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Record Group: 4 UW
Record Sub-Group: 81
Records Title: UM-System; President's Office; University Relations; General Files and Photographs
Dates: 1963-1982
Volume: 6 cubic foot, 7.5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

(A81-30, A81-71, A82-46, A92-9)
This Sub-Group contains materials from the Office of University Relations' general files (1963-1982). It includes reports, statistics, news releases, clippings, articles, correspondence, handwritten notes, photographs, statements, testimony, legal documents, publications (student newspapers, internal publications, legislation) and program schedules. Many of the major events and policy changes which occurred during this twenty year period are documented in this Sub-Group. All four campuses and the UM-System are represented in these materials. Some of the subjects include gay liberation, privacy rights, energy use and conservation, malpractice insurance, AAUP censure, labor unions and selecting a university president, among many others. Also includes an unbound copy of a Public Relations Study by Hill and Knowlton, Inc., (ca. 1970's).

Historical Note:

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group is not divided into separate records series. The Sub-Group retains the original order or the creating office.


Box 1
General Files, A - Ins

FF 1 - Analysis of four-campus concept, Kansas City Star
Contains clippings examining multi-campus in Missouri in comparison with other states, (5/19/1968 - 5/23/1968)

FF 2 - Anniversary, UMSL's 15th (1978-1979)
Includes clippings, proclamations, brochures, outline of proposed activities, related correspondence.

FF 3 - Archaeology, (1976-1977)
Contains annual report of American Archaeology Division, clippings and correspondence related to investigation of supposed misuse of funds conducted by University.

FF 4 - Black Studies, (1969-1979)
Includes news releases and clippings, brochures, listings of offered courses, minutes of Black Studies Committee, proposed curriculum, related correspondence.

FF 5 - Christmas Cards, (ca. 1974-1978)
Contains cards from others as well as from Ratchford, list of recommended names for mailing list.

FF 6 - College President Association, (1971-1972)
Includes resource ideas from UIS on value of public education campaign, correspondence related to PR task force, establishment of Higher Education Association, meetings.

FF 7 - Consulate, (1973-1975)
Includes short biographies of members, news releases and clippings, report of Consulate Committee on establishment, related correspondence.

FF 8 - Cost Reduction (1970-1971)
Includes news releases, comments and statements concerning reductions, austerity budgets and pay scales, correspondence related to budget cuts, press conferences, effects of fiscal constraints.

FF 9 - Coordinating Board of Higher Education, (1974-1977)
Includes copies of COPHE - copy of newsletter, brochures, Rationality and Rationalization speech by Ratchford, booklet of hotels and motels offering education discount, news releases, committee minutes, related correspondence.

FF 9A - CBHE continued, (1975-1981)
Includes news releases, papers presented at conferences, correspondence related to meetings, agendas, committee actions, public relations plan, proposed publications, reports.

FF 10 - Football Tickets, (1972-1973)
Contains correspondence regarding ticket requests, guest lists for presidential football brunches, tabulations of tickets, photocopies of reservations and checks, news releases and clippings.

FF 10A - Football Tickets, (1974)
Contains same materials as above. Also correspondence concerning discontinuance of free tickets to news media.

FF 10B - Football Tickets, (1975)
Contains same materials as above. Also a seating chart for West Grandstand, UMC.

FF 10C - Football Tickets, (1976-1977)
Contains same materials as above. Also a seating chart for East Grandstand, UMC.

FF 10D - Football Tickets, (1978-1979)
Contains same materials as above. Also contains correspondence related to season ticket policy changes, clippings related to policy change and reactions.

FF 11 - Gay Liberation Clippings, (1973-1978)
Clippings related to reorganization of Gay Lib on campus as an organization, charges of homosexuals on teaching staff.

FF 12 - General Correspondence, OPI Directors, (1963, 1974-1979)
Includes correspondence related to various publications, requests for catalogs and photos, meetings, calendars, minority students, fee increases.

FF 13 - Insurance, (1973-1974)
Includes news releases and clippings, reports and statements concerning self-insurance program, correspondence related to University insurance program.

FF 14 - Institutional Reappraisal -- clippings, (1971-1972)
Contains clippings concerning role and scope program, institutional reappraisal, transfer of graduate programs.

