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Box Lists for C:3/00/7

Note to Researcher: These records have not been processed to the level of an inventory and may therefore contain RESTRICTED material not specifically annotated as such and access may be limited in that regard. Please see the RESTRICTIONS NOTE at the end of the box list(s).

Box 1 - 040115 [return to top]

FF - "Activities Bulletin: Summary of College of Agriculture Clubs, Organizations and Student Governments", 1975-1976, 1981-1988

FF - Ag Columns, 1974-1975, 1984-1986

FF - Ag Columns, Too, 1984

FF - Ag Informer, 1982-1983

FF - Agrafitti, 1978-1981

FF - Aggregate yearbook, 1975-1984

FF - Department of Agricultural Economics (includes brochures; "Balanced Farming in Missouri", 1985; survey, "The Future of Conservation Reserve Land"; "Information on Missouri Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers", 1987-1988; "Eighth Annual Short Course Proceedings for Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers", 1962; and other reports)

FF - Department of Agricultural Education (includes brochures)

FF - Department of Agricultural Engineering (includes brochures)

FF - Department of Agricultural Journalism (includes printed and duplicated brochures, newsletters, and directory of Agricultural Journalism graduates, 7/1980)

FF - Agricultural Leadership of Tomorrow (ALOT)

FF - Center for Agroforestry (includes brochures; Scott County Landowner Poll, 1999; and Green Horizons newsletter, 1996-2006, and other newsletters)

FF - Department of Agronomy (includes brochures; "Agronomy Day" programs, 1976-1988, with gaps)

FF - Department of Agronomy - Annual Report, 9/1980

FF - Department of Agronomy - reports written by faculty (including W.J. Murphy; H.C. Minor and C.G. Morris; C.L. Scrivner; J.P. Tandarich; C.M. Woodruff, and others)

FF - Ag Alumni newsletters, 1965-1986

FF - Department of Animal Sciences (includes brochures)

FF - The Announcer, 1949-1959

FF - Department of Atmospheric Science (includes brochures and event programs)

FF - The Barnyard Post, 1971, 1973

FF - Block and Bridle Club - yearbook, 1979-1980, 1999-2000

FF - "Bringing Agriculture into the GATT" (Commissioned Paper Nos. 4, 5, and 8), ca. 1989-1991

FF - CAFNR general information brochures, posters, and pamphlets

FF - CAFNR Staff Voice, 3/1996

FF - Changing Landscapes, 2001

FF - Proceedings, Climate-Technology Seminar, 10/1977

FF - Department of Community Development (includes brochures)

FF - Contracting and Organizations Research Institute (CORI), 2005

FF - Course Evaluation booklet, 1974

FF - Curricula in the College of Agriculture, 1959-1960

FF - "For Guides: Department Facilities and Explanations of Service Offices and Laboratories", ca. 1960

FF - Development Office (includes brochures and event programs - Monticello Society, For All We Call Mizzou, Eckles Hall Addition, and Sanborn Field)

FF - Discover and Enlighten, 1999-2004

FF - Department of Entomology (includes brochures)

FF - Event Programs - Awards Presentations, 1980-2013

FF - Events (includes Ag Unlimited, Life Sciences Quest, Graduate Institute of Cooperative Leadership, and Ag Alumni events)

FF - Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI)

FF - The Farm Outlook, 1953-1957

FF - Farmers' Week - Announcer, 1/15-18/1918

FF - Focus 21, 1989-1998

Box 2 - 128927 [return to top]

FF - Food for the 21st Century (includes brochures; Missouri Young Farmers/Young Farm Wives State Tour, 1987; Foods, Feeds and Products Cluster)

FF - Department of Food Science and Nutrition (includes brochures; Activities Bulletin, 1987-1988; Wendell S. Arbuckle Endowment; Eckles Echo newsletter, 1987-1989; Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Division Newsletter, 1997)

FF - "Forage and Grasslands Conference: Interpretive Summaries", 4/1991

FF - Forage Systems Research Center - includes general informational brochure, n.d.; Cornett Farm Historic Preservation Project brochure, ca. 1987; "Forage Systems Update", 1/1996; and Forage Day, 8/9/1988

FF - "Graduate Study in Plant Breeding and Genetics", n.d.

