box 2-Ellis

Record Group: 3 C
Record Sub-Group: 74
Records Title: UMC; College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Department of Agricultural Chemistry; Albert Garland Hogan Papers and Memorabilia
Dates: 1903-1969
Volume: 1 and 1/3 cubic feet, 1.66 linear feet; 1 OSF; 1 Painting

Scope and Content Note

(A77-52; A77-65; A90-3; A21-24)
This Sub-Group contains records of the UMC Department of Agricultural Chemistry. Much of the material in this Series pertains to the career of Professor Albert Garland Hogan. Included in the Sub-Group are photographs of Professor Hogan as well as other Department of Agricultural Chemistry faculty, a copy of a published biographical sketch of Hogan (Vitamin B3, folic acid, was his discovery), and copies of some of his professional writings, among them, a work entitled, Information for Comprehensive Review of Agricultural Chemistry (1967). Also included are Professor Hogan's BS, MA, and Ph.D. degrees, and programs and informational materials concerning the A. G. Hogan Memorial Lecture Series and the Samuel Brody Memorial Lecture Series.

Biographical Note:

Albert Garland Hogan was a student at the University of Missouri from 1903-1907, and was Professor of Animal Nutrition and Chairman of the Department of Agricultural Chemistry during his long tenure with the University (1921-1961).

Note to Researcher: For additional information concerning Dr. Albert Garland Hogan, see his profile on the MU Nutritional Sciences Homepage. For additional information concerning the UMC Department of Agricultural Chemistry, see Sub-Group 44 of Record Group 3 C.


Box 1

FF 1 - Biographical Sketch of Albert Garland Hogan (1884-1961) by L.R. Richardson, 1/1969

FF 2 - Registers of Contributors to Dr. Hogan's retirement dinner and portrait, Hogan Memorial Library Fund, and Hogan Fellowships, correspondence with contributors, receipts, list of those who purchased tickets to retirement dinner, 1955-1967

FF 3 - Schedule of A.G. Hogan Memorial Lectures during Nutrition Emphasis Week, 1966-1980; Invitation to Dr. Hogan Memorial Lecture by Doris Howes Callaway, 2/11/1980

FF 4 - Faculty Photos: Dennis T. Mayer, n.d.; Dr. Albert Garland Hogan, n.d.; Dr. R.A. Bloomfield, n.d.; Dr. C.R. Moulton (Agricultural Chemistry Department Chair), n.d.; Dr. P.F. Trowbridge (Agricultural Chemistry Chair 1907-1918), n.d.

FF 5 - Research paper on hydrogen ion concentration (handwritten and typed copies), ca. 1922

FF 6 - A.G. Hogan Research Papers: "Studies on the Pathology and Physiology of the Cecal Pouches of Turkeys II. The Utilization Food by Turkeys with Abligated Ceca," 3/1930; "Deficiencies of Synthetic Diets in Chick Nutrition," 7/1930; "The Calcium Requirement of Brood Sows," 5/1932; "Swine Reproduction in Relation to Nutrition," 5/1932; "Action of Radio-Active Substances on Vitamins," 7/1932; "The Effect of Ultraviolet Rays on the Dermatitis-Preventing Vitamin," 12/1932; "The Nutritional Requirements of the Chick," 6/1933; "Nutritional Requirements of the Rabbit," 1933; "An Anemia Caused by Deaminized Casein," 10/1934; "Irradiated Vitamin B Complex and Dermatitis," 10/1934; "Differentiation of the Anti-Dermatitis Factor," 1/1936; "Skin Lesions of the Rat Associated with Vitamin B Complex," 6/1936; "Additional Observations on the Anemia Caused by Deaminized Casein," 10/1936; "Plant Extracts in the Nutrition of Guinea Pigs and Rabbits," 1936; "Pyrimidine and Thiazole Intermediates as Substitutes for Vitamine B1," 6/1937; "The Composition of Corn Fodder Grown in Drought Years," 10/1937; "Effect of Amino Acids on Anemia Caused by Deaminized Casein," 4/1939; "Riboflavin Physiology an Pathology," 1939; "Researches on Purines," 4/1913; "The Parenteral Utilization of Disaccharide Sugars," 8/1914; "Studies in Carbohydrate Metabolism," 3/1915; "The Nutritive Properties of Corn," 10/1916; "Corn as a Source of Protein and Ash for Growing Animals," 4/1917; "The Effect of High Temperatures on the Nutritive Value of Foods," 5/1917; "The Nutritive Properties of Kafirin," 1/1918; "Influence of the Plane of Nutrition on the Maintenance Requirement of Cattle," 1921

