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Box Lists for C:3/37/11

Note to Researcher: These records have not been processed to the level of an inventory and may therefore contain RESTRICTED material not specifically annotated as such and access may be limited in that regard. Please see the RESTRICTIONS NOTE at the end of the box list(s).

Box 1 - 056280 [return to top]


FF - Correspondence - John C. Gardner (to Laura Bergman), 2000-2001

FF - Professional Development Program (PDP) - Grant subcontracts, 1998-2000 [RESTRICTED]

FF - Sustainable Small Farm Information Network (mostly John Ikerd, includes grants, correspondence, Professional Development Program material), 1998-1999

FF - Hogs (Swine Production, Budgets and Impacts), 1993-1995

FF - Manuscript (draft) by John Ikerd - "Sustaining Rural Communities Through Sustainable Agriculture: Perspectives from Reality," n.d.

FF - Miscellaneous (includes correspondence, memoranda, mailing list), 1995, 2000

FF - North Central Sustainable Agriculture Training Project (summaries and reviews), 1997-1998

FF - North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) - Administrative Council Meeting (Emails and grant recipients), 1998

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Extension Work Group (SAEWG) - In-Sevice Education (includes photographs from farm visit), 1996

FF - Small Farm Hearings, 1998

FF - New Opportunities for Small Farms Project (include curricula vitae), 1997-1999

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Program (includes annual reports, program background), 1994-1998

FF - Strategic Plans for Agriculture, 1994

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education - Reports, 1998-1999

FF - Sustainable Agriculture/Small Farms (correspondence and reports), 1994-1999

FF - Agricultural Sustainability: A Vision for the Future (questionnaire responses and notes, registration lists

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Extension Work Group - Base Team (applications and correspondence about forming a "base team" for Sustainable Agriculture in University Extension), 1995-1996

FF - Missouri Sustainable Agriculture Plan - Strategic planning, 1994-1995

FF - Small Farms/Sustainable Agriculture - Professional Development, 1996-1997

FF - Sustainable Agriculture PDP (includes grant information), 1997-1999 [RESTRICTED]

Box 2 - 056281 [return to top]


FF - Sustainable Agriculture Extension Program (SAEP) - University of Missouri and Lincoln University, 1992, 1998-1999

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Extension Program, 2000

FF - SAEP - Plan of Work and Interns, 2000

FF - Sustaining Agriculture - Listserv, 2000

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Program - Position Descriptions, 2000

FF - Web Pages - Sustainable Agriculture, 2000

FF - SAEP (includes correspondence and presentations; John Gardner, Peter Scharf and Bill Johnson), 2000

FF - SAEP (includes correspondence and program plans), 2000

FF - CAFNR Extension Annual Reports - Program Results and Lessons Learned (PRLL) reports, 2000

FF - Base Program Planning, 1999-2000

FF - Sustainable Agriculture Budget, 1999-2000

FF - MO SARE and Sustainable Agriculture (SA) Implementation, 1996-1998

FF - Tennessee State University Grant Project (John Ikerd), 1994-1998 [RESTRICTED]

FF - SARE Strategic Planning - Listening Sessions, 1995

FF - SA Conference (includes grant forms), 1998 [RESTRICTED]

FF - North Central (NC) Regional SARE - Projects and Funding, 1995-1997, 2001

FF - Past Sustainable Agriculture Materials - SAEP flyer, 2000

FF - SARE PDP - Midwest Organic Sustainable Educational Services - Grant proposal, 2001

FF - NC Small Farm Task Force - Regional Conference Planning, 2000

FF - Correspondence - Laura Ann Bergman to John Gardner, 2000-2001

FF - Correspondence - Gardner to Bergman, 2000

FF - SAEP - Miscellaneous (PDP, organic standards, meetings), 1999-2000

FF - Sustaining People through Agriculture Network (SPAN)/Missouri Organic Association (MOA) Conference, 2001-2002

FF - SPAN - Miscellaneous (by-laws, printed and duplicated, survey), ca. 2001-2002

Box 3 - UMLD1 [return to top]


FF - Photographs and Negatives - SPAN poster session (?), n.d.

FF - Photographs - Walnut tree grafting demonstration and team of horses, n.d.

FF - Photographs - Sustaining People Through Agriculture Conference, n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Wheat grinding demonstration (Susan Bennett, Mexico, Missouri), 2000

FF - Photographs - SPAN event, n.d.

FF - Photographs - SPAN/MOA Conference, 2002

FF - Photographs, Negatives and Slides - Miscellaneous (includes Ardie Compton, Jack Crofford, Dyremple Marsh, Bobbie Clay, fiber fair, etc.), 1998-1999

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Miscellaneous (Flour grinding near MU campus, garden scene, horses plowing, Jeff Pope, etc.), ca. 2002

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Ray Evans and Linda Williams, n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Sustainable Agriculture - farm visits (?), n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Sustainable Agriculture conference, 2001

FF - Photographs - Sustainable Agriculture event, ca. 1996

FF - Photograph - Farmers' Market (near West Junior High School, Columbia, Missouri), 1998

FF - Photographs - MOA event, ca. 2002

FF - Photographs - Flour and corn grinding event, ca. 2002

FF - Photographs - Miscellaneous (including Buchmeyer - dairy, Peckham - alpacas, Delly - mums, Scrivner - bluberries, Fleharty - cattle), ca. 2000

FF - Photographs - Local Foods banquet, n.d.

