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Box 1-008161

Record Group: 22 C
Record Sub-Group: 2
Records Title: UMC; Student Life and Activities; Official Student Organizations and Associations; The Student Coalition; Administrative Files
Dates: 1970-1996, bulk 1991-1996
Volume: 1 cubic foot, 1.25 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

(A96-72; A98-01)
This Record Sub-Group contains the files of an unofficial student organization that strove to correct what its membership saw as the racially biased and culturally chauvinistic policies of the University of Missouri-Columbia. Contents of this Sub-Group include news clippings, memos, minutes of meetings, fliers, correspondence, budgets and other financial documents.

Also included in this Sub-Group are documents pertaining to initiatives for "Multiculturalism," minority program funding, divestiture of University investments in South Africa, support for the divestiture, "Shanty Town" on Francis Quadrangle, and early efforts to organize a Black Culture Center on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus.
Note to Researcher: Issues of local minority publications are included in this Sub-Group. Among them are several issues of Blackout, a newsletter published by the UMC Legion of Black Collegiates during the early 1970s. Follow this link to access other minority publications.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is divided into four separate record series. Arrangement is chronological within individual series.

Series One contains introductory documents and a sampling of news clippings form the early period of Coalition activity. Series Two contains a selection of correspondence and other documents recording the Coalition's struggles with the University of Missouri-Columbia Administration and Student Government Association.

Series Three holds a variety of additional documents relating to this organization, including budgets, applications for recognition, and petitions of various types. Series Four contains a collection of minority publications and protest essays relating to the causes the Coalition supported.

Series Outline:

  1. Series One - "The Struggle Begins"

  2. Series Two - "The Struggle Continues"

  3. Series Three - Other Historical Materials

  4. Series Four - Associated Publications


Series One - "The Struggle Begins"

Box 1

FF 1 - Introductory letter describing the nature of the "Student Coalition" Alliance, 4/30/1996.

- 12 page type-written essay by Clarence Lang, entitled: "The Legion of Black Collegians: A Lesson in How M.U. Administrators Disrupt Black Student Politics," ca. 6/1995.

- Maneater article, "Back to Square One," 4/19/1996.

FF 2 Spring 1994 - Fighting Budget Battles

- Maneater article, "Diversity March Ends with Confrontation," 4/19/1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, "Students Press for Reforms: Remedies Sought for Racism, Sexism," 4/19/1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, "Students Cite MU Inaction: Black Culture Center Tops List of Demands," 4/21/1994.

- Maneater article, "Multicultural Debate Continues," 4/22/1994.

- Maneater article, "Future of Black Culture Center Uncertain," 9/17/1993.

- Columbia Missourian article, "Program Director Resigns," n.d.

- Maneater article, "Letter Outlines Demands," ca. 1994.

- Maneater article, "The Persistence of Memory," 5/3/1994.

- Maneater article, "Diversity Battle Thins University's Faculty Ranks," 5/6/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA Passes Bill of 'Commitment' to Diversity," 5/6/1994.

- Maneater article, "Editorial Spurs Theft," n.d.

- Maneater article, "MSA Begins Debate on New Budget," 4/1/1994.

- Maneater notice of congratulations from the "Black Alumni Organization" to the newly elected Officers of the "Legion of Black Collegians," ca. 1994.

- Maneater article fragment, "LBC Candidates Talk Issues," ca. 1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA Debates Funding," ca. 1994.

- Columbia Missourian article, "Minority Applications Up; Enrollment Encouraging," ca. 1994.

- Maneater article, "Budget Increase Helps BCC," 2/11/1994.

- Maneater article, "Former UMKC Dean Sues UM System," 4/19/1994.

- Columbia Missourian article, "Threats Precluded Teacher's Decision," 5/8/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA Seeks Big Names for Superfest Concerts," ca. 1994.

- Maneater article, "Student Government Elections Full of Suspense, Scandal in Past Year," n.d.

- Maneater article, "French Department Responds to Exam Furor," ca. 1994.

- Maneater article, "Asian-American Activist Strives for Diversity," n.d.

- Maneater article, "Budget Passes MSA with Few Changes," 4/8/1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, "Cartoon Prompts Protests in Rolla," 4/27/1994.

- Maneater article, "French Forum Yields Suggestions," ca. 1994.

- Maneater letter, "Multiculturalism Exists," ca. 1994.

- Maneater letter, "Exam Highlights Slant," ca. 1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune editorial, "Too Much Political Correctness Negatively affects Education," n.d.

- Maneater article, "MU Officials Approve Diversity Board," ca. 1994.

- Columbia Missourian article, "School Loses with Exodus of Cha-Jua," 5/16/1994.

- Maneater column, "You Need to Read This," ca. 1994.