FF 15 - Institutional Reappraisal -- Publications, (1971-1972)
Contains Preface to Decision, President's Bulletins referring to subject, Report of University of Missouri referring to subject (Preface to Decision was original document, Role and Scope).

Box 2
General Files, Ins - Pu, (1964-1978)

FF 1 - Institutional Reappraisal, (1971-1973)
Includes news releases, statements, speeches, drafts of reports, transcripts of interviews with Dr. Nagel and correspondence concerning new Role and Scope policies.

FF 2 - Institutional Reappraisal, continued, (1971-1973)
Includes news releases, statements, evaluation team schedules, correspondence concerning Role and Scope.

FF 3 - Intervisitation, (1970-1972)
Contains clippings and releases, correspondence interviews, statements concerning proposal for changes in regulations concerning student housing and intervisitation, rejection by Board, reaction to events by students and faculty.

FF 4 - Junior College Joint Agreement, (1971)
Contains correspondence and news releases related to transfer statement.

FF 5 - KCCS, (1967)
Contains correspondence related to proposed interviews, freedom of press.

FF 6 - Labor, (1975-1978)
Contains clippings and releases, Summary of Student Response to Academic Collective Bargaining, statements, correspondence related to collective bargaining, faculty unionization, meetings.

FF 7 - Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) and Minority - clippings, (1974-1975)
Contains copies of clippings related to alleged racism, rallies, admissions policies, hiring practices, speakers.

FF 8 - Legislative and Senate Seminars, (1971)
Contains copies of speeches, clippings, program outline, Proceedings of seminars, related correspondence.

FF 9 - Legislative Relations Committee, (n.d.)
Contains outline of proposed University Legislative Information Program.

FF 10 - Logo, (1973-1977, 1982)
Contains brochure about the University of Missouri Symbol, correspondence related to design of symbol, new guideline in usage, meetings, use of secondary symbol, materials regarding University Extension, (1982).

FF 11 - UMKC Medical School Controversy, (1967-1968)
Contains statements, correspondence concerning efforts to secure a medical school in Kansas City.

FF 11A - Medical School Controversy - Clippings, (1967-1977)
Contains clippings and releases concerning UMKC medical school

FF 12 - Missouri Citizens Comm. for Research and Action, (1972-1976)
Includes clippings concerning C. Stevens, A. Davis speaking on campus, lists of speakers for four campuses, handwritten notes, correspondence related to above, calls for Ratchford's resignation.

FF 13 - Missouri Sesquicentennial, (1970-1971)
Includes bumper stickers, correspondence related to plans for celebration, slogan, book sales, presentation of History of Missouri to Governor.

FF 14 - Party Line, (1970)
Contains correspondence and statements related to Public-Private Higher Education, University Policy making, press activities, student activities, academic freedom.

FF 15 - Pereira Report, (1970)
Contains news releases, copy site evaluation UMSL, photographs and graphs showing traffic problems, correspondence related to Pereira Association traffic study, need for additional campus area.

FF 16 - Personnel Information Policy, (1974)
Contains correspondence, guidelines concerning proposed policy for releasing information on faculty, staff and students.

FF 17 - Postal Slug, (1971)
Contains material concerning postal mark for University mail.

FF 18 - President's Residence, (1971-1976)
Includes correspondence related to dedication, moving, open house, news releases, invitations and regrets to dedication, clippings, brochureUniversity Reception House and President's Home.

FF 19 - President C.B. Ratchford Press Seminars, (1971-1972)
Includes invitations, acceptances or regrets, list of attendees and regrets.

FF 19A - President C.B. Ratchford Press Seminars, (1973-1974)
Includes clippings, lists of locations and guests, correspondence related to arrangements.

FF 19B - President C.B. Ratchford Press Seminars, (1975-1976)
Includes clippings, guest lists, copy of $8.3 million-dollar question, correspondence relating to arrangement, invitations.

FF 20 - Public and Private Higher Education Survey, (ca. 1964-1966)
Includes various pamphlets and research papers from Wisconsin and Michigan higher education, opinion surveys on Missouri higher education, a breakdown summary of legislation establishing Missouri Commission on Higher Education.

FF 21 - Public and Private - Newman Report, (1971)
Contains a Report on Higher Education: Newman Report and a Critique of the Report on Higher Education.

