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Box Lists for C:1/145/4

Note to Researcher: These records have not been processed to the level of an inventory and may therefore contain RESTRICTED material not specifically annotated as such and access may be limited in that regard. Please see the RESTRICTIONS NOTE at the end of the box list(s).

Box 1 - UMLD1 [return to top]

[A14-07; A15-61]

Binder 1


New Faculty Welcome Reception and Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1992, 1993, 1994

Chancellor's Football Brunch (Chancellor's Residence), 1992, 1995

Beetle Bailey Statue Unveiling (Pocket Park, South Quadrangle), 1992

Chancellor's Welcome Reception (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1992

Staff Recognition Reception and Dinner (Reynold's Alumni Center), 1993, 1996

MU Legislators' Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1993, 1994

Kemper Fellows Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1993, 1994, 1996

Faculty Recognition Reception and Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1993, 1994, 1996

Professor Emeriti Luncheon (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1993

Homecoming Football Brunch (Jesse Hall), 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996

Thomas Jefferson's 250th Birthday (Francis Quadrangle), 1993

Maxine Christopher Shutz Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1993, 1994, 1995

Holiday Party (Jesse Hall), 1993, 1994, 1996

Distinguished Faculty Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 1994

Chancellor's Staff/Local Legislators Barbeque (Chancellor's Residence), 1994

Wakonse Fellows Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 1994

Board of Curators Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 1994

Freshmen Legislators Luncheon (Reynold's Alumni Center), 1994

Geyer Awards Dinner (Jesse Hall), 1996

Hilary Clinton Visit (Francis Quadrangle), 1996

Board of Curators Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1996

Binder 2


Chancellor's Residence, 1988

Chancellor's Football Brunch (Chancellor's Residence), 1990

Geyer Awards Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995

General Faculty Forum (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995

Staff Recognition Reception (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995

Tap Day (Francis Quadrangle), 1995

Kemper Fellows Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995, 1997

Faculty Recognition Reception and Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995

Provost Edward Sheridan Welcome Reception (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995

Balloon Glo (Francis Quadrangle - includes views of balloons), 1995

New Faculty Welcome (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1995, 1996

Donna Turner Birthday (320 Jesse Hall), 1995

Chancellor's Football Buffet (Chancellor's Residence), 1995

Board of Curators Dinner (Jesse Hall), 1995

Reynolds Alumni Center - fall decor, 1996

Maxine Christopher Shutz Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1996

unknown, 1996

Time of the Tiger (320 Jesse Hall), 1997

Coca-Cola Luncheon (Memorial Union), 1997

Big 12 Conference Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 1997

Balloon Glo (South Quadrangle - includes views of balloons), 1997

Roy Wilson Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 1997

President Manuel Pacheco Welcome Reception (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1997

Homecoming Hard Hat Buffet (Jesse Hall - includes views of exterior construction), 1997

Chancellor's Football Brunch (Chancellor's Residence), 1997

Chancellor's Holiday Party (Memorial Union), 1997

Kemper Fellows Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1998, 1999

Senator Lybyer Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 1998

Athletics Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (Brookfield-Taylor Building), 1998

Thomas Jefferson Award Dinner - Betty Winfield (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1998

Board of Curators Dinner (Jesse Hall), 1998

Norm Stewart Retirement Dinner (Holiday Inn Executive Center), 1999

Chancellor's Homecoming Brunch (Jesse Hall), 1999

Board of Curators Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 1999

Honors Convocation (Stotler Lounge, Memorial Union), 1999

Miscellaneous - Wedding, 1999

Tiger Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), n.d.

For All We Call Mizzou (temporary structure, Francis Quadrangle), n.d.

President Elson Floyd Farewell Reception (Memorial Union), 2007

Miscellaneous - Balloon decorations (Jesse Hall), n.d.

Ag Unlimited Banquet and Auction, n.d.

Certificates (Honorary Degree: Sally Shelton-Colby, Dan Devine, Carl Wilson Hughes; Reception: Norm and Virginia Stewart), n.d.

Binder 3


Chancellor's Residence - Decor, December 1990-1995, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007

Chancellor's Holiday Party (Chancellor's Residence), 1994

Binder 4


Kathleen and Christian Basi with instruments, n.d.

Dee Esry Tea (Chancellor's Residence), 2001

Board of Curators Dinner (Eckles Hall), 2001

Gary Smith Retirement (Memorial Union), 2000

Chancellor's Homecoming Football Event (Jesse Hall), 2001, 2005-2007, 2009

Chancellor's Small Holiday Buffet (Chancellor's Residence), 2001

University Events Halloween Party (320 Jesse Hall), 2002

Chancellor's Holiday Open House (Chancellor's Residence), 2002

Sears Greenhouse Celebration, 2001

Kemper Fellows Awards (Reynolds Alumni Center), 2004

Richard Wallace Retirement Reception (Reynolds Alumni Center - includes attendees), 2004

Valentine's Day (320 Jesse Hall), 2005

Celebrate Mizzou (Jesse Hall), 2005

Michael Chippendale Retirement (Life Sciences Center), 2005

Chancellor's Holiday Buffet (Stotler Lounge, Memorial Union), 2005

Board of Curators Reception (Ellis Library), 2006

Chancellor's Residence Preservation Society Italian Garden Party (Chancellor's Residence - includes attendees), 2006

Nano and Molecular Medicine Groundbreaking, 2006

Winter Warm-Up (Chancellor's Residence), 2008

Rob Duncan Welcome Reception (Jesse Hall), 2008

Cotton Bowl Trophy Event (Jesse Hall - includes attendees), 2008

Leona Rubin Dinner (Chancellor's Residence), 2009

Faculty Recognition Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 2008

Holiday Open House (Chancellor's Residence - includes attendees), 2009

Eliot Battle Honorary Degree Dinner (Reynolds Alumni Center), 2009

Georgeann Nixon Luncheon (Chancellor's Residence - includes attendees), 2010

Valentine's Tea (Chancellor's Residence), 2010

Miscellaneous locations, n.d.