- Maneater column, "Power to the People," 4/22/1994.

- Maneater editorial, "Division Decisions," n.d.

- Maneater column, "E Pluribus Unum?," n.d.

- Maneater letter, "Funding Cuts Unfair," ca. 1994.

- Maneater editorial cartoon "While the Chancellor Ate . . .," 4/19/1994.

- Maneater letters, "MSA Leaders Respond," and "Blair Back to Old Tricks," no date.

- Maneater letters, "Blair Way Off the Mark," and "PC Pushes the Limits," n.d.

- Maneater letters, "Blasko's Column Wrong," and "Diversity Is Already Here," n.d.

- Maneater letters, "Attacks by W. Malicious," and "Education Rejects Gays," 4/12/1994.

- Maneater letter, "Response Legitimate," n.d.

- Maneater letter, "Proposal Misunderstood," n.d.

- Maneater column, "PC Slavery? Spare Us," ca. 1994.

- Maneater column, "Missouri Suckas Association," 4/12/1994.

- Maneater column, "If the Shoe Fits: Would the Real Feminists Step Forward and Be Counted," 4/15/1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune column, "Missourian Policy Would Annul Rights, Instill Apathy," n.d.

- Maneater column, "Activism Gone Haywire," 4/26/1994.

- Maneater letters, "Multiculturalism," and "Blasting Blair," 5/6/1994.

- Maneater cartoon strips, (5), "Culture Trap," ca. 1994.

FF 3 Demands, Administrative Responses

- List of changes in the 1994-1995 Student Activities budget, attached are a roster of student organizations Coalition members intended to contact and a list of things particular members were to be responsible for doing.

- Letter, 4/6/1994, complaining of the use of a racial caricature on a UMC French class mid-term exam; copy of the drawing attached.

- Statement by "Black Programming Committee" and W. Magazine (a news magazine for and about MU women).

- "A Call To All Student Organizations," announcing an open forum to discuss the planned funding cuts and A hand-written note states that the failure of UMC Administrators to attend led to a march on the Alumni Center, 4/11/1994.

- Informational handout: "How We Got Here: Everything You Needed To Know About the Missouri Student Association Budgeting Process and More . . .," April 1994.

- Two letters from the Vice Provost for Minority Affairs and Faculty Development to Black Faculty and Staff Organizations, detailing means to resolve the use of a racial caricature on an exam and the current UMC programs aimed at encouraging minority enrollment and retention.

- Informational handout describing the open forum to take place on April 18.

- Letter of invitation sent to Administrators, 4/13/1994.

- "Media Advisory" concerning April 18th open forum.

- "List of Issues on which Students Expect the Administration to Act"; a hand-written note states that these "Demands" were presented after Administrators failed to attend the April 18th open forum.

- Proposed "Model for Restructuring Student Fee Allocation," n.d.

- Letter from Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to the "Coalition" members, including item-by-item responses to their list of demands, April 25, 1994.

- Letter from "Coalition in reply to Vice Chancellor's letter of 4/25," 4/27/1994.

- Informational handout: "Results of the Chancellor's Meeting, April 26, 1994."

- "Letter to the Editor" from "LBC Communication Chair," complaining of negative response by some students to the criticism of the racial caricature on the French exam, 5/1/1994.

FF 4 Important Documents, Spring 1994

- List of possible speakers for a "Conference on Multinational Affairs," n. d.

- Copy of "Bill #24 concurrent resolution 94" subtitled "For and About College Women," submitted to the "Missouri Students Association," n.d.

- "Annual Report 1993-1994" of the "Office of Minority Affairs and Faculty Development," ca. 1994.

- Maneater congratulatory announcement of winner of the "Kappa Alpha Rose" competition, ca. 1994.

- Description of "Grant Programming Fund," comparing organizations' funding in 1993-94 with that proposed for 1994-1995, ca. 1994.

- Expo Magazine article, "African American Bookstores and the Struggle for Knowledge," 11/1994.

- Chicago Tribune article, "NU Students Protest: Marchers Allege Harassment by Police Want More Blacks on Faculty, Campus," 5/14/1994.

- Time Magazine article, "The Politics of Separation," ca. 1993.

- Informational handout announcing an address in the "Black Heritage Issues Series," presented by the "Black Culture Center," on the topic: "Are We Winning the Cultural Revolution?" no date.

FF 5 Fliers Spring 1994

- Flyer, "*TODAY!!*" 4/5/1994.

- Flyer, "MSA HAS YOUR MONEY, But do they care how you want it spent?" 4/6/1994.

- Flyer, "Do YOU know what your LEADERS have done to STRANGLE DIVERSITY?" 4/1994.

- Flyer, "HOW WE GOT HERE!!!" 4/1994.

