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Call Number:

Box 1-015227
Box 2-015228

Record Group: 10 C
Record Sub-Group: 1
Records Title: UMC; Graduate School and Office of Research; Doctor of Philosophy Dissertations
Dates: 1907-1949
Volume: 2 cubic feet, 2.5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains printed dissertations submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by students in the Graduate School of the University of Missouri. Some may be only partial copies of entire dissertations; individual formats and sizes vary considerably.
Note to Researcher: This is not a comprehensive collection of dissertations submitted by degree recipients to the University of Missouri. It is only a collection of some dissertations that were submitted and/or published in some form.

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group is not divided into separate record series. Arrangement follows the original, alphabetical order.


Box 1

FF 1 - Adams, John Q. "The North Kansas City Urban District," 1930

FF 2 - Ahmann, Chester F. "The estimation of pectin and a study of the constitution of pectin," 1924

FF 3 - Allen, Denver I. "Differential growth response of certain varieties of soybeans to varied mineral nutrient conditions," 1943

FF 4 - Anderson, Hattie M. "A study in frontier democracy: The social and economic bases of the rise of the Jackson group in Missouri 1815-1828," 1935

FF 5 - Anderson, Nola L. "An extension of Maschke's symbolism," 1929

FF 6 - Andrews, Frederick N. "Estrus, ovulation and related phenomena in the mare," 1939

FF 7 - Arbuckle, W.S. "Microscopic and statistical analysis of texture and structure of ice cream as affected by composition, physical properties and processing methods," 1940

FF 8 - Ashworth, Ural S. "Study of the age changes and other factors which may influence the basal or endogenous nitrogen metabolism," 1933

FF 9 - Aydelott, Clarence R. "Facts concerning enrollees, advisers, and the educational program in the CCC camps of Missouri," 1936

FF 10 - Bailey, Willard "Micropaleontology and stratigraphy of the lower Pennsylvanian Central Missouri," 1934

FF 11 - Baver, Leonard D. "Effect of the amount and nature of exchangeable cations on the structure of colloidal clay," 1929

FF 12 - Beamer, Maude "Greek art in Ovid's poems," 1936

FF 13 - Bedell, Ralph C. "Relationship between the ability to infer in specific learning situations," 1934

FF 14 - Bergman, A.J. "Extraction, separation and concentration of some anterior pituitary hormones," 1942 (with C.W. Turner)

FF 15 - Berliner, Victor "Reproductive capacity of rams," 1936

FF 16 - Bohn, G.W. "Studies on fusarium wilt of the tomato...," 1940

FF 17 - Bond Donald C. "Study of the magneto optic method of analysis," 1936

FF 18 - Boucher, Robert V. "Nutritional requirements of the chick," 1933

FF 19 - Bowman, Herbert L. "Relation of reported preference to performance in problem solving," 1929

FF 20 - Braden, Samuel R. "Psychology of character; some psychological aspects of moral training," 1924

FF 21 - Brannon, Victor D. "State auditor and fiscal control in Missouri counties," 1938

FF 22 - Branstetter B.B. "Corn root rot studies," 1927

FF 23 - Bray Willis J. "Achievement in general chemistry as it is related to certain learning abilities," 1931

FF 24 - Brewer, Burns W. "Criterion for solvability by radicals," 1938

FF 25 - Brown, E. Marion "Some effects of temperature on the growth and chemical composition of certain pasture grasses," 1938

FF 26 - Brown, Leo G. "Township school lands and township school funds in Missouri," 1935

FF 27 - Bruner, Frank H. "Contributions to the exact age of a Canadian uraninite," 1936

FF 28 - Burk, Cassie "Study of the influence of some factors in style of composition on the interest, comprehension and rate of reading of fourth grade pupils," 1935

FF 29 - Butler, Charles H. "Mastery of certain mathematical concepts by pupils at the junior high school level," 1931

FF 30 - Byler, William H. "Studies on phosphorescent zinc sulfide," 1937

FF 31 - Cameron, John A. Origin of new epidermal cells in the skin of normal and x-rayed frogs," 1934

FF 32 - Campbell, I.L. "Relation of the endocrine system to the regulation of calcium metabolism," 1942

