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Call Number:

Box 1-018600
Box 2-018602

Record Group: 1 C
Record Sub-Group: 7
Records Title: UMC; Administration; University Relations Division; University of Missouri Sesquicentennial Records
Dates: 1987-1989
Volume: 2 cubic feet, 2.5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

(A92-62; A05-59)
This Record Sub-Group contains materials relating to the 1989 celebration of the University of Missouri's Sesquicentennial. This Sub-Group includes documents pertaining to the planning of the events, such as committee and subcommittee records. Project and grant applications for special funding, photos, memorabilia, and items created especially for the events, such as a medallion given to the graduating class of 1989, a scarf (bandana) designed by Frankie Welch, logo stickers, a bumper sticker, and a large banner bearing the Sesquicentennial logo, are also included in the Sub-Group. A video tape "Light the Way to 1989" (Jesse Hall Dome lighting) and an audio cassette tape of a performance by "The Shelter Insurance Sesquicentennial Singers," are representative of the recorded events contained within this Sub-Group. A reproduction of "A Bill, To Select A Site For The State University" (original in Record Group 0 C, Sub-Group 12, Series 7), a poster of the Francis Quadrangle Columns and Jesse Hall at night, a sesquicentennial calendar, newspaper and magazine clippings, programs of events, and information on a data base for the genealogy of the University of Missouri's founding families and original donors are all among the items in this Sub-Group.
Note to Researcher: For more on MU's Sesquicentennial, see Record Group 0 C, Sub-Group 7, Series 4. For Roger Mitchell's files as Chair of the Executive Committee, see Record Group 3 C, Sub-Group 26, Series 1. For financial reports and annual reports for "Roll of Honor" (donors to the University of Missouri), see Record Group 1 UW, Sub-Group 9, Series 3, and Record Group 1 C, Sub-Group 45, Series 1.

Series Descriptions:

This Record Sub-Group is divided into four record series.

Series One is comprised of documents and records (on various mediums) of celebratory events.

Series Two contains the working files of the committees and volunteer groups which contributed to the planning of the commemoration.

Series Three includes files of individual university units sponsoring Sesquicentennial activities and celebrations. The Series also includes grant applications and reports for event related projects.

Series Four contains several miscellaneous, sesquicentennial-related items.

Series Outline:

  1. Series One - Sesquicentennial Events
  2. Series Two - Committee Files
  3. Series Three - Projects and Grants
  4. Series Four - Miscellaneous Items


Series One - Sesquicentennial Events

Box 1

FF 1 - Appreciation Dinner, 1989

FF 2 - Arbor Day, 1989

FF 3 - Campus Walking Tour, 1989

FF 4 - Dome Lighting (includes 2 copies of video tape titled "Light the Way to 1989"; a DVD copy is located with Digital Media), 1987-1989

FF 5 - Geyer Act Celebration, 1989

FF 6 - Flags and Banners (see also oversize), 1988-1989

FF 7 - Founding Families (includes copy database compiled by Virginia Easley DeMarce of genealogical information), 1987-1989

FF 7a - Founding Families (cont'd), 1987-1989

FF 8 - Founding Family Barbecue (includes photos), 1988-1989

FF 9 - Jesse Family History

FF 10 - News Clips

FF 11 - Opening Ceremony (includes photos), 1988-1989

FF 12 - Photographs, ca. 1900-1926 (includes copy prints Engineering), St. Pat's, ca. 1908-1926; original negatives and copy prints Farmer's Fair, 1922; original prints St. Patrick's Kow Tow and Parade, 1906; original prints construction of Mechanical Engineering Building and interiors

FF 13 - Poster and Calendar, 1989

FF 14 - Promising Young Artists of Missouri (junior and senior high student exhibit), 1989

FF 15 - Sesquicentennial Birthday Weekend, 1989

FF 16 - Sesquicentennial Items (includes two medallion given to graduating class of 1989, postcards and stickers), 1987-1989

FF 17 - Sesquicentennial Mizzou Trivia

FF 18 - Shelter Insurance Sesquicentennial Singers (includes photos, copies of music, schedules, audio cassette tape), 1988-1989

FF 18a - Shelter Insurance Sesquicentennial Singers (cont'd), 1988-1989

FF 18b - Shelter Insurance Sesquicentennial Singers (cont'd), 1988-1989

FF 19 - "Spirit of Mizzou - Moving On" (includes exhibit design sketches, schedule of appearances of van), 1988-1989

FF 19a - "Spirit of Mizzou - Moving On" (cont'd), 1988-1989

FF 20 - St. Patrick's Day Parade (St. Louis and Kansas City - van and band appearances), 1989

FF 21 - Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus (performed 02/15-17/1989, includes 2 reels of audio tape, announcement of appearance, and photos), 1988-1989