FF 22 - Private School - Source Material, (1969-1970)
Includes statistical breakdown of student, county by county and state for public and private schools, materials concerning uniform cost study, state and federal support for private schools.

FF 23 - Public School Campaign, (1967-1969)
Includes clippings and releases, material on justification of funding, Freshman Class Profile UMKC, material on push by private schools for state funds, University of Missouri Concern for the Cities, correspondence related to the above, meetings.

Box 3
General Files - Public, (1966-1967)

FF 1 - Public and Private - clippings, (1967-1972)
Contains clippings concerning aid to private schools.

FF 2 - Public and Private - General, (1967-1972)
Includes materials related to per student costs at University, statements, remarks before Missouri State Commission on Higher Education, MSCHE comments on Coordination Board of Department of Higher Education, correspondence related to proposed legislation to give public support to private schools.

FF 3 - Public and Private - Publications, (1968-1972)
Contains copies of Tucker Report, Minority Report of Commission(?) II of Governor's Task Force, Voluntary Support for Public Higher Education, Pluralism and Partnership, Strengthening Private Higher Education in Illinois, related correspondence.

FF 4 - Private and Public - State and Federal Aid, (1967-1971)
Includes statements, suggested position and strategy on scholarship bill, breakdown of aid and fund to Missouri higher education, correspondence related to news media and public reaction concerning state aid to private schools, meetings, legislation, Tucker Report.

FF 5 - Private and Public - State Aid to Big Eight and Big Ten Schools, (1970-1971)
Includes news releases, cross references, news media reaction, correspondence related to state aid to other higher education facilities, directory of institutions of higher education in Missouri, legislation.

FF 6 - Public and Private - National Booklet - clippings, (1970)
Contains news releases, clippings and articles concerning public aid to private higher education, proposed legislation, laws, lists of periodical indexes with related articles.

FF 6A - Public and Private - Governor's Task Force on Role of Private Higher Education, (1970)
Contains mimeograph copy of A Limited Study of the Status of State Support of Private Higher Education, Minority Report, correspondence related to Minority Report, meetings, charge to Committee, committee reports.

FF 6B - Public and Private - Legislation, (1968-1970)
Includes Copies of Statements and Proposals to Missouri CHE by the Four Private School Group Concerning Physician Education in Missouri, A Constitutional Analysis of the Proposed Missouri Bill Authorizing Financial Allowance to Students of Higher Education, speeches, Federal Statutes, related correspondence.

FF 6C - Public and Private - Statistics, (1969-1971)
Contains Evaluation of State Efforts in Removing Financial Barriers to Post-Secondary Education, charts, graphs and statistics relating to enrollment, charges, tuition, faculty, income and expenditures, appropriations, assistance to students.

FF 7 - Public Relations Council, (1974-1977)
Includes minutes, Activity Status Report, correspondence related to meetings, agendas, Public Opinion Report, logo, Information Policy Manual, change in priorities, pertains to formative years.

FF 8 - Public Relations - General, (1966-1971)
Includes Report on Information Services, reports related to goals and objectives, background, correspondence related to meetings, survey of chief public relations administration.

FF 9 - Public Relations Group, (1973-1974)
Includes proposed University Non-Academic Publication, correspondence relating to meetings, policy on release of information, radio station service, internal publication and communications, logo, publicity costs.

FF 10 - Public Relations Group, (1975-1976)
Includes minutes, procedures, correspondence related to meetings, seminars, Faculty Handbook costs, central mail facilities, costs.

FF 11 - Public Relations Outlook - Long Range Plan, (1966-1971)
Includes correspondence reports, statements, outline, articles concerning plans for public relations program.

FF 12 - Publications - Fact Sheet, (1970-1972)
Contains copies of publication Fact Sheet, correspondence related to collection of materials.

FF 13 - Publications - Introduction to University (1973)
Contains copies of pamphlet, correspondence related to proposal for publication, distribution list.

FF 14 - Publications - Manual, (1967-1972)
Includes reports, copies of various publications lists concerning costs, publication review, policies, manual, meetings, guidelines, publication survey.

FF 15 - Publications - President's Bulletin Working Material, (1971-1973)
Contains copies of Bulletin, correspondence related to distribution, news releases, mailing list, committee, revisions.

