Table of Contents


  1. Collection Policy
  2. Accessioning, Donation and Transfer of Records
  3. Quarterly Review of Transferred Records
  4. Classification of Records
  5. Archival Processing and Arrangement
  6. Description of Archival Records
  7. Adding Materials to an Established Collection
  8. Archival Finding Aids
  9. Summary Descriptions
  10. Posting Files to the Web Server
  11. UM-System Records Center Procedures
  12. Archival Reference Services
  13. Record Charge-Out Procedures
  14. Duplication Services and Use
  15. University Publications and Pamphlets
  16. The Maneater
  17. Processing University Press Books
  18. Vertical Reference File
  19. Telephone and Voice Mail
  20. Vault Check
  21. Administrative Histories
  22. Maintaining the Online Kardex Concordance
  23. Website Backup, HTML File Count, and Update of Web Gateway Revision Date
  24. Website Backup HTML File Retrieval
  25. Savitar Processing Guidelines
  26. Web Editing Checklists
  27. Processing Tube Materials - Revising the Planning and Blueprint Records Table
  28. Webalizer - Web Site Statistics
  29. Outlook Public Folder and Excel Automation Forms
  30. Committee Records
  31. Acqusition Policy
  32. Shelf Read


   1. Record-Group Classification List for Columbia Campus Records - C
   2. Record-Group Classification List for University-Wide System Records - UW
   3. Kardex Concordance for Columbia Campus Records - C
   4. Kardex Concordance for University-Wide System Records - UW

The University Archives Policy and Procedure Manual was compiled and edited by Sandra R. File as a practicum project in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies in 1998. The Manual has been expanded, updated and revised several times by members of the University Archives Staff.

The current revised edition was posted to the University Archives Web site in December of 2000.

(Last Revision: 16 March 2020)

Copyright © Curators of the University of Missouri 1997-2020
Published by: University Archives

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