This document serves as a letter to the future from the members of the Twilight lodge. The letter provides a brief description of the hospital, ceremony proceedings, and purpose of the hospital.

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To whome this may come greeting!

This Cornerstone was laid by Rev. Corona H. Briggs
D.D. Grand Master of Masons for the State of
Missouri, Rev. John D. Vincil D.D. Secretary of the
Grand Lodge of the State of Missouri and several
other members, assisted by Twilight Lodge No. 114.
A. F. & A. M. located in Columbia, Mo on December
19th, 1899. A. L. 5899. five days after the Centennial
exercises at the grave of George Washington at Mount
Vernon D. C. where on the 14th inst. most of the
Grand Masters of all the States assisted, as can
be seen in the newspapers of the 15th inst.

This building is to be the “Parker Memorial
Hospital” erected in the honor of Wm L Parker
a plain Citizen of this town, a single man, now
about 70 years of age, who gave $15,000 to it, which
sum who supplemented by the Legislature of the
State of Missouri, this building is erected on Campus
of the University of Missouri and to be used for the
benefit of the needy and sick, under the control
of the medical faculty of the University, of which


Brother A.W. McAlester M.D. is Dean and
the Students of said University to obtain that
knowledge which will enable them to follow the Christian
professionalism of “Healing the sick”

May this building be beautiful as the Temple, peaceful
as the Arc, may the good deeds here performed, be
grateful as the incense, making hearts warm as the flame,
diffusive as its fragrance, so pure and faithful as
to be acceptable to the Ruler of the Universe, may they
be continuous and persistant as the recurring wants unto of
the distressed widow and helpless Orphans, may
brotherly love, Relief, Charity and Benevolence ever
be the pure motive of its work, and continue to the end,
in short, may it be a living example of all that
Masonry represents.

By order of the Twilight Lodge No 114 A.F.&A.M.
in Columbia Mo.

J.G. Long                     F.P. Miller
Secretary                    W.M.

By J.TH Fyfer, one of the oldest fellow [?] members of said Lodge.

Newspaper clipping about a George Washington tribute from a St. Louis newspaper, 1899, found alongside the resolution.

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