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System Records

Campus Records

Record Group 1
Record Group 2
Record Group 3
Record Group 4
Record Group 5
Record Group 6

UW:0/00/1, summary; uw-rg0-s6

UW:0/3/1, summary; uw-rg0-s5

UW:0/4/1, summary; uw-rg0-s1

UW:0/5/1, summary; uw-rg0-s2

UW:0/6/1, summary; uw-rg0-s3

UW:0/7/2, summary; uw-rg0-s4

UW:1/00/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg1-s6
UW:1/00/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg1-s6
UW:1/00/5, Series 3, summary; uw-rg1-s6
UW:1/00/6, Series 4, summary; uw-rg1-s6
UW:1/00/8, full inventory; uw-rg1-s2

UW:1/0/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/6, Series 6, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/7, Series 7, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/8, Series 8, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/9, Series 9, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/10, Series 10, summary; uw-rg1-s7
UW:1/0/11, Series 11, summary; uw-rg1-s7

UW:1/1/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg1-s8
UW:1/1/2, full inventory; uw-rg1-s4

UW:1/2/1, Series 2, summary; uw-rg1-s8
UW:1/2/2, Series 3, summary; uw-rg1-s8
UW:1/2/3, Series 4, summary; uw-rg1-s8
UW:1/2/4, Series 5, summary; uw-rg1-s8
UW:1/2/5, Series 6, summary; uw-rg1-s8

UW:1/3/1, full inventory; uw-rg1-s5

UW:1/4/1, full inventory; uw-rg1-s1
UW:1/4/1a, full inventory; uw-rg1-s1

UW:1/5/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg1-s9
UW:1/5/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg1-s9
UW:1/5/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg1-s9
UW:1/5/4, full inventory; uw-rg1-s3
UW:1/5/5, Series 4, summary; uw-rg1-s9

UW:1/6/1, full inventory; uw-rg1-s13
UW:1/6/2, full inventory; uw-rg1-s12
UW:1/6/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg1-s10
UW:1/6/4, full inventory; uw-rg1-s14

UW:1/7/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg1-s11
UW:1/7/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg1-s11
UW:1/7/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg1-s11

UW:2/1/1, Series 4, summary; uw-rg2-s1
UW:2/1/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg2-s1
UW:2/1/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg2-s1
UW:2/1/4, Series 3, summary; uw-rg2-s1
UW:2/1/6, Series 6, summary; uw-rg2-s1
UW:2/1/NP (A92-85), Series 5, summary; uw-rg2-s1

UW:2/3/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg2-s2

UW:2/4/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg2-s3

UW:3/1/1, full inventory; uw-rg3-s1

UW:3/2/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg3-s2

UW:3/3/1, Series 2, summary; uw-rg3-s3
UW:3/3/2, full inventory; uw-rg3-s4

UW:3/4/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg3-s3

UW:3/5/NP (A97-25), Series 3, summary; uw-rg3-s3

UW:4/00/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s31
UW:4/00/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s31
UW:4/00/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s31

UW:4/0/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s92
UW:4/0/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s32
UW:4/0/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s1
UW:4/0/4, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s33
UW:4/0/5, full inventory; uw-rg4-s85
UW:4/0/6, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s33
UW:4/0/7, full inventory; uw-rg4-s21
UW:4/0/8, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s33
UW:4/0/9, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s32
UW:4/0/10, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s32
UW:4/0/11, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s32
UW:4/0/12, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s32
UW:4/0/13, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s32
UW:4/0/14, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s32

UW:4/1/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s35
UW:4/1/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s35
UW:4/1/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s35

UW:4/2/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/6, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/7, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s36
UW:4/2/8, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s36

UW:4/3/1, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/2, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/4, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/5, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/6, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/7, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/8, full inventory; uw-rg4-s98
UW:4/3/9, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/10, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s22
UW:4/3/11, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s22

UW:4/4/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s23
UW:4/4/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s23
UW:4/4/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s99
UW:4/4/4, full inventory; uw-rg4-s100
UW:4/4/5, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s37
UW:4/4/NP (A89-52, A90-95), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s37

