Missouri Tigers

Hall of Fame

Chester Brewer, 1914-1917, 1933-1934

Hubert Pruett, 1921

Don Faurot, 1922-1924

Herb Bunker, 1923

Clair 'Butch' Houston, 1931-1935

Norm Wagner, 1931-1933

John Simmons, 1937-1973

Paul Christman, 1938-1939, 1941

Thornton Jenkins, 1946

Lowe 'Junior' Wren, 1951-1952

Don Boenker, 1951-1953

Bob Schoonmaker, 1952-1954

Coaches Gene Mcartor and John Simmons

Coaches Gene Mcartor and John Simmons

(1997 Baseball Media Guide Pg. 49)

Ray Uriarte, 1953, 1957-1958

1954 National Champions

Norm Stewart, 1954-1956

Gene McArtor, 1961-1993

Keith Weber, 1963-1964

Greg Cypret, 1975-1978

Phil Bradley, 1979-1981

Dave Otto, 1983-1985

Dave Silvestri, 1986-1988

Norm Stewart, 1954

Norm Stewart 1954
(Inter-Collegiate Athletics Archives)

A brief biography of each of these honorees can be found on pages 116-118 of the 2002 Baseball Media Guide.

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Hall of Fame

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