- Flyer, "One meeting you must attend FINALLY THE ADMINISTRATORS ARE GOING TO LISTEN TO US," 4/1994.

- Flyer, "Come Support Diversity," 5/1994.

Series Two - "The Struggle Continues"

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 6 August to September 1994, News Articles

- Maneater article, "Diversity Grows With Enrollment," 8/30/1994.

- Maneater article, "New School Year Begins With New Goals For LBC," 8/30/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA, Coalition Discuss Diversity Board Funding," 9/2/1994.

- Maneater article, "MU Preps for New Black Center: $1.2 Million Set Aside," n.d.

- Maneater article, "Black Student Groups Aim to Support, Retain Students: Increased Enrollment Poses New Challenges," 9/13/1994.

- Maneater articles, "Leaders Consider Mergers," and "Group Faces Uncertain Time: After a Successful Year, Coalition Struggles to Reorganize," 9/13/1994.

- Maneater article, "The Break-in Period: First-time Minority Students Change Attitudes," 9/16/1994.

- Maneater article, "Selling Doesn't End When Students Arrive: Minority Leaders Switch from Recruit to Retain," 9/16/1994.

- Maneater article, "No Future Plans for Diversity Board," 9/20/1994.

- Maneater article, "GPC Faces Overhaul," 9/20/1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, "Students Rally for Diverse Programming," 9/27/1994.

- Columbia Missourian article, "Speaking Out: Group Protests Diversity Deficiency," 9/25/1994.

- Maneater article, "Rally Aims for Signatures, Support," 9/27/1994.

FF 7 October 1994 News Articles

- Columbia Missourian article, "M.U. Multicultural Ballot Hits Gridlock," 10/7/1994.

- Maneater article, "Diversity Plans Share Little Middle Ground: Groups Need to Reach Compromise to Achieve Programming Goals," n.d.

- Maneater article, "Petition Deadline Nearing," 10/4/1994.

- Maneater article, "NAACP Recruits New Students Who Want to Use Their Voices," 10/4/1994.

- Maneater article, "Ironing Out the Wrinkles: SOGA and MSA Define Their Boundaries," 10/7/1994.

- Maneater article, "Spike Lee Coming to MU--Maybe: Committee Gets $15,000," 10/7/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA Approves Conflicting Amendments: Coalition Turns in Petitions; Senate Responds with Measure," 10/7/1994.

- Maneater article, "Enrollment Figures Show Big Gain In Freshman: Recruitment of Minority Students has 'Changed the Face of MU,' Registrar Says," 10/11/1994.

- Maneater article, "Slates Line Up for MSA Election," 10/11/1994.

- Maneater article, "Money Talks: Coalition, MSA Discuss Referendum Finances," 10/14/1994.

- Maneater article, "LBC Leader Questioned In Letter," 10/18/1994.

- Maneater article, "Massey-Randolph Lone Slate," 10/18/1994.

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, "Kiesler Spends Hour Answering Students," 10/19/1994.

- Maneater article, "W. Magazine Funding Bill Sent to MSA Operations Committee," 10/21/1994.

- Maneater article, "LBC Officers Disagree About Diversity Amendment," 10/21/1994.

- Maneater article, 'New Coalition Joins Campus Diversity Debate," 10/25/1994.

- Maneater article, "GPC Backs MSA Referendum--with Its Own Terms," 10/28/1994.

- Maneater article, "They Didn't Prepare for Us: Some Black MU Freshmen Are Finding It Hard to Fit In Despite Vigorous University Recruitment Efforts," 10/28/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA, LBC Find Homes for Unwanted Books," 10/28/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA, Coalition Debate Amendments," 10/28/1994.

- Maneater articles, "Coalition Runs Into Student Court Roadblock," and "Petition Drive Deadline Extended to Wednesday," 10/30/1994.

FF 8 November - December News Articles

- Maneater article, "Massey/Randolph Reveal Their Plans for MSA: Stop Day, Parking and More Money for Women's Center Priorities for Slate," 11/1/1994.

- Maneater article, "W. Magazine Considers Seeking Independence From MSA," 11/1/1994.

- Maneater article, W. Magazine Finds Freedom From MSA," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater article, "Debates On MSA Issues Begin At Last," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater article, "Identity Concerns Addressed At AAA Luncheon," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater article, "Amendment Debate Gets Ugly," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater article, "Candidates Share Goals, Backgrounds," 11/8/1994.

- Maneater article, "MSA Slate Enters Diversity Debate," 11/21/1994.

- Maneater articles, "Massey/Randolph 1, Diversity 0," and "Coalition Files Complaint Over Posters," 11/15/1994.

- Maneater article, "Students, Staff Debate Responsibilities," 11/29/1994.

- Maneater article, "Complaint Hearings This Week," 11/29/1994.

