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Records Groups, Columbia Campus


C:0 University General
C:1 Administration of Columbia Campus
C:2 The University Faculty
C:3 College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
C:4 School of Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife (School of Natural Resources)
C:5 College of Human Environmental Sciences
C:6 College of Arts and Science
C:7 College of Business and Public Administration
C:8 College of Education
C:9 College of Engineering
C:10 Graduate School and Office of Research
C:11 School of Journalism
C:12 School of Law
C:13 School of Library and Informational Science
C:14 School of Medicine
C:15 School of Nursing
C:16 College of Public and Community Services
C:17 College of Veterinary Medicine
C:18 University Extension Division
C:19 Student Welfare
C:20 MU Libraries
C:21 Museums and Art Collections
C:22 Student Life Activities
C:23 University Hospital and Clinics (UMCHC)
C:24 Committees
C:25 Agricultural Experiment Station
C:26 School of Health Professions
C:27 Business and Public Administration Research Center
C:28 Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs
C:30 Pamphlet Collections
C:31 Athletics, Intercollegiate

C:0 University General

1-The University and the Legislature

2-Advisory Council (1932-1933)

3-Alumni Association (see C:1/121)

4-Faculty/Staff/Student Directories

5-Legal Affairs


7-Anniversaries & Centennial


15-President's House (Later Chancellor's Residence)

16-Traditions and Legends

17-Calendars to 1963


19-Committees [Closed as of 08/2002, See RG 24]



22-Francis Quadrangle


26-Land-Grant College Act




30-Student Hangouts


43-Honorary Degrees

44-Legal Printed Materials

45-Miscellany (Includes Cobb material)



48-Summer School

49-Printed & Duplicated Materials (Includes Campus Maps)


51-Catalogs and Bulletins


53-Convocations, Special

C:1 Administration of Columbia Campus

(Presidents 1841-1963; Chancellors 1964- present)

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials


1-John Hiram Lathrop (1841-1849)

2-William Wilson Hudson (Acting 1849-1850; President 1856-1859)

3-James Shannon (1850-1856)

4-Benjamin Blake Minor (1860-1862)

5-Temporary and Acting Presidents
George H. Matthews, 1859-1860;
John Carlton Jones Acting 1921-1922; President 1922-1923;
Isidor Loeb, 1923-1923

6-Daniel Read (1866-1876)

7-Samuel Spahr Laws (1876-1889)

8-Richard Henry Jesse (1891-1908)

9-Albert Ross Hill (1908-1921)

10-Chairman of Faculty
Michael M. Fisher, 1889-1891;
James S. Blackwell, 1891-1891

11-Stratton Duluth Brooks (1923-1930)

12-Walter Williams (1931-1935)

12a-William J. Robbins (Acting, 1933-1934)

13-Frederick Arnold Middlebush (1935-1954)

13a-R.B. Price, Jr., Treasurer

14-Elmer Ellis (1954-1963)


15-John W. Schwada (1964-1971)

16-Herbert W. Schooling (Acting, 1970-1972), (1972-1978)

17-Barbara S. Uehling (1978-1986)

18-Duane Stucky (1987)

19-Haskell Monroe (1987-1991)

20-Gerald T. Brouder (1992-1993)

21-Charles Kiesler (1993-1996)

22-Richard Wallace (1996-2004)

23-Office of the Chancellor

23a-Brady Deaton (2004-2013)

23b-R. Bowen Loftin (2014-2015)

23c-Henry "Hank" Foley (Interim 2015-May 2017)

23d-Garnett S. Stokes (Interim May-August 2017)

23e-Alexander N. Cartwright (August 2017- March 2020)

23f-Mun Y. Choi (Interim March-July 2020), (July 2020-present)


25-Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

26-Vice Chancellor for Operations/Chief Operating Officer (changed from Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services in 2014, at which time some units reporting to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services were transferred to the newly created Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance/Chief Financial Officer.)

27-University Police

28-Campus Computing Services, Information and Access Technology Services (IATS, January 1998)

29-Office of Equal Opportunity

30-Missouri Kidney Program (Moved under the authority of the College of Medicine)

31-Clifton Cornwell, Provost for Academic Affairs


33-International Center

34-Vice Provost for Minority Affairs and Faculty Development (VP MAFD. Effective 1 September 2004, the Office of Minority Affairs was shifted under the direction of the Deputy Chancellor, leaving the Vice Provost in charge of Academic Resource Development and Internationalization)

35-Student Life Studies (in 2001 transferred under Institutional Research)

36-Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

37-Environmental Health and Safety

38-University Club/University Catering

39-Learning Center

40-Academic Support Center

41-Dean of Extension (see C:18 for UMC Extension Material)

42-Printing Services


51-Dean of Extra-Divisional Administration


61-Sinclair Comparative Medicine Research Center

62-Hearnes Center (VP Administrative Services, 1989)



65-Director, Institutional Research & Planning

70-Dean of Men

71-Dean of Students


80-Office for Student Development (changed to Office of Student Life in 1994)

81-Business Services


83-Campus Facilities (formerly Physical Plant)

84-Payroll Office

85-Cashier's Office


91-Fiscal Operations


101-Admissions and Registrar (Closed 04/05/2002)

Note: Although this Record Sub-Group is closed, materials received that were created during the time when the combined office of Admissions and Registrar still existed (prior to 07/2001), should be placed in C:1/101. The Schedule of Courses should, for the time being however, continued to be added to C:1/101/35.

