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Call Number:

Box 1 - UMLD1
Box 2 - 045900
Box 3 - UMLD1
Box 4 - 045911
OSF 1 - MC

Record Group: 22 C
Record Sub-Group: 25
Records Title: UMC; Student Life and Activities; Official Student Organizations and Associations; Legion of Black Collegians; Administrative Records
Dates: 1975-1995, bulk 1981-1991
Volume: 3 and 1/3 cubic feet, 4.16 linear feet; 1 OSF

Scope and Content Note

(A96-109; A97-82)
This Record Sub-Group contains the records of the Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The LBC acts as the official student government body for African-American students at the University. Included in the Sub-Group are constitutions, amendments, proposed amendments for the organization, various photographs, negatives, contact sheets and memorabilia. The photographs document activities that involved the LBC or were sponsored by the organization, particularly social events and speakers on racial issues. The Record Sub-Group also contains a limited set of executive board minutes, 1989; correspondence to and from the LBC executive board during the presidency of Andrea Monroe; and records relating to LBC activities. Important topics in the correspondence relate to the establishment of a Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday for the university and the failed 1989 campaign for the LBC to gain funding from the mandatory activity fees paid by undergraduates. Other records relate to protests against university investments in apartheid South Africa, lecturers, the Big Eight Conference on Black Student Government, and social events.

The majority of the photographs in Series Five of this Sub-Group are from the Office for Student Development, Minority and Special Student Programs, and some of the photographs appeared in publications like Prime Time and Perspectives in Black.

Among the students photographed in the 1980s and found in this Sub-Group are David Alpough, Sharon Artis, Kathy Bass, Ovalta Bell, Yvette Blackman, Ed Blakely, Laine Bradley, Phil Bradley, Prince Bridges, Lonzo Bufford, Sarah Campbell, Taryn Corbett, Kevin Cumes, Barry Davis, Tracey Deloch, Jimmy Dixon, Kim Ewing, Michelle Garth, Angela Gay, Cleveland Good, Debbie Green, Raymond Hairston, Donna Harris, Terry Hill, Marsha Hobley, Al Hogue, Victor Holmes, Sarah Hormel, Christopher Hosie, Rozita Hughes, Dianna Isaac, Evonne Matthews, Willie McAlister, D.Q. Moore, Sharon Nicholson, Keith Pendilton, Dee Dee Polk, Ritchie Ponquinette, Kevin Potter, Mike Richards, Romana Riley, Willie Rogers, Daryl Scales, Rod Skillman, Bennie Smith, Morton Taylor, J.B. Thornton, Joy Thurman, Renetta Tolson, Denise Williams, and Sharita Kyles Wilson

African-American and other administrators, faculty, staff, and members of the local community photographed in the 1980s include Erma Ballenger, Eliot Battle, George Brooks, Lois Bryant, Walter Daniels, William Dye, Sherry Hanes, Ben Johnson, John Jones, Joyce Jones, Vivian King, Joanne Koslen, Mary McDonald, Sheila McDonald, Marian Oldham, Al Plummer, Beulah Ralph, Willie Robinson, Gene Robertson, Melvin Smith, Arvarh Strickland, Ted Tarkow, and Dan Viets

The Sub-Group also includes photographs of notable civil rights leaders who were on the Columbia campus of the University of Missouri. Among these prominent figures were Mary Berry, Warren Bass, Julian Bond, Vinie Burrows, James E. Carter, William Clay, Clamma Dale, Abbie Hoffman, Benjamin Hooks, Jesse Jackson, Harriette McAdoo, Reverend Leon Sullivan, Phillip E. Walker, and Andrew Young

Note to Researcher:

Documents concerning LBC finances and publications of the LBC may be found in other sub-groups in the University Archives. See also Record Group 22 C, Sub-Group 19, Minority Student Publications and Record Group 1 C, Sub-Group 20, Minority Student Program Records.