FF 7 - A.G. Hogan Research Papers (cont'd): "Determination of the Surface Area of Cattle and Swine," 9/1923; "Normal Growth of Domestic Animals," 11/1923; "Nutritional Requirements for Normal Reproduction," 1/1924; "The Relation of Feed Consumed to Protein and Energy Retention," 1/1925; "Concerning the Adequacy of Synthetic Diets for the Growth of the Chick," 5/1925; "The Adequacy of Synthetic Rations for the Growth of Chicks," 10/1925; "Some Relations Between Fertility and the Composition of the Diet," 11/1926; "The Effect of Gestation and Lactation Upon the Growth and Composition of Swine," 2/1928; "Acceleration of Growth Rates by Dietary Modifications," 5/1928; "The Plural Nature of Vitamin B," 7/1928; "Rapid Growth of Chicks on Rations of Natural Foodstuffs," 7/1928; "The Relation of Inadequate Rations to the Weights of the Internal Organs of Chicks," 4/1929; "Retarded Growth and Mature Size of Beef Steers," 7/1929; "The Effect of Inadequate Rations on the Composition of the Blood and Bone of Chicks," 8/1929;

FF 8 - A.G. Hogan Research Papers (cont'd): "Adequacy of a Milk Diet for the Rat," 7/1939; "Simplified Rations for the Chick," 1/1940; "Anemia in Chicks Caused by a Vitamin Deficiency," 2/1940; "Pigeon Anemia as a Deficiency Disease," 4/1940; "Inadequacy of the Concentrates Commonly Used in Swine Feeding," 9/1940; "Vitamin Deficiency and Abnormal Bone Growth of the Chick," 10/1940; "Relation of Pantothenic Acid to Dermatitis of the Rat," 1940; "Anemia from Lysine Deficiency in Deaminized Casein," 10/1940; "Vitamin B6 and Chick Nutrition," 3/1941; "Perosis Due to a Vitamin Deficiency," 4/1941; "Supplementary Value of Various Feedstuffs in Brood Sow Rations," 9/1941; "The Anti-Perosis Complex," 1941; "Vitamins Required by Pigeons," 4/1942; "A Defect in the Coagulation Mechanism of Swine Blood," 5/1942; "Vitamins," 6/1942; "The Relation of Biotin to Perosis in Chicks," 6/1942; "Adequacy of Simplified Diets for Guinea Pigs and Rabbits," 6/1942; Vitamins for Livestock," 8/1942; "The Complex Vitamin B Complex," 4/1943; "Additional Observations on the Chick Antianemia Vitamin," 8/1943; "Nutritional Requirements of the Syrian Hamster," 3/1944; "Estimation of Platelet Fragility," 6/1944; "Adequacy of Simplified Diets for the Pig," 9/1944; "Critical Vitamins in Rations for Baby Chicks," 5/1945; "Soybean Oil Meal as a Protein Supplement for Baby Chicks," 9/1945; "The Requirement of the Turkey Poult for Vitamin B," 9/1945; "Effect of Thiouracil on Growing Swine," 1945; "Nutrients Consumed by Army Students at the University of Missouri," 1/1946; "Effect of Maturity on Nutrients of Snap Beans," 5/1946; "Diet of Mother and Hydrocephalus in Infant Rats," 10/1946; "The Newer Hematopoietic Factors of the Vitamin B Complex," 1946; "Changes in Sugar Content of Raw Green Beans During Storage," 1948; "Vitamin Bc, Inositol, and Nicotinic Acid in the Nutrition of the Turkey," 9/1948; "Vitamins Required by Swine for Growth, With Some Observations on Reproduction," 10/1948; "Relation of Folic Acid and Vitamin A to Incidence of Hydrocephalus in Infant Rats," 1948; "Vitamin Deficiencies in Rations of Natural Feedstuffs," 2/1949; "Cracked Ice and Preservation of Stored Fruits and Vegetables," 1949