102-Vice Provost for Enrollment Management (Request made 03/2001 for the creation of this Office)



105-Financial Aid

106-Student Information Systems


111-120-Alumni Activities

121-130-Alumni Development Publications

131-138-Office of Development Fund (new name-Development & Alumni Relations)

139-Publications & Alumni Communications (part of UMC University Relations.)

141-University Relations Division (reformed as Joint Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing; formerly Office of Public Information & Publications; also includes News Bureau, News Services and Search Magazine; see also UW:4/141)

142-Office of Public Information (OPI) Films

143-Office of Public Information (OPI) Tapes/Records

144-Human Resource Services (changed from Personnel Services)

145-University Events

C:2 The University Faculty

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials (including Faculty Bulletins)

0-Miscellaneous Files


2-Advisory Council

3-Faculty Publications


5-Faculty Handbooks

6-Reference Files


8-Faculty Committees [Closed as of 08/2002, See RG 24]

9-University Clubs

C:3 College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

The College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts was established in 1870 as a direct result of the Morrill Act. The School of Engineering was divorced from the College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts in 1924, resulting in the renaming of the unit the College of Agriculture. Between 1946 and 1960 the unit was known as the Division of Agricultural Sciences and included Veterinary Medicine, Forestry, and Home Economics. In 1960 the unit's name was changed back to the College of Agriculture. In December 1990, the College of Agriculture was renamed the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

00-Printed and Duplicated Material

1-Dean's Office or Director of Agricultural Experiment Station

2-Dean Emeritus/Director Emeritus of Agricultural Experiment Station

3-Associate Dean (for Associate Director of Agricultural Experiment. Station see C:25)

4-Director of Placement

5-Counseling Coordinator

6-Coordinator of Foreign Student Programs

7-Weldon Spring Farm

8-Delta Research Center (Portageville)

9-Southwest Missouri Research Center (Mt. Vernon)

10-Northwest Missouri Research Center (Spickard)

11-Thompson Farm




15-Agricultural Chemistry

16-Agricultural Economics

17-Agricultural Education

18-Agricultural Engineering


20-Animal Science (see also C:3/46 Animal Husbandry)

21-Atmospheric Science

22-Dairy Husbandry (1970/71), Dairy Science (1981/82)


24-Extension Education (see also C:18)

25-Agriculture Editor's Office (see also UW:4/71 Statewide Extension
(name changed to Extension & Agricultural Information, January 1998)

26-Food Science and Nutrition

27-Genetics (merged into Division of Biological Sciences, Arts and Science in 1972)


29-Plant Pathology

30-Poultry Husbandry (before 1983)

31-Rural Sociology

32-1970 Centennial

33-Federal Government funds

34-Alpha Zeta



37-Agriculture Extension Service
(AES: 1914-June, 1960; University Extension Division: July, 1960 - present; See C:18 for University Extension Division; See C:25 for Agricultural Experiment Station)

38-Catalogs and Bulletins

39-International Programs (under Associate Dean)

40-Department of Animal Sciences
(for Poultry, see C:3/30; for others, see C:3/20)

41-Department of Community Development
(transferred from College of Public and Community Services 9-1-1988)

42-Social Sciences Extension

43-Faculty Records

44-School of Natural Resources (see also Record Group 4)

45-Additional Farms and Research Centers

46-Animal Husbandry (see also C:3/20 Animal Science)

47-Short Courses

48-Land Management and Planning

49-Interdisciplinary Plant Group

C:4 School of Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife

The School of Forestry achieved independent School status within the College of Agriculture in 1973. In December 1989 its name changed to School of Natural Resources. (see also Record Group 3, Sub-Group 44.)

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Director's Office


3-Placement Service

4-University Forest

5-Ashland Wildlife Area

6-Schnabel Tract

7-U.S. Forest Service

8-Division of Forestry, MO Conservation Commission

9-Weldon Spring Experimental Farm

10-North Central Forest Experiment Station

11-The Missouri Log

12-Forestry Curriculum

13-Wood Products Curriculum

14-Catalogs & Bulletins

15-Wildlife Curriculum

16-Parks, Recreation and Tourism (see also C:16/4)

17-Department of Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences

C:5 College of Human Environmental Sciences

The College of Home Economics became an independent unit in 1973, with its own Dean. In September 1988 the School of Social Work was transferred under the College of Home Economics, and the College was renamed the College of Human Environmental Sciences. On July 1st, 2021, the various units that made up the College were transferred within the University and the College closed. Along with the transfers noted below, Personal Finance Planning transferred to the Division of Applied Social Sciences (in CAFNR).
C:5 is a closed Record Group.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Administration, Dean's Office, Assistant Dean