Historical Note:

The Legion was organized in 1968 with the intent to give African-American students of the University of Missouri-Columbia a voice in student government. According to the LBC, the goals of the organization are to act as an advocate for positive change, a resource for black students, a service organization, and to maintain a good working relationship with University administrators. All black undergraduate students of the university are considered members. It worked closely with the Office of Minority Affairs and with the Black Culture Center (BCC), along with the Missouri Students Association (MSA) in the promotion of black campus life. In 1977 the LBC began the Big Eight (now Big 12) Conference on Black Student Government.

In 1992, the LBC became the official black student government, and started receiving funding from every undergraduate out of student activity fees as the result of a successful referendum among university students. The group acts as a social and political organization to promote the African-American experience. Among its activities are fashion shows, parties, and campaigns to eliminate racial inequalities on campus. The LBC also acts as an umbrella organization for other African-American groups on campus.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is divided into eight record series. Arrangement within individual series is chronological.

Series One contains documents concerning the organization of the Legion. This series includes constitutions, proposed amendments, ballots, and lists of officers. Series Two contains correspondence sent and received by the LBC, along with records of the 1989 executive board. Most of the correspondence is from the 1989-1990 academic year.

Series Three includes records concerning public programs and activities of the LBC. Posters about LBC-sponsored activities are included in this series. Series Four holds clippings from newspapers, and pamphlets held by the LBC concerning other African-American organizations.

Series Five contains photographs and slides concerning activities of the LBC and events of interest to the black population of the University. All except one of the photographs are in black and white.

Series Six is composed of two Sub-Series, each holding records of other organizations besides the LBC. The first Sub-Series holds records of the Students Organized for Service, a volunteer organization dedicated to community service. The second Sub-Series holds the 1989 constitution of Students Organized Against Racism of Missouri University.

Series Seven includes awards won by the LBC. Series Eight includes textile objects.

Series Outline:

  1. Series One - Organic Instruments
  2. Series Two - Correspondence
  3. Series Three - Programs and Activities
  4. Series Four - Clippings and Pamphlets
  5. Series Five - Photographs
  6. Series Six - Other Organizations
  7. Series Seven - Awards
  8. Series Eight - Textile Objects


Series One - Organic Instruments

Box 1

FF 1 - Constitutions and Amendments, 1975, 1981
Included is a copy of the constitution and revisions, 1975 and minutes of the constitutional committee, 1981

FF 2 - Lists of Officers, Ballots, and Other Organizational Records, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1995
Statement about LBC purpose, n.d.; list of presidents, 1981-95; list of officers, 1995; lists of leaders of other black organizations, n.d.; lists of officers and duties, 1989; ballot for LBC officers, n.d.; designs for LBC insignia

Series Two - Correspondence

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 3 - Correspondence, 1982, 1983, 1989
Much of the correspondence deals with the establishment of a Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday for the university and the LBC's campaign to receive direct funding from undergraduates' mandatory student activity fees. Other records are about activities the LBC planned. Among the correspondents are: Paulette Grimes, LBC Advisor; John Appelquist, MSA President, 1983; Tom Dvorak, GPC President, 1989; Jackie Judie, 1989; C. Peter Magrath, University President, 1989; and Andrea Monroe, LBC President, 1989. Topics are: Student Organizations Allocations Committee about LBC funding, 1989; Pan-African Research Center, 1989; King Day celebrations, 1989; Graduate-Professional Council about King Day, 1989; Missouri Students Association, 1989; Harriette Scott- letter questioning commitment to black unity of LBC and NAACP, 1989; and Demand to university for more black faculty and courses, n.d.

