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University President Walter Williams
Walter Williams
UMC Archives (C:1/12/2)

Record Group: 1 C
Record Sub-Group: 5
Records Title: UMC; Administration; President Walter Williams (1931-1935); Walter Williams Memorabilia
Dates: 1879-1950
Volume: 5 cubic feet, 6.25 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains the correspondence, articles, news clippings, lectures, photographs, cartoons, and personal memorabilia of Walter Williams (1879-1950).

Biographical Note:

In 1908, Williams, a successful and influential newspaper editor, was chosen to be first Dean of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He served in that capacity until elected President of the University in 1930. His tenure as University President continued until 1935, the year of his death.

Note to Archivist: Box one of the collection has been microfilmed. The microfilm roll is stored in the microfilm cabinet (MFC) which is located in the University Archives Reading Room. Digital scans of three oversize photographic prints in OSB 3 and the school certificate in OSF 1 have been made. A CD of these scans is stored with Digital Media.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is organized into four record series. Arrangement within each series is governed by original order.

Series One is principally composed of scrapbooks and albums containing photos, newspaper clippings, programs, dinner menus, postcards, correspondence, publications of lectures, and lists of delegates to meetings of the Press Congress of the World (ca. 1916-1931).

Series Two contains photographs, caricatures, and cartoons of Walter Williams.

Series Three holds manuscripts of published newspaper travel articles, bound travel books by Walter Williams, publications of his lectures in Spanish, and a Chinese University Yearbook.

Series Four contains biographical information, published and unpublished writings, materials concerning some organizations Walter Williams belonged to (including the Gridiron and Round Table Clubs), memorabilia concerning the Sunday school class he taught for ten years, his request for a personal salary reduction during the Depression, and his resignation from the MU Presidency. This series also includes bound scrapbooks compiled by Sara Lockwood Williams, containing news clippings, telegrams, and congratulatory letters.

Series Outline:

  1. Series One - Press Congress of the World (1916-1931)
  2. Series Two - Photographs and Drawings
  3. Series Three - Travel Memorabilia
  4. Series Four - Biographical Memorabilia


Series One - Press Congress of the World

Box 1

Item 1 - Press Congress of the World 1921 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Photo album includes photos, postcards, programs, tickets, souvenirs, reception ceremonies, tours of the area, trophies and awards, persons at Congress (few identified), 1921

Item 2 - Publicity album consisting of news clippings and releases written by Congress participants regarding activities and events at Congress, ca. 1921-1922

Series One - Press Congress of the World (cont'd)


Item 1 - Press Congress of the World 1926 in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo album contains photos, postcards, programs, menus, and souvenirs showing delegates (few identified) at pre-Congress activities, 1926

Item 2 - Another photo album contains photos, programs, news clippings, invitations, and menus showing activities of European tour (France, Belgium, England, Switzerland)

Series One - Press Congress of the World (cont'd)


Item 1 - Press Congress of the World Regional Meeting, 1931 in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo album contains programs, posters, publicity, news clippings and releases about activities and events during Congress. Correspondence between Fred S. Siebert and Frank L. Martin about arrangements for Congress, 1931

Item 2 - First Pan-American Congress of Journalists, 1926 in Washington, D.C. Scrapbook contains photos (most identified), programs, menus, postcards, invitations, entertainment programs, delegate lists, and news releases, 1926

Item 3 - Brochure for the Press Congress of the World 1935 in Melbourne, entitled "New Sovereigns of the Pacific," 1935

Item 4 - Press Congress of the World 1916-1926. Folder includes printed bulletins and programs for the years Walter Williams was President, 1916-1926

Series Two - Photographs


Item 1 - Walter Williams building, ca. 1935

Item 2 - Staff forced to spend night in office during siege, 12/1905

Item 3 - Chinese or Japanese village or university

Item 4 - Charles H. Grasty

Item 5 - G. Chacorz Family in Guatemala, 08/27/1930

Item 6 - J. Mahurdaira -"In remembrance of the pleasant visit to the School of Journalism...," 11/09/1926

Item 7 - Oriental man in uniform with decorations and sword

Item 8 - Chang-tso lin - Viceroy of Manchuria

Item 9 - E. Aguival - Philippines, 07/26/1928

Item 10 - Armistice celebration, Waseday University, 11/16/1918

Item 11 - Matsuji and Aiko Muneo

Item 12 - Carlo Palma, Guatemala, 08/27/1930

Item 13 - Cheng Hsing-Qing

Item 14 - Walter Williams and Olie Russell with others in car in Japan, 03/07/1914

Item 15 - Walter Williams, Jesus Valenguela and others, Tea at the Philippine Columbian, Manila, 07/26/1928

Item 16 - Walter Williams in journalism class with students and Jesus Valenguela, 07/26/1928

Item 17 - Ten former students of Walter Williams and rest of staff of Japan Advertiser and Trans-Pacific, 11/13/1921

Item 18 - Walter Williams and group of Asian students

Item 19 - Galilee, 1902

Item 20 - James A. Barr birthday dinner, 07/19/1915

Item 21 - Walter Williams seated portrait by Strauss, 1912

Item 22 - Walter Williams standing portrait by Strauss, 1912

Item 23 - Walter Williams in academic gown (engraving with signature)

Item 24 - Walter Williams at desk given by class, 1920

Item 25 - Walter Williams head portrait by Paul Parsons

Item 26 - Walter Williams, General Jose Francisco Uriburu, Mrs. Williams in Casa Rosatas in Buenos Aires, 08/1931

