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Invitation, 1910
(University Archives, C:22/8/11)

Engineer's Ball, 1908
Invitation, 1908
(University Archives, C:22/8/11)

Knights of St. Patrick

The Blarney Stone is also carted in for the ceremony, hauled by Engineering students in appropriate attire.

escorting the stone
Escort, 1908
(University Archives, C:0/47/3, Box 1, FF4)

First, honorary awards are given to practicing engineers and other officials. In 1971, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was dubbed an Honorary Knight of St. Patrick.

Buzz Aldrin, 1971
(University Archives, C:1/141/18, Box 1, FF Eng)

Next, the engineering students are made Knights of St. Patrick. The student kneels before St. Patrick, kisses the Blarney Stone, and St. Patrick dubs the student with his shillelagh (a gnarled walking stick).

(University Archives, C:9/13/1, Box 2, FF 1980)

The new inductee then receives an Erin Go Bragh certificate, certifying his place as a Knight of St. Patrick.

(University Archives, C:22/8/18)

After all of the students have been knighted, the assembly honors St. Patrick with the Grand Kowtow, or a deep bow, as he leaves.

First Kowtow, Weinbach
(University Archives, C:9/00/1)

He remains on campus, however, in order to appear at the St. Pat's Ball.

Fan, 1914
(University Archives, C:9/13/1, Box 1, FF 17)

St. Patrick appears in order to crown the King and Queen of the ball, and then leaves campus, not to return again until next year.

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