3-Human Development and Family Studies (formerly Child and Family Development; transferred to the College of Education and Human Development, July 2021)

4-Food and Nutrition (1971/1972)
(Renamed Human Nutrition, Foods and Food System Management in 1974; transferred to the Division of Food, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences in CAFNR, July 2021)

5-Family Economics and Management

6-Housing and Interior Design
(Name changed to Environmental Design in June 1989 and to Architectural Studies in 2004; transferred to the College of Arts and Science, July 2021)

7-Textiles and Apparel Management (1987; transferred to the College of Arts and Science, July 2021)

8-Home Economics Extension (HES, 1914-1960; University Extension Division, 1960-)

9-Home Economics Journalism

10-General Home Economics


12-Catalogs and Bulletins

13-School of Social Work (changed from department to School in 1988; transferred to the School of Health Professions, October 2020)

14-Assistant Dean, Student Services

Note: Food Science and Human Nutrition is under C:3/26 - a cooperative Agriculture/Human Environmental Sciences program

C:6 College of Arts and Science

College of Arts and Science was created from the "Academic Department" in 1907, when a Dean was named.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Photos, Films, Videos

3-Associate Dean

4-Assistant Dean



7-Rules of the College (see C:2/1/1)

8-Special Degree Programs (established 1991)

9-Advising and Personnel Services

10-Requirements for Graduation

11-Underclass Programs

12-Upperclass Programs

13-Department of Anthropology

14-Department of Art (Reorganized to report to the School of Fine Arts in June 1986 and to the School of Visual Studies in September 2017.)

15-Department of Art History and Archaeology (Reorganized into the School of Visual Studies in September 2017.)

16-Department of Botany (Merged with Zoology & Genetics into Division of Biological Sciences, 1972) See: C:6/36

17-Department of Chemistry

18-Department of Classical Studies

19-Department of Economics

20-Department of English

21-Department of Geography

22-Department of Geology

23-Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages
(Reorganized into the Department of German, Russian, & Asian Studies in March 1987)

24-Department of History

25-Department of Genetics

26-Honors College

27-Department of Linguistics

28-Department of Mathematics

29-Department of Microbiology

30-Department of Music
(Report structure changed to the School of Fine Arts in June 1986. Reorganized as the School of Music in March 2000.)

31-Department of Philosophy

32-Department of Physics and Astronomy

33-Department of Political Science

34-Department of Psychology

35-Department of Romance Languages

36-Division of Biological Sciences (1972)--Botany (A&S), Zoology (A&S), Genetics (Ag.)

37-Department of Sociology (see C:3/31 for Rural Sociology)

38-Department of Speech and Dramatic Art
(Renamed the Department of Communications, June 1986)

39-Department of Statistics

40-Department of Zoology

41-Special Areas of Concentration

42-Museum of Anthropology

43-Department of Computer Science (see also C:9/17)

44-Catalogs and Bulletin

45-Department of Religious Studies

46-School of Fine Arts (created 1986)

- Department of Theatre

- Department of Music (Reorganized as the School of Music in March 2000.)

- Department of Art (Reorganized into the School of Visual Studies in September 2017.)

47-Department of Women's and Gender Studies (created 2007; see also the Office of the Chancellor and the Office of the Deputy Chancellor [C:1/23])

48-Department of Black Studies (established in the College of Arts and Science in 2013 from the Black Studies Program; see also the Office of the Deputy Chancellor [C:1/23])

C:7 College of Business and Public Administration

The School of Commerce was founded in 1914 and became the School of Commerce and Public Administration in 1916. In 1917 with the addition of the Departments of Political Science the name was changed to the School of Business and Public Administration. In 1972, the School was redesignated the College of Administration and Public Affairs. In 1975, with the loss of the Departments of Economics and Political Science, the College was renamed the College of Business and Public Administration. In July 2000, College was reorganized again and divided into the College of Business and the Graduate School of Public Affairs.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Associate Deans


4-Business Management
(Economics - was transferred to the College of Arts & Science) See: C:6/19


6-Management (Industrial and Personal)


8-Real Estate

9-Risk and Insurance

10-Secretarial Science

11-Public Administration

12-Correspondence Courses

13-Graduate Study

14-Master of Business Administration Degree

15-Master of Arts Degree


17-Master of Science Degrees

18-Doctor of Philosophy Degree


20-Catalogs and Bulletins

21-Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS)

22-Research Center

23-Missouri Training Institute (MTI) (Business Extension Department)

24-Financial Research Institute (FRI) (Business Extension Department)

25-Professional Fraternities

C:8 College of Education

The School of Education was established in 1908 and was renamed the College of Education in 1947. The College of Education was first departmentalized in 1968.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Dean Emeritus

3-Associate Dean

4-Assistant Dean

5-Instructional Materials Laboratory

6-Office of Instructional Television

7-The Laboratory School

8-Teacher Placement Service

9-Elementary Education

10-Secondary Education

11-Technical and Vocational Education
(PAVTE-Practical Arts & Vocational Technical Education)

