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Records Groups, University-Wide                        12/2000

UW:0 University General
UW:1 Board of Curators
UW:2 Secretary, Board of Curators
UW:3 General Counsel to the Board of Curators
UW:4 President's Office
UW:5 Pamphlet Collections
UW:6 Committees

UW:0 University General

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

1-The University and the Legislature 

2-The University and Agencies of the U.S. Government

3-University Photographs

4-Oral Interviews


6-Board of Visitors, Report to the Governor

7-Catalogs and Bulletins

UW:1 Board of Curators

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

0-Miscellaneous Files

1-Executive Board

2-Executive Committee (Rolla)

3-Reports to the Legislature--Secretary of State--Governor

4-Official Correspondence

5-Financial Records

6-Board Members' Records/Papers

7-Legal Affairs

UW:2 Secretary, Board of Curators

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials


2-Presidential Staff Appointments

3-Faculty Employment Records

4-General Correspondence

UW:3 General Counsel to the Board of Curators

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials



3-Paul Peterson, General Counsel, 1954-1967

4-University Attorneys prior to 1954

5-General Counsel after 1954

UW:4 President's Office

00-Printed and Duplicated Materials

0-Miscellaneous Files

1-Elmer Ellis (1963-1966)

2-John C.Weaver (1966-1970)

3-C. Brice Ratchford (1970-1976)

4-James C. Olson (1976-1977 Interim, 1977-1984 President)

5-C. Peter Magrath (1985-1991)

6-George A. Russell (1991-1996)

7-Melvin D. George (1996-1997)

8-Manuel Pacheco (1997-2002)

9-Elson S. Floyd (2003-2007)

10-Gordon H. Lamb (2007-2008 Interim)

11-Gary Forsee (2008-2011)

12-Stephen J. Owens (2011-2012 Interim)

13-Timothy M. Wolfe (2012-2015)

14-Michael Middleton (2015-2017 Interim)

15-Mun Y. Choi (2017-present)


21-Special Assistants

22-Executive Vice President for Administration



25-Vice President for Administration


27-Vice President for Research

28-Vice President for Government Relations

29-Student Financial Aid Services

30-Finance and Administration (formerly, Vice President for Administrative Affairs)

31-Business Management/Management Services

32-Sponsored Programs/Grants & Contracts

33-Computing & Information Technology

34-Office of Curators Scholarships Program

35-Economic Development (Research Parks)

36-Internal Auditing (Office was outsourced May 2000)

37-Financial Services

38-Accounting Services



42-Budget and Analytical Services (Budgets and Planning Office)


44-Business Services (established 08/1990 within Management Services - UW:4/31)

45-Records Management


47-Investments & Trusts


51-Vice President for Academic Affairs

52-Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

53-Patents and Licensing


70-Research Reactor (transfer to MU in 1989, see also C:10/8/)

71-University Extension Division 1960-1963 (Renamed University of Missouri Extension 1963-1979)

72-Missouri Cooperative Extension Services (1979-2003) / Outreach and Extension (1993-2003)
NOTE: In 1993 Cooperative Extension Services was expanded to include Outreach and Extension. On 1 January 2004, administrative control of UM-System Outreach and Extension was transferred to the MU Office of the Provost. All Outreach and Extension records created after 2003 should be placed in Campus Record Group 18 (C:18).

73-Office of Social & Economic Data Analysis (OSEDA)


81-Facilities Management


101-Institutional Research


111-Personnel Services (1963-1978)

112-Human Resource Services (1978- )


114-Human Resource Development (1979- )

115-Personnel Information Systems

116-Employee Benefits (1979- )




141-University Relations (formerly University Information Services) see also C:1/14

142-University Relations, Tapes

143-University Relations, Films

144-University Relations, Graphics


151-University Press


161-University Archives (Reorganized from a UM Systems Office to a Division of the MU Libraries in 12/1991) see also C:20/6/ & C:20/7/


171-University Printing Services (Administered by MU Business Services since 1987)

See Note Below

UW:5 Pamphlet Collections

1/1-Financial Reports

1/2-Board Review

2/1-President, General

2/2-Presidents' Inaugurations

2/3-Presidents' Reports


2/5-Presidents' Inaugurations (Outside)

3/1-General University Publications

3/2-Facts about the University

3/3-University Press Catalogs

3/4-University-Wide Calendars & Mascots

3/5-State High School Events Bulletins


3/7-UM Staff Advisor

3/8-Spectrum (took place of Presidents' Bulletin UW:4/3/9)

3/9-Faculty Handbooks

3/10-Health Spectrum

4/1-University-Wide Conferences, General

4/2-University-Wide Conferences, Health Planning

4/3-University-Wide Conferences, Environmental

4/4-University-Wide Conferences, Urban Affairs & Conference

4/5-UM Energy Policy

5/1-Administration, General

5/2-Office of Industrial Studies

5/3-Personnel, General

5/4-Office of Computing Activities

5/5-Records Management

5/6-Western Historical Manuscript Collection

6/1-Student Affairs, General

6/2-Student Affairs, Student Information

6/3-Student Affairs, Tuition, Residence & Exchange Rules

6/4-Student Affairs, Curators Scholarships & Awards

7/1-Extension, General



7/4-Extension Directories

7/5-Extension Awards

7/6-Inner Circuits

7/7-Coop. Extension Service Weekly Newsletter, See UW:4/71/3

UW:6 Committees

1-Standing Committees

2-Special Committees (Task Forces, Ad Hoc, etc.)


SUBGROUP: Vice President for Research call number was changed in 6/1998.

UW:4/10/1 changed to UW:4/27/1

UW:4/10/2 changed to UW:4/27/2

UW:4/10/3 changed to UW:4/27/3

UW:4/10/4 changed to UW:4/27/4

UW:4/10/5 changed to UW:4/27/5

UW:4/10/6 changed to UW:4/27/6

SUBGROUP: President's Office: Special Assistants call number changed in 6/1998.

UW:4/16/1 changed to UW:4/21/1

UW:4/16/2 changed to UW:4/21/2

SUBGROUP: Vice President for Administration call number changed in 6/1998.

UW:4/21/1 changed to UW:4/25/1

UW:4/21/2 changed to UW:4/25/2

(Revised: 10 November 2020 )

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