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Box 1-102684
Box 2-102685
Box 3-UMLD1
Box 4-Ellis

Record Group: 3 C
Record Sub-Group: 12
Records Title: UMC; College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Department of Dairy Science; Administrative Records
Dates: 1896-1976
Volume: 2 and 5/6 cubic feet, 3.5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains office files of the department chairman of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources' Department of Dairy Science. Included in this Sub-Group are department histories (published and unpublished) and records pertaining to construction of the Animal Industry Building (Eckles Hall), the Dairy Barn fire, and J.C. Penney and his donation of the Foremost Guernsey herd to MU. Also included in the Sub-Group are photos of J. C. Penney's Foremost Southern Girl and two other Guernsey cows loaned to Admiral Richard Byrd for a voyage to the Antarctic, as well as files concerning the construction and use of "West Farm" or "Foremost Guernsey Farm" at Midway, Missouri, and construction and use of "Hatch Dairy Farm" at Hannibal, Missouri.
Note to Researcher: This Sub-Group includes a copy of The James Cash Penney Story by A.C. Ragsdale. Penney received an honorary degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Missouri.

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group is not divided into separate record series. Arrangement follows the original, topical order.


Box 1

FF 1 - Golden Anniversary History, 1922-1962, includes printed publications, includes Fifty Years in the Service of Agriculture, 1888-1938, by the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station, MU, ca. 1938, Serving Missouri Agriculture: Report of the University of Missouri Division of Agricultural Sciences, ca. 1950.

FF 2 - MU College of Agriculture Centennial Year, 1970-1971, includes schedules of events, printed programs, and a copy of Brief Historical Notes regarding College of Agriculture UMC and Departments on the Occasion of Presentation of Centennial Medallions and Plaques.

FF 3 - Farmer's Week, 1914-1938, includes programs, copies of presentations and attendance statistics. Event was used to present research discoveries to farmers.

FF 4 - Farm and Home Week (formerly "Farmer's Week"), 1939-1947, includes programs, some handwritten attendance statistics.

FF 5 - Farm Forum, 1950-1960, includes yearly topics, programs, presentations, annual banquet programs.

FF 6 - Campus Academic Plan Resource Management Program, 1973-1974.

FF 7 - Department of Dairy Husbandry Histories, 1896-1973, includes University Dairy Herd, by C. H. Eckles, as well as other printed and typed histories.

FF 8 - Department of Dairy Husbandry History, 1969, a typed manuscript by A.C. Ragsdale, including bibliographies of faculty and staff.

FF 9 - Dairy Husbandry, Staff Secretaries in Agricultural Organizations, 1952.

FF 10 - Dairy Day, 1950-1961, includes programs, correspondence, and photos.

FF 11 - Event Programs, 1963-1975, including Dairy Research Day 3/28/1963, Milk and Food Sanitation Conference, 04/04-06/1966, and Missouri Dairymen's Institute, 03/20-22/1975.

FF 12 - June, Dairy Month, 1961-1964.

FF 13 - C. H. (Clarence Henry) Eckles, 1908-1939, organized MU dairy department, Chairman 1901-1919. Includes a list of invitations to speak, ca. 1908-1918, biographies, and gifts from former students, news clippings regarding his death in 1933, dedication program for Eckles Hall.

FF 14 - C. H. Eckles, includes photographs and negatives.

FF 15 - A. C. (Arthur Chester) Ragsdale, 1937-1969, Department Chairman. Includes news clippings and a copy of "In Memory of ACR" (typewritten).

FF 16 - A.C. Ragsdale Lecture Notes, ca. 1937. Including "Elements of Dairying," and "Dairy Farming and Its Relation to Agriculture."

FF 17 - "Dairy Husbandry Goals and Objectives," 10 year plans, ca. 1950-1970.

FF 18 - Long Range Planning Committee, 1968-1970.

FF 19 - Self Evaluation Report - Comprehensive Review, 1977.

FF 20 - Animal Industry Building (Eckles Hall) Specifications, 1938 (alteration and additions, originally built, ca. 1901).

FF 21 - Eckles Hall Correspondence, 1933-1948, including hand-drawn "Farm Campus 1937" with template for additions, "Why a New Dairy Building is Needed at the UM," correspondence regarding planning and funding.

FF 22 - Eckles Hall Dedication, 1939, includes program, news clips, lists of persons invited, photos of Eckles family at dedication, and correspondence.

FF 23 - Eckles Hall Equipment, 1938-1939, includes equipment lists, building plans with equipment locations, and correspondence.

FF 24 - Eckles Hall Equipment, 1938-1939.