UW:4/5/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/2, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/3, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/4, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/5, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/6, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/7, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/8, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/9, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/10, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/11, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s38
UW:4/5/12, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s38

UW:4/6/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s83
UW:4/6/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s83

UW:4/8/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s104

UW:4/9/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s105

UW:4/15/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s106

UW:4/21/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s39
UW:4/21/2, full inventory; uw-rg4-s78

UW:4/22/NP (A98-29), summary; uw-rg4-s40

UW:4/23/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s93

UW:4/25/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s80
UW:4/25/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s41

UW:4/27/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s19
UW:4/27/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s42
UW:4/27/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s42
UW:4/27/4, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s42
UW:4/27/5, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s42
UW:4/27/6, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s42
UW:4/27/7, full inventory; uw-rg4-s3
UW:4/27/8, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s42
UW:4/27/NP (A95-15), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s42

UW:4/28/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s101
UW:4/28/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s101

UW:4/29/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s108

UW:4/30/1, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/4, full inventory; uw-rg4-s6
UW:4/30/5, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/6, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/7, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/8, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/9, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/10, Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/11, Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/12, Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/NP (A95-40), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/NP (A95-53), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/NP (A97-29, A00-118), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/NP (A97-47), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s43
UW:4/30/NP (A01-18), Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s43

UW:4/31/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s34
UW:4/31/6, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/11, full inventory; uw-rg4-s15
UW:4/31/12, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/13, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/15, full inventory; uw-rg4-s7
UW:4/31/16, full inventory; uw-rg4-s87
UW:4/31/17, Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/NP (A93-74), Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/NP (A94-92, A95-91), Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/NP (A96-11), Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/NP (A97-81), Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/NP (A00-126), Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s44
UW:4/31/NP (A00-136), Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s44

UW:4/32/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s45
UW:4/32/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s45

UW:4/33/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s46
UW:4/33/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s12
UW:4/33/4, full inventory; uw-rg4-s5
UW:4/33/NP (A86-26), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s46
UW:4/33/NP (A90-55, A90-65, A91-15, A92-18, A93-27), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s46

UW:4/34/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s89
UW:4/34/NP (A87-108), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s47
UW:4/34/NP (A87-131; A87-136; A88-83; A00-75; A00-105; A01-42), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s47
UW:4/34/NP (A90-38), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s47

UW:4/35/1, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s82
UW:4/35/2, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s82
UW:4/35/3, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s82
UW:4/35/4, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s82
UW:4/35/5, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s82
UW:4/35/6, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s82
UW:4/35/NP (A00-106), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s82

UW:4/36/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s48
UW:4/36/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s48
UW:4/36/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s48
UW:4/36/NP (A00-5), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s48

UW:4/37/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s16
UW:4/37/NP (A87-34), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/NP (A90-64), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/NP (A90-114), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/NP (A91-54), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/NP (A93-43), Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s49
UW:4/37/NP (A99-75), Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s49

UW:4/38/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s50
UW:4/38/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s50
UW:4/38/NP (A94-11), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s50
UW:4/38/NP (A95-44), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s50
UW:4/38/NP (A96-30, A00-83), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s50

UW:4/41/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/6, full inventory; uw-rg4-s26
UW:4/41/7, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/8, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/9, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/10, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/11, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/12, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/13, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/15, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/16, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/17, Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/18, Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/19, Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s51
UW:4/41/20, Series 17, summary; uw-rg4-s51

UW:4/42/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s30
UW:4/42/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/4, full inventory; uw-rg4-s86

UW:4/42/5, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/6, Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/7, Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A90-89), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A91-43), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A92-16), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A93-84), Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A94-89), Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A96-57), Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A97-45), Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A98-48), Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s52
UW:4/42/NP (A00-144), Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s52

UW:4/44/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s11
UW:4/44/2, full inventory; uw-rg4-s20
UW:4/44/3, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/4, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/5, full inventory; uw-rg4-s25
UW:4/44/6, full inventory; uw-rg4-s14
UW:4/44/7, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/8, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/9, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/10, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/11, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/12, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/13, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/14, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s53
UW:4/44/NP (A00-135), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s53