12-Special Education

13-School Librarianship

14-Allied Health Sciences

15-Graduate Work


17-Educational Administration
(merged 8/94 with Higher Adult Education & Foundations into C:8/26)

18-Physical Education (Renamed Health and Exercise Science)


20-Educational Counseling Psychology

21-Honorary Societies

22-Industrial Education

23-Catalogs and Bulletins


25-Curriculum & Instruction (also Department of Learning, Teaching & Curriculum)

26-Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (Created August 1994); See: C:8/17

27-School of Information Science and Learning Technologies
(reorganized from the autonomous School of Library and Information Science to a School within the College of Education in August 1997)

C:9 College of Engineering

The Department of Engineering resided in the College of Agriculture until 1906, when its name was changed to the School of Engineering. In 1924 the College of Engineering was created as an autonomous academic unit with a Dean.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Dean Emeritus

3-Assistant Dean

4-Fiscal Office

5-Engineering Experiment Station

6-Agricultural Engineering

7-Chemical Engineering

8-Civil Engineering

9-Electrical and Computer Engineering

10-Industrial Engineering

11-Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

12-Nuclear Engineering

13-Engineering Communications (Includes Shamrock yearbook)

14-Catalogs and Bulletins

15-Faculty/Student Wives Groups

16-Memorabilia/Student Materials

17-Computer Engineering and Computer Science (established July 1995)

C:10 Graduate School and Office of Research

The Graduate School was formed from individual departmental graduate programs in 1910.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Administration, Dean's Office

2-Associate Deans

3-Procedures and Regulations

4-Masters Degrees

5-Doctor of Philosophy Degrees


7-Financial Aid

8-Vice Provost for Research/Office of Research/Office of Research and Economic Development (Vice Chancellor)/Division of Research, Innovation and Impact (2022)

9-Catalogs and Bulletins

10-Grants and Contracts

11-Cultural Heritage Center

12-Office of Sponsored Program Administration (Director)

13-McNair Scholars

14-Professional Societies and Honoraries

15-Life Sciences Center

C:11 School of Journalism

The School of Journalism was first established in 1908 and was departmentalized in 1972. The Columbia Missourian was established in 1908 as a laboratory for training journalists. The University's television station, KOMU-TV, went on the air in 1953.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Assistant/Associate Dean

3-Journalism Placement Center

4-Student Organizations

5-The Columbia Missourian


7-Freedom of Information Center


9-Radio-Television/Broadcast News



12-Miscellaneous Historical Items

13-Photographs, negatives, slides, film


15-Journalism Week and Special Events


17-Catalogs and Bulletins

C:12 School of Law

The School of Law was established in 1867 and became operational in 1872.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Assistant Dean


4-The Law Library


6-Photos, Films, Videos

7-Moot Court

8-Practice Court

9-Legal Writing

10-Criminal Law Program

11-Law Student Association

12-J.D. Degree Cum Laude

13-Order of the Coif

14-Missouri Law Review

15-Awards and Prizes

16-Scholarships and Loan Funds

17-The Law School Foundations


19-Catalogs and Bulletins

C:13 School of Library and Informational Science

The library program was founded in 1950 in the College of Arts and Science. In 1966 the School of Library Science was created and in 1968 the Department of Information Science was added to created the School of Library and Informational Science. In June 1996, the School was placed under the Dean of the College of Education and had its Dean redesignated as a Director. C:13 is a closed Record Group, future records are placed under the College of Education, C:8. See C:20 for records of the MU Libraries and C:12 for the MU Law Library.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Administration, Dean's Office

2-The Faculty


4-Financial Assistance

5-Master of Arts Degree

6-Bachelor of Arts Degree

7-Degrees in Education

8-Catalogs and Bulletins

C:14 School of Medicine

The teaching of medicine at the University of Missouri has an erratic history due to the lack of clinical facilities in Columbia until the early 1950s. A two year program affiliated with the St Louis Medical School (formerly the Medical Department of Kemper College) was established in 1845 but was discontinued in 1856. In 1873 some medical courses were taught in affiliation with medical institutions in St. Louis. In 1873 the unit was called the Department of Medicine until 1908 when it was called the School of Medicine. Despite a series of lengthening and shortening of curriculum, the School of Medicine has retained the same name and structure. Note: The School of Medicine reports to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, see C:1/36.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Associate Deans


5-Assistant Deans


10-Affiliate Institutions (includes Missouri Institute of Mental Health)


12-Medical Alumni


19-Health Services Research Center (HSRC)/Health Care Technology Center (HCTC)

20-Continuing Medical Education (CME)

21-Human Ecology

22-Introduction to Medicine




26-Family and Community Medicine

27-Internal Medicine

28-Microbiology (became Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology 11/1989)

29-Obstetrics and Gynecology





34-Psychiatry and Neurology (see also C:14/46)