FF 16 - Publications - President's Newsletter (Proposed), (1969-1976)
Contains copies of publication, correspondence related to proposal for regular report to the Board.

FF 17 - Publications - Spectrum, (1974-1977)
Contains correspondence related to development of publication, UMC objected to its establishment.

FF 18 - Publications - Student Information Booklet, (1970-1972)
Includes Booklet, correspondence related to costs, photographs.

FF 19 - Publications - Student Newspapers, (1966-1970)
Includes clippings, The Student Newspaper by American Council on Education, correspondence related to Free Press controversy, charge to commission on Student Newspapers, meetings, printing, sale and distribution.

FF 19A - Publications - Student Newspapers, (1966-1970)
Contains copies of various underground student newspapers including Good Seed.

FF 20 - Publications - University-Wide Newspapers, (1971)
Includes copy Internal Communications Reports, comments on publications, proposed publications.

FF 21 - Report on Black Press in Missouri, (9/1972)
Contains a copy of report to President Ratchford on services provided to the Black Press in Missouri and nationally. Information includes list of Black Press and broadcast stations in Missouri, St. Louis case study, copies of clippings, related correspondence.

Box 4
General Files - R-Wo, (1964-1980)

FF 1 - Reader's Digest Almanac, (1969-1972)
Contains survey questionnaires containing data about the University.

FF 2 - Recruiting, (1970-1973)
Contains correspondence concerning recruitment of faculty and students.

FF 3 - Reorganization of Higher Education - Missouri, (1972-1973)
Contains reports, news releases, legislation, handwritten notes, statements concerning reorganization.

FF 3A - Reorganization of Higher Education - clippings, (1972)
Contains clippings related to reorganization, University's opposition to plan.

FF 4 - Reorganization of UMC Campus, (1972-1973)
Contains correspondence and reports related to reorganization.

FF 5 - Report of an Evaluation of the Laboratory Animal Resources of the University of Missouri Contains copy of report - paperback, (1975).

FF 6 - Research - Policies and Procedures, (n.d.)
Contains copy of Policy Manual, loose pages, (61 pages and appendices).

FF 7 - Residency - Tuition, (1970-1972)
Includes clippings, court case summary articles, statements, report concerning in-state and out-of-state tuition and policies.

FF 8 - Rusk Rehabilitation Center, (1974)
Includes clippings and releases, pamphlets, biography of H.A. Rusk, speeches and schedule of events for dedication.

FF 9 - Russian - U.S. Exchange, (1972-1973)
Includes news releases, memos, correspondence, project agreement related to exchanges of scientists to participate in environmental program.

FF 10 - School of Optometry, (1974-1980)
Includes copies of legislation, Report of the Committee to Establish a College of Optometry at the University of Missouri, statements, Board Resolutions, statements concerning estimated costs, testimonies, background information on Marillac and School, status of report, related correspondence.

FF 10A - School of Optometry - clippings, (1974-1980)
Contains clippings and releases concerning attempt to establish School, Marillac property, related legislation, failure to start school.

FF 11 - Security, (1970-1971)
Includes A Plan for Campus Security at the University of Missouri, related correspondence, correspondence related to emergency operations, cooperation with outside law enforcement agencies.

FF 12 - Service Clubs, (1970)
Contains list of organizations which may be interested in speakers from the University.

FF 13 - Signs - Highway, (1967-1970)
Contains clippings, photo of Florissant Road - UMSL sign, correspondence related to request for signs.

FF 14 - Sound Amplification Policy, (1970)
Contains regulations and related correspondence.

FF 15 - Speakers Policy, (1969)
Contains clippings and articles, policy on speakers, programs and performance supported from University fund other than the regular academic budget.

FF 16 - State of the University - (A conference held 6/1973)
Contains program outline, copies of speeches.

FF 17 - Student Activity, (1969-1971)
Includes news releases, policy summary, budget materials, report on Coordinator of Student Affairs, correspondence related to student disciplinary actions.

FF 18 - Student Dissent, (1968-1971)
Includes clippings and releases, statements, correspondence related to protest activities, formation of emergency council, policies, chancellor's letter to students, parents and alumni, and includes simulated student take over and actions by the chancellor.

