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Call Number:

Box 1-UMLD1

Record Group: 31 C
Record Sub-Group: 4
Records Title: UMC; Intercollegiate Athletics; Photographs and Slides
Dates: 1890-1997, bulk 1970-1980
Volume: 1/6 cubic foot, 0.2 linear foot

Scope and Content Note

(A88-79; A00-14; A00-68)
This Record Sub-Group contains slides and photographs created by or in conjunction with the University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Included in the Sub-Group are color photographic slides depicting coaches and individual athletes involved in football, basketball, and track, some slides of student life, campus views, and UMC athletic facilities. Also included in this Sub-Group are black and white and color photographs of players from men's track, basketball and wrestling, and women's track, golf, and field hockey (individual and team shots) as well as copy photographs of Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame members.

Series Descriptions:

This Sub-Group is not divided into separate record series. The arrangement of the slides follows the original, topical order.


Box 1

1 Slides
Football Coaches, 1973 (with identification)
Al Onofrio
Jim Anderson
Clay Cooper
Charlie Cowdrey
Ed Dissinger
Prentice Gautt
Dick Jamieson
John Kadlec
Bob Meyers
Ron Snyder
Tony Steponovich
Vince Tobin
Fred Wappel (Trainer)
Bob Warmack

Football Players, Individuals (ca. 1971-1974)
Scott Anderson #78 C
Don Buck #63 OG
Ray Bybee #31 FB
Frank Caldwell #75 MG/DG
John Cherry #12 QB
Rick Cook #25 FB
Ken Downing #19 DHB
Lynn Evans #58 LB
Tony Galbreath #30 FB
Tony Gillick #11 DHB
Ken Gregory #27 DHB
Randy Grossart #43 SB
Gregg Hill #24 K
Chris Hoskins #32 TB
Dave Johnston #85 DE
Henry Marshall #89 SE
Mark Miller # SE
John Mosley #40 DHB
Leroy Moss #28 TB
Don Owens # OT
Mike Owens #74
Scott Pickens #38 LB
Steve Pisarkiewicz #10 QB
Tom Reamon #21 TB
Steve Sadich # OG
Jim Schnietz #77 OT
Steve Schreiber #87 DE
Jim Sharp #18 SE
Ray Smith #14 QB
Dennis Vanarsdall #76 DT
Jerry Williams # DHB
Bill Ziegler #26 HB

Basketball Players, Individuals (ca. 1970-1974)
Ron Selbo
Gail Wolf
Al Eberhard
Gary Link
Steve Dangos
Kevin King
Ron Pexa
Jerry Stock
Orv Salmon
John Brown
Rick Atzen
Bill Flamank
Mike Jeffries
Ed Stoll
others unlabeled

Basketball Coaches
Norm Stewart
Don Kelley

Baseball Coaches
Barry Koencke
Tom Ellis

Track Coaches
Dave Rogles
Mike Melichar
John Gentry
Ben Plucknett

Miscellaneous Slides
Various Basketball Game Scenes
Pom Pom Girls
Shots of Marching Mizzou and Faurot Field
Shots of Crowds at Basketball Games
Orange Bowl, 1970 (beaches)
Games (half-time ceremonies, huddle, stands/crowd, football helmet)
Student Life (Campus views and facilities, students, ticket line)
Games MU vs. Wisconsin and MU vs. Oklahoma State
(Game crowd and stadium stills from 1975)

FF 2 Copy Photographs of Group
Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame, 1890-1985
Pioneer Era, 1890-1950 (3 copies)
Don Faurot
Herb Bunke
Paul Christman
Brutus Hamilton
Darold Jenkins
Hubert Pruett
Jackson Scholz
Bob Simpson
Bob Steuber
Ed "Brick" Travis

Modern Era, 1951-1985 (3 copies)
Tom Botts
Phil Bradley
Dan Devine
Johnny Roland
John "HI" Simmons
Norm Stewart
Steve Stipanovich
Jon Sundvold
Roger Wehrli
Kellen Winslow

FF 3 Photographs
Missouri's Gator Bowls, (1948, 1950, 1968)
Aerial photograph of Gator Bowl Stadium (2 copies)

FF 4 Photographs
MU Men's Track Team, 1958-1980
Team photograph, 1958
Team Photograph, 1959
Team Photograph, 1962
Team Photograph, 1968
Team Photograph, 1973
Team Photograph, 1976
Team Photograph, 1978
Team Photograph, 1979
Team Photograph, 1980

FF 5 Photographs
MU Women's Golf, 1977-1978, 1985
Bonnie Glasgow
Tanna Lee
Wendy Litchfield
Mary McNabb
Konnie Novinger
Mary Pat Smith
Jan Welhoelter
Diane Lyon, Head Coach
Team Photograph, (1985)

FF 6 Photographs
MU Women's Field Hockey, 1977-1978
Cathy Clevenger
Lisa Clevenger
Carol Dooley
Corrine Fiehler
Muffie Goodloe
Cindy Guilfoy
Roberta "Birdie" Hall
Susan Gay McCreery
Susan Moldane
Nancy Pearsen
Jeanne Roesler
Karin Schwartz
Laura Wnuk
Team Photograph, 1977-1978

FF 7 Photographs
MU Women's Track Team
Team Photograph, 1977-1978
Team Photograph, 1978-1979
Team Photograph, 1979-1980
Team Photograph, 1984-1985

FF 8 Photographs
MU Wrestling Squad, 1978-1979
Terril Williams, Assistant Coach
Marco Laney
Lindsay Ball
Scott Skillington
Keith Whelan
Dan Jardine
Bill Porter
Khris Whelan
Rick Ruppel
John Hefner
David Miller
Dane Ives
Andy Wingfield
Kevin O'Toole
Paul Merritt
Mark Colbert
Mike Pollock
Steve Biddick
Wes Roper
Dennis Bullard
Mark Cleary
Matt McCoy
Ronnie Robinson
Marc Cacciarelli, Assistant Coach
Dion Fennell
Mike Jones
Bil Guthier
Billy Smith
Scott Burton
Brad Moseley
Mitch Shelton
Jeff Gillman
Darshan Karki
Davin Fritchie
Rick Romeo
Steve DeGraeves
Dave Young
Bob Kopnisky, Coach
Mike Slyman, Assistant Coach

FF 9 Photographs
MU Men's Basketball, 1984-1985
Lindsey Stewart, Graduate Assistant
Danny Wilcutt, Manager
Preston Cole, Manager
Don Gosen, Manager
Malcolm Thomas
Mike Potthoff
Bill Roundtree
Jeff Strong
Lynn Hardy
Steve Musser
Derrick Chievous
Kurt Brockman
Ron Dubuque, Trainer
Norm Stewart, Head Coach
Kim Anderson, Assistant Coach
Greg Cavener
Blake Wortham
Dan Bingenheimer
Bob Sundvold, Assistant Coach
Gary Filbert, Assistant Coach
Rich Daly, Assistant Coach

FF 10 Photographs
MU Football, Quarterback Corby Jones #7, signed photographs (4 copies)

FF 11 Photographs
MU Wrestling
Squad Photograph, 1994-1995

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