FF 33 - Capps, Forest 0. "Survey of the conservation information possessed by pupils in Missouri high schools," 1939

FF 34 - Carter, Hobart C. "Relation of Maschke's symbolic method to the tensor theory," 1931

FF 35 - Carter, William R. "Study of certain mathematical abilities in high school physics," 1931

FF 36 - Casida, Lester E. "Oestrous cycle of the ewe...," 1932

FF 37 - Coldwater, Kenneth B. "Effect of sulphydydryl compounds upon regenerative growth," 1931

FF 38 - Collier, Jane G. "Relations between metabolism and morphogenesis during regeneration in tubifex tubifex I," 1947

FF 39 - Collier, William D. "Adaptive changes of heart muscle," 1922

FF 40 - Cooke, S.R.B. "Amenability of various iron ores to rigorous concentration," 1934

FF 41 - Cooper, Densil "Fine structure in the directional intensity of cosmic rays," 1940

FF 42 - Coyle, Irvin F. "School district consolidation in Missouri," 1936

FF 43 - Criswell, Elijah H. "Lewis and Clark: linguistic pioneers," 1936

FF 44 - Crouch, Richard L. "Nuclear configuration of the thalamus of macacus rhests," 1932

FF 45 - Crouse, Helen V. "Translocations in sciara; their bearing on chromosome behavior and sex determination," 1943

FF 46 - Davis, Franklin L. "Study of the uniformity of soil types and of fundamental differences between the different soil series," 1936

FF 47 - Davis, James 0. "Photochemical spectral analysis of neural tube formation," 1944

FF 48 - Day, Thomas G. "Composition of anodic lead dioxide and its use in the quantitative determination of small amounts of lead," 1935

FF 49 - Decker, C.W. "Study of the crystallization and occurrence of lactose crystals in several milk products," 1943

FF 50 - Diefendorf, John W. "Vocational and trait analysis of high school teaching," 1926

FF 51 - Doan, Donald J. "Effect of lattice discontinuities on the magnetic properties of magnetite," 1935

FF 52 - Dougherty, James H. "Some facts concerning the functioning of the Missouri state course of study in arithmetic," 1933

FF 53 - Drouet, Francis "List of algae from Missouri," 1931

FF 54 - Dufford, Ray T. "New observations on the photovoltaic effect," 1933

FF 55 - Dulaney, Anna D. "Microbic dissociation of B. Coli Cornmunis," 1927

FF 56 - Eide, Richard B. "Influence of editorship and other forces on the growth of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press, 1849-1909," 1939

FF 57 - Eisenstein, Albert S. "Diffraction of x-rays by argon in the liquid, vapor and critical regions," 1942

FF 58 - Ellison, Samuel "Revision of the Pennsylvanian Conodonts," 1940

FF 59 - Emberson, Richard M. "Polarimetric determination of optical properties," 1936

FF 60 - Eubank, Louis A. "Organization and administration of laboratory schools in state teachers colleges," 1931

FF 61 - Ewing, George M. "Contribution to the theory of discontinuous solutions in the calculus of variations," 1935

FF 62 - Farthing, Dorothy K. "Techniques for the appraisal of elementary school instructional programs which conform to newer practices," 1940

FF 63 - Ferguson, Carl E. "Nitrogen fixation and soil fertility exhaustion by soybeans under different levels of potassium," 1941

FF 64 - Fleenor, B.H. "Adult education in agriculture," 1932

FF 65 - Folse, Mary E. "Greek art in the Latin epics," 1934

FF 66 - Foster, Jay R. "Regulation of public utilities in Missouri; study in state centralization," 1933

FF 67 - French, Chester L. "Structure of ferric thiocyanate and its dissociation in aqueous solution," 1940

FF 68 - Gamertsfelder, Carl C. "Atomic distributions in liquid elements," 1941

FF 69 - Gardner, William U. "Function assay and preparation of gallactin, a lactation stimulating hormone of the anterior pituitary...," 1933

FF 70 - Garnett, Raymond L. "Some factors in college success," 1931

FF 71 - Gillam, Basil E. "New set of postulates for Euclidean Geometry," 1942

FF 72 - Golden, Howard E. "Some economic aspects of the farm poultry enterprise," 1935