37-Health Related Professions (autonomous status granted in 12/2000, see C:26)



42-Nutrition and Dietetics (School of Human Environmental Science)


44-Photographs for Special Events


46-Neurology (merged with Psychiatry)

47-Catalogs and Bulletins

48-Communications/Public Relations


52-Educational Resources Group

53-Health Management and Informatics (formerly Health Services Management)

54-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

55-Materials Management

56-J. Otto Lottes Library (Health Science Library)

C:15 School of Nursing

The School of Nursing was created in 1920 and reported to the Dean of Medicine. After a series of closings and reorganizations the nursing program became a department within the College of Medicine in 1949. The Department of Nursing became the School of Nursing under the Medical School in 1954, and finally in 1973, it became an independent School of Nursing. Note: The School of Nursing reports to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, see C:1/36.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Associate Dean

3-The Faculty

4-Facilities for Instruction

5-Advisement and Counseling

6-Sigma Theta Tau (National Honor Society-Nursing)

7-Missouri Student Nurses Association

8-Undergraduate Education

9-Student Financial Aids

10-Student Employment


12-Graduate Education

13-Graduate Curriculum

14-Yearbook - Mutation

15-Catalogs and Bulletins

16-Nursing Services Department


C:16 College of Public and Community Services

The School of Social and Community Services was established in 1965. In 1975 it was renamed the College of Public and Community Services. In September 1988 the College was dissolved and its programs merged into other units within two colleges, the School of Social Work became a department of the College of Home Economics and the Department of Community Development and the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism became part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. The College's Fire and Rescue Training Institute and the Law Enforcement Training Institute became part of University Extension. Record Group C:16 is closed.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Administration, Dean's Office

2-Extension Service (no longer a separate entity, now a part of 4, 6 and 7)

3-The Faculty

4-Department of Recreation and Park Administration
(Reorganized in 9/1/1988 as subordinate to Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife, which is part of College of Agriculture)

5-Graduate Curriculum

6-Department of Community Development
(Established in 3/28/80 and reorganized in 9/1/1988 as subordinate to the College of Agriculture)

7-The School of Social Work
(Reorganized in 9/1/1988 as subordinate to the College of Human Environmental Sciences)

8-Scholarships and Financial Aids for Graduate Students

9-Catalogs and Bulletins

10-Institute of Public Safety Education (Renamed Law Enforcement Training Institute in 1983)

C:17 College of Veterinary Medicine

The Veterinary Science Department was redesignated the School of Veterinary Medicine in 1946, but continued to report to the Dean of Agriculture. In 1960 the School of Veterinary Medicine became an autonomous division and in 1974 its name was changed to the College of Veterinary Medicine.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Dean's Office

2-Dean Emeritus

3-Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

4-Associate Dean for Research Development

5-The Faculty


7-Department of Veterinary Anatomy (renamed Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, In 1985 this unit was combined with the Department of Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology)

8-Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

9-Veterinary Microbiology (In 1996 this unit was combined with the Department of Veterinary Pathology to become the Department of Pathobiology)

10-Veterinary Pathology (In 1996 this unit was combined with the Department of Veterinary Microbiology to become the Department of Pathobiology)

11-Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology (In 1985 this unit was combined with the Department of Veterinary Anatomy)

12-Laboratory Animal Medicine (combined with the Diagnostic Laboratory and renamed the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory)


14-Graduate Education Program

15-Diagnostic Laboratory (combined with the Laboratory Animal Medicine Department and renamed the Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory)

16-Continuing Education & Extension

17-Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club

18-Student Chapter, American Veterinary Medical Association

19-The Missouri Veterinarian

20-Alumni Association (CVM)

21-Financial Aids and Awards

22-Catalogs and Bulletins

23-Student Dissertations and Theses

24-Memorabilia and Historical Items

C:18 University Extension Division

Until 1960, extension work at MU was divided into the Cooperative or Agricultural Extension Service of the College of Agriculture (established bewteen 1912 and 1914) and the General Extension Service (renamed the Adult Education and Extension Service in 1946 and the Division of Continuing Education in 1958). In 1960 the Board of Curators established the University Extension Division to be led by a dean -- the first being C. Brice Ratchford who at the time was Director of the Agricultural Extension Service. Since 1963, the date of the creation of the UM System, the Deans of Extension of each campus have reported to the Vice President for Extension (UW). In 1987, the Board of Curators divided the singular office of Extension program leadership into two offices, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Extension (UW) and the Vice Provost for Extension (MU). Effective 1 January 2004, UM-System Outreach and Extension was transferred under the administrative control of the MU Provost. All Outreach and Extension records created after 2003 will be added to Campus Record Group 18.


2-Extension Teaching
(Renamed MU Direct in April 1999; realigned with the Center for Distance and Independent Study and Extension Marketing to form part of the campus eLearning infrastructure in December 2010)


4-Conferences and Short Courses

5-Labor Education Program

6-Center for Independent Study

7-Office of Instructional Design

8-Continuing Professional Education

9-Business Development Program

C:19 Student Welfare

1-Financial Aid

2-Student Health Services

C:20 MU Libraries

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Director's Office

2-Catalogs and Bulletins

3-Friends of the Library

4-Annual and Departmental Reports

5-Assistant Director (Administrative Services)

6-University Archives (Reorganized from a unit within UM-System to the University Libraries in December 1991.)

