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University of Missouri Leaders
Alphabetical List

To learn more about a specific leader in UMC's history, select one of the names below. To view UMC leadership by time period, see the links at the bottom of the page.

University of Missouri-Columbia Leaders:

Blackwell, James (Chairman of Faculty)
Brooks, Stratton D.
Cartwright, Alexander
Deaton, Brady
Ellis, Elmer
Fisher, Michael (Chairman of Faculty)
Foley, Henry "Hank" (interim)
Hill, A. Ross
Hudson, William W.
Jesse, Richard Henry
Jones, John Carleton (acting president)
Kiesler, Charles
Lathrop, John Hiram
Laws, Samuel Spahr
Loeb, Isidor (acting president)
Loftin, Bowen
Matthews, George (President Temporary)
Middlebush, Frederick A.
Minor, Benjamin B.
Monroe, Haskell
Read, Daniel
Schooling,Herbert W.
Schwada, John W.
Shannon, James
Stokes, Garnett S. (interim)
Uehling, Barbara Staner
Williams, Walter
Wallace, Richard

University of Missouri-System Leaders:

Choi, Mun
Ellis, Elmer
Floyd, Elson
Forsee, Gary
George, Mel (interim)
Lamb, Gordon (interim)
Magrath, Peter
Middleton, Michael (interim)
Pacheco, Manuel
Olson, James
Owens, Stephen (interim)
Ratchford, C. Brice
Russell, George
Weaver, John
Wolfe, Tim

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