FF 19 - Students - MSA Checking Account Controversy, (1967-1972)
Contains correspondence related to checking accounts and inter-campus student council.

FF 20 - Unions, (1966-1973)
Contains court petitions for temporary restraining order, Board Resolutions, correspondence related to union activities, wage increases, wildcat strike and pickets, policy, court decisions, analysis of public employee Relations Legislation.

FF 20A - Unions, (1974)
Contains correspondence related to wage and salaries, union demands, organizational efforts by non-teaching professionals, Resident Physicians unionization, employee handbooks, grievance procedure.

FF 20B - Union - clippings, (1964-1974)
Contains news releases, clippings, statements, concerning union activities, strikes, recognition of labor unions, court orders.

FF 21 - Veiled Prophets Parade, (1969-1971)
Contains news releases and correspondence related to University participation in parade, lists of queens, attendants, order of Ball.

FF 22 - Vice Presidents, (1973-1976)
Includes correspondence related to microwave network, logo, forms, indirect costs, research.

FF 23 - Wage and Price Freeze, (1971-1972)
Contains news releases and clippings, statements, correspondence concerning freeze, clarification of administrative policy, retroactive pay.

FF 24 - Water Resources, (1971-1973)
Includes copies of News from Missouri Water Resources, clippings and releases, statements and speeches, correspondence concerning various research projects, fertilizer, mainly to, from or about George Smith, director.

FF 25 - Werremeyer Associates (logo), (1973-1974)
Contains correspondence related to development of new logo.

FF 26 - Women - Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women, (1974-1975)
Contains copy of Report for 1974-1975, photocopied, 109 pages.

FF 27 - Women - miscellaneous, (1967-1973)
Includes materials concerning women on all four campuses, short history of admission of women to university, Year of the Tigress.

FF 28 - Women's Center, (1975, 1978)
Contains first year report, correspondence relating to development of courses.

FF 29 - World Almanac, (1969-1975)
Contains questionnaires for inclusion in Almanac and related correspondence.

Box 5

FF 1 - Advertising Policy
Includes correspondence regarding radio and television advertisements, clippings and articles regarding the University of Missouri (1969-1979), and management classes specifically, advertisements from newspapers and magazines, a blueprint of the Lambert St. Louis Municipal Airport, correspondence on St. Louis Airport exhibits, (2/4/1969), and a photograph of RCA's first color television, (n.d.)

FF 2 - Alumni and Development
Includes correspondence regarding statistics on alumni, clippings and transcripts regarding the Alumni Center dedication, (9/1977), Missouri Alumnus, (1-2/1977), and a memo nominating Dr. John Merrill for Distinguished Faculty Award, (11/20/1978)

FF 3 - Asbestos
Includes a compliance policy, (3/21/1979), drafts of Asbestos Backgrounder, (n.d.) clippings on asbestos funds and hazards, notations regarding asbestos on campuses, (n.d.), a letter from University of Missouri lawyer regarding Asbestos Backgrounder (n.d.), compliance guidelines on asbestos removal, (3/21/1979).

FF 4 - Board of Curators Bylaws
Includes the Missouri Revised Statutes regarding the state university, (1949), oath taken by Board of Curator members, list of Board of Curators members, (n.d.), changes in rules on governing and general policies, letters and clippings regarding the Board of Curators, (1967-1968), amendments to Bylaws, (11/30/1967, 12/6/1967), Bylaws adopted (12/12/1965)

FF 5 - Board of Curators - Miscellaneous

FF 6 - Buckley Amendment, Student Privacy
Includes clippings, (ca. 11/1974 - 10/1977), letter to parents of students, (12/4/1974), comments from parents, a survey by the Associated Press regarding Privacy Act, correspondence regarding Family Act, and the Student Records Policy of University of Oregon, (9/10/1976)

FF 7 - Campus Radio Stations
Includes a letter to Guy Horton from Phil Briggs, (3/3/1977), and a draft of University of Missouri request for call sign from the United States Coast Guard, (3/3/1977)

FF 8 - Chinese Scholar Exchange
Includes information regarding Chinese students enrolling at University of Missouri Journalism School, (n.d.), clippings on exchange scholars or students, (10/30/1978 and 12/10/1978) and correspondence regarding Chinese physicians joining medical staff at UMKC, (4/12/1979)

FF 9 - Civil Rights Review
Includes an article regarding a plan for desegregation of higher education in Virginia, (1/22/1979), clippings on Department of Health, Education and Welfare probing the University of Missouri-Columbia on civil rights, (1/11/1978, 11/12/1978 and 1/10/1979), and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare questions and interviews, (n.d.)

