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Topical Guide:
Three Dimensional Objects

Note to Researchers: The University of Missouri-Columbia campus Record Groups below are denoted by a 'C' prefix (such as C:1/25/2). University of Missouri System-Wide and Central Administration Record Groups contain a 'UW' prefix (as in UW:4/0/2).

University-Wide Records

Columbia Campus Records

UMC; University General; Alumni Association, 1905-1960

This Series contains Alumni luncheon and banquet menus, 1905-1960 (with gaps). Materials include reunion programs, Commencement Programs, and ribbons worn with nametags to identify various classes.

UMC; University General; Alumni Association, n.d. and 1926

This Series contains a collection of buttons from MU basketball, the MU Sesquicentennial, New Student and Parent programs, "B for Missouri's Future," College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, Hatch Act Centennial, Mort Walker Scholar-in-Residence, and Mizzou Alum. It also contains a paperweight announcing the ground-breaking ceremony of Donald W. Reynolds Alumni Center and a commemorative ashtray regarding the dedication of Memorial Stadium in 1926.

UMC; University General; Calendars to 1963, 1918

This Series contains a 1918 MU calendar, published by the Missouri Bookstore and illustrated with scenes of the University of Missouri-Columbia campus and popular local points of interest in the Columbia area.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1956

This Series contains the Bible given to the University of Missouri Medical Center at its opening Ceremonies by Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Middlebush, (11/10/1956).

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1839

This Series contains one twenty-four inch square newsprint broadside describing the procedure mandated by the Missouri State Assembly, "To Provide For The Institution And Support of A State University . . .," also known as the "Geyer Act," (1839).

UMC; University General; Memorabilia; 1900-1965, bulk 1907-1930

This Series contains black and white photographic postcards, color photographic postcards, black and white postcards, and tinted postcards. In addition to images of many campus buildings, there are also scenes of Columbia, Rolla, and Dayton, Tennessee, the site of the Scopes Trial. May Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Farmer's Day are a few of the events commemorated in the collection.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1880-1890

This Series contains one Master of Arts Degree (1880), two Normal School Certificates (1890 and 1892), and three Bachelor of Laws Degrees (1884, 1895, and 1897), awarded by the respective University of Missouri-Columbia Schools and Colleges.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1908

This Series contains a Missouri 1908 gold column pin, which UMC student Harry Frazer Sedwick acquired upon his graduation.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1919

This Series contains a Commencement Program, (1919), and one leather pillow cover with "Missouri" written on it.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, ca. 1930

This Series contains an Officer's metal badge and a metal whistle, (ca. 1930). from the University's Police Force.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1915

This Series contains two items donated by a 1915 MU graduate: one pillow cover with a black "M" on one side, "Missouri" on the other, and one pin in the shape of a column, inscribed with "Missouri 1915."

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1940-1941

This Series contains football programs, (1940), a program for the County Fair on University High Fair Grounds, a "Margin for Error" program, 1941 Journalism Week programs, a graduation tassel (red for journalism), along with other materials. This collection also contains a 15" x 12" black and gold wool stuffed dog, a gold-colored bracelet with the University of Missouri Seal on it, and an 18" x 5 1/2" black and gold wool Missouri pennant.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, ca. 1925

This Series contains one wool Missouri pillow with the colors gold and black. There is fringe around the edge of the pillow, and it was received having suffered moth damage.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, ca. 1917

This Series contains 17 metal engraving plates affixed to small wooden blocks, (ca. 1917). These engraving plates were used for a Daily Missourian publication, (ca. 1917), and a Missouri Alumnus publication, (06/16/1917), concerning the 50th reunion of the University of Missouri graduating class of 1867. Plates 1-7 contain images of the faculty members and administrators who taught the 1867 graduates. Those included are: Professor Joseph Ficklin, Professor J. V. C. Karnes, President John H. Lathrop, Professor George H. Matthews, Dr. J. G. Norwood, President Daniel Read, and Professor Oren Root. Plates 8-17 contain images of the graduates. Those included are: John T. Aldridge, Thomas A. Arnold, W. Lenoir Church, M. Allen Elston, James R. Evans Luke Evans, William C. Grainger, Gardiner Lathrop, Lewis C. Nelson, and Edward W. Stephens.

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 1934

This Series contains a plaque presented to the University of Missouri-Columbia Walter Williams Library by the Alumni of the School of Journalism, (05/11/1934).

