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UMC Leaders: 1923 - 1970

Stratton D. BrooksStratton D. Brooks, 1923 - 1930

During his tenure, several buildings were added to the UMC campus: McKee Gymnasium, named for long-time Physical Education Instructor Mary McKee; Mumford Hall; a new Hospital, named for Medical School Dean G.L. Noyes; a new law school building, partially funded by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tate, in memory of their son, Lee, a law graduate.

Walter WilliamsWalter Williams, 1930 - 1935

After being Dean of the school of Journalism since its founding in 1908 and also serving time on the Board of Curators, Walter Williams led the university for five years. His main achievement was maintaining the integrity of the University during the fiscally dire period of the Great Depression.

Walter Williams Hall, which houses several School of Journalism departments, is named in his honor.

Frederick MiddlebushFrederick Middlebush, 1935 - 1954

Middlebush oversaw the enrollment boom in the fall of 1946, when the student body jumped to 5,000 from the previous year's 1,500. Enrollment in the fall of 1947 reached more than 11,000.

Middlebush Hall, home to the College of Business and Public Administration, is named in his honor.

Elmer EllisElmer Ellis, 1954 - 1963

Ellis saw the need to better serve students in the two largest cities in Missouri, St. Louis and Kansas City. Under his leadership the University became a four-campus institution and the main campus in Columbia officially became known as the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Ellis became president of the administrative arm of this new organization, named the University of Missouri System, until his retirement in 1966. Ellis Library, the largest research facility in Missouri, is named in his honor.

John W. SchwadaJohn W. Schwada, 1964 - 1970

John Schwada was the first Chancellor of the University of Missouri-Columbia, after the University became part of the four-campus University of Missouri System in 1963.

Elmer Ellis and John Weaver were UM System Presidents during this time.

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