This document contains the written testament of William L. Parker in which he gives consent for the use of his donation towards the construction of a public University hospital. The document also explains Parker’s intention for the purpose of the hospital.


[C:0/45/11 OSF 1]


[C:0/45/11 OSF 1]



Whereas, Dr. A.W. McAlester, Dr. M.D. Lewis,
and Wm A. Bright have undertaken to raise
funds for the purpose of erecting and
establishing a public hospital in the
City of Columbia, which is to be donated
to the University of the State of Missouri,
and which is to be Conducted and operated
in Connection with the Medical Department
of said University;

And whereas I, the undersigned, William
L. Parker, am desirous of aiding in
the establishment of such hospital;
therefore, know all men by these presents
that I, the said William L. Parker, owe
and stand indebted to the said A.W. McAles-
ter, M.D. Lewis and W.A. Bright in the
sum of fifteen thousand ($15000.00) dollars
to be expended by them in the establish-
ment of such hospital aforesaid, for
the payment whereof well and truly to
be made I hereby bind myself, my
heirs, executors and administrators.
Upon this Condition, however, that if
the Said McAlester, Lewis, and Bright shall
fail, within one year after the date hereof,
to raise from other sources by subscrip-
tion or otherwise the sum of Ten
Thousand dollars to be used along with
the above Fifteen thousand dollars in
the erection and establishment of the


aforesaid hospital, then this bond shall be
void, Otherwise to remain in full form and

Provided further, that if the said McAlester,
Lewis and Bright shall raise the aforesaid
sum of ten thousand dollars within their
said six months, then this bond shall be be-
Come due and payable six months after
the date hereof.

It is understood that the hospital herein
provided for shall remain as Charity patients
free of charges a number of patients
equal to at least five per Cent of the
total number of patients.

Witness my hand and seal this 27th
day of September, 1898.

W L Parker


Mr. [?] S. Clarkson