FF 4 - Correspondence, 1989-1990, 1994-1995
Correspondence includes: MSA proposals for LBC funding, 1989; Letter to Maneater editor about LBC funding bill by Stephen Wyse, 1989; K.C. Morrison about King Day, 1989; Andrea Monroe about King Day, LBC funding bills, and racial questions, 1989; NAACP about United Negro College Fund Drive and thanks, 1989; GPC about King Day, 1989; Richard L. Wallace Vice President for Academic Affairs, about King Holiday, 1989; Walter D. Keller Professor Emeritus of Geology, about King Holiday, 1989; Haskell Monroe, Chancellor about King Holiday, 1989; MLK Holiday Advisory Committee, 1989; Student Government Association of UMSL about King Day, 1989; A.J. Schnack, President of MSA, 1989; Campaign statement about LBC funding bill in upcoming student election, n.d.; Election results of LBC bill, 11/1989; Black History Contest proposal, 1989; Mike Crane student friends of Peace Studies, about cooperation between groups, 1989; Pan-African Resource Center about upcoming speech by Kwame Ture, 1989; Mark Burkholder about King Day, 1989; Frederick C. Spiegel Professor Emeritus of Political Science concerning allowable speech, 1990; Cassandra McNutt, LBC President, 1990; and Paulette Grimes, LBC Advisor, 1990.

FF 5 - Candidate's Correspondence, 1980, 1989, 1991, 1994-1995 [RESTRICTED]
Includes letters and forms submitted by candidates for LBC office
Note to Archivist: Records in this file folder are restricted because they include information about academic qualifications of candidates for LBC office.

Series Three - Programs and Activities

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 6 - Announcements and Signs, 1983, 1988, 1989, 1995
LBC programming list, 1983; LBC survey, 1988; Announcements of Ronald Henry speech, upcoming meetings, 1989; Mr. and Ms. LBC Pageant invitation, 1989; Campaign posters for LBC funding bill, 1989; LBC Homecoming announcement, 1995

Series Three - Programs and Activities (cont'd)


Signed Broadside announcing Ruby Dee as speaker in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day; Signed Broadside announcing Professor Clayborne Carson as speaker in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Series Four - Clippings and Pamphlets

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 7 - Clippings and Pamphlets
Newspaper clippings from Columbia Daily Tribune about a racial brawl in Columbia, 1989; Pamphlets from the All-African People's Revolutionary Party, 1988, 1990; Black Student Organizations Leadership Conference, 1989; Editorial from UMC Spectrum, 1989; Perspectives-The Contributions of Black Missourians to African American History, 1992; Clipping about Rae Lewis-Thornton speech, 1994; UMC Black Studies brochure, n.d.

Series Five - Photographs

Box 3

FF 1 - African American Cheerleaders, Marching Mizzou Members, and Golden Girl, ca. 1981-1983

FF 2 - African American Dancer (male), n.d.

FF 3 - African American Faculty and Staff, ca. 1980s

FF 4 - African American Students at MU, ca. 1980s

FF 5 - Bass, Warren, Baton Twirler, n.d.

FF 6 - Black Culture Center "Open House," n.d.

FF 7 - Black History Month: "The Afro-American and the Constitution, Colonial Times to Present," featuring Dr. Mary Frances Berry in Gannett Auditorium, 02/1987

FF 8 - "Black History and the U.S. Constitution," Display Cases, 1983

FF 9 - Black Theatre Workshop, 05/1982

FF 10 - Blind Boone Drill Team, ca. 1984-1985

FF 11 - Bond, Julian, at Black Culture Center, n.d.

FF 12 - Candlelight Vigil by the Columns, n.d.

FF 13 - Campus Buildings, (color photographs), ca. 1979-1984

FF 14 - Campus Buildings, (black and white photographs), ca. mid-1980s

FF 15 - Campus Life Scenes Featuring African American Students, ca. 1978-1982

FF 16 - Carter, James E., Outside Hearnes Center, n.d.

FF 17 - Columbia Residents (including Police Chief William Dye), n.d.

FF 18 - Contact Sheet: Abbie Hoffman Speaking at Jesse Auditorium, (Al Nixon, photographer), 09/22/1983

FF 19 - Contact Sheet: African American Staff; Dance Instruction, n.d.

