Missouri Tiger

First Team

1952 Junior Wren, OF

1952 Don Boenker, P

1954 Jerry Schoonmaker, OF

1957 Jack Davis, OF

1958 Ray Uriarte, 3B

1959 Ralph Hochgrebe, 2B

1960 Ron Cox, SS

1964 Dave Harvey, 3B

1964 Keith Weber, P

1978 Greg Cypret, SS

1985 Dave Otto, DH

1987-1988 Dave Silvestri, SS


Second Team

1958 Bo Toft, OF

1961 Gene Orf, OF

1962 Dave Harvey, 3B

1965 Dan Rudanovich, OF

1967 Ray Thorpe, OF

1980 Lindy Duncan, SS

1998 Ryan Fry

Third Team

1952 Kent Kurtz, 2B

1958 Sonny Siebert, 1B

1960 Gene Orf, OF

1962 John Sevcik, C

1965 Bob Robben, SS

1975 Greg Cypret, SS

1981 Phil Bradley, OF

1996 Aaron Jaworowski, 1B

2000 Ryan Stegall

Honorable Mention

1931 Norm Wagner, P

1931 Sam Carter, SS

1974 Mark Thiel, C

1976 Greg Cypret, SS

1976 Mark Thiel, C

1981 Tom Heckman, P

1991 John Dettmer, P

1994 David Sanderson, OF


1996 Aaron Akin

1996 Justin Stine

1998 Jason Williams

1998 Logan Dale

1999 Ryan Stegall

2000 Jayce Tingler

2001 Lee Laskowski

2002 Travis Wendte

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