FF - Home Page, 1999-2002

FF - Honors Program in Agriculture (includes brochures; Annual Report, 1973)

FF - Department of Horticulture Includes brochures; history of the department, 7/1988; and graduate studies handbook, 1989)

FF - Hotel and Restaurant Management Program (includes brochures; newsletters, 1992, 2001-2002)

FF - Integrated Pest and Crop Management (includes newsletters, 2003-2006; "Identifying Grass Seedlings", 2010)

FF - International Agricultural Programs (includes brochures; "Orientation Guide for Short Term Consultants" to Tunisia, Liberia, 1986)

FF - "The Making of an Educated Farmer", ca. 1909

FF - Missouri Agricultural Education Bulletin, 1971-1980

FF - The Missouri Dairy Newsletter, 1968-1973

FF - Missouri Institute of Cooperatives - Perspectives newsletter, 1988-2000 (with gaps)

FF - Missouri Vocational Agriculture Service Letter, 1948-1954

FF - Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association - "How to Build a Farm Wagon", 6/1962

FF - Missouri Vocational Association Newsletter, 1960-1966

FF - "Mock Bull and Heifer Show and Sale", 11/20/1980

FF - National Center for Soybean Biotechnology (includes brochures)

FF - College of Agriculture News Review, 1962-1965

FF - News Review, 1965-1968

FF - News Review, 1968-1973

FF - "Second Annual Report: Nontraditional Study Program in Agriculture", 1976

FF - "The North Central Farm Management Extension Committee: A 40-year history of work, cooperation, and accomplishments toward the goal of a more effective farm management educational program, 1947-1987", 7/1989

FF - Parks, Recreation and Tourism Program (includes brochures; "Special Events: Guidelines for Planning and Development", 1989)

FF - Department of Plant Pathology (includes brochures, ca. 1984-1995; poster; and faculty article reprint, 1982)

FF - Department of Plant Sciences (includes brochures, 1994-2004)

FF - "Report on an Agricultural Program for the Meramec Basin: Appendix II, Cooperative Investigation of the Meramec River Basin", 8/1946

FF - "Resume' 'Righting' for Agriculture Graduates", 1983

FF - Robert O. Reich Family Executive-in-residence Program, 1999-2005

FF - Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI) (includes newsletters, ca. 1999-2000)

FF - Department of Rural Sociology (includes brochures)

FF - Scholarships and Financial Aid (includes brochures, 1989-1997)

FF - School of Natural Resources/Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife (includes brochures; "Statement of goals and Objectives for 1980-1985"; Gaylord Wildlife Laboratory; Ashland wildlife Research Area; "Faculty Profile and Research Summary", 1977; "MINFORS 4: Report and Proceedings", 1995; The Resource, 2005, 2007; Conference on Environmental Education, 1999)

FF - School of Natural Resources - Missouri Forestry Alumni News, 1968-1973

FF - School of Natural Resource - Syllabus, Zoology 6 - Principles of Wildlife Conservation", Rudolf Bennitt, 1941

FF - "The Selection of Corn for Show", ca. 1907

FF - The Source, 2001-2002

FF - College of Agriculture Teaching Improvement Newsletter, 1969-1971, 1984-1985

Box 3 - UMLD1 [return to top]

FF - College of Agriculture Yearbooks, 1970-1973

FF - "Your Career in Agriculture", 1969

FF - "Your Guide to CAFNR", 2010

FF - Entomology Bulletin, Volume I, 1988

FF - Entomology Bulletin, Volume II, 1989

FF - Entomology Bulletin, Volume III, 1990

FF - Entomology Bulletin, Volume IV, 1991

FF - EPPigram (Departments of Entomology and Plant Pathology), Volume I, 1991

FF - EPPigram, Volume II, 1992

FF - EPPigram, Volume III, 1993

FF - EPPigram, Volume IV, 1994

FF - HAPPENINGS (Departments of Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, and Entomology), Volume I, 1994-1995

FF - HAPPENINGS, Volume II, 1995-1996

FF - HAPPENINGS, Volume III, 1996-1997

FF - HAPPENINGS, Volume IV, 1997-1998

FF - HAPPENINGS, Volume V, 1998-1999

FF - The Missive (Departments of Agronomy and Horticulture), 1994

FF - Miscellaneous newsletters (includes Integrated Pest and Crop Management, 1993; Plant Pathology Summer Newsletter, 1997)

FF - Bumper sticker, Truman Tiger with "Mizzou Dad, College of Agriculture, University of Missouri-Columbia", n.d.

Oversized Box 1 - Ellis [return to top]

FF - College of Agriculture Update, 1984-1991 (with gaps)

FF - Ag Columns, 1974-1983, 1987

FF - Gratitude, 2002-2011

FF - MOmentum, 1992, 1997, 2005-2006

Electronic Records [return to top]

College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Dean's Monthly Newsletter, 2021-

College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Office of Research Newsletter, 2021-

Inside CAFNR Faculty and Staff Newsletter, June 2017

CAFNR Faculty and Staff Newsletter, 2023-

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