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Homer Croy

Homer Croy

Courtesy of University Archives

Homer Croy attended the University from 1903-1907 and wrote extensively for the Savitar. He became a renowned novelist and playwright. He also wrote the first movie that Will Rogers starred in and went on to write more than half of the movies in which Rogers would perform.

Although Croy achieved much literary success, he never graduated from the University. This shortcoming frightened him, as he was afraid to disappoint his father. Because of this fear, he neglected to tell his father that he would not graduate. When the day of graduation arrived, so did his father. Croy remembered that this was the first time he had ever seen his father in a shirt and tie. After seeing his father at the station, Croy was unable to continue the charade. He broke down and confessed everything to his father. Much to his relief, his father replied that the opinion of professors did not matter to him for he knew his son's intelligence. Croy received an honorary degree from Elmer Ellis in 1956, almost 50 years after his original graduation date.

Eleanor Starnes painted Croy's portrait in 1959. It is currently on display on the seventh floor of Lewis Hall in the University Archives.

Floyd C. Shoemaker

Floyd C. Shoemaker was the first Director of the State Historical Society of Missouri. He served as Director for 45 years (1915-1960). In recognition of his contributions to the University, a Floyd Calvin Shoemaker award was created for the advancement of study and writing in the field of Missouri History. Daniel MacMorris painted the portrait of Shoemaker in 1956. It is located in the offices of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Floyd Shoemaker

Courtesy of State Historical Society

Richard Brownlee

Richard Brownlee

Courtesy of State Historical Society

Richard Brownlee was the second Director of the State Historical Society of Missouri. He served the Society with distinction from 1960 until 1985, when he retired.

Brownlee was a native Missourian who graduated from the University with a Ph.D in History. Sidney Larson painted Brownlee's portrait in 1991. It is located in the offices of the State Historical Society of Missouri.

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