7-University Archives Video/Audio Productions

8-Special Collections


10-Access Services


12-Technical Services

13-Journalism Library

14-Staff Association

15-Veterinary Medical Library

16-Reference Services

17-Engineering Library

C:21 Museums and Art Collections

The Museum was founded in 1957 as a study collection for Art and Archaeology and was responsible to the Dean for Extra-Divisional Activities. In 1960 it became the Museum of Art and Archaeology and in 1972 it was reorganized so as to report to the Office of the Provost. For Museum of Anthropology - See C:6/42.

1-Museum of Art and Archaeology

C:22 Student Life and Activities

00-Organizational Publications

1-Yearbooks, Savitar; Index

2-Student Memoirs/Manuscripts

3-Newspapers (Including underground newspapers)

4-Honor Societies

5-Financial Reports

6-Departmental Clubs

7-Fraternities - Sororities


9-Prominent Alumni


11-Glee Clubs/Songbooks


13-Official Student Associations (MSA, AWS, etc.)
(see also C:22/00)

14-Residence Halls/Co-ops

15-Student Union

16-Calendars and Bulletins of Activities

16/2-Special Events (Homecoming, University Day, Parents' Day)

16/3-Cultural Events and Art Exhibits

17-New Student Information (Including foreign student information)

18-Mortar Board; LSV

19-Minority Publications

20-Family Manuscripts

21-Student Programs

22-Anti-War and Campus Peace Activities

C:23 University Hospital and Clinics (UMCHC)

Note: University Hospital and Clinics (UMCHC) report to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, see C:1/36.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Administration, Office of the Director

2-University Physicians Administration
(Though University Physicians answers to the Dean of the School of Medicine, it is probably due to the unit's initial association--as the Medical Service Research Plan (MSRP)--with UMCHC for billing and collection that it was placed under the UMCHC record group. The unit answered to Kee Groshong, Vice-Chancellor for Administrative Services, for a brief period ca. 1987.)

3-Division of Financial Services
(Includes accounting, purchasing...; renamed as Central Office)

4-Financial and Statistical Reports


6-Division of Operations and Planning Services

7-Surgery Services

8-Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

9-Patient Services
(Renamed from "Nursing Services" and reorganized so as to report to Associate Director of Women's and Children's Center)

10-Cardiology/Vascular Lab


12-Children's Hospital - Women's Center

13-Rusk Rehabilitation Center

14-Center Facilities Services

15-Public Relations

16-Clinical Information Services

17-Integrated Technology Services

18-Columbia Regional Hospital

19-Missouri Orthopaedic Institute

20-Missouri Neurosciences Center

21-Missouri Rehabilitation Center

C:24 Committees

1-Faculty and Staff Members (students could be members as well)

2-Faculty Members Only

3-Staff Members Only

4-Special Committees (Task Forces, Ad Hoc, etc.)

C:25 Agricultural Experiment Station (AES)

The Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station was created in 1888 and its experimental plot, Sanborn Field, was established at the same time. The Experiment Station originally reported to the Dean of Agriculture and remains under the Dean of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials - Research Bulletins/Circulars


2-Agricultural Chemistry Experiment Station

3-Hatch Dairy Experiment Station

4-Faculty Papers

C:26 School of Health Professions

The School of Health Related Professions was established in July 1978, as a unit within the School of Medicine, (see C:14/37). In December 2000, the School of Health Related Professions was granted autonomous status and renamed the School of Health Professions. Note: The School of Health Professions reports to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, see C:1/36.

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Office of the Dean

2-Occupational Therapy

3-Physical Therapy

4-Health Psychology

C:27 Business and Public Administration Research Center

C:28 Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs

During the reorganization of the College of Business and Public Administration in 2000, a separate Graduate School for Public Affairs was created (see College of Business and Public Administration above). In 2001, the Graduate School for Public Affairs was renamed the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs.

00-Printed and Duplicated Material

1-Office of the Dean


00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Office of the Dean

2-Catalogs and Bulletins

3-Annual Reports


C:30 Pamphlet Collections (Closed 09/2002)

Note: Since this Record Group and all its Sub-Groups are closed, most materials, regardless of date, should be placed in the Printed and Duplicated Sub-Group for the college, school or topic involved. For additional clarification, please see Chapter 15 of the Manual.