UW:4/45/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s54
UW:4/45/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s54
UW:4/45/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s54
UW:4/45/NP (A98-105), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s54
UW:4/45/4, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s54

UW:4/47/1, summary; uw-rg4-s55
UW:4/47/NP (A00-98), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s55

UW:4/51/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s29
UW:4/51/2, full inventory; uw-rg4-s9
UW:4/51/3, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/4, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/5, full inventory; uw-rg4-s24
UW:4/51/6, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/7, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/8, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/9, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/10, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/11, full inventory; uw-rg4-s96
UW:4/51/12, full inventory; uw-rg4-s95
UW:4/51/13, full inventory; uw-rg4-s97
UW:4/51/14, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/15, full inventory; uw-rg4-s77
UW:4/51/16, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/17, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/18, Series 25, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/19, Series 26, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/20, Series 27, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/21, Series 28, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/22, Series 29, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/23, Series 30, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/24, Series 31, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/25, Series 32, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A87-49, A87-97, A88-24), Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A89-80), Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A90-139, A00-115), Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A93-55, A00-161), Series 17, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A94-69), Series 18, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A95-36), Series 19, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A96-34, A00-120), Series 20, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A98-49), Series 21, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A98-126, A00-116), Series 22, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A99-59, A00-114, A01-20), Series 23, summary; uw-rg4-s56
UW:4/51/NP (A99-96), Series 24, summary; uw-rg4-s56

UW:4/52/1, summary; uw-rg4-s58

UW:4/53/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s4
UW:4/53/2, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s59
UW:4/53/NP (A87-60), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s59
UW:4/53/NP (A87-112), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s59
UW:4/53/NP (A88-22), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s59
UW:4/53/NP (A94-87), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s59

UW:4/70/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s60
UW:4/70/2, full inventory; uw-rg4-s18
UW:4/70/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s17
UW:4/70/4, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s60
UW:4/70/5, full inventory; uw-rg4-s79
UW:4/70/6, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s60
UW:4/70/NP (A93-25), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s60
UW:4/70/NP (A94-14), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s60
UW:4/70/NP (A95-12), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s60

UW:4/71/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/6, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/7, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/8, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/9, full inventory; uw-rg4-s91

UW:4/71/10, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/11, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/12, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/13, Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/14, Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/NP (A97-74, A97-75, A00-162), Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s61
UW:4/71/NP (A01-19), Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s61

UW:4/72/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/6, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/7, Series 26, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/8, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/9, Series 24, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/10, Series 27, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/11, Series 28, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/12, Series 29, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/13, Series 30, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/14, Series 31, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/15, Series 32, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/16, Series 25, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/17, Series 33, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/18, Series 34, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/19, Series 35, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/20, Series 36, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/21, Series 37, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/22, Series 38, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/23, Series 39, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/24, Series 40, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A86-163), Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A87-33), Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A88-28), Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A90-45), Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A91-63), Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A91-80), Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A92-86), Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A93-64), Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A93-65), Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A95-38), Series 17, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A95-59), Series 18, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A96-29), Series 19, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A97-58), Series 20, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A98-52), Series 21, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A98-28), Series 22, summary; uw-rg4-s62
UW:4/72/NP (A99-89, A00-121), Series 23, summary; uw-rg4-s62

UW:4/73/NP (A88-69, A97-33, A98-47, A99-56), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s63

UW:4/81/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s13
UW:4/81/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/3, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/4, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/5, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/6, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/7, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/8, full inventory; uw-rg4-s27
UW:4/81/9, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/10, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/11, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/12, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/13, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/14, Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/15, Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/16, Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/17, Series 17, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/18, Series 18, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/NP (A98-22), Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s64
UW:4/81/NP (A99-55), Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s64

UW:4/101/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s65
UW:4/101/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s65
UW:4/101/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s57
UW:4/101/4, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s65
UW:4/101/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s65
UW:4/101/6, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s65
UW:4/101/NP (A94-55), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s65

