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Call Number:
Box 1-011403

Record Group: 0 C
Record Sub-Group: 43
Records Title: UMC; University General; Dedications; Event Programs, Correspondence, Speeches and Photographs
Dates: 1871-1996
Volume: 1 cubic foot, 1.25 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

(A78-49; A03-71; various)
This Record Sub-Group contains programs, invitations, correspondence, addresses and speeches, press releases and news clippings, brochures, and photographs relating to the dedications or presentations of buildings, structures, monuments and artifacts associated with the University of Missouri-Columbia. Also contained in the Sub-Group are a few informational brochures about buildings not directly connected to their dedications. Correspondence is often with the invitees to the various ceremonies.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is not divided into separate series. The Sub-Group is arranged chronologically.

Note to Researcher: For material relating to the Medical Center Dedication see Record Group 14 C, Sub-Group 2, Series 3. For material relating to the dedication of St. Paul's Cathedral Stone and the Japanese Stone Lantern, see Record Group 11 C, Sub-Group 5, Series 12. For material relating to the dedication of Defoe Hall, see Record Group 0 C, Sub-Group 13, Series 1. For further information about Residence Halls, see Record Group 1 C, Sub-Group 33, Series 3. For photographic negatives of presentations and dedications, see Record Group 1 C, Sub-Group 46, Series 5. For information on dedication speeches, see Record Group 4 UW, Sub-Group 22, Series 7. For additional information on dedication events at the University of Missouri, see the folder 'Buildings, Landmarks, and Construction - Dedications' in the Vertical File available in the Reading Room of the University Archives.

Note to Archivist: The material in FF 24a comes from A03-71.


Box 1

FF 1 - Scientific Building Laying of Cornerstone (correspondence), 1871

FF 2 - Academic Hall and New Department Buildings (program of the "Order of Exercises and Addresses"), 6/4/1895

FF 3 - Parker Memorial Hospital (broadsheet and informational brochure), 12/19/1899

FF 4 - Agriculture Building (list of speakers and events), 10/26/1908

FF 5 - Library Building (informational brochure), 1915

FF 6 - Jay H. Neff Hall (informational brochure), ca. 1919

FF 7 - Memorial Union Building (fund-raising brochure), ca. 1921

FF 8 - St. Paul's Cathedral Stone (University of Missouri Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 6), 1926

FF 9 - Japanese Stone Lantern (University of Missouri Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 44), 1926

FF 10 - Memorial Tower and Memorial Stadium (program), 11/20/1926

FF 11 - Lee Tate Hall (program, 4x5 negative of Tate portrait), 1927

FF 12 - George Clinton Swallow Memorial Monument (dedication publication), 6/5/1928

FF 13 - Rollins and Lathrop Bronze Portrait Reliefs Presentations (program, broadsheet, speech by President Stratton D. Brooks), 6/4/1929

FF 14 - Missouri State Flag (correspondence, news clippings), 1930-1936

FF 15 - University of Missouri Flag (correspondence, news clippings, press releases, broadsheet), 1931

FF 16 - Noyes Hospital (news clippings), 1931

FF 17 - Stone Lions from China (University of Missouri Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 32), 1931

FF 18 - Frank H. Birch Outdoor Theatre (correspondence), 1935-1938

FF 19 - Building Dedication (programs, speeches, correspondence, and three 8x10 black-and-white photographs regarding the single dedication ceremony for the library addition, the Practice School building, the Student Health Center, the Engineering Laboratories, the Conservation Laboratory, Walter Williams Hall and the Home Economics Building; correspondence includes invitations to various Missouri politicians; photographs depict Missouri Governor Guy Park, US Senator Bennett Clark and University of Missouri President Frederick Middlebush, among others), 1936

FF 20 - Building Dedication (cont'd), 1936

FF 21 - Baird Chimes and Clock (program, correspondence, address), 1936

FF 22 - Laboratory School (program), 2/15/1937

FF 23 - University Arboretum and Wildlife Experimental Area (program, correspondence, new clippings, and informational material), 1938

FF 24 - Eckles Hall (program, invitation, address, and correspondence), 1939

FF 24a - Eckles Hall (program, address, two 5x7 black-and-white photographs of Eckles family members and University leaders, and correspondence of the Eckles Club regarding its commission and donation of the portrait of Clarence Henry Eckles for the building), 1939

FF 25 - Crowder Hall (program, clippings, address, and correspondence), 1940

FF 26 - Defoe Hall (correspondence and news clippings), 1940

FF 27 - Frank Lee Martin Memorial Library (University of Missouri Bulletin, Vol. 44, No. 2), 1943

FF 28 - Memorial Union Building Corner Stone Laying Ceremony (program), 6/7/1951

FF 29 - Edwin A. Trowbridge Portrait Dedication (program), 5/30/1952

FF 30 - Residence Halls Naming Ceremony (program, press release, address, correspondence and news clipping regarding the naming ceremony of Gentry Hall, Johnston Hall, Cramer Hall, Graham Hall, and Stafford Hall), 10/4/1952

FF 31 - Frederick Middlebush Portrait Presentation (program), 11/19/1954

FF 32 - Medical Center (program), 11/10/1956

FF 33 - Tucker Prairie (program, address), 9/13/1958

FF 34 - Thompson Farm (program, correspondence, press release, and three 5x7 black-and-white photographs depicting the ceremony), 1958

FF 35 - Residence Halls Dedication (program, press release, and floor plan regarding the naming ceremony of Loeb Dining Room, McDavid Hall, McReynolds Hall and McHaney Hall), 1958

