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Spirits of Mizzou

John Hiram Lathrop

gravestone of john hiram lathrop

Born January 22nd, 1799
Died August 2nd, 1866.
"I have tried to do my duty."

image of john hiram lathrop

John Hiram Lathrop

Born in New York, John Hiram Lathrop came to the University of Missouri to accept the honor of being named its first president. Lathrop's term lasted from 1841 to 1849, after which he resigned to work as chancellor at the University of Wisconsin and later, Indiana University. In 1860, Lathrop returned to Missouri and was asked to serve as president for a second time. However, his second term would last only from 1865 to 1866, when Lathrop died in office. In 1898, a dining club and men's dormitory named after Lathrop was constructed, which stood until the Summer of 1961. Lathrop Residence Hall is the second building named in honor of the University's first president.

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