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Box Lists for C:6/46/7

Note to Researcher: These records have not been processed to the level of an inventory and may therefore contain RESTRICTED material not specifically annotated as such and access may be limited in that regard. Please see the RESTRICTIONS NOTE at the end of the box list(s).

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FF - Printed and Duplicated - Programs, Season brochures, posters, 1984-2008

FF - Burt Reynolds Institute - Newspaper clippings, 1988-1989

FF - Photographs - Summer Theatre [Education Building] - "Male Animal," "John Loves Mary," 1956

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Theatre Department Chairpersons (Stephen Archer, Patrick Atkinson, Larry Clark, Weldon Durham, Donovan Rhynsburger, Clyde Ruffin, Carla Waal), 1992 & undated

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Faculty - Larry Clark, Jim Miller, Marsha Miller, n.d.

FF - Photographs - Faculty - Clyde Ruffin in "Strands" (Kennedy Center Honors), 1992

FF - Negatives - Summer Repertory Theatre - Individuals, ca. 1988

FF - Negatives - Faculty - Suzanne Burgoyne, Claire Sachs, 1996

FF - Photograph - Faculty - Richard Klepac, n.d.

FF - Photograph - Terrence Lee Lester (Promotional photograph), n.d.

FF - Photographs - "Rip Van Winkle," 1946

FF - Photograph - "The Birthday Party," 1974

FF - Photograph - "The Contrast," 1976

FF - Photograph - "The Carnival," 1977

FF - Photograph - "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum," 1980

FF - Production - "Summer and Smoke" - Photographs and program, 1980

FF - Photograph - "The Rainmaker," 1981

FF - Photograph - "Bus Stop," 1983

FF - Photographs - "The Crucible," 1983

FF - Photographs - "The Merry Wives of Windsor," n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Armon Yanders, Don Bartlett, Don McGlothlin, David Jorns, ca. 1979

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Missouri Repertory Theatre (includes: Patrick Denny, David Geel, Jelila Khalil, Terry Schoonover, Augelica Estevez, Ken Stilson, Tim Buchheit, Ed Hanson, Harry Morrison, Tom Kennedy, Mary Bundy, Pat Atkinson, David Feind, Weldon Durham, Byrne Blackwood), 1988, 1990

FF - Photographs - Summer Repertory Theatre (includes: Trent Kendall, Weldon Durham, Kate Bereniking Kogut, Joni Lane, Tracey Rabus, Stephanie J. Dugan, Leslie Weise, Mark Shilstone-Laurent, Carla Waal), 1987

FF - Photographs - Theater Department Students, Faculty, and Staff (includes: Deb Bruch, James Miller, Clyde Ruffin, Helen Atkinson, Patrick Atkinson, Gary Mickelson, Tim Buchheit, Shelly Clark, Christina Schmidt, Paula Cavanaugh Carter, Tim Cardwell, Karen Rasch, William Sevedge, Marsha Miller, Bob Adams, erin LaFond, Robert Thurston, Ed See, Doug Maddox, Arlyn Jay Stotts, Jelila Khalik, Sherry Hobson, Tom Fuller, Judy Dickherber-Hillyer, unidentified), n.d.

FF - School of Fine Arts Alumni Project (Suzanne Dieckman), ca. 1990

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Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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