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Interdisciplinary Committees Classified Prior to Record Group 24
Inventories and Summaries

This section represents collections classified into various Record Groups, prior to the creation of Record Group 24, Committees. Full inventories and summary descriptions are included together on this page, as arrangement is by committee name. A full inventory provides a description of the materials either at the box level or at the folder level and is usually several pages long. A summary description briefly outlines the materials in a collection and is usually several paragraphs long.

In 08/2002 Record Sub-Groups C:0/19 (University General; Committees) and C:2/8 (University Faculty; Faculty Committees) were officially closed, and Record Group 24, Committees, was created to properly classify and organize interdisciplinary committee records.

Committee records that were classified prior to the existence of Record Group 24, Committees, are listed here.

Note to Archivist: See Policy #30, Committee Records, in the Policy and Procedures Manual for instructions on the classification of committee records.


Academic Faculty of the Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/11, Series 12, summary; c-rg1-s43

College of Agriculture Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/12, Series 13, summary; c-rg1-s43

College of Arts and Science Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/13, Series 14, summary; c-rg1-s43

College of Business and Public Administration Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/14, Series 15, summary; c-rg1-s43

College of Education Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/15, Series 16, summary; c-rg1-s43

College of Engineering Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/16, Series 17, summary; c-rg1-s43

College of Medicine Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/21, Series 22, summary; c-rg1-s43

Committee of Deans
C:1/101/6, Series 7, summary; c-rg1-s43

Committee on Accredited Schools and Colleges
C:1/101/4, Series 5, summary; c-rg1-s43

Committee on Aids and Awards
C:1/101/5, Series 6, summary; c-rg1-s43

Committee on Entrance
C:1/101/8, Series 9, summary; c-rg1-s43

Committee on Military and Physical Training
C:1/101/9, Series 10, summary; c-rg1-s43

Committee on Revision of Records
C:1/101/36, Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s43
C:1/101/NP (A85-132, A95-149), Series 35, summary; c-rg1-s43

Engineering Policy Committee
C:1/101/7, Series 8, summary; c-rg1-s43

Graduate Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/18, Series 19, summary; c-rg1-s43

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
C:6/20/6, Series 11, summary; c-rg6-s14
C:8/18/3, Series 2, summary; c-rg8-s16
C:31/1/4, full inventory; c-rg31-s8

Normal School Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/22, Series 23, summary; c-rg1-s43

School of Fine Arts Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/17, Series 18, summary; c-rg1-s43

School of Forestry, School of Home Economics, College of Library and Informational Science, School of Nursing, College of Social and Community Services, and College of Veterinary Medicine Minute Books
C:1/101/34, Series 24, summary; c-rg1-s43

School of Journalism Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/19, Series 20, summary; c-rg1-s43

School of Law Faculty Meeting Minutes
C:1/101/20, Series 21, summary; c-rg1-s43

University Council
C:1/101/10, Series 11, summary; c-rg1-s43

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Revised: 22 November 2002

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