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Call Number:


Record Group: 1 C
Record Sub-Group: 91
Records Title: UMC; Administration; Office of University Relations; Betty Rottmann Collection
Dates: 1948-1986
Volume: 3 and 1/3 cubic feet, 4.17 linear feet; 1 OSF; 1 OSP

Scope and Content Note

(A77-2; A85-27; A86-55; A86-59)
This Sub-Group contains records created and compiled by Betty Cook Rottmann and received by the University of Missouri Office of Public Information. Included in the Sub-Group are news releases written by Rottmann, accompanying photographs and negatives, and background information for the stories. Also included in the Sub-Group are directories, event programs, press books, brochures, event fliers, newsletters, newspaper and magazine clippings, fact sheets, speeches, correspondence, and memoranda. Non-printed materials such as films, slides, drawing of a comic strip, United Nations Logos, and Press Page Sash are also contained in the collection.

Historical or Biographical Note:

Betty Cook Rottmann worked for the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1957-1987. She started her career as a News Writer, became the Senior Information Specialist in 1979 and then became the Coordinator of Visitor and Guest Relations in 1980. Rottmann compiled this collection for her news releases and most records are relevant to MU and Office of Public Information. Reflecting her interests, there is also a variety of stories with a broader range of topics such as Women's Study and Community Services.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is divided into four series.

Series One contains reference materials Rottmann compiled for the uses of the Office of Public Information from 1958 to 1980. In addition to the expertise books of UMC, UMSL, UMR, and whole MU, this Series includes the information of MU System such as MU Fact Sheets, University System Film on Personnel Orientation, Residential Care Facility Survey, and Campus Tour Guides. It also includes official documents and information of the OPI such as correspondence, press releases, news clippings, etc.

Series Two contains the records of student associations such as Marching Mizzou ( UMC Marching Band,) University Singers, Cheerleaders, and Pompon Girls from 1960 to 1969. It includes photographs, negatives, programs of a variety of activities they participated in, portraits and personal stories of the members, news releases and its memoranda.

Series Three contains records about a variety of University events and activities. It includes records of the University annual events such as Commencement, University Day, Parents' Day, Homecoming, Education Day, Summer Welcome, Family Day, Journalism Week, and Library Week. This Series also covers such cultural events as: Campus Talent, University Concert Series, Summer Music Camp, Collegium Musicum, University Theater, Fortnightly and University Clubs' Variety Show, and Faculty Frolics. Also includes are the conference, lectures, and seminars such as YMCA-YWCA Model United Nations General Assembly, Missouri College Government Conference, Mock Political Convention, Seminar of Continuing Education for Women, Community Development Seminar and Columbia Community Services Fair, Educational Writers Association Air Tour, Mid-America Atoms for Power. Other events contained in this Series are Campus Talent, American Royal Queen Contest, Interior Design Symposium Exhibit, Data Processing Services, and Instructional TV.

Series Four contains records with a variety of stories that Rottmann collected and compiled for her news releases. There are files about student scholarships and a various awards for MU faculties such as Faculty Recognition and Faculties-Alumni Awards. News about dedication of the Research Reactor in 1966 and information about the schools of Home Economics and Nursing are included. Also included are stories with a variety of individuals who are both related or non-related to MU: stories about a professor of Sociology who carried his research while traveling with a circus, about a UMC freshman who was featured for the Seventeen Magazine, about a director of KOMU-TV who received an award for remarkable women in radio and TV, and so on. Most records accompany photographs, negatives, and news releases.

Series Five contains graphical materials such as photographs and posters. These items are oversized.

Series Outline:

1. Reference Materials for Office of Public Information

2. Student Associations

3. University Events and Activities

4. News Stories

5. Graphical Materials

Note to Researcher: For another Betty Rottmann collection, see Sub-Group 51 of Record Group 1 C.