FF 10 - Constitutional Status
Includes clippings on the constitutional status of the University of Missouri, (ca. 1971-1974), a letter from the Board of Curators regarding constitutional status of money allocation, (2/23/1977), House Joint Resolution Number 65 of the Second Regular Session of the 77th General Assembly, (12/3/1973), and background on educational alternatives in the proposed state constitution, (1974)

FF 11 - Court Actions - Bakke Case, racial discrimination, 1977

FF 11A - Court Actions - University of Missouri Board of Curators versus Paul L. Levingston, (6/1/1978)

FF 11B - Court Actions - Suit over UMKC medical buildings, (9/25/1979)

FF 11C - Court Actions - Curators versus Public Service Employees, Local Number 45, (2/7/1974)

FF 11D - Court Actions - National Education Association suit

FF 11E - Court Actions - Tax issues, (7/22/1976)

FF 11F - Court Actions - Police Department of Kansas City vs. City of Kansas City, (11/10/1975)

FF 11G - Court Actions - Cusumano and Harmon vs. Ratchford and the Board of Curators, (3/19/1974)

FF 11H - Court Actions - Papish vs. the Board of Curators, (10/1972)

FF 11I - Court Actions - Tribune vs. the University of Missouri-Columbia, (5/23/1978)

FF 11J - Court Actions - The Harowitz Case

FF 12 - Strike of the Public Service Employees, Local Number 45, (1972)

FF 13 - Curators Professors
Includes three copies of Spectrum, volume 5, number 15, (10/6/1978), volume 6, number 11, (8/1/1979), volume 6, number 9, (6/15/1979)

FF 14 - Curators Scholarships
Including correspondence regarding the creation of curator scholarships and related funds, Inventory of Currently Offered Degree Programs and Emphasis Areas, University of Missouri, (3/1979)

FF 15 - Department of Education
Includes the University of Missouri position on a Federal Department of Education, (3/27/1979), clippings and articles regarding a separate Department of Education, a letter from President James Olson opposing the creation of the Department of Education, (3/26/1979), a memo from Robin Schmidt at Harvard University, a news release from the Committee Against a Separate Department of Education, (4/23/1979), and a list of college and university presidents who oppose creating a Department of Education.

FF 16 - Employee Relations
Includes clippings regarding Missouri Public Employees unionization, policies regarding unions, and policies dealing with emergency situations.

FF 17 - Energy Conservation
Includes a memo regarding decreasing electric and steam usage, (7/11/1979), the status of energy usage, (3,4,5/1979), clippings regarding energy conservation, (ca. 1978-1979), news release regarding curtailing energy usage, (n.d.), memos from the Department of Higher Education on energy usage, University of Missouri Energy Conservation, (2/28/1978), and the University of Missouri Energy Policy and Handbook.

FF 18 - Honorary Degrees
Includes the selection procedure, (4/20/1973), the adoption of new guidelines for awarding honorary degrees, (10/2/1973), guidelines approved by the Board of Curators but not the Committee, (9/14/1973), and University regulations on honorary degrees, (n.d.)

FF 19 - Medical Malpractice Insurance and Student Insurance
Includes clippings on University of Missouri financing malpractice insurance, (6/29/1978), the Board of Curators approval of an insurance plan, (5/27/1978) and a malpractice plan, (6/24/1977), and an article regarding the University of Missouri being sued for malpractice, (6/30/1977)

FF 20 - Intercampus Instruction
Includes a copy of Open University proposal (3/21/1974), and task force report, (3/1974), a report on Anthony Spicuzza's doctoral program, clippings regarding University of Missouri-Rolla instructional television program, (9/7/1971), papers on New Sources of Learning, a draft of film entitled Military Experience Directed into Health Careers,(MEDIHC), documentation of student transfers among University of Missouri campuses.

