Coaches of the Hardwood

In the University of Missouri's history, there have been fifteen coaches for the men's basketball team.

Axel Isadore Anderson..........1906-07 with a record of 10-6

A.M. Ebright.................1907-08 with a record of 8-10

Guy Lowman................1908-10 (2 seasons) with an overall record of 19-15

Chester Brewer.............1910-11 with a record of 5-7

O.F. Field.....................1911-14 (3 seasons) with an overall record of 22-27

Eugene Van Gent..........1914-16 (2 seasons) with an overall record of 21-9

John Miller....................1916-17 and 1918-19 with an overall record of 25-7

Walter Meanwell coached the Tigers for two different seasons: 1917-18 and 1919-20. His record for both years was 17-1 with an overall record of 34-2. Coach Meanwell led Missouri to its first ever conference title. He is in the Basketball Hall of Fame for his 246-99 overall record and as one of the top 25 coaches in college basketball history.

Craig Ruby...................1920-22 (2 seasons) with an overall record of 33-2

George Bond................1922-26 (4 seasons) with an overall record of 34-38

Coach George Edwards

MU Coach George Edwards
(University Archives, 1938 Savitar)

George Edwards coached at MU from 1926 to 1946 with an overall record of 181-172. While at Missouri, he also coached the tennis and golf teams at various points in his career. He also served as Athletic Director and Sports Information Director at MU. In 1946, he wrote the Basketball Coaches Creed which was adopted by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) after their formation in the mid-1930s. Coach Edwards led the Tigers to three conference titles and took the Tigers to their first NCAA tournament in 1944.

Wilbur "Sparky" Stalcup coached at MU for 16 seasons, 1946-62, with an overall record of 195-179. The greatest mark Sparky made on MU basketball was recruiting Norm Stewart.

Bob Vanatta..................1962-67 (5 seasons) with an overall record of 42-80

Norm Stewart on court as player

Norm Stewart on the Court as a Player
(University Archives, 1954 Savitar)

Coach Norm Stewart challenges a referee

"Stormin" Norm Stewart on the Court as a Coach
(University Archives, 1984 Savitar)

Norm Stewart came to MU in 1967 and stayed until 1999; in his 32 seasons, he had an overall record of 634-333. Stewart began his coaching career as an assistant coach under his own former coach, Wilbur Stalcup. Then he became head coach at Northern Iowa for six seasons before coming back to Missouri. During his time coaching the Tigers, Stewart won eight Big Eight Conference Championships and six conference tournament titles. He also led two teams to the Elite Eight round of the NCAA Tournament--most recently the Tigers of the 1993-94 season, who had a perfect 14-0 record.

Coach Quin Snyder

MU's "new kid" Quin Snyder
(University Archives, C:0/3/2, Box 6, Mizzou, Vol.88)

Quin Snyder came to Missouri in 1999 after being an associate head coach at Duke University. He played for the Duke Blue Devils for three years, and saw three Final Fours (1986, 1988, 1989). Synder's first year saw a trip to the NCAA Tournament for the Tigers.

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