FF 73 - Gomez, Eliseo T. "Hypophysectomy and replacement therapy in relation to the growth and secretary activity of the mammary gland," 1937

FF 74 - Gorman, Frank H. "Some facts concerning changes in the content and methods of arithmetic," 1931

FF 75 - Graham, Ellis R. "Magnesium as a factor in nitrogen fixation by soybeans," 1938

FF 76 - Greenwood, Joseph A. "On the curvatures of certain curves in function space," 1933

FF 77 - Guerrant, Nollie B. "Adequacy of synthetic rations for the growth of chicks," 1925

FF 78 - Haggard, Patience "Secretaries of the Athenian Boule in the fifth century BC," 1930

FF 79 - Hagstotz, Gideon D. "Seventh-day Adventists in the British Isles, 1878-1933," 1935

FF 80 - Hammond, Harry E. "E.M.F. resistance and capacitance phenomena in photovoltaic cells, containing grignard reagents," 1929

FF 81 - Harrison, Anna J. "Study of the association of sodium ketyls," 1940

FF 82 - Hartwig, Caroline E.E. "Integration of Missouri history and American history for the senior high schools of Missouri," 1939

FF 83 - Harty, John "Influence of depolarizers upon the photovoltaic effect in cells containing grignard reagents," 1933

FF 84 - Hayashi, Teru "Dilution medium and survival of the spermatozoa of Arbacia Punctulata," 1945

FF 85 - Hedberg, Ernest A. "Rings and modular systems," 1935

FF 86 - Helmers, Carl J. "Synthesis of tetratriacontadiene...," 1934

FF 87 - Hemphill, D.D. "Effects of plant growth regulating substances on flower bud development and fruit set," 1949

FF 88 - Hendley, Edward C. "Bitter principle in Henenium Tenuifolium," 1948

FF 89 - Hensley, William A. "Oiliness and other properties of synthetic hydrocarbons," 1934

FF 90 - Hepple, Lawrence M. "Selective service rejectees in rural Missouri, 1940-1943," 1949

FF 91 - Herman, Harry A. "Growth and development of dairy calves on a milk diet," 1936

FF 92 - Hibbard, Aubrey D. "Photoperiodism and enzyme activity in the soybean plant," 1937

FF 93 - Hightower, Ruby U. "On the classification of the elements of a ring," 1927

FF 94 - Horner, Glenn M. "Relation of the degree of base saturation of a colloidal clay by calcium to the growth modulation and composition of soybeans," 1935

FF 95 - Horsefall, Frank "Apical dominance in shoots and proximal dominance in roots as related to structural framework of the apple," 1938

FF 96 - Housman, Robert L. "Early Montana Territorial journalism as a reflection of the American frontier in the new northwest," 1934

FF 97 - Humble, Milford K. "Practices and provisions for protecting pupils in school shops," 1937

FF 98 - Hunter, Jesse E. "Plural nature of Vitamin B," 1928

FF 99 - Hurst, Victor "Thyroid secretion rate in the mouse and its relation to various physiological processes," 1948

FF 100 - Hutchings, Theron B. "Relation of phosphorus to growth, modulation and composition of soybeans," 1936

FF 101 - Jackson, John R. "Synagmy in Pteris Longifolia," 1933

FF 102 - Janes, John R. "Preparation of ketones from nitroolefins...," 1943

FF 103 - Johnson, Seth R. "Utilization of Energy at different levels of protein intake," 1935

FF 104 - Johnson, Lee L. "An interpretation of accounting conflicts," 1941

FF 105 - Jones, Joseph L. "Effects of vitamin B on the growth and glycolytic activity of the Jensen Rat Sarcoma," 1942

FF 106 - Keene, Mary L. "Studies of zygospore formation in phycomyces nitens kunze," 1916

FF 107 - Keller, Walter D. "Earth resistivities at depths less than one hundred feet," 1933

FF 108 - Kincaid, Randall R. "Effect of certain environmental factors on the germination of Florida cigar-wrapper tobacco seeds," 1934

FF 109 - Koger, Marvin "Effects of mild hyperthyroidism on growing animals of four species," 1943