Series One - Reference Materials for Office of Public Information

Box 1

FF 1 - "Call On Us: Sources of Information in Specialized Field," 1973; University of Missouri at Columbia Expertise Book

FF 2 - University of Missouri at St. Louis Expertise Book, 1975

FF 3 - University of Missouri at Rolla Expertise Book, 1975

FF 4 - Manuscript for "At Your Service: Sources of Information in Specialized Field," 1976; University of Missouri Expertise Book

FF 5 - "Facts about the University of Missouri," 1972-1977; Fact Sheets

FF 6 - University System Film on Personnel Orientation, 1966-1977; Film Script

FF 7 - Residential Care Facility Survey, 1973

FF 8 - Campus Tours; Tour Guide 1969, Missouri Preservation News July 1977

FF 9 - Oklahoma State University Information, 1964; Photographs of OSU and the President

FF 10 - Office of Public Information Correspondence and Press Releases, 1958-1967

FF 11 - Office of Public Information Correspondence and Press Releases, 1968-1977

FF 12 - Office of Public Information Correspondence and Press Releases, 1978-1980

FF 13 - "College Town U.S.A." and Other News Clippings, 1965-1976

FF 14 - Miscellaneous; General Electric Brochure that features Jim Leimkuehler, an Engineering Graduate; Photographs and Negatives of Planned Parenthood Conference, President John C. Weaver, and MEHA Inc. Executive Board 1979-1980

Series Two - Student Associations

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 15 - Marching Mizzou (University of Missouri-Columbia Marching Band) at 27th Orange Bowl, 1961; Program and Photographs

FF 16 - Marching Mizzou, 1965; Photographs and Negatives

FF 17 - Marching Mizzou at Cardinals Game, 1965-1968; Correspondence

FF 18 - Marching Mizzou at Sugar Bowl, 1966; Brochures, Photographs, and Negatives

FF 19 - Professor Charles L. Emmons Receives Plaque from Marching Mizzou, 1966; Photographs and Negatives

FF 20 - Marching Mizzou, 1966-1967; Photographs, Negatives, and Member List

FF 21 - Marching Mizzou, 1967; Newspaper Clipping

FF 22 - Marching Mizzou, 1968-1969; Press Releases including a story of the Band's history, Program of Gator Bowl 1968, Portraits of the Golden Girls and Drum Majors; Photograph, Newspaper Clippings, Correspondence

FF 23 - Marching Mizzou Scholarship Students; Photograph

FF 24 - Marching Mizzou Baton Twirler, Warren Bass, 1961-1965; Photographs

FF 25 - Marching Mizzou Baton Twirler, Donna Rae Knock, 1962; Photographs

FF 26 - Marching Mizzou Baton Twirler, Patty Gramm, 1964-1967; Photographs, Negatives, and Newspaper Clippings

FF 27 - Marching Mizzou Baton Twirlers, 1967-1968; Press Release on David Forbes and Dennis G. Knock, Photographs, Negatives

FF 28 - Cheerleaders, 1964-1965; Photographs, Negatives, and Laws for selection and activities of cheerleaders

FF 29 - Cheerleaders, 1965-1966; Photographs, Negatives

FF 30 - Miss Cheerleader USA Contest, 1966; Press Release on Kathleen Steed, Photographs, Negatives

FF 31 - Cheerleaders, 1966-1967; Photographs, Negatives

FF 32 - Pom Pon Girls, 1964-1965; Photographs, Tiger Football Game Schedule

FF 33 - Pom Pon Girls, 1965-1966; Photographs, Negatives, Press Clippings

FF 34 - Pom Pon Girls, 1966-1967; Photographs, Negative

FF 35 - University Singers, 1960-1965; Introduction Pamphlets, Feature Article for Missouri Alumnus September '64

FF 36 - University Singers, 1964-1966; Photographs, Negatives, Newspaper Clipping

FF 37 - University Singers, 1967; Photographs, Negatives

FF 38 - University Singers; Photographs, Brochures, Correspondence

Series Three - University Events and Activities

Box 1 (cont'd)

FF 39 - Cultural Events Information, Student Activities and others, 1964-1973; Photographs, Negatives, Season Programs, Press Clippings

FF 40 - Land-Grant College Survey on Performing Arts, 1967; Information Sheets, Correspondence