FF 36 - A. L. Gustin, Jr. Golf Course (program), 9/19/1959

FF 37 - A. P. Green Chapel (program, correspondence, informational brochure, and one 5x7 and six 8x10 black-and-white photographs depicting ceremony participants), 1959

FF 38 - Electrical Engineering Building (program), 3/18/1960

FF 39 - Residence Halls Naming Ceremony (program, addresses, and correspondence regarding the naming ceremony of Pershing Dining Hall, Dobbs Dining Hall, Dockery-Folk Hall, Hadley-Major Hall, Gardner-Hyde Hall, Baker-Park, Jones Hall, Lathrop Hall, and Laws Hall), 1960

FF 40 - Business and Public Administration Building (program, correspondence, address), 1960

FF 41 - Tate Hall Addition (program, press release), 4/29/1961

FF 42 - Delta Center (program), 8/8/1961

FF 43 - Veterinary Clinic (program), 10/29/1961

FF 44 - Agriculture Building (programs, correspondence), 1961

FF 45 - Journalism Building Addition (program), 5/5/1962

FF 46 - Memorial Union Completion (program, correspondence, addresses), 1963

FF 47 - Residence Halls Naming Ceremony (program and correspondence regarding the naming ceremony of the Donnelly Hall, Smith Hall, and Blair Hall), 1963

FF 48 - Residence Halls Naming Ceremony (program, address, and floor plan regarding the naming ceremony of the Wolpers Hall, Bingham Hall, Hatch Hall, and Schurz Hall), 4/11/1965

FF 49 - Geology Building (program), 5/15/1965

FF 50 - Bradford Farm (program, history of property), 6/8/1965

FF 51 - Environmental Health Center (program, address, correspondence, press releases) 1965

FF 52- Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion Plots Historic Landmark (program, newsletter), 1965

FF 53- Research Reactor Facility (program, invitation, information material), 5/28/1966

FF 54 - Medical Center Tenth Anniversary (invitation), 11/1966

FF 55 - Physics Building (program, information sheet with floor plans), 4/22/1967

FF 56 - Residence Hall Dedication (program and guest list for the dedication ceremony of Rollins Hall, Hudson Hall, and Gillett Hall), 4/24/1968

FF 57 - Biological Control of Insects Research Laboratory (program, address), 4/18/1968

FF 58 - Clinical Research Center and Teaching Laboratory Additions, Medical Center (program, invitation), 10/12/1969

FF 59 - Tucker Hall (program, informational material), 1969

FF 60 - Edison Dynamo (program), 3/20/1971

FF 61 - Hearnes Multipurpose Building (program, informational brochure), 8/4/1972

FF 62 - Ellis Library and Middlebush Hall (program and thirteen 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 black-and-white photographs depicting scenes from the ceremony), 10/10/1972

FF 63 - Chemistry Building (invitation), 11/8/1972

FF 64 - Faurot Field (program, address, Faurot Field Dedication Committee meeting minutes and progress report), 1972

FF 65 - Rusk Rehabilitation Center (program, informational brochure, press releases), 1974-1975

FF 66 - Swine Research Facilities (program, informational materials, area map), 1975

FF 67 - Epple Recreation Area (program), 10/17/1976

FF 68 - Peak Memorial Burn Care Center, Medical Center (program), 2/6/1977

FF 69 - Veterinary Medicine Complex (program, address), 3/31/1977

FF 70 - Alumni Center (program, informational brochure), 1977

FF 71 - Edison Dynamo Rededication (program), 12/1/1979

FF 72 - Dutton Brookfield Athletic Facility (program, biographical brochure), 1979-1980

FF 73 - School of Nursing (program, invitation, broadsheet), 4/20/1980

FF 74 - Institute of Ophthalmology (program, invitation), 9/30/1982

FF 75 - Cosmopolitan International Diabetes Center (program, press release), 11/10/1983

FF 76 - Animal Science Research Center (program, address, press releases, informational brochures), 1983

FF 77 - Memorial Union Christman Carillon (clippings, informational material), 1983

FF 78 - Rhynsburger Theatre Naming Ceremony (correspondence, press release, news clipping), 1983

FF 79 - Rock Quarry Center (program), 3/27/1984

FF 80 - Memorial Union Room Dedication (program), 4/15/1984

FF 81 - Lowry Mall (program), 10/26/1984

FF 82 - Brady Commons (program, invitation, program script), 12/5/1985

FF 83 - Memorial Union Room Dedication (invitation), 4/25/1986

FF 84 - Heinkel Building (program), 7/16/1986

FF 85 - Eckles Hall Remodeling (program), 9/29/1986

FF 86 - Conley House Dedication (program, invitation, program script, information brochures, one 4x5 negative of Conley House), 1986

FF 87 - Townsend Hall (program, Senate proclamation, biographical material), 1986

FF 88 - Ellis Library Addition (invitation), 5/2/1987

FF 89 - Agricultural Engineering Building (program), 9/12/1987

FF 90 - Law Building (program, informational brochure), 9/1988

FF 91 - Duley-Miller Erosion Plots (program), 5/11/1990

FF 92 - Science Education Center (program), 11/1991

FF 93 - Donald W. Reynolds Alumni and Visitor Center (program, invitation, invitation lists, program script, memorabilia), 4/10/1992

FF 93a - Stankowski Outdoor Recreation Complex (program), 9/6/1996

FF 94 - Eckles Hall Addition Groundbreaking (program), 9/14/1996

FF 95 - Lee Hills Hall (Columbia Missourian special publication), 4/16/1995

FF 95 - Elmer Ellis Library Rededication, (program, 1915 bulletin reprint, centennial book notice card) 1/16/2016

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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