FF 110 - Kumaran, J.D.S. "Endocrinology of spermatogenesis in birds...," 1949

Box 2

FF 1 - Landen, Ernest W. "Spectral sensitivity of spores and sporidia of Ustilago Aaae to monochromatic ultraviolet light," 1939

FF 2 - Lasley, John F. "Some factors influencing reproductive efficiency of range cattle under artificial and natural breeding conditions," 1943

FF 3 - Lawrence, Bertram I. "Some fundamental considerations concerning reorganizing school units in MO.," 1935

FF 4 - Lee, Jordan G. "Vitamins required by pigeons," 1940

FF 5 - Lewis, A.A. "Mammogenic hormones of the anterior pituitary," 1939

FF 6 - Livingston, J.E. "Inheritance of resistance to Ustilago Nuda," 1940

FF 7 - Long, J.H. "Nitrogen and carbohydrate content of the strawberry plant," 1936

FF 8 - Ludutsky, Anna "Hydrodiethylstilbestrol compounds," 1945

FF 9 - Lutz, J. Fulton "Physico-chemical properties of soils affecting soil erosion," 1934

FF 10 - Mayer, Dennis T. "Nature of the proteins of cellular nuclei," 1938

FF 11 - McCall, William M. "A critical review of various conceptions underlying curriculum-making since 1890," 193O

FF 12 - McCalla, Thomas M. "Behavior of legume bacteria in relation to exchangeable calcium and hydrogen ion concentration of the colloidal fraction of the soil," 1937

FF 13 - McClary, J. Edward "Synthesis of thiamin by excised roots of maize," 1940

FF 14 - McDonald, Florin L. "Book reviewing in the American newspaper," 1936

FF 15 - McKenzie, Frederick F. "Normal oestrous cycle in the sow," 1925

FF 16 - McLean, Eugene 0. "Measurement of potassium and calcium activities by means of clay membrane electrodes in homionic and polyionic systems...," 1948

FF 110 - McShan, William H. "Purification, bioassay and chemistry of galactin, the lactogenic hormone of the anterior pituitary gland," 1936

FF 17 - McVeigh, Ilda "Apical growth of the leaves of Camptosorus Rhizophyllus," 1937

FF 18 - Meites, Joseph "Studies concerning the induction and maintenance of lactation...," 1948

FF 19 - Michel, Russell J. "Galois theory in a reducible ring," 1935

FF 20 - Miller, James Carlton "Reproductive organs and semen of the boar," 1937

FF 21 - Miller, James Coiielese "Induction and adaptation of college freshmen," 1930

FF 22 - Miller, Roland E. "'Reproductive cycle in male bats of the species Myotis Lucifugus Lucifugus and Myotis Grisescens," 1938

FF 23 - Milla, Katharine 0. "Variations in the rate of mitosis in normal and colchicine-treated tadpoles of Rana Pipiens and Amblystoma Jeffersonian," 1938

FF 24 - Mixner, John P. "Mammogenic hormones of the anterior pituitary...," 1943

FF 25 - Morris, Hohn P. "Hazards in the radium and mesothorium refining plant at the University of Missouri," 1936

FF 26 - Motley, Hurley L. "Splenic derivatives and erythrocytic fragility," 1934

FF 27 - Myers, H.E. "Physiochemical reactions between organic and inorganic soil colloids as related to aggregate formation," 1937

FF 28 - Nahm, Laura J. "Study of the Golgi elements," 1933

FF 29 - Naylor, Ernst E. "Morphology of regeneration of Bryophyllum Calycinum," 1931

FF 30 - Neal, Jesse H. "Effect of the degree of slope and rainfall characteristics on runoff and soil erosion," 1937

FF 31 - Nelson, Erwin E. "Chemical composition of the ovaries of the fresh water gar, Lepidosteus," 1920

FF 32 - Orwoll, Edward, F. "Gattermann reaction with 2- and 3-methoxydiphenyl ethers," 1945

FF 33 - Palmer, Leroy S. "Carotin: the principal natural yellow pigment of milk fat," 1913

FF 34 - Parker, Jesse E. "Reproductive organs and semen of the domestic cock," 1940