FF 22 - University of Missouri-Columbia History (short histories and news clips, plates of drawings used in history of MU women)

FF 23 - Vice President's Fair Foundation (appearance of Sesquicentennial Singers and van), 1989

FF 24 - Wine and Food Festival (includes committee meeting minutes), 1988-1989

Series Two - Committee Files

Box 2

FF 1 - Committee Description, 1987-1989

FF 2 - Alumni Association Programs, 1987-1989

FF 3 - Archives Committee, 1987-1988

FF 4 - Budget, 1988-1989

FF 5 - Clothes, 1987-1988

FF 6 - Columbia Committee, 1988-1989

FF 7 - Communications Committee, 1987-1988

FF 8 - Executive Committee, 1987-1988

FF 9 - Sesquicentennial Gehrke Scientific Program, 1987

FF 10 - Sesquicentennial International Photo Contest, 1988

FF 11 - Lectures and Symposia Subcommittee, 1987-1988

FF 12 - Sesquicentennial Legend Automotive Group - Car, 1988

FF 13 - Sesquicentennial Logos, PMT Sheet, 1987-1989

FF 14 - Marketing Plan, 1988

FF 15 - Notes on the Importance of the 150th Anniversary, 1987

FF 16 - Sesquicentennial Prints, 1988

FF 17 - Purpose, Goals, 1987-1988

FF 18 - School, College Programs, 1987-1988

FF 19 - Sesquicentennial Sculpture, 1988-1989

FF 20 - Special Events and Ceremonies Subcommittee, 1987-1989

FF 21 - Steering Committee, 1987-1989

FF 22 - Student Committee, 1987

FF 23 - University of Missouri Presidential Fund, 1988

FF 24 - Special Projects Committee, 1986-1988

FF 25 - Grants Committee, 1987-1989

FF 26 - Projects and Grants Not Funded

FF 26a - Projects and Grants Not Funded cont'd

FF 26b - Projects and Grants Not Funded cont'd

Series Three - Projects and Grants

Box 2 (cont'd)

FF 27 - Celebrating UM's Sesquicentennial: Department of Housing and Interior Design

FF 28 - Family Relations National Film and Video Competition

FF 29 - Conference on Statistics, Present and Future

FF 30 - Moving into the Future: New Visions in Managing Missouri Natural Resources

FF 31 - Sesquicentennial Recording Project

FF 32 - Science in the University: Changing Contexts and Concerns

FF 33 - University Theatre and Summer Repertory Sesquicentennial Season

FF 34 - 150 Native Missouri Plants to Honor 150 Years

FF 35 - Anything Goes: Fine Arts Showcase

FF 36 - Art Department Sesquicentennial Activities

FF 37 - Authors and Editors Symposium

FF 38 - Celebrating a New Partnership University Research and State Government

FF 39 - Changing Connections: A History of Missouri Families

FF 40 - Ellis Library Exhibit and Catalog

FF 41 - Excellence in Education for the Decade of the 90's

FF 42 - Festival of Missouri Folklore and Music

FF 43 - History of the University and University Presidents TV Project

FF 44 - Hosting the Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference

FF 45 - International Conference on Neutron Optics and Interferometry

FF 46 - Midwest Art History Society 16th Annual Meeting

FF 47 - Mizzou International Directory Enhancement Request

FF 48 - Multi-Media Computer Art Event

FF 49 - Perspectives on the Representational Nature of Thought

FF 50 - Mizzou List of Recommended Reading

FF 51 - Religion in Missouri and the Midwest

FF 52 - Resources for Research on the University

FF 53 - Sanborn Field Centennial Symposium

FF 54 - State Ballet of Missouri

FF 55 - St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

FF 56 - Art of the July Monarchy 1830-1848: an Exhibition

FF 57 - The Missouri Legacy: The Civil War Years

FF 58 - The Architecture of UMC: An Exhibition

Series Four - Miscellaneous Items


"A Bill, to Select A Site for the State University" (original in MU Archives C:0/46/4)

Bandana (designed by Frankie Welch, black and gold on white - 21 inch square)

Series Four - Miscellaneous Items (cont'd)


One poster produced by the University of Missouri Libraries, entitled "A Sesquicentennial Sampler" listing 150 books selected by high school students, and faculty, staff, and students of the University of Missouri in commemoration of the Sesquicentennial

One poster entitled "The Sesquicentennial Celebration" depicting the Columns and Jesse Hall at night. This is a one-sided version of the folded Sesquicentennial Poster/Calendar listed in Series One, Box 1, FF 13 of this record sub-group.

Series Four - Miscellaneous Items (cont'd)


Sesquicentennial Banner (black with gold logo on both sides, channel for rope on top and bottom and 2 grommets on one side - 30 x 94")

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