1/1-Publications, General

1/2 -ASC Projections (Vol. 1, No. 1, the only issue, Oct. 1976)

1/3-Chancellor's Update (Chancellor's Office Reports)

1/4 -UMC Columns

1/5-President's Bulletins\Report (Moved, See Also C:4/3/9)

1/6-Admissions/What's New at UMC and Meet Mizzou

1/7-Mizzou Monthly/Weekly

1/8-General Stores Catalogs

1/9-Faculty Forum

1/10-Faculty Bulletin (1865-1979, incomplete)

1/11-Staff Handbooks

1/12-Bulletin-In-Brief (1971-1979)

1/13-Campus Courier (1971) (see also C:22/3/8)

1/14-Campus Columns (1969-1979)

1/15-Posters, Broadsides and Flyers

1/16-Minority Affairs

1/17-University Police Department

1/18-Student Union

1/19-Traffic Regulations

1/20-Campus Computing Newsletters

1/21-Campus Facilities/Physical Plant

1/22-International Center

1/23-General Education Program

1/24-Human Resources (Campus Personnel Services, development, training and benefits)

2/1-Alumni Association (General)

2/2-University of Missouri Review

2/3-Alumni Citations of Merit

2/4-Alumni Activities


2/6-The Leader

2/7-Tiger Sports (see also C:0/3/10)

2/8-Alumni News


2/10-Mizzou Magic

3/1-Development, General

3/2-The Interest

3/3-Honor Roll of Donors (see also C:1/21/)

3/4 -The Column (Published by the Columns Club)

4/1-School of Forestry

4/2-The Ozark Reporter

4/3-Missouri Forestry Alumni News

4/4-Research Briefs

5/1-School of Home Economics

5/2-Home Economics Alumni

5/3-Home Economics Awards

5/4-Home Economics Club

5/5-Missouri Home Economics Club

5/6-Short Courses (see also C:5/00/1)

6/0-Arts and Science, General

6/1-Arena Magazine, Arts and Science Government Newsletter, Alumnus


6/3-Art (see also C:30/20/1 for Museums & Art Collections)

6/4-Art History and Archaeology



6/7-Classical Languages





6/12-German and Slavic Languages


6/14-Home Economics



6/17-Microbiology (see also C:30/14/11)




6/21-Political Science


6/23-Romance Languages

6/24-Social Work


6/26-Speech and Dramatic Art

6/28-Biological Sciences

6/29-Honors college


6/31-Theater Programs

6/32-Music Programs (see C:6/30/2)

6/33-Behind the Mask


6/35-Black Studies

6/36-Religious Studies

6/37-Campus Writing Program (Writing Intensive Program)

6/38-Women's Studies Newsletter, Phoenix




6/42-The Weekly Reader

6/43-Communications and Speech Department

7/1-Business and Public Administration, General






7/7-Political Science

7/8-Public Affairs Newsletter

7/9-Business and Government Review (Outlook)

7/10-Research Center, College of Business & Public Administration

7/11-Conferences and Institutes


7/13-Business Week

7/14-Honors Program

7/15-CAPA Comments

7/16-Newsletter: MPSA

7/17-Byline 1972

8/1-College of Education

8/2-Miscellaneous Reports


8/4-Conferences and Programs


8/6-Plays and Recitals

8/7-Awards and Banquets

8/8-Missouri School Board

8/9-Newsletter, Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals

8/10-Midwest Center for Equal Education Opportunity Newsletter

8/11-Special Education News


8/13-College of Education Newsletter

8/14-Career Development, Guidance, Counseling and Placement Newsletter


8/17-Physical Education (Department of Health and Physical Education)


8/20-Special Education


8/23-Student Education Newsletter

8/24-Center for Educational Improvement Review

8/25-Educational Administration

8/26-MO Instructional Materials Center Newsletter

8/27-The Communicator, MSTA

8/28-Consumer Educator

8/29-Research and Development Highlights

9/1-School of Engineering, General

9/2-Agricultural Engineering

9/3-Chemical Engineering

9/4-Civil Engineering

9/5-Electrical Engineering

9/6-Industrial Engineering

9/7-Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

9/8-Nuclear Engineering

9/9-Engineering Awards and Honors

9/10-Engineering Miscellaneous Reports

9/11-College of Engineering Newsletter

9/12-Programs and Short Courses

9/13-Engineering Cooperative Programs

9/14-High School Engineering Program

9/15-Engineering Experiment Station

9/16-Minority Student Recruitment

10/1-Graduate School, General

10/2-Cooperative Graduate Program

10/3-Graduate Newsletter

10/4-Committee on Medieval and Renaissance Studies

10/5-Delta Research Center

10/6-Graduate School and Research Notes

10/7-Graduate Faculty Senate

11/1-Journalism, General

11/2-Freedom of Information Center

11/3-Journalism Week


11/5-Awards (See: 11/11 and C:11/00/2)

11/6-Conferences and Workshops


11/8-KBIA-FM Programs

11/9-The Rangefinder - Photojournalism Program

11/10-Ph.D. Degree.