FF 35 - Parrott, Ernest M. "Anemia in chicks caused by a vitamin deficiency," 1938

FF 36 - Peck, Raymond E. "North American Trochiliscids, Paleozoic Charophyta," 1931

FF 37 - Phillips, Ralph W. "Thermo-regulatory function and mechanism of the scrotum," 1934

FF 38 - Philpott, Charles H. "Growth of paramecia in pure cultures of pathogenic bacteria and in the presence of soluble products of such bacteria," 1927

FF 39 - Pihlblad, C. Terence "Possible applications of mental tests to social theory and practice," 1925

FF 40 - Pilcher, Robert W. "Effects of variations in the amounts of Vitamin B and protein in the ration," 1930

FF 41 - Poehlman, J.M. "Study in varietal adaptation of soybeans," 1937

FF 42 - Ramsay, Calvin H. "Cost of living and the economic status of Missouri teachers," 1932

FF 43 - Reece, Ralph P. "Lactogen and thyrotropic content of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland," 1937

FF 44 - Reed, Howard S. "Value of certain nutritive elements to the plant cell," 1907

FF 45 - Reeder, Elizabeth M. "Cytology of the reproductive tract of the female bat Myotis Lucifugus Lucifugus," 1938

FF 46 - Reineke , E.P. "Formation in vitro of highly active throprotiens, their biologic assay and practical use," 1942

FF 47 - Richardson, Luther R. "Effect of ultra-violet rays on the dermatitis-preventing vitamin," 1932

FF 48 - Ritchie, Walter S. "Nitrogen distribution in beef flesh as affected by age and condition," 1922

FF 49 - Robinson, Charles "Contributions to distance geometry...," 1940

FF 50 - Rogers, E. Charlotte "Quantitative determination of vitamin B in spinach and string beans...," 1928

FF 51 - Roman, Herschel "Mitotic nondisjunction in the case of interchanges involving the B-type chromosome in maize," 1942

FF 52 - Rosa, Joseph T. "Investigations of the hardening process in vegetable plants," 1921

FF 53 - Rosenstengel, William E. "Criteria for selecting curricula for the public junior colleges," 1931

FF 54 - Sadhu, Dulal P. "Growth and development of specific dynamic action of nutrients with special reference to the effects of vitamins and hormones," 1947

FF 55 - Saeger, Albert C. "Flowering of Lemnaceae...," 1930

FF 56 - Sawyer, Elizabeth L. "Cytology of the hypophysis cerebri of the bat," 1935

FF 57 - Schaefer, A.E. "Action of inorganic bases on tertiary amyl halides," 1935

FF 58 - Schmidt, Mary Bartley "Growth of excised roots of the tomato," 1938

FF 59 - Schmitt, C.G. "Cultural and genetic studies on Ustilago Zeae," 1939

FF 60 - Schott, Emmett L. "Study of high school seniors of superior ability," 1925

FF 61 - Scott, Irl T. "Some protein analogies of the Mycelium of Fusarium Lycopersici," 1926

FF 62 - Sears, James K. "Some reactions of 3-Pyridyllithium," 1947

FF 63 - Sharrah, Paul C. "biffraction of x-rays by liquid oxygen...," 1942

FF 64 - Shrewsbury, Charles L. "Effect of inadequate rations on the composition of the blood and of the bone of chicks," 1928

FF 65 - Smith, George E. "Comparative value of Cyanamid in fertilization of apple trees," 1937

FF 66 - Smith, Luther "Cytogenetic studies in Triticum Monococcum L. and T. Aegilopoides Bal," 1936

FF 67 - Smith, Stephen E. "Description of public school conditions in Missouri during the Depression," 1934

FF 68 - Smothers, William "Study of the flow properties of concentrated clay-water mixtures," 1944

FF 69 - Sneed, Melvin W. "Libraries in Missouri: a survey of facilities," 1936

FF 70 - Snodgrass, Oliver T. "Multiolicative representations of the elements of a ring," 1936

FF 71 - Sparlin, Estal E. "Administration of public printing in the U.S," 1936

FF 72 - Stadler, Lewis J. "Experiments in field plot techniques for the preliminary determination of comparative yields in the small grains," 1921