FF 41 - "Back-to-School" Release, 1961, 1968-1970; Correspondence

Series Three - University Events and Activities (cont'd)

>Box 2

FF 1 - University Theater, "Dark of the Moon" (1961), "Die Fledermaus" (1962); Photographs, "Missouri Alumnus, Mar '62"

FF 2 - University Theater, "Boy Friend," "Mary, Mary" (1966), "Comedy of Errors" (1969), "The Mikado" (1971); Scripts, Fact Sheets of the Players

FF 3 - University Concert Series, 1969-1970; Photographs, Negative, Programs, Press Books of St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Hans Richter-Haaser, Bach Aria Group, Anneliese Rothenberger, Iowa String Quartet, and others

FF 4 - University Concert Series, The National Ballet of Washington D.C.,1972; Photographs, Negatives, Program, Press Book

FF 5 - Summer Music Camp, 1962-1967; Photographs, Negatives, Program

FF 6 - U.S. Army Field Band, 1965; Photograph

FF 7 - Campus Talent, 1966; Photographs, Negatives, Brochures, Newspaper Clipping

FF 8 - Fortnightly and University Clubs' Variety Show "Kaleidoscope," 1968; Press Releases, Photographs, Negatives, News Clippings

FF 9 - Collegium Musicum, 1969; Press Releases, Photographs, Negatives, Program, Fact Sheets of Players [RESTRICTED]

FF 10 - American Royal Queen Contest, 1969; Press Release, Schedule

FF 11 - Esterhazy String Quartet Recitals, 1969-1970; Press Release, Photographs, Programs. Also includes a recital program of the Midwest Woodwind Trio.

FF 12 - Interior Design Symposium Exhibit, 1963; Project of the Studio Techniques class in Home Economics; Press Release, Photographs

FF 13 - Peace Corps, 1964, 1966; Press Releases

FF 14 - G. E. College Bowl, 1967-1968; Photographs and Negatives of MU Team, Press Releases, Programs

FF 15 - YMCA-YWCA Model United Nations General Assembly, 1964-1965; Press Releases, U.N. Logos, Negatives

FF 16 - 5th Annual Missouri College Government Conference, 1974; Program, Scripts of Remarks

FF 17 - Mock Political Convention, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972; Press Releases, Photographs, Negatives, Programs, Newspaper Clippings, Remarks, Press Page Sash

FF 18 - Faculty Frolics, 1963-1964; Missouri Alumnus May 1963, Photographs, Negatives

FF 19 - Faculty Frolics, 1965-1966; Press Releases, Photographs, Negatives, Script for Play, News Clippings

FF 20 - Faculty Frolics, ca. 1970; Press Releases, Photographs, Script for Play, News Clippings

FF 21 - University Day, 1967; Press Releases, TV Slides, Scripts for TV Film

FF 22 - Parents' Day, 1968; Press Release, Schedule

FF 23 - Homecoming, 1968-1972; Photographs, Negatives, and Entry Forms of Queen Contests' Candidates, Letter from Don Faurot, Press Releases, Newspaper Clippings

FF 24 - Education Day, 1970, 1973; Photographs and Negatives of Honored Students and Faculty Staffs, Press Release

FF 25 - "Summer Welcome, 1974" Annual Report; Orientation and Registration Program

FF 26 - Family Day, 1977; Correspondence

FF 27 - Commencement,1980, 1986; Official Lists of Candidates for Degrees

FF 28 - Journalism Week and Miscellaneous, 1962-1980; Press Release, Photographs and Negatives of Missouri Honor Awards Recipients, Remarks by Leroy Collins, President of National Association of Broadcasters, Program of Graduate Convocation

FF 29 - Journalism Week; 1966; Press Releases, Program, Theta Sigma Phi's Round Table Session on Communications

FF 30 - Journalism Week, 1968; Slides, Photographs, Negatives of Award Recipients

Series Three - University Events and Activities (cont'd)

Box 3

FF 1 - Journalism Week, 1969; Photographs of Dennis Walsh (Pulitzer Prize Winner), Press Clippings