- Maneater article, "Few Show for Forum On Racism," 12/2/1994.

- Maneater article, "Student Court Rules Against New Election: Justices Agree GPC Flier Broke Rules But Find No MSA Misconduct," 12/2/1994.

FF 9 September - October, 1994 Editorials [MISSING]

- Unknown newspaper editorial, "Pushing Forward," 9/1994.

- Unknown newspaper editorial, "Hitting the Ground Running," 9/13/1994.

- Unknown newspaper letters to the editor, "Coalition Clarifies," and "Diversity Problem?" 9/16/1994.

- Maneater column, "What Have You Done for Us Lately?" 9/20/1994.

- W. Magazine editorials, "M.U. Women Should Find Direction and, then, Engage In Progressive Coalitions," and "What the Coalition Wants," 9/24/1994.

- Unknown newspaper editorial, "Self-Serving Actions," 9/30/1994.

- Maneater column, "Fascism, not Democracy," 9/30/1994.

- Maneater advertisement, "Diversity is Good. Misinformation is Bad," 10/4/1994.

- Unknown newspaper letter to the editor, "Diversity Defended," 10/14/1994.

- Maneater letters to the editor, "Assume Nothing," and "MU not Missouri," 10/4/1994.

- Maneater column, "Hitting Brick Walls," 10/7/1994.

- Maneater letters to the editor, "MSA for Students," and "Columbus No Hero," 10/1994.

- Maneater article, "Information Violation," 10/18/1994.

- Unknown newspaper letter to the editor, "Thanks Columbus," 10/18/1994.

- Maneater column, "Bob Dole Versus W.", 10/25/1994.

- Maneater letter to the editor, "Love It or Leave It," 10/28/1994.

FF 10 November - December, 1994, Editorials

- Maneater letters to the editor, "Diversity," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater advertisement, "Make the Informed Choice," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater editorial, "Three Plus Four Equals Zero," 11/4/1994.

- Maneater columns, "What Is Diversity, Anyway?", "Election '94 Cut Down To Size" and "Looking At the Big Picture," 11/8/1994.

- Maneater advertisement, "When You Vote for Massey/Randolph," 11/8/1994.

- Maneater letters to the editor, "Elections," and "Replies," 11/8/1994.

- Maneater letter to the editor, "I would like to respond . . .," 11/8/1994.

- Maneater letters to the editor, "Realigning MSA"; "Thank You List"; "Don't Assume," 11/15/1994.

- Maneater letters to the editor, "Sick and Tired," and "Airing Opinions," 11/29/1994.

- Maneater letters to the editor, "Just Getting Along," and "Lessons In Thought," 12/2/1994.

FF 11 Coalition - Missouri Student Association - Petitions, Fall 1994

- Hand-written notes: minutes of a Coalition meeting, n.d.

- Letter sent to the Maneater, ca. 1994.

- "Mission of the Proposed Multinational Programming Board" statement, labeled "Coalition Proposal to MSA," ca. 1994.

- "Flow Chart for the Proposed Multinational Programming Board," ca. 1994.

- "A Plan of Action": the MSA Multicultural Board proposal, ca. 1994.

- "Media Release" from the "Coalition of Concerned Students at MU," 9/24/1994.

- Informational handout and invitation to attend a rally, ca. 1994.

- Letter from "Office of Student Development" regarding "MSA Procedures for an Initiative or Referendum," 9/21/1994.

- Letter from "Office of Student Development" regarding enrollment figures and number of petition signatures needed, 9/30/1994.

- Agenda of MSA meeting, including text of MSA "Multicultural Funding" amendment, 10/5/1994.

- Agenda of MSA meeting, including text of Coalition amendment, 10/19/1994.

- Coalition "Constitutional Referendum Proposal," ca. 1994.

- W. Magazine funding proposal, "Bill #241," ca. 1994.

- Break-down of how new funds for W. Magazine would be applied, ca. 1994.

- Fourteen invalidated petition sheets, ca. 1994.

- Essay, with annotations, "Parity In Participation, by Carolus Taylor," n.d.

- Essay (with cover letter to "Carolus Taylor, Student Services Advisor"), "Participation in Parity: A response to Carolus Taylor's 'Parity in Participation," 10/18/1994.

- Letter to Coalition leadership from the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, in regard to the Coalition leaderships' response to Carolus Taylor's essay, 10/21/1994.

- Letter from Coalition leadership, in regard to students' constitutional rights, 10/18/1994.

- "Agenda," 10/1994.

- Sample ballot for the Missouri Student Association Election held 11/9/1994.

- Vote tabulation for MSA election, 11/1994

FF 12 Student Court-Coalition, Fall 1994

- Letter to the Chief Justice of the Student Court, regarding whether the Coalition's proposal constituted an initiative or a referendum, 10/5/1994.

