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Box Lists for C:6/36/3

Note to Researcher: These records have not been processed to the level of an inventory and may therefore contain RESTRICTED material not specifically annotated as such and access may be limited in that regard. Please see the RESTRICTIONS NOTE at the end of the box list(s).

Box 1 - B3A, 7B, 6 [return to top]


FF - Tucker Prairie - Budget, 1979-1980

FF - Tucker Prairie - Burn literature, 1990, 2003

FF - Tucker Prairie - Burn plans, ca. 1980-1986, 2002-2007

FF - Tucker Prairie - Correspondence and other records (mainly of Clair Kucera regarding the establishment of the Tucker Prairie Research Center), 1953-1982

FF - Tucker Prairie - Correspondence (John Faaborg), 1984-2011

FF - Tucker Prairie - Flora list, ca. 1980s-1990s

FF - Tucker Prairie - General information (from bulletin board), n.d.

FF - Tucker Prairie - Natural area, ca. 1997-1999

FF - Tucker Prairie - Nature trail, ca. 1991, 2009

FF - Tucker Prairie - Nature walk, n.d.

FF - Tucker Prairie - Photographic prints and negatives, ca. 1955-2005

FF - Tucker Prairie - Post placement, ca. 1980

FF - Tucker Prairie - Publications, news clippings, reports, etc. (including University of Missouri Bulletin "A Prairie Preserve," research related to or based on Tucker Prairie), 1959-2010

Box 2 - B3A, 7B, 6 [return to top]


FF - Tucker Prairie - Research/Advisory Committee (includes some year-end reports), 1979-1988, 2002, 2006, 2008

FF - Tucker Prairie - Symposium (various material relating to the 1978 symposium including correspondence, participant lists, photographs, program, press releases, news clippings, grant application, and natural landmark status), 1976-1978

FF - Tucker Prairie - Trailer, 2008

FF - Tucker Prairie - Water tank and pump, 1979-1980

FF - Clair L. Kucera - Memorial program, 2013

FF - Deborah Rabinowitz - Memorial service invitation and "In Memoriam" article, 1987, 1988

FF - Deborah Rabinowitz - Tucker Prairie - offprints, 1985

FF - Deborah Rabinowitz - Tucker Prairie - Photographic slides (includes images of Tucker Prairie, Baskett Research and Education Area [?], Wah-Kon-Tah Prairie, Taberville Prairie, Konza Prairie, Freda Haffner Kettlehole, Cayler Prairie, Custer Battlefield, Barbara Bassett, Clair Kucera, Looman, sorghastrum nutans and other grasses), 1974-1982

FF - Directory of Missouri Natural Areas, 1996

FF - Map of the distribution of Missouri's endangered birds, n.d.

FF - Map of the native vegetation and public prairies in Missouri, n.d.

FF - Missouri Prairie Foundation (includes meeting minutes, budgets from when John Faaborg was a member), 1997-2002

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Restrictions Note: The Archives of the University of Missouri-Columbia is required by law and Board of Curator's policy to restrict access to some files and information. Student records are held as confidential under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and by University policy. Faculty promotion and tenure records and Academic Personnel files are restricted for 75 years, or the lifetime of the individual. All grievance, disciplinary, and medical records are treated as confidential files. Consultations with legal counsel, both in-house and external, are protected by the attorney/client privilege and will not be released.

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