FF 21 - AAUP, American Association of University Professors' Censure
Includes clippings on the censure the University of Missouri by the AAUP, a report from the University of Missouri, volume 2, (7/1970), Spectrum, volume 5, number 11, (7/21/1978) and University of Missouri statistical data compiled by the AAUP, (1977-1978)

FF 22 - Academic Grievance Procedures, (5/25/1979)

FF 23 - Admission to Professional Schools - School of Medicine, (5/24/1979)

FF 24 - Public Relations Study
Part I - General Findings and Recommendations, by Hill and Knowlton, Inc., (ca. 1970's)

FF 25 - Public Relations Study
Part II - Findings and Recommendations, by Hill and Knowlton, Inc.,
(ca. 1970's)

Box 6

FF 1 - Environmental Trace Substances
Includes papers sought for the University of Missouri Conference on Effects of Pollutants, (11/8/1977), clippings on the effects of pollution and chemicals, (5/1/1979), a description of conference papers, (n.d.), and letters and clippings regarding the success of the conference on Trace Substances in Environmental Health.

FF 2 - Exchange of Students, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri: Resident Fee Basis
Includes student enrollment under the Missouri-Kansas Agreement, (Fall 1970), student enrollment under the Missouri-Nebraska Agreement, (Fall 1970), agreements, revisions and amendments to the agreements between Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri pertaining to resident fee basis, a campus newsletter, pamphlets detailing agreements with Kansas, (1969) and Nebraska, (1/1973), Kansas - Missouri Agreement, (1977, 1979), Missouri - Nebraska Agreement, (11/1969), and a draft of story of student exchange, (6/24/1980)

FF 3 - Executive Guidelines and Executive Orders, (ca. 1968-1979)
Includes Executive orders, revisions and amendments, memos and letters regarding Printing and Publication Policy for University Publications

FF 4 - Faculty Full Time Equivalent Study, (1978)
Analyses of Full Time Equivalent Staff, (1975-1979), Budgeting and Financial planning, (12/1976), University of Missouri Program Classification Structure Outline, (n.d.)

FF 5 - Financial Exigency
Drafts of Financial Exigency Plan, (1977), clippings regarding exigency plan, (10/22/1977), the committee on Financial Exigency, (10/1/1977), and Policies and Procedures Statement on Financial Exigency (n.d.)

FF 6 - Gay Liberation and Gay People's Union
Includes background for the appointment of two student assistants in the area of homosexuality, (9/23/1971), correspondence regarding Gay Lib, clippings on student homosexual movement and student homosexual organizations, (1971), Gay Liberation and Gay People's Union petitioners for recognition as a student/faculty organization, (8/13-15/1973), denial of petition by the Board of Curators, (11/16/1973), article regarding dismissal of a graduate student teaching assistant and investigation, (5/3/1973), Gay Lib vs. University of Missouri and C. Bruce Ratchford, (2/17/1977), administrative associative costs, court costs of the lawsuit and other legal documents, (3/1978), and background from the University of Missouri on Gay Lib appeals and legal action, (2/21/1971-4/25/1978)

FF 7 - History of Missouri
Includes Panorama of Progress UM (1965), Pattern of Fulfillment UM (n.d.), A New Horizon for the University of Missouri (1964), UM Alumni Leaders Handbook (n.d.), Days of Decision - Your University of Missouri (1962), For a Greater University of Missouri (n.d.), campus newsletters, (ca. 1965-1968), A Guide to the Four Campuses (ca. 1966), Why You Should Be Proud of the University of Missouri (n.d.), Visitor's Guide UMC (1839-1966), The Presidential Investiture of Charles Brice Ratchford, (9/15/1972), Missouri Alumnus, (1-2/1977), UM reports on finances, institutional appraisal, physical facilities, extension, research, teaching, general information, The History of Missouri College of Agriculture (10/1944), clippings regarding racism and admission of black students, and minutes of the Board of Curators regarding property transfer, name change for Rolla, establishment of University of Missouri-St. Louis and four campus system (7/13/1963-1/19/1968)

Includes announcement from ABC and KOMU-TV that KOMU will be the primary affiliate for ABC, miscellaneous memos and letters regarding KOMU-TV, clippings regarding KOMU-TV and Chancellor Schwada suppressed KOMU-TV news film on student demonstrations (5/1970), petitions to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and documentation regarding decisions (1974-1975)

