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Record Group: 0 C
Record Sub-Group: 15
Records Title: UMC; University General; Alumni Association; Publications
Dates: 1905--
Volume: 10 5/6 cubic feet, 13.54 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This Record Sub-Group contains copies of MU Alumni publications and related materials, including The Next Generation, Missouri Alumnus Tiger Sports, Missouri Alumni Quarterly, Missouri Alumnus, Annual Report, @Mizzou: news from the campus, Spirit of Mizzou, and Mizzou magazines. The Sub-group also holds the Alumni Association newspaper publication University of Missouri Review. Also included in the Sub-Group are Homecoming guidebooks, rulebooks, and other materials from several years, Gold Medal Reunion Yearbooks, and Jefferson Club brochures and programs.

Historical Note:

The Jefferson Club was founded in 1970 as an "organizational activity of the Development Fund of the University of Missouri." Membership is open to alumni and friends of the University. There are four stated purposes of this organization, which include stimulating interest and commitment to the University and encouraging "substantial annual and deferred gifts." The name of the organization is derived from the many connections between the University of Missouri and Thomas Jefferson.

Series Descriptions:

Series 1 - C:0/3/00
This Series contains general printed and duplicated material of the MU Alumni Association, (1909, 1955-2013). Among the material are annual and other reports, various newsletters, calendars, handbooks, flyers, brochures, invitations, and publications, as well as promotional items distributed by the alumni association. The Series includes some printed and duplicated material of the Black Alumni Organization.
(1 1/3 c.f.: 1 c.f., 021772; 1/3 c.f., 107, 1)
Note to Archivist: The box lists for this Series are available online. They can be accessed by
following this link.

Series 2 - C:0/3/2 (A81-44)
This Series contains issues of Missouri Alumni Quarterly (1905 - 05/1910), Missouri Alumnus (1912-1995), and Mizzou (1995--) magazines. These three titles represent name changes for the University of Missouri Alumni Association's principal publication.
(8 c.f.: 6 c.f., 141, 3-6; 1 c.f., 142, 4; 1 c.f., 725, 1, 5)
Note to Researcher: There is a significant gap in this collection of the Missouri Alumnus, representing the years of the Second World War as well as immediate post-war years. A complete set of this publication is available at
Missouri Alumni Office. The publication is also available in digital format from the University of Missouri Digital Library.
Note to Archivist: The State Survey Commission appointed by Governor Henry S. Caulfield prepared a report summarizing the conditions of the various colleges and schools within the University of Missouri. Allen McReynolds drafted this report, which discusses enrollment and appropriations, among other issues, during the years 1927-1929. A copy of this summary was printed in the Missouri Alumnus and is included with this Series.

Series 3 - C:0/3/9 (A90-9; A91-104)
This Series contains issues of the University of Missouri-Columbia's The Next Generation (1989-1991). This was a promotional publication intended for sale to new students and their visiting family members.
(1 Env., B3A, C1, 1)

Series 4 - C:0/3/10 (A94-10; A13-24)
Included in this Series are issues of Missouri Alumnus Tiger Sports (1974-1987).
(1/3 c.f., UMLD1)
Note to Researcher: For other MU sports-related newsletters, see
Record Group 31 C, Sub-Group 5, Series 1

Series 5 - C:0/3/15 (A00-168; A04-85; A05-56)
This Series contains MU homecoming materials, (1984-1985, 2000-2003). The Series includes a copy of the 1985 Homecoming Program, a copy of the 1984 guidebook entitled "Mini-Kit," a copy of the Golden Rule Book: the 1985 Guidebook, and Homecoming Rulebooks, (2002-2003). The guidebooks and rulebooks contain information, entry forms, and rules relating to the games, contests, and parades held during Homecoming Week. Also included in this series are materials used by a member of the 1996 Homecoming Steering Committee (HCSC), and the Homecoming Steering Committee 2000 Survival Guide.
(1/3 c.f., B3A, C2, 2)

Series 6 - C:0/3/16 (A02-28)
This Series contains Jefferson Club materials (1972-2005). Included in this Series are brochures describing the mission and purpose of this fundraising organization and programs for Annual Dinners in Columbia (1972-2014, with gaps) and other cities (scattered 1989-1997). This series also contains copies of The Jefferson Quill, newsletter for the Jefferson Club, from 1976-1983 and 2004-2005, as well as booklets, ca. 1976 and 1980, entitled "Understanding Tax Reform" and "Trusts for Family and Education". There is also one program for a Holiday Prelude, invitations to several of the Annual Dinners and other events, and one blank name tag.
(1/3 c.f. 143, 2, front)

Series 7 - C:0/3/18 (A03-19)
This Series contains issues of University of Missouri Review, (1962-1967), a newspaper publication of the Alumni Association intended to provide alumni of the University of Missouri "regular campus-wide reports that will keep them informed on the progress and developments of their alma mater." Issues from the first and third volume included the Honor Roll of Alumni Achievement Giving. The paper was published twice each year for the volumes in this collection.
(1 OSB, B3A, B6, 4)

Series 8 - C:0/3/19 (A03-61; A12-26)
This Series contains Gold Medal Reunion Yearbooks produced by the Alumni Association, (2000-2005). The yearbooks contain names, contact information and other details for the class members of the fifty-year reunions. Some yearbooks include class member photographs. This Series also includes a class list and informational sheet for the 1990 Gold Medal Reunion, (1990).
(1/6 c.f., UMLD1)
Note to Researcher: For a copy of the 1992 Gold Medal Reunion Yearbook, see
Record Group 0 C, Subgroup 3

Series 9 - C:0/3/20 (A03-74)
This Series contains material produced by the Alumni Association for the Gold Medal Reunion, (2003). The material consists of items distributed to reunion attendees, including an informational packet, a commemorative medallion, and a schedule of events.
(1 Env., B3A, C1, 3)

Series 10 - C:0/3/21 (A03-84)
This Series contains records produced by or for the Black Alumni Association of the University of Missouri-Columbia, (1993-1994). The Series consists of a copy of The African-American Experience at the University of Missouri, 1950-1994 and fifteen audio cassette tapes of interviews used to produce the book. Interviewees include Charles Albert Allen, George C. Brooks, Charlie and Shirley Brown, Walter Daniel, Carolyn Dorsey, Mable Grimes, Kennard Jones, Leo Lewis, Raymond Linzie, Mary Lago, James Oglesby, Charles Sampson, Council Smith, Keener Tippin, and Carol Waits.
(1/3 c.f., B3A, B4, 1, Back)
Note to Archivist: This material was transferred from the Alumni Association without any records of signed releases for the interviews.

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