UW:4/111/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s66
UW:4/111/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s66
UW:4/111/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s66
UW:4/111/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s66
UW:4/111/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s66
UW:4/111/NP (A87-130), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s66
UW:4/111/NP (A97-87), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s66

UW:4/112/1, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/2, Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/3, Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/4, Series 17, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/5, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s103
UW:4/112/6, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s103
UW:4/112/7, Series 18, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A83-108), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A84-26), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A87-28), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A90-53, A91-61), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A91-79), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A93-94), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A94-4), Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A94-90), Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A95-153, A96-15), Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A97-61, A98-53), Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A01-108), Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A01-109), Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s67
UW:4/112/NP (A01-110), Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s67

UW:4/114/1 (A87-29), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s68
UW:4/114/NP (A90-78), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s68

UW:4/116/1 (A86-11), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/2 (A86-15), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/3 (A87-50), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/4 (A87-86), Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/5 (A96-79, A98-56, A00-125, A00-163), Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/6, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/7, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/NP (A92-13), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s69
UW:4/116/NP (A92-74), Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s69

UW:4/131/1, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s70
UW:4/131/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s70
UW:4/131/3 (A74-1, A74-10, A74-11, A75-54), Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s70

UW:4/141/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/6, Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/7, Series 7, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/8, Series 8, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/9, full inventory; uw-rg4-s81
UW:4/141/10, Series 9, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/11, Series 10, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/12, Series 11, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/13, Series 12, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/14, Series 24, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/15, full inventory; uw-rg4-s8
UW:4/141/16, Series 13, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/17, full inventory; uw-rg4-s28
UW:4/141/18, full inventory; uw-rg4-s2
UW:4/141/19, Series 20, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/20, Series 21, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/21, full inventory; uw-rg4-s88
UW:4/141/22, Series 25, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/23, Series 26, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/24, Series 27, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/25, Series 28, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/27, Series 31, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/28, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s102
UW:4/141/29, Series 32, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/30, Series 33, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/31, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s102
UW:4/141/32, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s102
UW:4/141/33, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s102
UW:4/141/34, Series 29, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/35, Series 34, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/36, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s102
UW:4/141/37, Series 35, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/38, Series 36, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A91-120, A93-40, A94-15, A95-50, A96-5, A00-108), Series 14, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A91-122), Series 15, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A97-11, A98-18, A05-40), Series 16, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A99-10), Series 17, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A99-57, A00-107, A01-37), Series 18, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A92-98), Series 22, summary; uw-rg4-s74
UW:4/141/NP, (A93-6), Series 23, summary; uw-rg4-s74

UW:4/142/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s76
UW:4/142/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s76
UW:4/142/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s76
UW:4/142/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s76

UW:4/143/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s10
UW:4/143/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s84
UW:4/143/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s90
UW:4/143/4, Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s84

UW:4/151/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s72
UW:4/151/2 (A81-8), Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s72
UW:4/151/3, full inventory; uw-rg4-s94
UW:4/151/4, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s107
UW:4/151/5, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s107

UW:4/161/1, full inventory; uw-rg4-s75
UW:4/161/2, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s71
UW:4/161/3, Series 4, summary; uw-rg4-s71
UW:4/161/4, Series 2, summary; uw-rg4-s71
UW:4/161/5, Series 5, summary; uw-rg4-s71
UW:4/161/9 (A94-111), Series 3, summary; uw-rg4-s71
UW:4/161/NP (A01-02), Series 6, summary; uw-rg4-s71

UW:4/171/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg4-s73

UW:5/2/3, full inventory; uw-rg5-s1

UW:5/3/7, Series 4, summary; uw-rg6-s1

UW:5/3/8, Series 30, summary; uw-rg4-s74

UW:5/5/5, Series 1, summary; uw-rg5-s2

UW:6/1/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg6-s1
UW:6/1/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg6-s1
UW:6/1/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg6-s1

UW:6/2/1, Series 1, summary; uw-rg6-s2
UW:6/2/2, Series 2, summary; uw-rg6-s2
UW:6/2/3, Series 3, summary; uw-rg6-s2
UW:6/2/4, Series 4, summary; uw-rg6-s2

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