FF 9 - Labor Union
Includes a memo from Chancellor Barbara Uehling to all employees, (2/9/1979), employee questions, (n.d.), clippings on salary increases, anti-union activities and union votes, (5/18/1979), results of meetings between UM and the Missouri Nurses Association, (n.d.), news correspondence regarding unions and unionization from A. Lee Belcher and others, (1972-1977), a draft regarding University statement on proposed student involvement in faculty or staff negotiations, letter to Board of Curators re: unions (3/21/1977)

FF 10 - Marching Mizzou: a 35mm, 11 minute film
Includes contracts of rental agreements to theaters in Missouri, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Washington, clippings on the Marching Mizzou Band, (10/1977)

FF 11 - Memorabilia
Includes Lists of Distinguished Alumni for UMC and UMKC, Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Faculty Award list (n.d.), News release regarding donation of equipment (n.d.), List of corporate heads (1968), lists of College of Agriculture Achievements, List of College of Arts and Science Achievements, clippings and campus newsletters, A Few Selected Milestones (1821-1983), UM historical events list for intercollegiate athletics (8/17/1987), Important events - Engineering, Parks and Recreation, Business and Public Administration, UMC - General, Milestones and Miscellany, Draft of UM System significant dates, Dates of historical significance - UM, (1839-1985), clippings on Sam Walton, (9/5/1982), list of nationally and internationally known alumni, (1967), Honorary degrees for UMC, UMKC, Rolla, and UMSL (1892-1975), College of Engineering achievements, College of Home Economics achievements, School of Law achievements, School of Library and Information Science accomplishments, School of Medicine achievements, School of Nursing achievements, College of Public and Community Service achievements, Missouri honor awards for distinguished service in engineering (4/11/1975)

FF 12 - Missouri Institute of Psychiatry, (MIP)
Includes history and budget of the Missouri Institute of Psychiatry, (5/25/1979), related clippings, letters and memos regarding MIP, psychiatric courses, and its potential move, MIP Bulletin, memos and letters regarding LSD use with patients(1967-1969)

FF 13 - A Pictorial Review, (1975);
Includes a list of distribution (12/17/1975), and criticisms (3/5/1976)

FF 14 - Presidential Research Committee
Includes the Process of Selecting a President of the University of Missouri, (6/10/1983), letters and clippings regarding the selection, (ca. 1976-1977), versions of the Process for Selecting a President, (ca. 1976)

FF 15 - Publications - Annual Report
Includes Publications Report Fiscal Year, (1975-1976), and UMSL Annual Publications Report, (1975-1976)

FF 16 - President's Report
Includes letters and memos regarding The President's Report (1968), and the University of Missouri Report, (1979)

FF 17 - Publications Procedures
Includes letters regarding UMKC Undergraduate Bulletin and other publications, the School of Dentistry, UMKC, (Fall 1977), UM Publications Manual, (1972), the Academic Calendar for the School of Dentistry, (1977-1978), Keeping Your School or College Catalog in Compliance with Federal Laws and Regulations (6/1978), letter on UMC Health Care Newsletter, (7/2/1979), UMC Publications Planning Guide and Authorization Sheet, and Health Letter of the UMC, volume 1, numbers 1-3, (4-6/1979)

FF 18 - Publications - System Brochure, (Fall 1979)
Includes System Viewbook Survey by the University of Tennessee Public Relations Office, (ca. 5/1974), a UM System Brochure, Facts about the University of Missouri, (12/1973), and A Pictorial Review, (1975)

FF 19 - Missouri School of Religion
Includes information regarding the Missouri School of Religion, (1/24/1979), justification for an establishment of a Department of Religious Studies, UMC, (1/24/1979), and UMC proposed Department of Religious Studies Budget, (n.d.)

FF 20 - Seal
Includes a letter requesting University of Missouri seal of approval, (7/25/1979), guidelines for the use of the University seal, (7/4/1974), picture of a proposed design, (1974) and offers from various St. Louis printing companies to provide the seal.

FF 21 - Student Curator
Clippings pertaining to Student Curator at the University of Missouri (ca. 1978)

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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