FF 2 - Journalism Week, 1969; Press Releases, Negatives, Program, Remarks, Press Clippings

FF 3 - Journalism Week, 1970; Press Releases, Photograph, Press Clipping

FF 4 - Journalism Week, 1971; Press Releases, Program, Bulletin of Awards, Brochure of Missouri Press Women, Photographs

FF 5 - Journalism Week, 1972; Press Releases, Program, Photographs of Annual Photo Competition Winners, Remarks

FF 6 - Journalism Week, 1973, 1974; Photographs, Negatives of Award Winners, Programs, Missouri Press Women

FF 7 - Foreign Assignment Tour, 1959; Twenty-one days of travel and study within the Soviet sphere with Bryce W. Rucker (instructor in UMC Journalism), Press Release, Rucker's Photograph, Correspondence

FF 8 - Wall Street Journalism Seminar and School Publications Workshop, 1962; Newspaper Fund Fellows, Photographs, Negatives, Programs, Correspondence

FF 9 - Library Week, 1968; News Release, Fliers

FF 10 - Library News Releases, 1971-1977

FF 11 - Archaeology News Releases, 1960-1977

FF 12 - Continuing Education for Women, 1959-1967; Brochure of "Social Change and New Directions in Continuing Education for Women"

FF 13 - Continuing Education for Women, 1968; Brochure of of "Challenge for Today's Woman"

FF 14 - Continuing Education for Women, 1969-1977; Photographs of Christine Klieboken Sifferman, Congress Woman Shirley Chisholms, and Others from Women's Seminars

FF 15 - Photographs of Eleanor Roosevelt; At a women's event, from Dr. Earl English, Negatives

FF 16 - Lecture of Jehan El-Sadat, 1985; The Enid Jackson Kemper Lecture Series

FF 17 - Activities for Handicapped People, 1974-1977; "Maximum Security Prison Center for Helping the Handicapped" Project, Library Programs, White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals, Press Releases, News Clipping

FF 18 - Community Development Seminar sponsored by Cooperative Extension Service ; Photographs, Brochures of "Concern for the Cities," "Missouri Economy Study," and "Marketing Research Guide for Small Firms"

FF 19 - Public Services in Missouri- Slide Show, 1971; Magnetic Tapes, Slides, Brochures, Press Release

FF 20 - Columbia Community Services Fair 1970-1972; Press Releases, Program, Fliers, News Clippings, Committee Report on "Social Objectives for Columbia"

FF 21 - Columbia Community Services Exhibit, 1977

FF 22 - Educational Writers Association Air Tour; Photographs, Negatives

FF 23 - Mid-America "Atoms for Power" Conference, 1958; sponsored by UMC with American Assembly of Columbia University; Press Releases, Article written by Alex Radin (General Manager of American Public Power Association and Editor of Public Power), Correspondence

FF 24 - Computers on Campus, 1964-1966; Press Releases, Plans of Computer Research Center, Photographs, News Clippings

FF 25 - Data Processing Services, 1965-1978; Guide of Campus Computing Center (1978), Computional Techniques (1965, 1967), Correspondence of Administrative Data Processing Users Council

FF 26 - Instructional TV, 1959-1963; Introduction of Educational TV on Campus; Press Releases, Missouri Alumnus,12/1960, Photographs, News Clippings, Brochures

FF 27 - Instructional TV, 1963-1966; Press Releases, Reports, Brochures, Correspondence

FF 28 - National Conference on the Improvement of Teaching by Television, 1964; Press Releases, Photographs, Texts of Addresses

FF 29 - National Conference on the Improvement of Teaching by Television, 1964; Directories of the National Association of Educational Broadcasters, Programs, Correspondence, Newspaper Clipping

Series Four - News Stories

Box 4

FF 1 - Student Scholarships; Photographs and Negatives of P.T.A. Scholarship Students 1965, Caroline B. Ullmann Scholarship Students' List, Brochures of "Students Loan and Scholarships," "Concern for the Cities," Survey

FF 2 - Faculty Recognition, 1984, 1986; Feature Article in Mizzou Weekly, 04/27/1984, Brochures

