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Call Number:

Box1-136, 3
OSF1-136, 3

Record Group: 4 UW
Record Sub-Group: 13
Records Title: UM-System; President's Office; Facilities Management; Landscape Architect Willard Summers Papers
Dates: 1960-1981
Volume: 1 and 1/6 cubic feet, 1.46 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

(A85-40; A86-7; A86-21; A88-46; A13-52)
This Record Sub-Group contains a sampling of the personal papers of landscape architect Willard Summers. Included in the Sub-Group are correspondence, sketches, blueprints, project plans, photos, memos, meeting minutes, lists of materials, surveys, reports, maps, recommendations, and transparencies.
Note to Researcher: For more blueprints, architects drawings, and maps of University of Missouri properties and facilities, see Record Group 4 UW, Sub-Group 64, Series 2.

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group has been divided into three series. Series One contains correspondence, sketches, reports, blueprints, plans, memos, minutes, recommendations and lists. Series Two contains photographs of the grounds at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the University of Missouri-St Louis, and the University of Missouri-Rolla. Series Three contains transparencies of landscaping maps for the four University of Missouri System campuses.

Series Outline:

  1. Series One, Correspondence

  2. Series Two, Photographs

  3. Series Three, Transparencies


Series One - Correspondence
Box 1

FF 1 - Faurot Field and Marker Dedication, correspondence and sketches, 1972

FF 2 - UMKC Fountain Project correspondence, sketches, blueprint of Quadrangle Fountain Project, and other landscape projects, 1973

FF 3 - Columbia Campus Signs: correspondence and photos of the quadrangle

FF 4 - Summers' UMC Papers: National Science Board building cost figures, Campus Planning Committee correspondence, bulk storage of liquid nitrogen correspondence, Campus Planning Committee meeting minutes, correspondence, and memos, 1968-1969

FF 5 - Campus Planning Committee Abstract Minutes, correspondence, and memos, 1965-1967

FF 6 - Campus Walkways and Pedestrian Malls: Long-Range Planning Committee correspondence on the Pedestrian Campus Plans, List of Temporary Buildings owned by the University, Traffic and Parking Committee correspondence, Campus Planning Minutes, 1968

FF 7 - College of Agriculture Long Range Planning Report Survey and Report of Future Heating and Power Needs and a letter to J.P. Falvey, Consulting Engineer, 12/20/1967

FF 8 - Long Range Development Plan for UMC (includes a campus map), 1957

FF 9 - UMC Reports: Survey on Night Illumination, "A Proposed One-Way Street System for the Central Zone in the City of Columbia from the Faculty Communications Subcommittee" (1966); Committee Functions and Appointments (09/01/1967-08/31/1968); Report from the Subcommittee on Long-Range University Planning, "Aims of the University" (no date); Committee on University Policy; College of Agriculture: Long Range Facility Projections (1966); City Assessor's Tax Books of parcel ownerships (1966); Proposed Re-development Area for the University of Missouri-Columbia, Donation of land near Joplin to UMC, and Minutes of Campus Planning Committee (11/1,15,29/1965); Committee on Campus Planning: Traffic Planning and Related Phenomena; School of Veterinary Medicine (12/13/1965; 02/14/1966; 04/25/1966; 05/02,16,23/1966); Long Range Planning Committee Report (11/05/1965); Report of the Committee on Campus Planning, "Committee on Campus Planning: Projection of Student Housing Needs" (1960-1965); Proposal Regarding Building Project Committees (01/1966), 1960-1968

FF 10 - Report of the Committee to Establish a College of Optometry, 1974

FF 11 - School of Optometry correspondence, 1974

FF 12 - Recommendations on Merillac Optometry, 1975

FF 13 - UMC Campus Identification System and Columns Marker, 1965-1966

FF 14 - UMKC Property, 1969

Series Two - Photographs

FF 15 - Tree Moving and Farm Buildings

FF 16 - UM President's Residence - Providence Point and UMC Red Campus

FF 17 - UMC Rollins Field Gate, Memorial Stadium, Faurot Field, and UMC Power Plant Construction 17 February 1981

FF 18 - UMC Jesse Hall Dome Repair, Chancellor's Residence and UMC Alumni Center

FF 19 - UMKC Play - Game Fields (09/1979) and UMKC, 1975

FF 20 - Fountain Construction and University Center, Pierson Hall, 1973

FF 21 - Signs and Law Construction

FF 22 - Old Library, Plaza, Bookstore (1980) and Troost Street, 1979

FF 23 - Performing Arts and Chancellor's Residence

FF 24 - Geology - Library and Law - Plaza

FF 25 - Tree Damage and UMKC Miscellaneous

FF 26 - UMR Truman Center and North of Library retaining walls

FF 27 - Central Plaza and Residence Hall Quadrangle, 1973-1975

FF 28 - University Center Construction and Central Plaza Construction of walks, 1972

FF 29 - Residence Hall Quadrangle Construction and UMR, 1967

FF 30 - UMR Campus and UMR Campus

FF 31 - UMSL - Marillac College and UMSL - Marillac College, 07/1967

FF 32 - UMSL and UMSL slides, 1967

FF 33 - UMSL and J.C. Penney Building, 11/1971

FF 34 - J.C. Penney Building and Tree survey, 12/1969

FF 35 - Parking Structure - Administration Building and Chancellor's Residence

FF 36 - Commons Area Before Construction and Plaza Construction, 12/22/1977

FF 37 - Library Cul-de-sac Model and UMSL Campus, 05/16/1977

FF 37A - Eighteen color postcards of UMR, ca. 1980

Series Three - Transparences

FF 38 - Campus Planning Committee and Sub-Committee on Traffic and Landscape, 1966

FF 39 - UMC Transparencies

FF 40 - UMKC Transparencies

FF 41 - UMR Transparencies

FF 42 - UMSL Transparencies

FF 43 - Module Building Design System Transparencies

OSF 1 - This folder contains oversize photos of University of Missouri-Columbia buildings, aerial shots of the UMC Hospital, the Football Stadium, Laws Observatory, and the Engineering Buildings

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