Community Cornerstone:
Parker Memorial Hospital
Time Capsule

During the demolition of Parker Hall on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus in 2022, a curious find was discovered in the cornerstone of the building. It was a time capsule, originating from the 1899 cornerstone laying ceremony that indicated the beginning of construction. The capsule contained a collection of different items dating between 1873 and 1899, revealing a rich history of the identity of the building as Parker Memorial Hospital and insight into the local community. Parker Memorial Hospital filled many roles: A state-owned hospital; a teaching hospital for the University; and the first public hospital in the area. Even with its grand effect on the community in Columbia during the early 20th century, its origins have been obscured over time. Yet, it is evident that from its time as Parker Memorial Hospital to its time as Parker Hall, this building has played an important role in developing the medical department at Mizzou, and it served the community that built it.

This exhibit is divided into five sections.


I. Time Capsule Contents
In 2022, a time capsule was discovered in the cornerstone (northeast corner) of Parker Hall, formerly known as Parker Memorial Hospital.
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II. A Brief Biography of William L. Parker
Parker Memorial Hospital was named in honor of its main donor, William Lewis Parker, who donated $15,000 towards the creation of a state-owned public hospital.
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III. Construction of Parker Memorial Hospital
There were many different parties involved in building Parker Memorial Hospital.
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IV. Cornerstone Ceremony
The time capsule was ceremonially placed at Parker Memorial Hospital in a cornerstone laying ceremony that was led by the Twilight Lodge No. 114.
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V. Parker Memorial Hospital and Beyond
The story of Parker Memorial Hospital continued after its inital construction as members of the communtiy got involved.
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