FF 73 - Stearn, Esther W. "Correlation of variation in dye sensitivity with gram character in certain gram-positive organisms," 1927

FF 74 - Stockard, Orpha L. "Analytical study of the English and professional preparation of teachers of English in the public high schools of Missouri," 1935

FF 75 - Stone. Raymond G. "Effects of x-rays on regeneration in Tubifex Tubifex," 1932

FF 76 - Summers, Harrison B. "Comparison of the rates of earning of large-scale and small-scale industry," 1931

FF 77 - Swanson, Eric W. "Nutritive value of Korean Lespedeza proteins and the determination of biological values of proteins for growing dairy heifers," 1943

FF 78 - Swartzlow, Carl R. "Dolomitization and origin of granularity in Chouteau limestone," 1932

FF 79 - Templin, Lucinda D. "Some defects and merits in the education of women in Missouri; an analysis of past and present...," 1926

FF 80 - Terrill, Clair E. "Estrus, ovulation and related phenomena in the ewe," 1936

FF 81 - Thomas, Clarence D. "Atomic distribution in potassium and in the allotropic forms of phosphorus at various temperatures," 1938

FF 82 - Thrun, Walter E. "Determination of various forms of nitrogen in bovine flesh, including the products of hydrolysis ...," 1917

FF 83 - Thurman, George R. "Characterization of pseudo-spherical sets," 1939

FF 84 - Trentin, J.J. "Oral effectiveness of the dimethyl ether of diethylstil-bestrol and of various steroid hormones ...," 1947

FF 85 - Trentin, J.J. "Experimental development of the mammary gland with special reference to the interaction of the pituitary and ovarian hormones," 1948

FF 86 - Trimble, Frank H. "Effect of temperature on the atomic distribution in liquid sodium," 1938

FF 87 - Tucker, Clarence M. "Taxonomy of the genus Phytopthora," 1930

FF 88 - Turner, Clarence D. "Intra-ocular homotransplantation of prepuberal testes in the rat," 1938

FF 89 - Vanderford, Harvey B. "Development of loessial soils in central U.S. as it reflects differences in climate," 1942

FF 90 - Verbrugge, Frank "Inactivation of trypsin by ultraviolet radiation," 1943

FF 91 - Wadsworth, Francis T. "Action of lithium, sodium, and potassium phenylacetylene on acid derivatives," 1948

FF 92 - Warbritton, Virgene "Cytology of the corpora lutea of the ewe," 1933

FF 93 - Washburn, Lloyd E. "Gas production in the digestive tract of ruminants," 1937

FF 94 - Watkins, Ralph K. "Technique and value of project teaching in general science," 1923

FF 95 - Weiss, A.P. "Apparatus and experiments on sound intensity," 1916

FF 96 - Westfall, Byron L. Educational opportunities in Missouri high schools," 1937

FF 97 - White, Virginia B. "Causes of abnormalities and cessation of growth in excised corn roots," 1935

FF 98 - Wildish, James E. "Origin of protoctiniiln," 1932

FF 99 - Williamson, Martin B. "Calcium and magnesium content of mammalian cell nuclei," 1944

FF 100 - Winchester, C.F. "Seasonal metabolic and endocrine rhythms in the domestic fowl," 1939

FF 101 - Wittwer, S.H. "Growth hormone production during sexual reproduction of higher plants," 1943

FF 102 - Woods, Farris H. "History of the germ cells in Sphaerixm Striatinum," 1929

FF 103 - Wrightsman, Gilbert G. "Effect of constitution on the splitting of acetic acid esters with ammonia in aqueous alcohol," 1937

FF 104 - Wyant, Emily K. "Ideals in the algebra of generalized quaternions over the field of rational numbers," 1929

FF 105 - Yudowitch, Kenneth L. "Particle size determination by the scattering of soft x-rays," 1948

FF 106 - Zeigel, Marguerite L. "Some invariant properties of a two-dimensional surface in hyperspace," 1932

FF 107 - Zeigel, William H., Jr. "Some factors affecting teacher supply and demand in Missouri," 1930

FF 108 - Zvanut, Frank J. "Pyrochemical changes in Missouri halloysite," 1937

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