FF - Photographs - Laura Bergman going-away celebration (Shakespeare's Pizza), n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Sustainable Agriculture poster session (?), n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Regan's nusery or flower center, n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Sustainable Agriculture - Sandhill Farm Field Day, ca. 2000

FF - Photographs - Michael Fields Agricultural Institute - Organic Vegetable Production Workshop, 2001

FF - Photographs - Miscellaneous, n.d.

FF - Photographs and Negatives - Carroll Chancellor Field Day, 2000

FF - Photographs - Miscellaneous (Compton, Votra, Walker, Klein, Coplen, Light), ca. 2000

FF - Photographs and Negatives - SPAN/MOA meeting and Local Foods meal, 2001

FF - Slides - Miscellaneous (organic market, etc.), n.d.

Video Tape (Hi8) - "What's New in Sustainable Food and Farming - Joe Horner," November 21, 2002

Video Tape (Hi8) - "What's New in Sustainable Food and Farming - Corinne Valdivia," December 9, 2002

Video Tape (Hi8) - "What's New in Sustainable Food and Farming - Desmond Jolly," September 21, 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Dairy Presentation - Barry Steevens," September 25, 1986

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Ethanol and Soil/Water Quality - Bob Broz," October 30, 2000

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Rural Life Day - Richard Oswald, Judy Heffernam," December 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "The Food Trust, Prince Edward Island - Barry Cudmore," September 20, 2004

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Community Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture - Kick-off Event," July 2, 2002 [2 tapes]

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Agroforestry for the Family Farm - Dusty Walter," September 7, 2004

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Supermarkets, Farmers and Development Opportunities or Challenges," April 11, 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Farm Diversification and Managing the Media," March 17, 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Sustainable Grazing - Rob Kallenbach," April 2002

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Crops for Small Farms - Dale Blevins," April 21, 2003

Video Tape (Hi8) - "A Return to Common Sense - John Ikerd," April 30, 2007

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Farm Bill and Sustainable Agriculture Presentation - Kremer and Perry," February 21, 2006

Video Tape (Hi8) - "The Destructiveness of Farmers in the Middle," February 26, 2007

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Sustainable Agriculture Demo Awards Program Presentation and One Case - Joan Benjamin and Carol Fulkerson," November 3, 2003

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Missouri Regional Cusines Project - Elizabeth Barham," April 5, 2004

Video Tape (Hi8) - "CLA Content of Beef - Carol Lorenzen," April 26, 2004

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Agraview Villages - Pat Murphy," September 30, 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Hoop Houses - Lewis Jett," September 12, 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "To Fence or to Drag: Poultry Production Systems - Michael Seipel," December 8, 2003

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Native Cool Season Grasses - Nadia Navarrete-Tindall," September 29, 2003

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Supply Chain Issues in Small Agricultural Enterprises - Wooseung Jang," n.d.

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Smallholder Agriculture in Africa - K. B. Paul," February 23, 2004

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Soil Organic matter for Sustainable Agriculture - Peter Motavalli," October 10, 2005

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grant Funding Opportunities - Tom Coudron," April 17, 2006 [most of the funding presentation(s) was taped over with presentations from 2008 on the National Farm To School Program (Anupama Joshi) and the Oklahoma Food To School Program (Anita Poole)]

Video Tape (Hi8) - "Farmer Markets in Wisconsin and Missouri - Brown Bag Seminar," November 15, 2004

Video Tape (VHS) - "Reclaiming Our Rural Heritage: A Time to Act" (produced by the Catholic Charities, Diocese of Sioux City, Iowa), 1998

Video Tape (VHS) - "Flood and Flowers Week," March 2000

Video Tape (VHS) - "KCCG Talk of the Town - Tom Kerr," n.d.

Video Tape (VHS) - "Talk of the Town - Judith Christy and Tom Kerr," 1999

Video Tape (VHS) - Presentation on Food Production Industry, Kansas City Food Circle, nutrition William Heffernan, Carol Giesecke, and Mary Hendrickson (running time: 70 minutes), ca. 2000

Video Tape (VHS) - "Sustaining Communities Through Urban Agriculture - John Ikerd" (keynote speech introduced by Tom Kerr at conference in Salt Lake City, Utah; running time: 40 minutes), n.d.

Video Tape (VHS) - Promotional video for Union Summer, 1996

Audio Tape (cassette) - "Sustainable Communities: 25 interviews," n.d.

Audio Tape (cassette) - "Troost Story," n.d.

Audio Tape (cassette) - "KC Focus Group," January 7, 2003

Audio Tape (digital) - "Troost Market Spot," n.d.

Audio Tape (cartridge) - "Troost Community Market - 30 seconds," ca. September 2000

CD-R - "Troost Power Point," 1999 [transferred]

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