FF 9 - A.G. Hogan Research Papers (cont'd): "Requirement of the Pig for Vitamin B12," 2/1950; "Adequacy of Synthetic Diets for Growth and Reproduction of Swine," 5/1950; "Calcium Phosphate Deposits in Guinea Pigs and the Phosphorous Content of the Diet," 6/1950; "The Vitamin Requirements of Poultry," 1949; "Comparison of Electroencephalographs of Young Rats from Dams on Synthetic and on Normal Diets," 1/1950; "Maternal Nutrition and Hydrocephalus in Newborn Rats," 1950; "Medium for Assay of Vitamins with Lactic Acid Bacteria," 1/1951; "Effect of Diet on Maze-Learning in Second Generation Rats," 9/1951; "Vitamin B12, a Factor in Prevention of Hydrocephalus in Infant Rats," 1951; "The Effects of Vitamin B12 and Thyroprotein on Egg Production, Egg Weight, Shell Quality, and Hatchability," 1/1952; "The Use of Isolated Soybean Protein in Synthetic Diets for Chicks," 5/1952; "Rearing Orphan Pigs,"2/1952; "Nutrition," 1953; "Feeding Livestock,"1/1954; "Amino Acid Deficiencies of Casein as a Source of Protein for the Chick," 2/1954; "Value of Antibiotics in Swine Rations," 4/1954; "Congenital Malformations as Related to Deficiencies of Riboflavin and Vitamin B12, Source of Protein, Calcium Phosphorous Ratio, and Skeletal Phosphorous Metabolism," 9/1954; "Effect on Guinea Pigs of Consuming an Excessive Quantity of Phosphates," 10/1954; "The Ventricular System in Hydrocephalic Rat Brains Produced by a Deficiency of Vitamin B12 or of Folic Acid in the Maternal Diet, 12/1954; "The Antithyrotocis Factor: Its Solubilization and Relation to Intestinal Xanthine Oxidase," 1/1955; "Vitamins in Human and Animal Nutrition," 2/1955; "Injury to Guinea Pigs That Follows a High Intake of Phosphates," 3/1955; "Value of B-Vitamins in Rations for Growing-Fattening Swine," 6/1955; "The Percentage of Protein in Corn and its Nutritional Properties," 10/1955; "Effects of a Vitamin B12 Deficiency and of Fasting on Oxidative Enzymes in the Rat," 10/1955; "Maternal Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Nucleic Acid Content of Tissues from Infant Rats," 1955; "Casein as a Source of Protein for the Chick," 5/1957; "Vitamins Required by the Chick," 6/1957; "Diet Composition and Mineral Balance in Guinea Pigs," 9/1957; "Chlortetracycline in the Nutrition of Guinea Pigs," 1957; "Plane of Nutrition and Composition of Steers," 3/1958; "Nicotinic Acid, Lysine, and Tryptophan as Supplements to Low-Protein Corn," 10/1958

FF 10 - Hardbound copy of Growth, with a chapter by Dr. Hogan titled "Some Relations Between Growth and Nutrition," 1928

FF 11 - Biographical Sketch of Samuel Brody, 1960; Program for Samuel Brody Memorial Lecture, 2/6/1967

FF 12 - Bioenergetics and Growth, With Special Reference to the Efficiency Complex in Domestic Animals by Samuel Brody, 1945

FF 13 - Information for Comprehensive Review of Agricultural Chemistry Department by Cooperative State Research Service compiled by M.E. Muhrer and R.A. Bloomfield, 9/1967

Box 2

Item 1 - Black metal tube with "Yale" printed in yellow on it, originally used to hold Items 1 through 6 in OSF 1.


Item 1 - Diploma issued by the University of Missouri for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 6/2/09

Item 2 - Diploma issued by the University of Missouri for the degree of Master of Arts, 6/13/12

Item 3 - Certificate of membership in the Alpha Sigma Chi Fraternity, 4/18/14

Item 4 - Diploma issued by the Sheffield School of Science at Yale University for the degree of Ph.D. in physiological chemistry, 1914

Item 5 - "Award of Merit" presented by the Missouri chapter of Delta Gamma Honor Society in agriculture, 6/30/54

Item 6 - Certificate issued by the curators of the University of Missouri conferring the title "Professor Emeritus of Animal Nutrition" on Dr. Hogan, 6/8/55

Item 7 - Mounted photograph of MU Gym Team including Albert Garland Hogan, ca. 1903-1907

Item 8 - Mounted group photograph including Albert Garland Hogan and Dr. Connaway, n.d.

Item 9 - Mounted group photograph including Albert Garland Hogan, Dr. Connaway, Dr. Sidney Calvert, and Dr. Krusekopf, n.d.

Item 10 - Certificate presenting the Osborne and Mendel Award for Outstanding Achievement in the General Field of Exploratory Research in the Science of Nutrition to Dr. A.G. Hogan, 1956

Item 11 - Certificate presenting the Mean Johnson and Company Award for Research on the Vitamin B Complex to Dr. A.G. Hogan, 1944

Item 12 - Certificate of the election of Dr. A.G. Hogan as a fellow of the American Institute of Nutrition, 1959

Item 13 - Certificate presenting the American Society of Animal Production's Morrison Award to Dr. A.G. Hogan, 1951

Painting - Portrait (25.5" wide x 29.5" tall, including frame; oil paint[?]) of Albert Hogan, from the Smith Studio (small plaque [discarded] originally attached at the bottom edge of the frame read: "Albert Garland Hogan - Professor of Animal Nutrition 1920-1955 - Department of Agricultural Chemistry - Chairman 1923-1955"), 1955 [A21-24]

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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