Binder 5


Miscellaneous room, table, and floral arrangements, n.d.

Holiday Party (Memorial Union), n.d.

Chancellor's Retirees Luncheon (Hearnes Center), 1999

Binder 6 and FF 1


Board of Curators Dinner (Horticulture and Agroforestry Research Center - Hickman House - includes attendees and summer-kitchen excavation), 1997

FF 2


Note to Researcher: The negatives in this folder correspond to a certain degree to the prints found in the binders listed above.

Chancellor's Open House, December 2009 [CD-R]

Negative sheet [35mm] - unknown event, n.d.

Negative sheets [35mm] - Faculty Forum, April 6, 1995; Geyer Awards, April 5, 1995; Chancellor's Holiday Party, December 16, 1994; Centennial Flag Raising Ceremony, March 1995 [2 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - Staff Recognition Dinner, April 15, 1996; Kemper Fellows, May 1, 1996

Negative sheet [35mm] - New Faculty Welcome, August, 1995; Donna Turner "40", 1995; Tiger Buffet, September 1995; Board of Curators Centennial Dinner, September 21, 1995

Negative sheet [35mm] - Wallace and Kemper Fellows, n.d.

Negative sheet [35mm] - Balloon Glo on South Quadrangle, 1997

Negative sheet [35mm] - Big 12 Conference Dinner at Thomas Hickman House, n.d.

Negative sheets [35mm] - Chancellor's Residence Holiday Open House, 1997; Holiday Party at Memorial Union, 1997 [2 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - Board of Curators Dinner, Fall 1994; Freshmen Legislators Dinner, Fall 1994; Jesse Hall Holiday Party, Fall 1994

Negative sheet [35mm] - Staff Recognition, Tape Day, Kempe Fellows, n.d.

Negative sheet [35mm] - New Faculty Welcome, 1994; Local Legislators Dinner, 1994

Negative sheet [35mm] - Football Brunch, September 15, 1990

Negative sheet [35mm] - Holiday Party, December 15, 1998; Retirees' Luncehon, April 26, 1999

Negative sheets [35mm] - Elizabeth Dole Visit, 1996; Curators Dinner, 1996; Homecoming, 1996; Holiday Decorations, 1996 [2 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - Board of Curators Dinner at the Chancellor's Residence, n.d.

Negative sheet [35mm] - Campaign Kickoff, September 18-19, 2003

Negative sheet [35mm] - Homecoming, 1997; Holiday Open House, 1997; Brunch, November 8, 1997

Negative sheets [35mm] - San Diego Conference, 1999; Kemper Fellows, 1999; Board of Curators, 1999 [3 sheets]

Negative sheets [35mm] - Board of Curators, 1997 [2 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - Kemper Fellows, 1997; Time of the Tiger, 1997; Coke Luncheon, n.d.

Negative sheets [35mm] - Viva Las Vegas, January 1997 [3 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - New Faculty Welcome, 1996; Shutz Lecture Dinner, 1996; University Club Fall Arrangements, n.d.; Bradley's Tents and Chairs, n.d.

Negative sheet [35mm] - Athletics Ribbon Cutting, 1998; Betty Winfield Dinner, 1998; Board of Curators Dinner, 1998

Negative sheets [35mm] - Beetle Bailey Unveiling Ceremony in the Pocket Park, October 23, 1992; Chancellor's Homecoming Football Brunch at the Residence, October 24, 1992 [2 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - Homecoming, 1994; New Faculty Welcome, 1994

Negative sheets [35mm] - Faculty Recognition, April 27, 1995; Provost Edward Sheridan's Welcome, May 5, 1995; Balloon Glo, July 14, 1995 [2 sheets]

Negative sheet [35mm] - Shutz Dinner, 1995; Homecoming Brunch, 1995; Geyer Awards, January 30, 1996; Brunch Pumpkins, October 28, 1995

Negative sheet [35mm] - Distinguished Faculty Dinner, n.d.; Alumni Legislator Dinner, n.d.; Kemper Fellows, 1994; Faculty Recognition Dinner, n.d.

Negative sheet [35mm] - Chancellor's Welcome Reception, November 23, 1993; Chancellor's Football Brunch, November 14, 1992

Negative sheet [35mm] - Legislators' Dinner, April 13, 1993; Kemper Fellows, April 21, 1993

FF 2


Miscellaneous Holiday Greeting Cards from the Chancellor (includes Uehling, Wallace, and Deaton), ca. 1980s-2012

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Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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