FF 3 - UMC Faculty-Alumni Awards, 1979; Photographs and Negatives

FF 4 - Home Management Center, UMC School of Home Economics, 1964; Black and White Photographs and Negatives, Press Release for Practical/Forecast Magazine and Correspondence with the Editor

FF 5 - Research Reactor's Dedication, 1966; Brochure of "Research Park, University of Missouri-Columbia"

FF 6 - Master's Program in Nursing, 1980

FF 7 - Kusum Nair's Curriculum Vitae; Research Associate of Rural Sociology

FF 8 - Sweet Circus Story, 1962; Robert C. Sweet, Professor of Sociology at MU, Carried His Research while Traveling with a Circus. Photographs of Sweet with C. Terence Pihlblad, Chairman of the Department of Sociology

FF 9 - Murphy's Story, 1962; Reporter's Notes

FF 10 - Battaglia Book Feature for Kansas City Star,1963; Correspondence with Elio Lee Battaglia, Author of "The Face of Missouri" Published by the University of Missouri Press and John T Alexander, Sunday Editor of KCS

FF 11 - Marcia L. Eickmeier's Interview for St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1965; UMC Student in the College of Agriculture. Photographs, Correspondence with Patricia McCue of SL Post-Dispatch on the Pitzman Nature Study Program of the Missouri Botanical Garden [RESTRICTED]

FF 12 - E. Jack Neuman, 1965; Special Award Winner Presented by St. Louis Suburban Teachers Association

FF 13 - Esther Donat Griswold, 1965; Director of KOMU-TV who Received a "Golden Mike" Award from McCall's Magazine for Women in Radio and Television

FF 14 - Suzanne Tapia Feature for Seventeen Magazine, 1966; UMC Freshman who Worked at Woodhaven Christian Home for Children under the Student Work Program in Mental Retardation

FF 15 - Free Speech Controversy, 1969; Committee on Student Organizations, Government and Activities at UMC, Issues of Free Press Underground, Charges against the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) on their Citation for Breach of Standards and Regulations, Library Censorship, etc.

FF 16 - Clarence Stevens Case, 1972; Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering. Memo and Correspondence about his Dismissal

FF 17 - Larry Lewis's Campus Clatter, 1972; Original Drawing of his Comic Strip featuring MU, Correspondence with Lewis and Thomas E. Peoples of Newspaper Enterprise Association Inc.

FF 18 - Gwilym S. Lodwick's Story; Professor and Chairman of Department of Radiology, UMC School of Medicine, on Computer Diagnosis in Radiology

FF 19 - Nancy Southern Casts Bronze Bust of Governor Hearnes; Photographs

FF 20 - Student Dress; Photographs and Negatives

Series Five - Graphical Materials


Exhibit materials gathered for Council on Public Higher Education in Missouri (COPHE) Display in Jefferson City:

  • ITEM 1 - 20"x25" facsimile page on mylar of University Missourian, 09/14/1908
  • ITEM 2 - 8"x9" cardboard reproduction (made from UW:1/5/3 original) pertaining to a subscription book concerning the location of the University at Columbia (the certification by the Clerk of the County Court, Henry A. Cook, notarized in 1874)

Graphics used at the Large and Small Institutions Roundtable at Case Annual Assembly in Chicago by Chair Betty Cook Rottmann concerning highway access signs and campus identification signage, 07/11/1984:

  • ITEM 3 - 17"x25" poster entitled, "Welcoming Visitors to Campus"
  • ITEM 4 - 22"x25.5" poster entitled, "Highway Access" containing photographs and correspondence
  • ITEM 5 - 21.5"x28.5" poster entitled, "UMC Sign System" containing diagrams and measurements
  • ITEM 6 - 22"x25.5" poster entitled, "City Map Columbia Missouri" containing general Columbia road map and directions to UMC campus

Series Five - Graphical Materials (cont'd)


ITEM 1 - 13"x15" black and white photograph of the dramatic production, "Dark of the Moon," n.d

ITEM 2 - 15.5"x19" black and white photograph of the dramatic production, "Dark of the Moon," n.d

Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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