- A "Record of Court Activity," in regard to finding the Coalition's proposal is a referendum, 10/5/1994.

- Two complaints to the "Student Court": regarding a violation of procedures by the "Board of Elections," and regarding the destruction of Coalition sponsored election posters, 11/14/1994.

- Notice to appear at a meeting of the "Student Court," ca. 1994.

- Subpoena of Lasandra Pearl to appear at the 12/1/1994 session of the "Student Court.

- Subpoena of Clarence Lang to appear at the 12/1/1994 session of the "Student Court".

- "Student Court Case Material" for Coalition vs. MSA, 12/1/1994.

FF 13 Black Culture Center, Fall - 1994

- "Black Culture Center Objectives," n.d.

- Notice to "Black Culture Center Planning Committee" members, regarding sub-committees, 5/31/1994.

- Minutes of the "Program Sub-committee" of the "Black Culture Center Planning Committee," 6/14/1994.

- Minutes of the "Space Needs/Program Sub-Committee," 6/15/1994.

- "Future of the Black Culture Center Planning Committee: Administrative Subcommittee Meeting," including two reports - "Proposal: The Langston Hughes Black Studies Research and Cultural Center," and "Close Encounters of the Racial Kind: African-Centered Programming On Predominately White Campuses," 6/23/1994.

- Reminder to committee members to attend the next session of the "Black Culture Center Planning Sub-committee," 7/15/1994.

- Minutes of a meeting of the "Black Culture Center Planning Committee Programming Sub-committee, 7/21/1994.

- Memo to members of the "Black Culture Center Planning Committee," 8/2/1994.

- Minutes of a meeting of the "Black Culture Center Planning Committee," 8/2/1994.

FF 14 Black Student Leadership/Organizations, Fall 1994

- Flyer, "LBC's mixing it up!!!" ca. 1994.

- Letter from the President of the LBC, to the "Members of the Coalition" regarding the LBC's withdrawal from the "Coalition," 11/22/1994.

- Letter from the President of the LBC, to two individual members of the "Coalition," regarding use of the name and reputation of the LBC for "Coalition" purposes," 11/22/1994.

- Primetime: Magazine of Black Culture Center vol. 2, no. 1, Sept./Oct. 1994.

- The Voice of the People: Black Students for Progressive Change Newsletter vol. 3, no. 2, 11/1994.

- Untitled, three page essay in which the actions of the President of the LBC in relation to the "Coalition" (see above) are criticized, ca. 1994.

- Official statement by the MU branch chapter of the NAACP, regarding actions by the leadership of the "Black Students for Progressive Change" (BSPA), 11/4/1994.

- Minutes of a meeting of the LBC's Executive Board, 9/11/1994.

- "Statement of Purpose" for the "Black Programming Committee," (BPC) included is the proposed budget, ca. 1994.

- Letter from the Coordinator for Student Organizations, to the leadership of the "Black Students for Progressive Change," regarding actions by the BSPC, 11/2/1994.

FF 15 Asian Leadership/Organization, Fall 1994

- Letter from the UMC Chancellor to the editor of Korean-American Journal, regarding funding for student activities, 10/19/1994.

- Letter from an Asian member of the "Coalition" leadership, questioning the funding figures stated by the UMC Chancellor, 10/31/1994.

- Letter from the UMC Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, regarding statements made in an article authored by an Asian member of the "Coalition," 11/28/1994 and 11/30/1994.

- Letter from the author of the above mentioned article, to UMC's Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, regarding "Asian/Asian-American organizational funding," 12/12/1994.

- Letter from the UMC Vice Chancellor to an Asian member of the "Coalition" leadership, 12/20/1994.

- Informational handout announcing events of interest to members of the Asian/Asian-American Association, including Coalition related events, 10/1994.

- Informational handout, "Cultural Genocide at Big Mountain," 11/1994.

- The Elliptic: An Asian/Asian-American Forum (the AAA newsletter) vol. 1, no. 1, 11/1/1994.

FF 16. (Contents of the folder originally labeled, "Journals, Fall 1994":

- Primetime vol. 2, no. 1, September - October 1994.

- Frontier vol. 1, no. 1, 1994.

- The Elliptic: An Asian/Asian-American Forum vol. 1, no. 1, November 1994.

- The Voice of the People vol. 3, no. 1, October 1994.

- The Voice of the People vol. 3, no. 2, November 1994.

- The Voice of the People vol. 3, no. 3, May 1994.

- The African-Americanist vol. 6, no. 1, Fall 1994.

- LBC: Legion of Black Collegians Newsletter no. 1, December 12, 1994.

- W. Magazine vol. 1, no. 1, February 2, 1994.

