Spirits of Mizzou

Spirits of Mizzou

John Carleton Jones

gravestone of john carleton jones

Born July 30, 1856 and Died April 22, 1930.

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John Carleton Jones

Born in Sharpsburg, Kentucky, John Carleton Jones first came to the University of Missouri in 1883 as an associate professor of Latin and Greek and was appointed as the first dean of the College of Arts and Science three years later. Jones was asked by the University to step into the position of acting president on two occasions. The first time Jones became acting president was in 1905-1906, and the second was from 1921 to 1923, in order to fill the vacancy left by A. Ross Hill. During his time at the University, Jones also took charge of the Memorial Union and Stadium construction campaign. In recognition of his contributions to the University, Jones Residence Hall was named in his honor.

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