FF 20 - Contact Sheet: Benjamin Hooks Speaks at Jesse Auditorium, 1982

FF 21 - Contact Sheet: Black Culture Center "Open House," ca. early 1980s

FF 22 - Contact Sheet: Faculty (Al Nixon, photographer), n.d.

FF 23 - Contact Sheet: Homecoming King & Queen; Football game, (Al Nixon, photographer), 10/22/1983

FF 24 - Contact Sheet: Native African Apparel, n.d.

FF 25 - Contact Sheet: Minority Journalism (MJA) Workshop, (Al Nixon, photographer), 02/16/1984

FF 26 - Contact Sheet: Prime Time, 02/1982

FF 27 - Contact Sheet: Simultaneous Membership Program, (Al Nixon, photographer), 1983

FF 28 - Contact Sheet: Students Interviewed in Prime Time's "Lenstalk," 1982

FF 29 - Contact Sheet: Tiger Hotel; Birthday Party, and Ritchie Ponquinette, (Al Nixon, photographer), 11/1983

FF 30 - Contact Sheet: Willie Robinson, KOPN, (Al Nixon, photographer), 04/1984

FF 31 - Contact Sheets: "11 Zulu," (Al Nixon, photographer), 12/02/1983

FF 32 - Contact Sheets: Football, (Al Nixon, photographer), 1983

FF 33 - Contact Sheets: Marching Mizzou; Cheerleaders; Football Games; Men's Basketball Games, ca. 1980-1984

FF 34 - Contact Sheets: Speakers and Performers, n.d.

FF 35 - Contact Sheets: Unidentified African American Students, n.d.

FF 36 - Discussion by African Americans at Meeting, ca. 1985-1989

FF 37 - Football, ca. 1981-1982

FF 38 - Football, ca. 1982

FF 39 - Football, 1984

FF 40 - Football: Illinois vs. MU, 1983

FF 41 - Football: Kevin Potter, 1981

FF 42 - Hooks, Benjamin, Executive Director of the NAACP, Speaks at Jesse Auditorium, 02/01/1982

FF 43 - Jackson, Jesse, n.d.

FF 44 - Job Fair at Memorial Union, 1987

FF 45 - Marching Mizzou, ca. 1981-1984

FF 46 - McAdoo, Harriette, "Symposium on the Black American Family," Memorial Union, 02/19/1987

FF 47 - Meeting Involving African American Students at Jesse Wrench Auditorium, ca. 1978-1982

FF 48 - Meeting with Dr. Harriette McAdoo, ca. 1987

FF 49 - Men's Basketball, ca. 1981-1983

FF 50 - Men's Basketball, Prince Bridges, n.d.

FF 51 - Members of Kappa Alpha Psi, ca. 1981

FF 52 - Negatives: African American Student Life, ca. 1980s

FF 53 - Negatives: Campus Buildings, (color negatives), ca. 1979-1984

FF 54 - Negatives: Marching Mizzou; Football; Men's Basketball, ca. 1980-1984

FF 55 - Negatives: Speakers and Performers, ca. 1980s

FF 56 - Negatives: University Staff, ca. 1977-1982

FF 57 - Nigerian Track Students, n.d.

FF 58 - Oldham, Marian, (first African American on the Board of Curators), ca. 1980-1985

FF 59 - Perplexing Color Photograph of Coffee Mug and Telephone, n.d.

FF 60 - Photograph for the Story "She," n.d.

FF 61 - Printed Program for Warren Robbins' Lecture, "Picasso, Klee, and the African Connection;" Photograph of "Pair of Standing Figures," Ivory Coast, Senufo, appearing on Program Cover, n.d.

FF 62 - Publication Photographs, n.d.

FF 63 - Publicity Materials for the Presentation "Walk Together Children" by Vinie Burrows, (Sponsored by the Legion of Black Collegians and Minority Student Programs), 09/13/1983

FF 64 - Publicity Photographs: Warren Bass; William Clay; Clamma Dale; Phillip E. Walker; and Andrew Young, n.d.