- W. Magazine, March 30, 1994.

- W. Magazine vol. 2, no. 1, September 28, 1994.

- W. Magazine, November 9, 1994.

- W. Magazine, November 23, 1994.

FF 17 Papers Fall 1994

- "Eyes on the Prize . . . Still: A History of the Independent Student Coalition" by Lisen J. Tammeus, Spring 1994.

- "Participation in Parity: A response to Carolus Taylor's 'Parity in Participation,'" by Sarah Karp, Jennifer Choi, Stephen C. Ferguson II, and Clarence Lang, 10/1994.

FF 18 Fliers - Fall 1994

- Flyer, "You Have A Right To Say How Your Student Fees Should Be Spent . . . Stay Tuned For The 411," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Time For Action," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "You Have A Right To Say How Your Student Fees Should Be Spent . . . Come To The Rally 6 P.M. Monday At The Black Culture Center, 823 Virginia Av.," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "The Coalition? Radical, Separatist - Don't Believe The Hype," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "ALERT!!! Your Student Government Is Screwing You Over!!!" ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Mission Of The Proposed Multicultural Programming Board," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Mission Of The Proposed Multicultural Programming Board" (Second Version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Asians Are Not Silent Minorities," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "MSA Embarks On A Political Campaign Against The Coalition's Plan Using Your Money," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Why We Need Multicultural Education At MU," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Do You Know What You Are Voting For?" ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "More Sanctimonious Arrogance," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Making MSA Work Better For All Students - Amendment 4," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Fight The Power," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Do The Right Thing," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "It's 1994 . . . Do You Know Where Your MSA Senator Is?" ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Amendment 4," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "MSA vs. The Students," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "No Taxation Without Representation," ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Do The Right Thing," (large version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Amendment 4" (large version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Fight The Power" (large version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "MSA vs. The Students" (large version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "It's 1994 . . . Do you Know Where Your MSA Senator Is?" (large version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "No Taxation Without Representation" (large version), ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Where Is W. Magazine, MU's Only News Magazine For And About College Women?" ca. 1994.

- Flyer, "Betta Ask Somebody . . . ," ca. 1994.

FF 19 Struggle Continues, 1995

- "Black Studies/Culture Center Proposal," 2/18/1995.

- "Black Studies/Culture Center Proposal" (Draft #1), ca. 1995.

- Informational handout, "Rally/Picnic For a New Culture/Research Center," 4/1995.

- Form letter, to Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, regarding consolidation of Black Culture Center and Studies Program, ca. 1995.

- Media release, "Spring Rally Repeat: Students to hold rally to demand combining Black Studies Program, Culture Center in new building," 3/20/1995.

- Informational handout, "The Crisis of Black Culture," n.d.

- Informational handout, "What Happens To A Dream Deferred?" 3/1995.

- Media release, "Students Hold Rally, Picnic to Support Black Studies and Culture Center." Two copies, one with annotations and revisions, 4/28/1995.

- Rally budget, n.d.

- Five possible "Black Studies and Culture Center" logos, ca. 1995.

- Maneater article, "Black Culture Center Proposals Get No Response," 3/7/1995.

- Maneater article, "Same Fight Different Year: Administration Rejects BCC Proposal; Students Hold Rally," 3/21/1995.

- Maneater letter to the editor, "Make BCC a Priority," 3/24/1995.

Series Three - Other Historical Materials

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 20 Budget Summaries, Fall 1994

- Missouri Students Association (MSA) 1992-1993 Budget Summary.

- Student Organizations Student Activities Fee 1993-1994 Budget.

- Student Organizations Student Activities Fee 1994-1995 Budget.

- Missouri Students Association 1994-1995 Budget Summary.

- Legion of Black Collegians Proposed Student Activities Budget for Fiscal Year 1994-1995.

FF 21 SOAC Budget 1994

- Student Activity Fee Budget Summary 1994-1995.

FF 22 End of Year Reports 1993-1994

- "1993-1994 End of the Year Report: Missouri Students Association."

- "Student Legal Services Report FY 1993-1994."

- "End of the Year Report 1993-1994: MSA Student Activities; MSA Department of Student Services; Peer Leadership Educators."

- "Coordinator for Student Organizations, End of Year Report: July 1993 - June, 1994."

- "Center for Student Involvement, End of Year Report--Fiscal Year 1993-1994."

- "MSA Senate Survey Results, April 25, 1994."

- "Student Organization Opinion Survey Results," n.d.

FF 23 MSA/SOAC Rules and Regulations, Fall 1994: Procedures, Constitutions/By Laws/Policies

- A list of "MU International Organizations Officers," 9/12/1994.