FF 25 - Eckles Hall Creamery, 1938-1939, 1961, includes correspondence regarding equipment.

FF 26 - Eckles Hall Space Allocation, 1979.

FF 27 - Dairy Barn, 1958-1959, includes news clippings regarding fire that destroyed barn used since 1912, and correspondence regarding losses and replacement.

Box 2

FF 28 - West Dairy Farms, n.d., includes topographical maps showing Foremost Guernsey and Holstein-Jersey farms.

FF 29 - Boundary Line Dispute, 1929-1948.

FF 30 - J. C. (James Cash) Penney Biographical Information, 1940-1976, includes short biographies, news clippings, and a copy of The James Cash Penney Story, by A.C. Ragsdal.)

FF 31 - J.C. Penney Writings and Publications, 1940-1960, includes publications, speeches, addresses, and articles written by Penney. Of special interest: "Practical Livestock Operation on the Six JCP Missouri Farms", "Farming and Livestock Breeding is My Business", "My Interest in Agriculture", and "Food Will Win the War..."

FF 32 - Foremost Guernsey History 1942-1971, includes a printed herd history, photos of 3 Guernsey cows loaned to Admiral Byrd for a voyage to the Antarctic.

FF 33 - Foremost Guernsey at MU - Publicity, 1940-1957, includes news clips and releases regarding donation of herd and its arrival in Missouri.

FF 34 - Foremost Guernsey Endowment, 1953-1961.

FF 35 - Foremost Guernsey Correspondence, 1952-1954. includes documentation regarding the transfer of the Foremost herd to the University of Missouri.

FF 36 - J.C. Penney Correspondence, 1950-1970.

FF 37 - J.C. Penney Gifts and Grants, 1961-1964, includes documentation of a grant of $10,000 to purchase livestock, gift of livestock.

FF 38 - Foremost Farm Construction, 1952-1961.

FF 39 - Foremost Farm Employee Housing Construction, 1952-1960.

FF 40 - Survey of Insurance, 1953, includes an inventory and appraisal of MU farm buildings and photos of property.

FF 41 - Foremost Guernsey Fund, 1951-1969, includes budget and financial statements.

FF 42 - Foremost Guernsey Fund, 1951-1969.

FF 43 - Foremost Farm Employees, 1953-1967.

FF 44 - Herd Information, 1951-1961, includes pedigrees, herd sires, production records of selected cows, leases, and herd health.

FF 45 - Herd Information, 1951-1961.

FF 46 - Samuel Berke, 1960-1961, includes documentation of a gift of bull, "Deep Lake Flash's Hermes."

FF 47 - J. M. McDonald 1952-1956, includes documentation of a possible gift of bull, includes printed The J.M. McDonald Story, by Price and Bohling.

FF 48 - Advertisements Foremost Guernsey, 1954-1961.

FF 49 - Foremost Guernsey Association, 1940-1971, includes financial statements.

FF 50 - American Guernsey Cattle Club Judges Conference, 1955-1956.

FF 51 - Hatch Farm History, 1930-1968, includes a Memorandum of Understanding between UM and USDA.

FF 52 - Hatch Farm Reports, 1932-1955.

FF 53 - Hatch Farm Reports, 1932-1955.

FF 54 - Hatch Farm Reports, 1932-1955.

FF 55 - Hatch Farm Field Day, 1934-1963.

FF 56 - Works Progress Administration and Civil Works Projects, 1933-1935.

FF 57 - Inventories, 1932-1968.

Box 3

FF 58 - Hatch Farm Construction, 1930.

FF 59 - Hatch Farm Construction, 1931-1949.

FF 60 - Hatch Farm Blueprints, 1930-1933.
Note to Archivist: Seventeen blueprints, two diazotype architectural drawings and one map have been removed from FF 60 and placed in OSF 1.

FF 61 - Ledger sheets, 02/1950 - 08/1957, includes charges by MU for testing Missouri dairy herds.

FF 62 - Ledger sheets, 02/1950 - 08/1957, includes charges by MU for testing Missouri dairy herds.

FF 63 - Ledger sheets, 02/1950 - 08/1957, includes charges by MU for testing Missouri dairy herds.

FF 64 - Dairyman's Honor Club, 1947-1963, includes cards with name of individual or dairy and the butterfat average for herd.

Box 4

Four bound ledgers of charges and payments by individuals and group houses, fraternities, and dormitories for butter, milk, and cream, including "Butter Wagon" and "Creamery Sales." Also included in the ledgers are notations for Hatch Farm wages and sales, and for purchases of breeding animals, hay and equipment.

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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