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Accessibility Statement

The University Archives is dedicated to making the archives accessible to all people. This web page details some of the useful accessibility features used on this web site.

Access Keys

The main navigation on the newer web pages use a feature called "access keys." Access keys allow easy shortcuts to parts of the web site through the use of a keyboard. Below is a table of access key definitions for this web site.

In most browsers, you may press and the "alt" key and then the number below to select the link.

Shortcut Link Description
0 Accessibility Statement
1 About the Archives
2 Holdings
3 Online Exhibits and Online Collections
4 Resources
5 Services to..
6 Search Box

More Information

Why does this page look different?

In designing this web page, the University Archives made every attempt to make their pages more accessible to all people. To do this, this page and others in this site were created using web standards and with many standard accessibility features, which most modern browsers support.

All the information and functionality of these pages are available to all browsers, but they may not look the same. For more information, please read our accessibility statement or the information at the Web Standards Projects.

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