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, 2001

This Series contains a 9"x15" New York State Senate Proclamation from Senator Serphin R. Maltese honoring Mort Walker "upon the 50th anniversary of his comic strip 'Beetle Bailey,'" (11/01/2001).

UMC; University General; Memorabilia, ca. 1906

This Series contains a small, silk bookmark with an embroidered seal of the University.

UMC; Administration; Richard Henry Jesse, ca. 1880-1902

This Series contains three of President Jesse's walking sticks, (ca. 1880-1902).

UMC; College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Alpha Zeta, ca. 1950

This Series contains one wooden 6"x7" Alpha Zeta ornament/plaque, (ca. 1950). This item is black with gold lettering on the front and has 52 signatures on the back, including the donor's.

UMC; College of Education; Dean's Office, 1963-1979

This Series contains Herbert Schooling memorabilia such as plaques, a painting/drawing of Schooling, and a graduation cap (black with tassel).

UMC; School of Nursing; Memorabilia: 1990

This Series contains two navy blue banners with white lettering. The lettering reads "Mizzou Nursing 1920-1990." The banners are 36" x 25" in size.

UMC; Student Life and Activities; Memorabilia; Hill-Ehrlich-Fowler Collection, ca. 1890-1916

Adam Hill's "M" certificate as well as other athletic and alumni awards, a copy of the first University of Missouri yearbook, the Index, ca. 1891, histories of athletics at the University of Missouri from 1890 to 1912, and news clips regarding MU football, ca. 1890-1916.

UMC; Student Life and Activities; Memorabilia; Jane Espy Meyer Collection, 1936-1949

This Sub-Group contains scrapbooks, student publications, event programs, church programs, flyers, football and basketball souvenir programs, Missouri Workshop play programs, dance programs, programs from MU Department of Music concerts, anti-war flyers from the "United Student Peace Committee," menus (including one from "Jack's Shack" - later known as "The Shack"), banquet programs, student election flyers, Uptown Theater programs, and copies of Y.W. Newsette (the YWCA newsletter), valentines, announcements of activities and events at Christian College, a flyer proclaiming "UM is Unfair to organized Labor," Barnwarming and Farmers' Fair programs, invitations, Savitar Frolic programs, a copy of The Missouri Student, April 19, 1939, copies of Missouri Showme, ca. 1936-1940, and copies of College Farmer.

UMC; Student Life and Activities; Memorabilia, ca. 1935-1939

This Series contains MU student memorabilia collected by 1939 graduate, Charles H. Brock, (ca. 1935-1939). This Series includes a freshman "beanie," Mortar Board and LSV Honor Society pins, and a booklet entitled "Centennial Missouri 1939."

UMC; Student Life and Activities; Memorabilia, ca. 1920-1925

This Series contains a scrapbook and items collected by 1925 Arts and Science Alumna Jeannette Alberton Scism. The bulk of the items relate to the annual Barnwarming celebration and includes programs, newspapers, invitations and dance cards. Scism also collected football ticket stubs and pins, programs from University sponsored events, and memorabilia such as a tin spoon and a student election hang tag.

UMC; Intercollegiate Athletics; Printed and Duplicated Materials; Football Game Programs, 1895-1998, bulk 1920-1998

This Series contains published programs for football games played by the MU Tigers against various opponents inside and outside of the Big Six, Big Seven, Big Eight, and Big Twelve Athletic Conferences.

UMC; Intercollegiate Athletics; Memorabilia, 1909-1912, 1959

This Series contains a wool sweater that was part of the uniform, a dance card in the shape of a football, a photograph of Hall in uniform, (ca. 1909), a program from the 50 year reunion of the 1909 team, (10/23/1959), a newspaper article from that reunion, and two Lifetime Athletic Passes.

UMC; Intercollegiate Athletics; Memorabilia, 1890

This Series contains the only known uniform from the first MU football team, (1890), collected by Charles A. Keith, co-founder and member of the first team.

UMC; Intercollegiate Athletics; Memorabilia, 1932-1935

This Series contains two wool M Men's Club sweaters and a wool stadium blanket.

UMC; Intercollegiate Athletics; Memorabilia, 1978, 1988--

This Series contains metal buttons/pins, (1988--), a round plastic luggage tag labeled "Missouri vs L.S.U. - Liberty Bowl," (12/23/1978), 3 coins imprinted with football schedules, (1978-1979, 1985), and magnet football schedules, (1997-1998).

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