FF 65 - Reverend Leon Sullivan, Views Regarding Apartheid and also the "Sullivan Principles," 02/21/1986

FF 66 - Student of the Month, ca. 1981-1987

FF 67 - Unidentified African American Students, ca. 1980s

FF 68 - Unidentified Speakers and Performers, n.d.

FF 69 - Unidentified Staff Photographed on the Job, ca. 1977-1982

FF 70 - Volleyball: Ritchie Ponquinette, ca. 1982

FF 71 - Women's Basketball, ca. 1982-1983

FF 72 - Young, Andrew, Speaker for Black History Month, 02/1987

FF 73 - Black and White Contact Sheets, 1983-1984
Photographs by Al Nixon includes speeches given by Bobby Seale and Jesse Jackson; workshop of the Minority Journalist Association; LBC choir, 1983; Homecoming parade and LBC preparations; demonstration against South Africa on Francis Quadrangle; and pictures of unidentified faculty and students

FF 74 - Black and White Contact Sheets with Negatives of unidentified speakers, students, and faculty members, ca. 1984

FF 75 - Black and White Negatives, Regina Sharard, BCC Director; Talent show rehearsal; Unidentified speakers and performers; LBC reception held at the BCC; Shantytown demonstration on Francis Quadrangle, ca. 1984

FF 76 - Black and White Prints, LBC advisor Paulette Grimes interviewing unidentified person; NAACP president Benjamin Hooks speaking at MSA/LBC event; "Shantytown" demonstration against South Africa's apartheid policies; LBC fashion show; faculty; and staff, ca. 1984

FF 77 - Black and White Prints, photographs illustrate activities of the LBC at UMC during the mid-1980s and people associated with the LBC. Included are photographs of a protest over university investments in apartheid South Africa, protest of Shell Oil for its South African investments, open house at the Black Culture Center, LBC fashion show, the Big Eight Conference on Black Student Government, BCC Coordinator Regina Sherard, and Rev. Leon Sullivan speaking on South Africa, and ten members of the Board of Curators including Marian O’Fallon Oldham. The color print is of the 1994 Black Homecoming court, 1993-1994

FF 78 - Color Slides, LBC members on campus steps, 1975; Big Eight Conference on Black Student Government, 1978; Unidentified group picture, 1978; Two men in an office, 1978; Unidentified speakers at conference, 1978; Black and white men shaking hands, 1978; Instructor leading seminar, 1978; Columbia churches, 1978; Black Magic hair salon, 1978; Black Culture House, 1978; "Blind" Boone Center, 1978; Church choir, 1978; Barbecue restaurant, 1978; Reception at BCC, 1978; Recreational basketball game, 1978; Children in classroom, 1978; Public school, 1978; People in swimming pool, 1978; Buildings around Columbia and on UMC campus, 1978; Historical exhibit titled "Blacks in the Westward Movement," 1978; and Woman pouring punch at BCC, ca. 1975, 1978, 1979

Series Six - Other Organizations

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 14 - Students Organized for Service (S.O.S.) Constitution, Member Lists, and Records of Activities, 1990, 1993, 1994

FF 15 - Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR) Constitution, 1989

Series Seven - Awards

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 16 - Certificate, 1989

Series Seven - Awards (cont'd)

Box 2

Trophies and Plaques, 1989-1994

Series Seven - Awards (cont'd)

Box 4

Trophy - Big Eight Conference Stepshow - Second Place, 1994

Series Eight - Textile Memorabilia

Box 3 (cont'd)

ITEM 1 - Textile Ephemera: White sweatshirt, size large, "Show Me... A NEW Mizzou Black to the Future LBC 1988 Homecoming, 1988

ITEM 2 - Textile Ephemera: White sheet banner with red paint, "MU DIVEST BLOOD $" (held in front of Memorial Union), n.d.

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