Item 27 - Walter Williams and foreign correspondents, 01/01/1931

Item 28 - Walter Williams and group, J.B. Powell and family in Shangai, 1927

Item 29 - Mussolini, photograph inscribed to Walter Williams

Item 30 - Picnic or barbecue, ca. 1890

Item 31 - Missouri Press Association in Hannibal, MO, 08/20/1890

Item 32 - Walter Williams and members of "Time Passing Club" (a.k.a. "True Principles Club"), ca. 1880's

Item 33 - Printed sheet with Walter Williams relief and Journalist Creed ("In memory of Walter Williams"), 1935

Item 34a - Walter Williams and family in automobile by L. Quinn

Item 34b - Walter Williams at desk by L. Quinn

Item 34c - Walter Williams portrait (older) by L. Quinn

Item 34d - Walter Williams portrait (younger) by L. Quinn

Item 34e - Walter Williams in academic robes by L. Quinn

Item 35 - M.U. President's House, 06/05/1935

Item 36 - President Walter Williams & Dean Masterson, M.U. President's House, 06/17/1935

Series Three - Travel Memorabilia

Box 2

FF 1 - Columbia Herald clips and Daily Mo Editor - contains articles written by Walter Williams: life in Columbia, politics, churches, movement to remove university from Columbia, travel articles, and Missouri President Association meeting, 1890-1891 and 1896

FF 2 - World's President Parliament at the Universal Exposition, St. Louis - contains copy of paper bound book consisting of proceedings of Parliament (Walter Williams was Secretary of Executive Committee), 05/19-21/1904

FF 3 - Travel articles - contains manuscripts of articles printed in Herald - Articles 1-10 from England and Ireland are more of a political, social and economic commentary, 1913-1914

FF 4 - Travel articles 11-18 concern Russia, France, Germany, Higher Cost of Living, One Man One Vote, Not Peace But a Sword

FF 5 - Travel articles 19-30 are from Java, Australia, Yap-Caroline Islands, Philippine Islands, China, Japan, America in the East, India

FF 6 - Some Saints and Some Sinners in the Holy Land - contains hard-bound book regarding a journey in Palestine and has photos of party members that include Walter Williams, J.H. Moss, Shailer Mathews, Orr Wark, F.J. Galpin, Alfred W. Place, and Edgar C. Tullar, 1902

FF 7 - Kahn Foundation for Foreign Travels of American Teachers - contains copies of reports to trustees about "World's Journalism", "Impressions of the Art Ideals and Problems of the Orient", and "Current Manifestations of Nationalism," 1914-1929

FF 8 - Publicaciones de la Secretria de Educacion Publica, Mexico - contains publications in Spanish and text of speeches by Walter Williams: "Curso de Periodisms por el Doctor Walter Williams" and "Boletin de la University Nacional de Mexico," 1926-1927

FF 9 - La Revista Americana de Buenos Aires - contains "Conferencia del Dr. Walter Williams" in Spanish

FF 10 - Yenching University Yearbook, 1936

Series Four - Biographical Memorabilia

Box 2 (cont'd)

FF 1 - The I-Did-It-Club - contains hardback book published by Menu Committee of the Gridiron Club of Washington, D.C. (with political cartoons of 1916 Presidential election) of which Walter Williams was a member, 1916

FF 2 - "Walter Williams becomes University President", bound volumes 1 and 2 - contains news clippings, telegrams, congratulatory letters, flower enclosures, and a copy of his resignation (1934), ca. 1930

FF 3 - Walter Williams-Salary Reduction - contains copies of Board of Curators meeting minutes and Official Notice Board Action, news release, Walter Williams request to have his salary lowered as an economic measure during the Depression, 1930-1932

FF 4 - Resignation from Presidency - includes photo of Walter Williams and F.A. Middlebush, copies of Board Curators meeting minutes and actions, news clips, original draft of resignation, correspondence, Walter Williams' death and funeral, reaction around the country and the world, honors from State Legislature, 1934-1935

FF 5 - Sunday School Class - includes photocopies of songs used in class, news clip "Walter Williams class: Its alumni revive a tradition", copy of "Antennial Year Book and Directory: First Presbyterian Church," 1928-1938

FF 6 - Round Table Club - contains negative print giving signatures of members and brief history, Walter Williams article "Eating as a Means of Grace: a Dissertation by the Dictator," 1932

FF 7 - Publications belonging to S.L. Williams, 1937-1949 - contains copy of "Rules Governing Newspaper Style," 1937; "Current Newspaper Behavior as a Problem for Schools of Journalism," 1945; Journalism Quarterly, 1949

FF 8 - Two publications by Walter Williams: "The Blessings of Death," ca. 1915 and "Presbyterianism as a Factor in History" (an address given at the dedication of the Columbia Presbyterian Church), ca. 1896

Series Two - Photographs and Drawings (cont'd)


Item 1 - Envelope of news clippings

Item 2 - "Wondering what to do with congratulatory messages," 04/22/1930

Item 3 - Photo of drawing by Fitzpatrick - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Item 4 - Drawing by Ippei

Item 5 - Drawing by Sitruneor in "El Democrata" Mexico

Item 6 - Drawing signed by Pancho, 1950

Item 7 - Portrait (charcoal) by D.M. Shen and portraits (pastel and ink) by N. Elteroff, Shanghai, 1927

Item 8 - Walter Williams' Boonville Public School Certificate, 05/30/1879

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