11/11-Penney Award

11/12-Placement Service

12/1-School of Law

12/2-Missouri Law Review



12/5-Law School News

12/6-Case Club/Moot Court

12/7-Law Wives

12/8-Law School Day


12/10-Fraternities and Sororities

12/11-Entrance Requirements

12/12-Tate Hall Communiqué (W.W.II newsletter- complete)

12/13-Order of Coif


13/1-Library and Informational Science

14/1-School of Medicine- General

14/2-Conferences and Short Courses (Continuing Medical Education)

14/3-Medical Center Bulletin

14/4-Medical Faculty Newsletter

14/5-Journal of Operational Psychiatry

14/6-Missouri Medical Review (Replaced by Health Sciences Bulletin)

14/7-Liaison/Regional Medical Program

14/8-U.M. Bulletin: For Prospective Medical Students (moved to catalogs & bulletins)

14/9-Board of Curators Reports 1945-

14/10-Patient Manuals (moved to C:23/00/1)

14/11-School of Medicine Departmental Programs

14/12-Rehabilitation Research Project

14/13-Mental Health

14/14-The Chatterbox

14/15-Health Sciences Library/Learning Resources Center

14/16-Student Research Day

14/17-Employee Recognition

14/18-Rusk Reporter (Pre-Commencement Exercises placed in C:0/18/1)

14/19-Eye Research & Care Manuals


14/21-Medicine, General




14/25-Staff for Life



15/2-Publications-Nursing Research Bulletin; Nursing School Weekly; Medallion Unison

16/1-College of Public and Community Services, General

16/2-Recreation and Park Administration

16/3-Regional and Community Affairs

16/4-Social Work



17/1-Veterinary Medicine, General

17/2-Veterinary Medical Review

17/3-Faculty Newsletter


17/5-Long Range Planning

17/6-Veterinary School Conferences and Short Courses



18/1-College of Agriculture (pre 1974)

18/2-Rural Sociology


18/4-Plant Pathology



18/7-Food Science and Nutrition

18/8-Agricultural Journalism


18/10-Dairy Husbandry

18/11-Atmospheric Science

18/12-Animal Husbandry


18/14-Agricultural Engineering

18/15-Agricultural Education

18/16-Agricultural Economics

18/17-Agricultural Chemistry

18/18-Research Center

18/19-Placement and Advisement


18/21-News Review

18/22-Service Letter, Missouri Vocational Agriculture

18/23-Missouri Vocational Agriculture Newsletter

18/24-Missouri Fertilizer Report

18/25-Agriculture Alumni


18/27-Short Courses and Conferences

18/28-Various Agriculture Commodity Days

18/29-Agricultural Science Week

18/30-Honors and Banquets

18/31-College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources - General (post-1974)

18/32-Agricultural Experiment Station - (AES) General

18/33-Agricultural Experiment Station - (AES) - Various AES pamphlets

18/34-Agricultural Experiment Station - (AES) - Miscellaneous AES faculty addresses and articles


18/36-Agricultural Experiment Station - (AES) Special Reports

18/37-Agricultural Experiment Station - (AES) Leaflets

18/38-Horticulture News

18/39-The Announcer

18/40-Various Miscellaneous Agricultural Publications

18/41-The Farm Outlook

18/42-Teaching Improvement Newsletter

18/43-Alumni Newsletter

18/44-Agriculture Columns

18/45-Agraffiti (Agriculture Students Publication)

19/1-Library Publications

19/2-Library News/Notes (name changed 05/1997; see C:20/00/5 for inventory)

19/3-Manuscript Collection News (published by Western Historical Manuscript Collections, see UW:5/5/6)

19/4-The Muse (published by Missouri University Libraries Staff Association)

20/1-Museums and Art Collections

21/1-Graphic Representations

22/1-Student Life and Activities, General

22/2-Greek Columns

22/3-Student Organization Directory

22/4-MSA Student Handbook (published by Missouri Student Association and Graduate Student Association)

22/5-Campus Maps

22/6-Student Health Services

22/7-The Wellness Center - A.D.A.P.T. Program

22/8-Career Information Center - Counseling Center

22/9-MU Parent Association

22/10-MU Graduate Student Association (GSA)

22/11-Campus Dining Services - Residential Life Services

22/12-Student Fees, Registration and Grades


22/27-In Touch With Student Affairs


22/32-Legion of Black Collegians (UMOJA) (see C:22/19/1)

22/33-The Black Letter (see C:22/19/1)

22/34-The Voice

22/35-The Mentor (ASUM)

23/1-UMC Hospitals and Clinics


25/1-Research Centers/Computer Center

25/2-The Research Park and Tenants

25/3-Space Sciences Research Center

25/4-Center for International Programs and Studies

25/5-Regional Rehabilitation Research Institute

25/6-Institute for Research in the Social Sciences

25/7-User's Guides

25/8-Environmental Trace Substances Research Center

25/9-Experiment Station - General

25/10-Environmental Health and Safety Office

26/1-Extension - General

26/2-Center for Independent Study - Publications, Excel

26/3-Insights - Continuing Professional Education

31/1-Intercollegiate Athletics - General

31/2-Tiger Tales

C:31 Athletics, Intercollegiate

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-Director of Athletics


3-Men's Basketball Office


5-Hearnes Center Archives

6-Track and Field

7-Women's Soccer

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