- "Statistical Report of Students, Faculty, and Staff from Other Countries, University of Missouri-Columbia: 1993-1994."

- GPC Articles III: "Funding of Co-Sponsored Activities and Services," and IV: "Student Referendums," n.d.

- Tabulation of Allocations: "MU Student Activity Fees 1994-1995."

- Excerpts from MSA Constitution: "Chapter 7: Association Election Laws," n.d.

- "M-Book, Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri/Columbia, 1994-1995."

- "SOAC Bylaws" (Student Organizations Allocation Committee), n.d.

- "Student Organizations Allocation Committee, 1994-1995 Mid-Year Funding Information." (SOAC)

- "Student Organizations Allocation Committee, Mid-Year Funding Information," (SOAC) including a "1994-1995 Sample Funding Request," and the "Student Organization Allocation Committee, Purpose Statement and Funding Guidelines 1994-1995," (SOAC)

- "Student Organization Allocation Committee, 1994-1995, Funding Packet.' (SOAC)- Diagram explaining the "New Student Organization Recognition Process," 10/1993.

- SOAC (Student Organizations Allocation Committee) "1994-1995 Budget Request Timeline," 1/18/1994.

- Blank "Student Organizations Allocations Committee Member Application," (SOAC), n.d.

- "Recommendations for Budgetary Amendment Procedures (for the MSA?)," n.d.

FF 24 Other General Historical Information, 1985-1995: Context Information to Student Activities

- "South Africa Perspectives: South Africa Fact Sheet," 1/1984.

- Maneater article, "Curators Approve Small Divestment: Only $5 Million Affected," 12/10/1985.

- "Shiteater" (Maneater parody, with several articles on divestiture), 12/10/1985.

- Columbia Missourian, Sunday Supplement article, "South Africa: Divided They Stand," 8/24/1986.

- Informational handout, "Freedom Of Speech . . . Protest Tuesday," n. d.

- Letter of thanks to the "Shanty Town Activists," from the "Members of the Policy Committee," ca. 1986.

- Informational handout, "Shanty Town: Wednesday, October 15, Noon."

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, Shacks Raise Ire and Awareness," 11/2/1986.

- Informational handout, 'Shanty Town Celebration: Divest Now," ca. 1986.

- Letter of complaint concerning arrests of protesters at MU, 11/6/1986.

- Informational handout, "Homecoming on the Quad . . . candlelight vigil for divestment," ca. 1986.

- Informational handout, "Educational Forum on South Africa," ca. 1986.

- Moving Up article, "Divestment - Just the Beginning?," ca. 1986.

- Page of photographs from an unknown publication, picturing minorities and protesters, ca. 1986.

- Handwritten essay entitled: "Life Under Apartheid," n.d.

- Informational handout, "Shanty Town: We're Looking for a Few Good Longhairs," ca. 1986.

- Columbia Daily Tribune article, "A Cry for Change: Carla Weitzel's Passionate Commitment to Social Justice Has Made Her a Central Figure in the Battle to Divest MU's Funds In South Africa," 11/16/1986.

- A "Statement to the Intercampus Council": "The Apartheid and Divestment Connection at the University of Missouri," 10/30/1986.

- Informational handout, "When Some People Walk Past Shanty Town They Say: 'It's a Disgrace," 12/1986.

- Poster, "Students! If You Value Your Right To Free Speech," ca. 1986.

- Informational handout (from the "St Louis Branch" of the "Revolutionary Communist Party"), "Against Amerikkka's Open Season On Black People," n.d.

- "Three introductory essays and notes on the artists," for a UMC Museum of Art and Archaeology exhibit entitled, "Tradition and Conflict: Images of A Turbulent Decade, 1963-1973," 11/1986.

- "Senate Bill No. 269," 1/20/1987.

- Program, "Let Freedom Ring: In Commemoration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.," 1/19/1987.

- Press release from the ACLU/Mid-Missouri, "ACLU Announces Dismissal of All Charges Against Shantytown 17," 2/2/1987.

- Informational handout, "Side With Dr. King," 2/1987.

- Program, "'The Black History Month Committee': Dr. Mary F. Berry, 2/3/1987.

- Press release, "The Missouri Rural Crisis Center," 2/10/1987.

- "Black History Month Program Guide," 2/1987.

- Newsweek, On Campus article, "New Battlegrounds: The Divestment Drive Moves On Several Fronts," 3/1987.

- Informational handout, "A Commemoration of Dr. King and His Hope for World Peace," n.d.

- Informational handout, "Humanitarian Aid Needed," ca. 1987.

- Informational handout, "Mizzou Rally To Show Concerns of Blacks," 4/1987.

- Informational handout, "Mobilization For Justice and Peace In Central America and South Africa," 4/1987.

- Letter to the editor, 6/1/1987.

- Letter to the University of Missouri President, ca. 1987.

- Letter to the editor, 7/9/1987.

- Letter to the University of Missouri Board of Curators, 7/9/1987.

- Press release from the "Columbia Divestment Movement," 8/13/1987.

- Agenda for the "Divestment Organizers Meeting," 9/1/1987.

- Informational handout, "Action Alert: Information for Action on Southern African Issues," 10/7/1987.

- Schedule of events for the "United Nations Anti-Apartheid Day" and "Shantytown Anniversary," 10/10/1987.

- A blank "October 10th Organizing Petition," ca. 1987.

- Lyrics, "Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing," by James Weldon Johnson, n.d.

- "University of Missouri Board of Curators Finance Committee Public Hearing Guidelines," 10/13/1987.

- Photocopy with annotations, of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Letter From Birmingham Jail," n.d.

- Letter from the University of Missouri Board of Curators, to "Lorraine Crouch," 9/29/1987.

- Letter from the University of Missouri Board of Curators, to "Lorraine Crouch," 10/6/1987.

- Information on "Nonviolent Strategy, n.d.

- Maneater article, "Kathryn Bensen: Crying Freedom," 1/15/1988.

- Informational handout, "Announcing: The 2nd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Symposium on Southern Africa," 4/1988.

- "Fact Sheet: The Church In South Africa," 5/1988.

- Informational handout, "Anti-Apartheid Day: October 10th, 1988."

- "LBC 1988-89 Platform," ca. 1988.

- St Louis Post Dispatch, news analysis article, "Enforcement Relaxed For Colleges: Blacks' Progress Reversed By U.S. Rules, Critics Say," 2/19/1989.

- Prime Time vol. 1, 2/1989.

Series Four - Associated Publications

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 25 Other General Historical Information, 1985-1995: Context Information To Student Activism

- The Voice of the People vol. 2. no. 1, 10/1992.

- Prime Time vol. 1, no. 1, 9/1992.

- Prime Time Newsletter, n. d.

- List of "structural concerns," and "resources needed" by the "Black Students Organizational Council," 9/27/1993.

- Hand-written notes pertaining to UMC minority and multi-cultural student groups, ca. 1993.

- Hand-written notes on important events in the history of the LBC, ca. 1993.

- Umoja: Legion of Black Collegians Newsletter vol. 1, no. 1, 10/1993.

- Handout from "Legion of Black Collegians" with the lyrics to James Weldon Johnson's "Lift Every Voice And Sing," ca. 1993.

- Outline of Objectives for Black Students, n.d.

- "Multicultural Task Force February 28, 1994, (meeting) Agenda," and attached documents."

- "Multicultural Task Force Proposal for Wakonse Retreat," ca. 1994.

- "Goals," pertaining to minority matters at the University of Missouri, ca. 1994.

- Flyer, announcing the first meeting of the "Black History Month Committee," 6/13/1994.

- "Black History Month Organizational Meeting . . . Agenda," 6/24/1994.

- Minutes of a meeting of the "Black History Month Planning Committee," 6/24/1994.

- Letter, to a member, announcing a meeting of the "Black history Month Programming Sub-Committee," 7/15/1994.

- "Black History Month Meeting Agenda," 7/22/1994.

- Memo, announcing a meeting of the "Black History Month Planning Committee," 8/3/1994.

- Letter to the South African Ambassador to the United States, from a member of the "Black History Month Planning Committee," 11/15/1994.

- "Black History Month Meeting Agenda," 11/16/1994.

- "Outline for a Meeting," for an unnamed organization (Black Culture Center, Shanty Towns, and the Student Coalition are among topics to be addressed), ca. 1995.

- List of "People Involved with Shanty Towns", ca. 1994 - "Agenda," apparently for a meeting of the Student Coalition, ca. 1994.

- An essay addressing the ". . . current controversy between the MSA and the Multicultural Programming Board," ca. 1994.

- One purple and one black ribbon clipped together by a small safety pin, n.d.

FF 26 Back issues of Blackout, an early newsletter generated by and for UMC's black students

- Blackout vol. 1, no. 2, 2/12/1970.

- Blackout vol. 1, no. 3, 2/26/1970.

- Blackout vol. 1, no. 4, 3/12/1970.

- Blackout vol. 1, no. 5, 4/16/1970.

- Blackout vol. 1, no. 6, 4/23/1970.

- Blackout vol. 2, no. 2, 12/16/1970.

- Blackout vol. 2, no. 3, 2/18/1971.

- Blackout vol. 3, no. 1, 10/13/1971.

- Blackout vol. 3, no. 2, 10/29/1971.

- Blackout vol. 3, no. 3, 11/12/1971.

- Blackout vol. 3, no. 4, 12/3/1971.

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